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Favorite Past Trips

My favorite city is Paris. My husband and I vacation "off the grid" in Cook Forest Pa each year for our anniversary, and my most unusual trip was to Istanbul, where my mother and I got lost in the Grand Bazaar, but came out with our arms full of everything from a brass coffee table to an alabaster wine decanter.

About Sandy

Sandy Pavick is an experienced freelance writer and editor as well as the author of two books on Cleveland history. Before she embarked on her writing career, she spent 15 years in the travel industry, as a travel agent, travel marketing executive, tour leader and cruise school superintendent.

Pavick’s work has been published in numerous print and Web publications including “USA”, “Trip Savvy”, “The Better Drink”, “” and “Mahogany” magazine. Pavick is a graduate of Ohio’s Bowling Green State University and has taken graduate courses at the Universite of Nice (France) and Case Western Reserve University.

A lifelong Ohio resident, Pavick is currently working on a third book of Northeast Ohio history. When she’s not traveling or writing, Pavick can be found digging in her garden, taking walks around her wooded property with her dog, Katie; and trying a new comfort food recipe.

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