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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Cyprus in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Cyprus in 2023

Are you looking for a truly unique vacation unlike any other? Do you want to visit a location apart from all the rest? Then, you might want to take a trip to Cyprus. That is an island found in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Yet, you should probably first find out the best rates, the months with good weather, and the fewest crowds in Cyprus. You’ll want to pick a time that’s nice for swimming in the sea without those hot temperatures of the summer.

Choose a time that’s filled with sunshine while having few crowds for a better sightseeing experience. Cyprus has plenty of historical attractions to enjoy, along with sandy beaches and warm waters.

Here, we will show you the best and worst times to visit Cyprus. We will also provide you with excellent travel tips. Now, let’s get started!

Why You Should Visit Cyprus

Limasson district overlooking the ocean with ruins of Kourion pictured from the wall


So, why is Cyprus the best option for your vacation? You’ll find tons of reasons for a Cyprus trip. First, the food you’ll experience here is unlike anything you’ve ever had.

That’s because the cuisine in Cyprus consists of a combination of influences from southern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. You’ll also adore the desserts in Cyprus, as they usually consist of walnuts, almonds, or other nuts combined with fruit juice and honey.

Try these syrupy desserts with a cup of tea or coffee. Further, Cyprus has historical sights that go far beyond the timelines of other countries.

You can find historical locations stemming from the ancient Romans, Egyptians, or Persians and going back to 8,000 BC. You’ll find ancient churches and museums around the island.

Another major reason to visit Cyprus is the beautiful weather and year-round sunny skies. Even the winters here are rather mild. You’ll find the island is popular for water sports, swimming, and lounging in the sun.

Overall Best Time to Visit Cyprus

Amazing view of crystal-clear teal water by a beige sand beach pictured during the best time to visit Cyprus

Vlas Telino Studio/Shutterstock

The absolute best time to visit Cyprus is in the spring. That includes the months of March, April, May, and early June.

The springtime offers warm waters for swimming without the same heat that you’d experience in the summer months of July and August. Best of all, the Cyprus beaches are not nearly as crowded in the springtime.

In March and April, the temperatures are mild, with little rain. The prices are more affordable during this time while the number of tourists is still low. May and June are the absolute best months to visit the island.

The warm temperatures provide a good time to go for a swim, spend time at the beach, or go sightseeing. Further, you’ll love attending the Festival of Flowers held on the first Sunday in May.

Cheapest Time to Visit Cyprus

Guy in blue shorts diving into the ocean from a big rock pictured during the cheapest time to visit Cyprus

Vlas Telino Studio/Shutterstock

The most affordable times to visit Cyprus are in the early spring and the fall. The months with the cheapest entertainment options and low hotel rates include March, April, October, and November.

Usually, these months are cheaper because the timeline falls into the low season or off-season. That means fewer tourists come to Cyprus during these months, which means hotel rates drop to attract more visitors.

The weather is also more cloudy. During the late fall, winter, and early spring, storms come off the Mediterranean coast, and the area experiences more rainy weather.

Luckily, the cheapest time does overlap with the best time to visit Cyprus. You can score great deals on flights by checking websites like Kayak, Expedia, and

Least Busy Time to Visit Cyprus

Neat street in Genethlou Mitellla, a goregous small town pictured during the least busy time to visit Cyprus, when there are no tourists in the street


Wintertime is the least busy time to visit Cyprus. The off-season hits in the winter and has the fewest crowds. Tourists rarely want to visit the island in the winter, as they prefer warmer weather to go swimming at the beach.

The winter in Cyprus is often rather mild, with temperatures in the cooler values. However, it doesn’t get awfully cold in Cyprus during the winter.

You’ll need to bring a rain jacket and light layers to handle the cooler, rainy weather. The average temperature reaches 65°F from December to February. However, April and October also offer uncrowded beaches and few tourists.

The temperatures are warm, and you can spend time at a secluded beach during these months. Also, you can get good rates on flights in the winter, early spring, or fall.  

Worst Time to Visit Cyprus

Very muggy morning with the town of Kato Drys pictured below a big cloud during the worst time to visit Cyprus


Some of the worst times to visit Cyprus are in July and August due to the scorching hot temperatures. Furthermore, along with the highest temperatures, the summertime is the peak tourist season.

This means you’ll end up at crowded beaches and sightseeing destinations filled with tourists. If you can’t handle the extreme heat, we advise avoiding a trip to Cyprus in July and August.

Since the summertime is peak season, you won’t get as many good deals or find many affordable hotel rates. However, if you do decide to visit Cyprus in the summertime, you should stick to water sports during the day, such as kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, or fishing.

