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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Samoa in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Samoa in 2023

Are you preparing for a trip to Samoa? If that’s so, you’re in for a treat. Some research will help you get the best deals, the least crowds, and ideal weather.

However, identifying the perfect time for you to visit this island can be tricky, especially with its variable climate. But don’t worry! We’ll guide you through the best time to visit and what to expect during each season.

And if there is such a thing as the worst time, we’ll tell you that too! So, let’s get started and plan your perfect holiday in the heart of the Pacific.

Why You Should Visit Samoa

Samoa, a Polynesian island nation halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, is a paradise worth exploring. It’s home to the most authentic culture, intense natural beauty, and balmy weather year-round.

The magic begins at Faleolo International Airport, the island’s main gateway. Upon arrival, you’re met with the warmth and hospitality of the locals.And if you’re lucky, a traditional Samoan slap dance, the fa’ataupati, may be performed in your honor.

From there, your adventure awaits. Upolu, one of Samoa’s two main islands, is home to Apia, the capital, which boasts breathtaking beaches, lush mountain highlands, and vibrant markets brimming with colorful goods.

Furthermore, it offers a buzzing nightlife experience for those looking for something different. Spend your morning searching for treasures at the Old Apia Market, then head to the stunning Lalomanu Beach for an afternoon of relaxing.

A little further down the coast, you can dive, snorkel, and explore all the secrets this archeological sea holds. End your day watching the sunset from the world-famous To Sua Ocean Trench.

The next day, visit the iconic Papapapaitai Falls and marvel at the sparkling blue water cascading down a natural lava rock pool. Mix your experience with a traditional Samoan village tour, and learn about local customs and culture.

Sample the popular umu, a mouthwatering Polynesian feast cooked in an underground oven, and you won’t regret it. And that’s not all! The other main island, Savai’i, boasts its own set of wonders and surprises.

You’ll love the Falealupo Canopy Walkway for an amazing bird’s-eye view and the unspoiled beauty of the Pulemelei Mound. Moreover, it’s known for its erupting volcanoes, majestic caves, and hot springs.

However, with all its diverse attractions, one question remains – when is the best time to visit Samoa? Read on to find out!

Overall Best Time to Visit Samoa

Gorgeous white sand beach with clear teal water and blue skies above pictured during the best time to visit Samoa

Martin Valigursky/Shutterstock

May through October is the best time to visit Samoa to enjoy most of its activities and attractions. The months offer plenty of sunshine, lower humidity, and comfortable temperatures ranging from 80°F to 85°F, making it ideal for outdoor adventures and relaxation.

The wet season culminates in May, ushering in the dry season, the perfect time for a holiday in Samoa. And with fewer foreign tourists, you can enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere and better deals on flights and accommodations.

Take the opportunity to explore the capital Apia and sample the freshest fruits at the local produce markets. June signals the start of the busiest quarter, with an influx of visitors from Australia and New Zealand escaping the winter chill.

You may see airfares, hotel, and rental prices soar, but the warm weather and array of activities make it worth the cost. Consider snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, exploring rainforests, or sunbathing on pristine white-sand beaches.

July and August follow the same pattern, with daytime temperatures in the mid-20s and clear blue skies. Make a trip to Mt Vaea and enjoy a picnic at the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum or watch the geyser erupting at Alofaaga blowholes.

For the ultimate Samoan experience, participate in the Teuila Festival and delight in the beautiful performances and vibrant parades.

September is the last month of the peak season before temperatures drop and the rainy season starts. Celebrate this pleasant transition with a hike up Mt Matavanu.

As the month winds down, approaching October, the wet season slowly resumes, leaving behind a trail of rainbows. With fewer crowds, enjoy the sunshine and last-minute discounts for a truly memorable and fantastic vacation.

Cheapest Time to Visit Samoa

Sunny morning with slightly cloudy skies pictured from the walking path by the white cathedral built on a rocky black coast during the cheapest time to visit Samoa

Ramunas Bruzas/Shutterstock

The cheapest time to visit Samoa is from November and February to March. It’s the off-season with fewer tourists arriving, causing prices of accommodation, flights, and activities to drop significantly.

The three months fall in the wet and rainy season, but don’t let this put you off. November’s mild temperatures and occasional showers make it ideal for the culture and history-loving traveler.

Attend the Fiafia Night at your resort and enjoy a night of traditional Samoan dance, singing, and local cuisine. February, the rainy season intensifies with heavy thunderstorms and the possibility of typhoons.

However, if you’re looking for a serene vacation experience away from the tourist hustle and bustle, this is a perfect time. The accommodation prices hit an all-time low, and you get more bang for your buck.

Rainfall begins to slowly reduce in March, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy the best of the island’s offers. You can rent a car or a bicycle and make your way around, visiting the ancient sites and enjoying the sights.

Least Busy Time to Visit Samoa

Stairs leading down to a diving platform in the Sua Trench pictured from above with trees surrounding the watering hole during the least busy time to visit Samoa

Martin Vinas/Shutterstock

Samoa is less busy during the wet season (November – April). Despite the rain, there are plenty of sunny days. If you’re looking for a peaceful and uncrowded atmosphere, visiting during this time can be the perfect way to relax and explore.

November marks the start of the off-season in Samoa, with tourists opting for more tropical destinations. But for those who don’t mind the sporadic downpours, this can be an excellent time to visit.

Tour the Old Apia Market, mingle with the locals, and discover Samoan drumming and traditional crafts. However, avoid December and January as these months experience a surge in tourists.

