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10 Incredible Places to Go for Your Birthday in 2024

10 Incredible Places to Go for Your Birthday in 2024

Get inspired to do something truly memorable with our list of 10 incredible places to go for your birthday! From the U.S. to the South Pacific, this birthday will be your best one yet when you visit somewhere special.

10 Incredible Places to Go for Your Birthday

When it’s time to celebrate your special day, you might be looking for something thrilling, a nonstop party, or laid-back vibes in a beautiful destination. 

Whatever type of birthday trip you’re hoping to have, we’ve got some great destinations for you to consider in this list of 10 incredible places to go for your birthday. 

From the coastal Southern charm of Charleston, South Carolina to glitzy, sun-drenched beaches in the Mediterranean, this year’s birthday promises to be your best yet when you head to any of these popular locales. 

1. Spend a Weekend in Charming Charleston

Downtown Charleston, South Carolina seen with long exposure tail lights on the street as one of the best places to go for your birthday

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The very first US city to be named Travel + Leisure’s #1 city in the world, coastal Charleston, South Carolina makes for an amazing birthday weekend. 

Charleston is both lively and laid-back – it’s the uniquely Southern coastal charm in such a gorgeous setting. This trendy city lets you decide what you’re up for, whether it’s all-out celebration or a quiet weekend admiring architecture and enjoying nature. 

Spend your nights partying in the top-rated bars and clubs with music pumping or have a bonfire on the beach. Shopping, dining, and touring Charleston’s many museums and historic homes makes it easy to fill your days with fun things to do!

We recommend planning to stay in one of the best boutique hotels in Charleston, where you’ll be treated like royalty in luxurious spaces that are within walking distance to Charleston’s best attractions and bars. 

2. Plan a Tropical Hawaiian Getaway in Oahu

Aerial view of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Crater on Oahu, one of the best places to go for your birthday


Oahu, one of the best islands in Hawaii, is known as “the gathering place” and makes an incredible place to go for your birthday. If warm, sunny days on the beach and time on the water sounds appealing, Oahu is perfect. 

Oahu’s where the action is in Hawaii with tons of things to do. It’s where the famous Waikiki Beach beckons you for sand and sun-filled days living your best life.

Hang out at the many bars and clubs on the island – it’s known for having the best nightlife in Hawaii. Take a surfing or windsurfing lesson, spot green sea turtles at Laniakea Beach, and visit the royal Hawaiian Iolani Palace. 

See if you can find your way through the Pineapple Garden Maze at the Dole Plantation and explore the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. You can even take a helicopter tour of the island! 

3. Take Over New York City

Rooftop bar in New York City seen at dusk with the skyline in the distance shows one way to spend a great birthday in the city

NYC Skyline Skyscraper View at the Press Lounge Rooftop in Sept. ’17/Gregorio Koji/Shutterstock

Spending your birthday in the Big Apple promises a nonstop party with tons of entertainment, food, drinks, and sightseeing opportunities. 

Get ready to take over New York City for your birthday by booking a stay at one of the best hotels in New York City, where you’ll feel refined and royal with tons of luxury amenities. 

Take your pick from literally thousands of things to do in NYC, from bar and club-hopping to seeking out cool restaurants and shops as you walk the city’s bustling streets. 

Make time to see a Broadway play and some of the best attractions! A guided tour makes this easy and is really fun for a birthday trip. Prepare to do some serious shopping and museum browsing while you’re here. 

4. Make Waves in the Mediterranean

View of Fira, Santorini in Greece with famous white and blue buildings on the coast at sunset, shown as one of the best places to go for your birthday


The Mediterranean is a stunning place to spend your birthday and celebrate with new experiences in a gorgeous setting with views and experiences that will stick with you for a lifetime.

The best parts of the Mediterranean for a birthday trip – Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta – offer a range of experiences, from chill and relaxing to turned-up celebrations. 

Island hop and go sailing around Greece, where Santorini and Mykonos will steal your heart with nightclubs, gorgeous architecture and views, and pristine beaches

Southern Italy’s glamorous Capri and Sorrento are scenic and beautiful destinations for a birthday trip, while the islands of Cyprus and Malta have great nightlife on the weekends. 

5. Party in Caribbean Paradise in Punta Cana

Aerial view of Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on a sunny day with tourists on the shore to indicate one of the best birthday trip destinations

Nick N A/Shutterstock

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is rated as one of the best islands in the Caribbean and a great place to let loose and celebrate! If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean-style party for your big day, Punta Cana is the perfect destination. 

With average temperatures around 80F year-round, a good time is always in order in Punta Cana – no matter when your birthday is. Snorkeling, windsurfing, swimming with dolphins, and island tours are fun birthday trip activities!

