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What Caribbean Islands Does Delta Fly to in 2024?

What Caribbean Islands Does Delta Fly to in 2024?

One great thing about the Caribbean is how accessible it is from the US, particularly if you live on the East Coast. Delta announced an expansion of their routes to the Caribbean in mid-2023, with about a third more flights there than they had the year before.

Over the past couple of years, Caribbean destinations have had lower demand. This is because those travelers able to head to Europe are making up for the lost summers when trans-Atlantic travel wasn’t possible. As a result, there are a lot of deals to be had if you plan to stay in the Americas.

If you are near their hubs in Atlanta, New York (JFK), Minneapolis/St. Paul, Detroit, or Boston, it’s worth browsing both established and newly offered flights. There are some great hidden gems there, with a lot of previously unavailable options and a few bargains thrown in.

Caribbean Islands Where Delta Flies

Several Delta planes parked on an airport, with it signature white, blue, and red colors, bound to fly to Caribbean Islands.

Kansas City, MO – May 9, 2020: Delta Airplanes sit in a row at Kansas City International Airport/David Peterlin/Shutterstock

Delta is continually adjusting its offerings, so do a search to see what new destinations are being added. They also sometimes offer routes seasonally when demand is high, then remove them again during the off-season.

The airline offers service to a bunch of different Caribbean island destinations, including:


This is one of the two major islands that make up Antigua and Barbuda. Delta offers flights there once a week on Saturdays, leaving from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).


You can catch two flights a week to Aruba flying on Delta. This destination is popular year-round due to mild hurricane-season weather, and breezy, 70-degree winters.


Bermuda also has Delta flights every Saturday and Sunday. You can go nonstop on Delta from New York’s JFK, Boston Logan International, and Atlanta International.

Grand Cayman

If you are near Atlanta, fares to Grand Cayman can be worth a look. Delta often has direct flights under $300 round trip. Since Atlanta is a popular hub, you may be able to find good deals on flights that go through here.


Delta restarted service to Havana in mid-2023, with flights offered every weekend. While general tourism to Cuba is not currently permitted under US law, there are still ways to legally go visit. Many people who wish to explore Cuba get approval under the “support for the Cuban people” category of travel.


Delta offers flights to both Kingston and Montego Bay. If you are flying from Atlanta, you can even take a nonstop flight to Jamaica on Delta.

New Providence, Bahamas

Delta offers regular flights into Nassau, the Bahamas capital. The airline recently added a jump directly from Miami to Nassau, making this a quick international trip.

Turks and Caicos

Top view of a beach in Turks and Caicos, an area in Caribbean Islands where Delta flies to, where people can be seen enjoying the fine sand of the shore and the dock that extends from the shore the the emerald waters.


Delta has flights into Providenciales, an island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago. This island, which is also known locally as Provo, is the site of Grace Bay Beach, Bight Reef, and Smith’s Reef.

Dominican Republic

Delta has flights into Punta Cana, a city at DR’s easternmost tip. This area is well known for its long stretch of white sand beaches and clear, deep waters.

St. Croix

The US Virgin Islands have the advantage of being a Caribbean island you can visit without your passport. Delta flies into St. Croix through Atlanta.

St. Lucia

Flights to this British Virgin Island are offered on a daily basis. Locally grown chocolate, an interesting local history, beautiful botanical gardens and lush rain forests all make this a highly sought destination.

St. Thomas

St. Thomas is often known as the gateway island of the US Virgin Islands. Passport free travel makes this a convenient option. Plus, once you are there, other Virgin Islands are just a ferry trip away.

St. Maarten

This Caribbean country is actually the southern half of an island and a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island’s northern half is St. Martin, a French overseas collectivity.

Puerto Rico

This is another Caribbean destination you can visit even if you haven’t gotten a passport yet. Delta is one of several airlines that fly into San Juan. Tickets are often available under $200 round trip, making this a very affordable tropical vacation option.

How to Search for Flights to the Caribbean on Delta

A laptop screen displaying the logo of Delta Airline, while searching for areas in Caribbean Islands where they fly to.

