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Favorite Past Trips

  • Sicily
  • Mexico
  • Sailing the ICW

About Lara

Lara is a writer, artist, and full-time traveler who lives on her 30-foot sailboat. With a background in journalism, she's a tenacious researcher and dedicated storyteller.

She got her first taste of professional writing penning multi-page sales letters and newsletters for a small marketing agency in St. Pete, Florida. This led her back to school to pursue a degree in journalism from the University of South Florida. Her work has appeared in publications that include Eating Well, Clamor Magazine, and The New Standard.

Years ago, she began honing the skills that would allow her to work from anywhere with a WIFI connection. She has since penned novels at anchor on Florida's Gulf Coast and white papers from hotel rooms in Sicily. Lara is a versatile writer whose work has ranged from simple explainer blogs to paranormal romance novels and ghostwritten tech thrillers. Under her own name, she has published cookbooks, work from home guides, and two non-fiction books for middle grade readers.

When she's not clicking away at her keyboard, you'll most often find her outdoors or in the kitchen. She's currently intent on thoroughly exploring the east coast of the United States, but has plans for more international travel in the coming years. She's an avid kayaker, forager, cyclist, and home brewer. She's still looking for the world's best shrimp and grits.

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