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Why Visit Asia?

Asia, Earth’s largest and most diverse continent, covers an area over 17 million square miles. This vast landmass is a treasure trove of distinct cultures, cuisines, languages, and landscapes that make it a thrilling place to visit. From the majestic peaks of the Himalayas to lowland plains and deserts, Asia is a study in natural diversity.

It’s also home to 2 of the world’s most populous countries, China and India, which attract millions of visitors each year. The variety of Asian cultures and landscapes mean your travels can be vastly different depending on which countries and regions you visit.

By air
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How to Reach Asia by Air

The best way to get to Asia is by plane. The continent has roughly 160 major airports that can be reached from almost any major city in the world via direct or connecting flights.

  • From North America: Getting to Asia from North America is easy with a vast network of direct and connecting flight routes running from major cities in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Some of the most popular arrival airports in Asia are in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, and Bangkok. Japan Airlines, Korean Air, and Cathay Pacific operate many of these routes. On average, direct flights from the U.S. West Coast to major Asian cities take approximately 11-14 hours, while flights from the East Coast may take 15-18 hours.
  • From Europe: If you’re traveling from Europe, you’ll have no trouble finding direct flights to major Asian hubs, including London to Singapore, Frankfurt to Mumbai, and Paris to Bangkok. Look at airlines like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Qatar Airways for frequent direct flights to Asia. The average flight time from Europe to Asia largely depends on your departure airport and destination, but flights generally range from 9-15 hours.
  • From Other International Locations: Asia is well-connected to countries and continents around the world, including South America, Australia, and Africa. Major airlines fly direct and connecting flights to popular destinations across Asia. The average flight time varies widely based on your departure country and arrival airport in Asia along with your route’s layover and stop lengths. Overnight layovers are not uncommon on flights to Asia.

Keep in mind that flight times to Asia are heavily dependent on a few factors, including your departure airport, arrival airport, layovers, and weather conditions. Flight prices for Asian routes fluctuate frequently based on your booking time, how far in advance you book, the distance of your flight, and whether or not your flight is direct.

How Long Is the Flight to Asia?

The average flight time to Asia can vary depending on the departure city. Here are approximate flight times from some of the most common origins:

  • Sydney, Australia: About 12 hours and 26 minutes​​
  • New York, USA: Approximately 15 hours and 25 minutes​​
  • London, UK: Around 9 hours and 45 minutes​​
  • Paris, France: Approximately 13 hours and 50 minutes​​
  • São Paulo, Brazil: About 23 hours and 32 minutes​​
  • Los Angeles, USA: Around 15 hours and 52 minutes​​
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Approximately 9 hours and 51 minutes​​

These times are subject to variations based on specific routes, airlines, and wind speeds.

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Browse’s robust inventory of international and domestic flight deals! We may be compensated when you book after clicking on one of our links.

By road
How to Reach Asia by Road

It’s possible to travel through Asia by road, but some more rural areas may have limited roads or poor road conditions during the rainy monsoon season. In larger, more populated Asian countries, you’ll generally find a vast network of maintained roads that can be driven in a rental car or navigated in taxis, tuk tuks, jeepneys, or other small local transportation. Consider local driving regulations, road conditions, and border crossings when planning a road trip in Asia.

By railw
How to Reach Asia by Rail

Traveling Asia by train can be a fun and immersive experience that lets you see more of the continent as you travel. Asia has an extensive rail network spanning across the continent, offering regular, express, and tourist trains that make intra-continental travel easy. China, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, and Malaysia have well-developed rail systems with railways spanning hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

By water
How to Reach Asia by Water

It’s much less common, but you can get to Asia by water if you take a cruise, passenger ship, or make the journey on a cargo ship in passenger accommodations. Several well-known cruise lines operate routes to coastal Asian destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Getting to Asia on cargo ships from countries around the world is a unique option for adventurous travelers who don’t mind spending weeks at sea. You’ll stop at multiple destinations around Asia’s coasts with the option to continue on to other continents.

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