Also known as the “mini-peak season,” Samoans living abroad make their yearly pilgrimage home for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Additionally, it’s a school holiday break in New Zealand and Australia, so expect a huge crowd and prices to skyrocket.

February to March receives the highest rainfall making it undesirable for beach and snorkeling trips.

Fortunately, it means fewer visitors to most of the island’s main attractions, such as Samoan Cultural Villages and the magnificent Papapapaitai Falls. Enjoy the lush and colorful rainforest, waterfalls, and secluded valleys with no one else around.

April, the weather starts to clear up, and the number of wet days reduces, providing an ideal opportunity for outdoor activities. The best part is that you enjoy the same attractions with a quieter atmosphere and lower prices.

Worst Time to Visit Samoa

Rain clouds overhead, as seen from the perspective of a person walking down the Lalomanu Beach during the worst time to visit Samoa

Radoslav Cajkovic/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Samoa is during the rainy season, particularly February and March. The daytime temperature remains around 87°F, and you can expect intense downpours with thunderstorms and occasional cyclones.

February is the most undesirable and the least ideal month. With 18-20 days of precipitation, you can only participate in a few activities, and the chances of getting stuck indoors are very high.

Due to the low demand, you’ll also find a sizable number of hotels, restaurants, and other establishments closed. Early to mid-March bring more of the same — more rain, thunderstorms, and potential disruptions.

You may also experience slippery roads, so exercise caution when driving. Fortunately, towards the end of March, the rain and thunderstorms begin to subside, and the sea gets warmer.

With everything at its lowest price, this might be the perfect time for budget-savvy travelers. Explore the lush greenery of Samoa’s mountains and valleys without the crowds and enjoy the tropical ambiance. Wind up your trip with stunning picturesque beaches before the tourist season kicks in.

Things to Consider

Now that you know the best time to visit Samoa, what else should you consider when planning your trip? There are a few tips to help you make your stay in this tropical paradise unforgettable.

These include:

  • Pack light and comfortable clothing: The island receives abundant sunshine and heat throughout the year, so bring light, breathable clothing that won’t weigh you down.
  • Bring plenty of sunscreens: Remember your sunblock! The rays in Samoa can be very strong, and you want to ensure you don’t get a nasty sunburn.
  • Learn some Samoan words: It’ll help you navigate the island, make new friends and appreciate the local culture more.
  • Inform the resort of your dietary needs: A typical Samoan meal includes a lot of root vegetables and seafood. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, alert your resort in advance so that they can make accommodations for you.
  • Get vaccinated: Make sure you’re up-to-date on your vaccinations before visiting the island, such as polio, flu, shingles, measles, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, and Chickenpox.
  • There is a difference between Samoa and American Samoa: America Samoa is an unincorporated US territory, while Samoa is an independent nation. Stay clear between the two!
  • Carry cash: While credit cards are widely accepted, cash is preferred, especially when trading with small vendors.
  • Don’t miss the traditional Samoan Fiafia night: Join in on a cultural extravaganza of song and dance for entertainment.
  • Taxis are abundant and reliable: You don’t need to rent a car. However, agree on the fare with the driver before you hop in.
  • Stay vigilant when out and about: While Samoa is generally safe, be mindful of your surroundings and keep your possessions close at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazing view of a huge and narrow waterfall in the middle of the jungle in Samoa

Radoslav Cajkovic/Shutterstock

Let’s look at some of the FAQs about visiting Samoa:

Do people in Samoa speak English?

Besides Samoan, English is the other official language of Samoa. Located halfway between two predominantly English-speaking countries, Australia and New Zealand, you can understand why the language is widely spoken.

Is Samoa visa-free?

All visitors must possess a valid passport and visa to enter Samoa. However, citizens of countries such as Kenya, the UK, Canada, Belgium, and Canada are allowed visa-free entry for stays of up to 90 days. Other countries may need to apply for one in advance. Be sure to check here or with the Samoan embassy for more information.

How many days do you need in Samoa?

One week or ten days in Samoa is enough time to explore the two main islands, Upolu and Savaii. You can plan a relaxing stay on the beach or an adventurous holiday filled with hikes and water sports. Talk to your travel agent if you need more time to accommodate your desired activities.

Can you drink the water in Samoa?

We don't suggest drinking tap water in Samoa, as it’s mostly untreated. Instead, boil it for at least two minutes or buy bottled water. Also be sure to avoid ice cubes in a drink unless prepared with filtered water.

What are the four genders of Samoans?

While there are only two genders in the Western world, Samoan culture recognizes four: fa’afatama, fa’afafine, male, and female. The first two represent non-binary identities and are respected and embraced. They look after the elderly and teach people about traditional beliefs and customs.

So, When Should You Visit Samoa?

The best time to visit Samoa is May through October (dry season). The weather is consistently mild, with clear skies and plenty of sunshine perfect for outdoor activities.

But if you’re on a budget, consider traveling in November and February to March, when the prices are lower. You’ll find the best deals on flights and hotels as tourism slows down due to the rainy season.

The least busy time is from November through April, except mid-December and January. You’ll appreciate the fewer crowds, calmer atmosphere, and shorter lines at most attractions. Unfortunately, there is also the worst time to make the trip to the island.

Avoid February and March when the rainy season is at its peak. Now that you know the various time frames to visit Samoa, it’s time to plan your vacation and make unforgettable memories — book your trip today!