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Why Visit Europe?

Europe, the world’s second-smallest continent, is a fascinating and diverse haven of cultural, historical, and geographical significance. With over 3.9 million square miles and 44 countries in its bounds, you don’t have to travel far within the continent to hear different languages, experience distinct cultures and traditions, and witness amazingly varied landscapes.

Some of the world’s most-visited destinations are in Europe, like Paris, Rome, and London. These long-standing cities are filled with breathtaking architecture and historic landmarks that draw travelers in by the millions. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the creative rise of the Renaissance, there isn’t a part of Europe that hasn’t been touched and transformed by the pages of time.

Europe’s sightseeing is unmatched as an enduring hub of art, science, religion, and philosophy. Today, it’s the quintessential destination for world travelers who want to experience substance and depth by touring and exploring its iconic cities.