Make sure to drink enough water and stay hydrated in the summer heat. The evenings get cooler, which is when you should stick to visiting ancient monuments and historical sites.

Things to Consider

When visiting Cyprus, you’ll need to consider a multitude of factors. The top things to consider include:

  • Cyprus has two official languages, which are Cypriot Greek and Cypriot Turkish
  • Cyprus has left-hand traffic, much like the United Kingdom
  • The currency in Cyprus is the Euro
  • Cyprus only has a bus service, and you won’t find any railroads
  • You can rent cars, scooters, or bicycles in Cyprus
  • The hotels offer breakfast, and you may get lunch or dinner for an additional fee
  • Cyprus is a perfect place for children with its water parks, pools, beaches, and zoos
  • Cyprus has a patriarchal society due to the Muslim faith’s hold on the residents
  • Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are divided due to the Turkish invasion in 1974

Frequently Asked Questions

Rain above the medieval castle of Larnaca during the worst time to visit Cyprus


Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions about visiting Cyprus:

What is the rainy season in Cyprus?

The rainy season in Cyprus hits during the winter. Generally, the wettest months of the year fall in December, January, and February. On the other hand, the driest, hottest months fall in July, August, and September. July and August showcase less than 10 millimeters of rain on average.

The rainy season brings precipitation above 100 millimeters in December and January. Also, you can expect nearly 70 millimeters of precipitation in February on average. While the winter is rainy, the temperatures are rather mild and only fall to 43°F at the lowest.

Further, the temperatures reach about 61°F at the highest during the winter. These are much milder temperatures when compared to the scorching heat experienced in the summer. July and August temperatures can reach as high as 92°F.

Is October a good time to visit Cyprus?

October is also a nice time to vacation in Cyprus. The temperatures in October reach about 77°F, but they can also drop to 68°F. The Mediterranean Sea still has warm waters after the scorching summer temperatures. You’ll also enjoy the sea breezes in Cyprus this month.

Essentially, the October weather is good enough for a beach day and a day out sightseeing. Yet, in the nighttime, you may need to throw on a sweater and sleep under some blankets. Furthermore, since the peak summer season is over, you’ll see fewer tourists in October and find the beaches uncrowded.

Since October is part of the shoulder season, you’ll find more affordable options for lodging. Hotel rates tend to decrease in the fall. Furthermore, October 1st is Cyprus’s Independence Day from British rule. That means you’ll see a military parade in Nicosia and various festivals on the 1st of October.

What is the hottest month in Cyprus?

August is the absolute hottest month in Cyprus. The heat can reach a daily maximum temperature of 93°F. The average lowest temperature in August drops only to 76°F. If you love a hot, dry summer, you may want to visit Cyprus in July or August.

The Mediterranean region has a climate with mild winters and dry, scorching summers. The month of August also has less than 10 millimeters of rainwater on average. September tends to have the least amount of rain at 0 millimeters, so it’s the driest month of the year in Cyprus.

Even though August is the hottest month, you can still enjoy beach parties and awesome attractions. Yet, make sure to use enough sunscreen and wear sun hats. Further, you can find harvest festivals, including the wine festival in August. Despite the heat, August in Cyprus does have its advantages.

What is the best weather in Cyprus?

The best weather in Cyprus tends to fall in the spring and fall. During those seasons, the temperatures are warm but don’t reach the heat of the summer. The sea is also nice and warm, which makes it inviting for swimming, kayaking, and other water sports.

Further, the amount of rain is moderate during these months. You won’t experience a dry month while also avoiding the rainy season of the winter. Also, if you choose to visit Cyprus in May, you can expect to see up to 13 hours of sunshine per day.

In addition, the city of Famagusta has some of the best, most reliable weather patterns in Cyprus. The temperatures range from mild to warm here. However, the summer heat in the city is still high, and you’ll experience plenty of humidity. As such, you should consider visiting Cyprus in the spring or fall.

How many vacation days do you need in Cyprus?

The appropriate amount of days to spend on vacation in Cyprus is about one full week. With seven days, you’ll have enough time to visit the historical sites, museums, and monuments, and you can also enjoy the beaches. The number of things to do in Cyprus can last you several weeks.

So you won’t need much more than one week to get the most out of the history here and get a tan at the beach. To get around, you can either rent a car or use the bus service available on the island. Don’t forget to see the ancient ruins and mountain villages in Cyprus.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus falls in the spring, as you won’t face hot temperatures, enjoy sunny days, and benefit from fewer crowds. Furthermore, you can find better deals for flights to Cyprus and hotel stays in March and April.

Book your trip to Cyprus in March, April, or May, and don’t forget to visit historical sites along with a few beaches by the sea. So what are you waiting for — visit this gorgeous beach destination today!