Treat yourself by staying at one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana, where you’ll have delicious food, unlimited drinks, water sports, and spa services available at your beck and call.  

There’s no better place to feel like royalty in a stunning island setting. Sip cocktails on the beach, dance the night away in Caribbean clubs, lounge in the pool, and check out cute boutiques and souvenir shops while you’re here.

6. Take a Mystical Retreat in Sedona

Aerial view of an infinity pool overlooking the red rocks in Sedona at a retreat, listed as one of the best places to go for your birthday

Mk Turner/Shutterstock

If holistic wellness and spirituality is important to you, there’s no better place to spend your birthday than mystical Sedona in the Arizona desert – one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

The backdrop of stunning red rock formations towering over the desert will put you in a healing and wellness state of mind. There are tons of spiritual retreats offered in Sedona if this birthday is all about finding your center. 

If a retreat is too laid-back for you, stay at aboutique hotel to be close to the action with all the luxury amenities your special day calls for with a pool, spa, and onsite restaurant for convenient eats and relaxation. 

Head downtown and take the Sedona Trolley to check out the cute shops while you sample food and drinks at the popular restaurants and bars here. It’s a magical place that you’ll be so glad you visited!

7. Rise to the Occasion in the Rocky Mountains

View of the Denver skyline lit up at night with clouds overhead shows why this city is one of the best places to visit for a birthday trip

Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

Denver is one of the best cities for nightlife in Colorado and was recently named one of the best US vacations of the year. Sounds like the perfect place to rise to the occasion of your birthday!

You won’t run out of things to do in Denver, from bar-hopping and trying new restaurants in the walkable downtown area or enjoying an easy or challenging hike when you’re up for adventure.

Catch live music or a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater just 30 minutes outside of Denver, get familiar with the thriving craft beer scene, visit distilleries, and shop til you drop in cool boutiques and stores. 

You’ll do it all with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. The Mile High City is packed with legal cannabis dispensaries and makes an excellent destination for a birthday trip. 

8. Take a Chance in Las Vegas

Fremont Street neon signs lit up at dawn in Las Vegas, one of the best places to go for your birthday to gamble, enjoy great food, and fun activities

Famous Fremont East District of Las Vegas at dawn in May ’19/Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

We’re betting that a trip to Las Vegas is just what you need for your birthday! Vegas is one of the best places to go for your birthday and it’s not just gambling that’ll make your trip rewarding. 

You’ll find so much to get into in Vegas, from top-rated restaurants and bars to walking the amazing Fremont Street lined with neon signs and checking out the Mob Museum. 

Enjoy poolside mimosas and cocktails, onsite casinos, spas, and restaurants, and luxurious comfort at one of the best hotels in Vegas (treat yourself at The Bellagio!). 

Catching one of the famous Vegas shows will be a highlight of your trip, and if Lady Luck is on your side, you might come home a little richer than you left! Talk about a great birthday gift. 

9. Cruise the Tropical South Pacific

View of a tropical beach resort in Tahiti, a South Pacific island, shown with a jacuzzi and bungalow over the water as a great place to visit on your birthday

Martin Valigursky/Shutterstock

Tropical weather, party vibes, and stops at idyllic destinations along the way in Fiji, Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Samoa make a South Pacific cruise one of the best places to go for your birthday. 

Taking a cruise in general is an awesome way to celebrate another year of you, but heading to the tropical South Pacific islands will make your birthday trip unforgettable. 

On the cruise, you’ll be able to eat, drink, and party as much as you want with live shows, shops, and fun activities like swimming, golf, and even zip-lining.

When you dock at the South Pacific islands, you’ll be able to lounge on the sandy shores, swim with dolphins, enjoy fruity cocktails on the beach, and taste authentic island food with Polynesian and French influences. 

10. Toast Your Special Day in Wine Country

Hot air balloons float over Napa Valley, California in wine country, listed as one of the best places to go for your birthday

cheng cheng/Shutterstock

Whether you’re planning on sticking to the US or want to venture further out, spending your birthday in wine country is a classic and unforgettable way to celebrate alone, with your honey, or with a group of friends. 

Napa Valley is scenic wine country in California and the perfect place for a boozy-yet-classy weekend getaway. You’ll find excellent hotels, tons of wineries to tour, Michelin-starred restaurants, and the chance to take a hot air balloon ride over it all. 

The Tuscany region of Italy isn’t quite as close as Napa Valley, but it’s a bucket list trip that will make your birthday memorable with great wines, tasty Italian food, and stunning scenery among the rolling hills, beaches, and historic architecture.

If you’re seeking laid-back celebration and fun in a beautifully serene setting, head to wine country and toast your special day!

