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Why Visit China?

China, the world’s most populous country, is a vast and diverse nation located in East Asia. Covering approximately 9.6 million square kilometers, it boasts a rich tapestry of landscapes, from the towering peaks of the Himalayas in the southwest to the fertile plains of the North China Plain in the east.

China’s history spans millennia, with a legacy of ancient dynasties, the Great Wall, and profound contributions to art, philosophy, and science. The country’s cultural heritage is deeply rooted in Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, while its modernization and economic growth have made it a global powerhouse.

Where Should You Stay in China?

China, a land of vast contrasts and rich history, beckons travelers with its remarkable blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity. From the bustling megacities to serene landscapes and historical relics, choosing the right place to stay in this expansive country is key to experiencing its multifaceted beauty.

Vector map showing where to stay in China featuring the best areas in graphical format

Whether you’re seeking the dynamic pace of urban life, the tranquility of rural retreats, or a journey through millennia-old history, China’s diverse regions offer something unique for every traveler. Let’s explore the best places to stay in China, each promising a visit that is as unforgettable as it is diverse.


  • Best For: Cultural history, imperial architecture, culinary delights.
  • Attractions: Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square.


  • Best For: Cosmopolitan lifestyle, futuristic skyline, shopping and nightlife.
  • Attractions: The Bund, Shanghai Tower, Yu Garden.


  • Best For: Ancient history, archaeological sites, cultural heritage.
  • Attractions: Terracotta Army, Ancient City Wall, Muslim Quarter.


  • Best For: Natural beauty, scenic rivers, tranquil countryside.
  • Attractions: Li River, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill.


  • Best For: Wildlife enthusiasts, spicy cuisine, laid-back atmosphere.
  • Attractions: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Jinli Ancient Street, Sichuan Opera.


  • Best For: Picturesque landscapes, tea culture, historical sites.
  • Attractions: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Longjing Tea Plantations.

Lhasa, Tibet

  • Best For: Spiritual journeys, unique cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes.
  • Attractions: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Namtso Lake.

Finding the Right Area in China

Selecting the perfect location in China depends on your interests. For those fascinated by imperial history and traditional culture, Beijing and Xi’an offer deep dives into China’s past. Shanghai, with its dazzling skyline and vibrant urban life, is a showcase of modern China.

Nature lovers will find Guilin’s stunning karst landscapes enchanting, while Chengdu offers a chance to get up close with giant pandas. Hangzhou’s serene beauty and tea culture provide a peaceful escape, and for a spiritual and awe-inspiring experience, Lhasa in Tibet awaits.

In China, each destination provides a unique perspective on the country’s vast tapestry, ensuring your stay is as enriching as it is memorable.

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