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Why Visit Oman?

Oman, a nation on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, is celebrated for its stunning desert landscapes, historic forts, and rich cultural heritage. Covering approximately 309,500 square kilometers, it boasts diverse terrains, from the vast sand dunes of the Wahiba Sands to the dramatic fjords and coastline of the Musandam Peninsula. The capital, Muscat, is a vibrant city.

Oman’s history is deeply connected to maritime trade, the ancient Frankincense Route, and the Sultanate’s role as a seafaring power. The nation’s culture is a blend of Arabian traditions, Islamic influences, and a commitment to preserving its natural heritage.

Where Should You Stay in Oman?

Oman, a country where deserts meet the sea and ancient history coexists with modern development, offers a unique travel experience in the Arabian Peninsula. From the bustling markets of its cities to the serene beauty of its mountains and beaches, Oman’s regions cater to a range of interests, whether you’re drawn to the richness of urban life, the tranquility of nature, or the allure of historical sites.

Vector map showing where to stay in Oman featuring the best areas in graphical format

Let’s discover the best places to stay in Oman, ensuring your visit is not only memorable but perfectly aligned with your interests.


  • Best For: Cultural landmarks, modern amenities, beachfront relaxation.
  • Attractions: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Royal Opera House, Muttrah Souq.


  • Best For: Historical exploration, traditional crafts, mountain scenery.
  • Attractions: Nizwa Fort, Nizwa Souq, Jebel Akhdar.


  • Best For: Tropical climate, archaeological sites, unique flora.
  • Attractions: Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Mughsail Beach, Frankincense Trail.

Wahiba Sands

  • Best For: Desert adventures, Bedouin culture, star-gazing.
  • Attractions: Camel safaris, traditional Bedouin camps, dune bashing.


  • Best For: Maritime heritage, natural beauty, turtle watching.
  • Attractions: Dhow shipyards, Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve, Wadi Shab.

Jebel Shams

  • Best For: Mountain trekking, stunning views, outdoor activities.
  • Attractions: Jebel Shams Summit, Wadi Ghul (Grand Canyon of Oman), Al Hoota Cave.


  • Best For: Fjord-like landscapes, dhow cruises, snorkeling.
  • Attractions: Musandam Fjords, Khasab Fort, Telegraph Island.


  • Best For: Coastal charm, historical significance, local markets.
  • Attractions: Sohar Fort, Sohar Corniche, Al Hujra Souq.

Finding the Right Spot in Oman

Selecting the perfect location in Oman depends on your preferences. Muscat offers a blend of Omani culture and modern luxury. Nizwa is ideal for those interested in Oman’s rich history and mountainous terrain. Salalah is unique with its subtropical climate and historical ruins.

Wahiba Sands offers an authentic desert experience, while Sur is known for its maritime history and natural wonders. Jebel Shams is perfect for adventure seekers and hiking enthusiasts. Khasab provides an opportunity to explore the stunning fjords of the Musandam Peninsula. Sohar, with its rich history and coastal setting, offers a quieter but equally captivating experience.

In Oman, each destination offers a unique perspective, from the bustling streets of Muscat to the serene deserts and mountains, ensuring your stay is as enriching as it is unforgettable.

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