POZNAN, POL – MAR 15, 2021: Laptop computer displaying logo of Delta Air Lines, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia/monticello/Shutterstock

Most people are able to find several options for flights to the Caribbean by starting at Delta’s website. If you live hear one of Delta’s major hubs, or are able to travel to one, you can often find cheaper tickets to the Caribbean.

Not every route has flights every day. There are many that are offered only a couple of times a week. Because of this, it pays to be patient when you are searching.

The prices of flights also tend to go up and down throughout the month and the season.

One good way to start your search is with the calendar function. This will help you narrow down on the lowest fares to your destination of choice. You may find, for instance, that switching from one week to another can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you are flexible about where you are going, consider starting by searching different destinations. Using this in combination with the calendar function can open up a few new possibilities while allowing you to allocate more of your budget to experiences on your trip.

Travel tends to be most affordable and most exciting when you are open all sorts of different possibilities.

What to Expect on a Delta Flight to the Caribbean

When you are flying to these nearby destinations, you will usually be on Airbus or Boeing narrow-body planes, such as the Airbus A321 or the Boeing 737. There are also seasonal offerings on wide body planes like the B757s and A330s. When you book your ticket, you’ll likely be able to see what kind of plane you are taking.

Whether you choose a specific seat or not is a matter of personal preference. Depending on where you are flying from, your flight may only be a couple of hours. It may be worth it to go with the luck of the draw and put any money you’d spend on a specific seat toward a cocktail on the beach instead.

If you are taking a longer flight or flying with kids, it may be worth the extra cost of choosing a specific seat. References like SeatGuru can help you figure out the most comfortable options on each of Delta’s planes.

If you are in the premium cabin, you’ll likely be offered a snack basket, cold meal, or hot meal, alongside offerings from an open bar. In economy, there are complimentary drinks and snacks.

Most Delta planes now have seatback screens with movies, TV, music, and podcasts.

Delta flights have good onboard Wi-Fi, but you’ll likely have to pay a fee to use it.

Tips for Flying to the Caribbean

A person standing while reading a notebook placed above a yellow luggage while reading tips on what Caribbean Islands Delta flies to.


International travel can involve some ups and downs, even when you are going to a nearby Caribbean country. A little planning in advance can make your whole journey faster, easier, and more comfortable.

First, make sure you have all your documents in order. When you are getting ready to book, make sure you have several months before your passport expires? No passport? You can still go to the Caribbean. Just limit your trip to US territories, where you can travel without the need for a passport.

Pack a few small snacks, especially if you are flying economy. This way, you aren’t hostage to the snack and meal prices you’ll find in the concourse.

Pick up a bottle of sunscreen that is small enough to bring in your carryon. The maximum size for liquids is 100 milliliters and you can bring as many as fit in a quart bag. The travel size sunscreen means you can apply it as soon as you get to your destination.

Sun this close to the equator may be stronger than you are used to. Wear sunscreen every day to be sure a bad burn doesn’t keep you from enjoying your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Delta plane, in white color and a logo on the side, taking off for a flight to a Caribbean Island.

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – JAN 9, 2019: Delta Air Lines Airbus A330 passenger plane taking off from Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport./VanderWolf Images/Shutterstock

Got questions about flying into the Caribbean? We have answers to some common ones:

What Caribbean islands does Delta serve?

Delta flies to around 25 island destinations in the Caribbean. You can catch flights year-round from or through JFK, Atlanta, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, and seasonally through hubs in Boston and Detroit.

Does Delta go to St Lucia?

They do! Delta flies into Hewanorra International Airport (UVF), which is located in View Fort on the souther side of the island.

Does Delta fly direct to Antigua?

Yes. You can catch a direct flight from Atlanta to Antigua.

Does Delta not fly to Barbados?

Flights to Barbados are a somewhat recent addition to Delta’s menu. The airline now offers two trips a week to Barbados from New York and Atlanta.

Summing Up: Which Caribbean islands does Delta fly to?

It’d be easier to list out the Caribbean destinations that don’t have service from Delta. This airline is a good one to add to your search if you are yearning for some time in the sun. Flights occur regularly and there are some good deals to be had.