Things to Consider

Happy Birthday written in the sand on a tropical beach with party hats for an article showing the 10 best places to go for your birthday trip


Heading to any of the best places to go for your birthday is a great start, but there are a few more things you should keep in mind to plan the best possible birthday trip! 

  • Domestic or international? Settling on an awesome birthday destination starts with considering whether you’d prefer sticking to the U.S. or heading to an international destination. Cost is the major factor here, so it’s a good time to start working out a birthday budget and deciding how close to home you want to stay. 
  • Who’s coming with you? Your ideal birthday trip might be a solo journey where you’re free to operate on your own time, a romantic getaway with your significant other, or a fun trip with a group of friends. Start thinking about who you want to invite on your trip so you can begin planning out the logistics and sharing ideas. 
  • Book your flight and hotel. Once you’ve decided on the perfect destination and have your birthday trip crew assembled, it’s a good idea to go ahead and book your flights and hotels in advance. We recommend booking 1-3 months ahead for domestic flights and 2-6 months ahead for international flights. Hotels should be booked as soon as possible if you’ll be traveling during the peak season for your destination. 
  • Make a rough itinerary. If you’re a serious planner, this won’t be an issue – you’re probably already knee-deep in the planning process. But even if you’re more of the spontaneous type who prefers to fly by the seat of your pants, it’s still a good idea to get a rough itinerary planned for your trip. Make note of top-rated restaurants, attractions, areas, and activities you want to check out while you’re in town and decide which days to do them on.
  • Make birthday reservations. If you plan on trying a great restaurant on your special day, make sure to go ahead and book a reservation. The last thing you want is to be turned away on your birthday! Calling ahead for a reservation gives you a solid plan for your birthday dinner and is one less thing to worry about. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fruity cocktail with a straw hat and sunglasses on the edge of a pool at one of the best places to celebrate a birthday somewhere tropical

Tatevosian Yana/Shutterstock

If you’ll be setting off for any of the best places to go for your birthday, you might have some lingering questions about things you can do to make your big day truly special.

Check out the most frequently asked questions to get some ideas!

What is a good place to celebrate a birthday?

Celebrate your birthday with dinner at a highly-rated restaurant, visiting a winery or distillery, spa treatments, a day at the beach with an oceanfront dinner, dancing and drinks, or scratching something - skydiving, parasailing, visiting a new destination - off your bucket list.

What to do on your birthday?

On your birthday, the best thing you can do is something you’re genuinely interested in and not just any activity that feels “birthday appropriate.” If you’re not big on fine dining, there’s no need to head to a fancy restaurant and if you’re not a big drinker, skip the winery.

Consider your hobbies and bucket list activities, then decide what’s reasonable for your budget and time constraints. If you can take some time off, planning a birthday vacation is an amazing way to celebrate!

How can I make my birthday special for myself?

You can make your birthday feel special for you by choosing the pace and activities that suit you. Think about what you prefer - a nonstop party with drinks flowing, a laid-back, chill celebration with close friends, a relaxing day with a special dinner at home, etc.

Your birthday will feel more special when you take time to consider the meaning behind the day and the significance of the passage of time. Pull out childhood photos, reminisce about the past, but don’t forget to dream and look forward to your future!

What should I do for my birthday with my boyfriend?

Bringing your boyfriend into your birthday celebration will double the fun - as long as you can choose an activity that you’ll both enjoy.

What hobbies do you share? What’s something you’ve both dreamed of doing someday? How can you both get out of your comfort zone?

Answering these questions together will lead you to some unique, rewarding activities to do on your birthday.

How do I spoil my boyfriend on his birthday?

Consider your boyfriend’s interests and hobbies when you’re planning to spoil him for his birthday.

Bring him breakfast in bed, plan a nice lunch or dinner date out, cook his favorite foods at home with a bottle of wine or his favorite beer, or surprise him with tickets to a concert or a game where his team is playing.

If your boyfriend doesn’t dig surprises, plan out what you’ll do to make him feel loved and spoiled on his birthday together.

So, Feeling Inspired With Great Places to Go for Your Birthday?

When it comes to celebrating your birthday, you could do the usual – a small get-together, dinner at your favorite local restaurant, and treating yourself with something new you’ve been eyeing. But why not head to one of the best places to go for your birthday?

Traveling is probably the best gift you can give yourself – the promise of new experiences, beautiful surroundings, fun activities, and the chance to get out of your comfort zone. 

Whether you’re up for an international journey somewhere tropical or in the lush Tuscany wine region or plan on hanging closer to home in entertaining cities like Charleston or Las Vegas, we think this birthday stands to be your best one yet!