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Which Airlines Fly to the Bahamas? (Updated for 2024)

Which Airlines Fly to the Bahamas? (Updated for 2024)

The Bahamas is one of our closest international neighbors. This means there are direct flights from cities that include Atlanta, Miami and others. While most flights go from a US city to Nassau, you can also catch a few direct flights to the Out Islands on smaller airlines.

The Bahamas has around 20 international airports with regularly scheduled flights. Some airlines fly just into the big destinations, while others offer flights to places more off the beaten path.

Airlines That Regularly Fly to the Bahamas

Airlines alter their flight offerings regularly to meet current demand, so it’s hard to write a definitive, enduring guide to which airlines fly where. These providers are a great place to start your search for the best fare to the Bahamas:

American Airlines

An American Airlines plane, one of the airlines that fly to Bahamas, just took off for a flight; its body is in white color and the tail fin is in alternate blue and red.

LOS ANGELES/CALIFORNIA – OCT. 21, 2107: American Airlines Boeing 777-223(ER) aircraft is airborne as it departs Los Angeles International Airport. Los Angeles, California USA/Philip Pilosian/Shutterstock

American Airlines has flights to Nassau originating in Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Many of these flights are direct and non-stop, making this one of the more convenient options for getting to the Bahamas.


JetBlue’s reputation takes some hits here and there when it comes to timely air travel. But, the airline has a few of their competitors beat when it comes to the size of their economy seats or the strength and availability of their Wi-Fi while you’re underway.

They’re also known for the low cost of their flights. However, double check other airlines when booking, as some of the competitors occasionally outperform them on price.

Delta Airlines

Delta has daily flights from both Boston and Atlanta, making it a quick and convenient option for many East Coast travelers. They are also one of the few carriers to take you from the US directly to Out Island destinations like North Eleuthera and Georgetown, Exuma.


Spirit recently added two nonstop flights to the Bahamas from its hub in Fort Lauderdale. Travelers report fares that are often under $100, as well, with the best deals offered in the days just before a flight departs.

While this won’t be a good fit for someone who likes their travel planned well in advance, it can be a great way to secure a quick, cheap getaway.

United Airlines

United is a great option for people in the northeast looking to get away from the cold. They offer a direct flight from Newark Liberty Internation Airport to Nassau. From there, it’s a quick hop with a local partner to Exuma, Bimini, Marsh Harbour, or Georgetown.


A Bahamasair plane, one of the airlines that fly to Bahamas, on a runway during a sunset; the plain is white with an accent of blue.

MIAMI, FL -6 MAY 2017- A Boeing 737 airplane from Bahamas Air (UP) at the Miami International Airport (MIA)./EQRoy/Shutterstock

Bahamasair offers regular flights to Nassau from Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. This domestic Bahamas carrier also offers a number of flights within the country.

It has a record as one of the safest airlines in the world, but a lower rating when it comes to timeliness. Redditors say to plan for a flight early in the day and staying flexible when it comes to arrival times.

Makers Air

This is a small luxury airline that offers flights from Fort Lauderdale to a number of destinations in the Bahamas. Flight options include Exuma, Eleuthera, and Cat Island. The tiny airline prides itself on offering a relaxed, luxe traveling experience.

A recent search showed that the flight from Florida to Exuma clocked in at around $800 per person.


Southwest is the largest low-cost carrier in the world, which can often mean great rates for flexible travelers. They offer one flight a week from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. You can catch a connecting flight from one of their other cities. This will typically involve changing planes in Fort Lauderdale.

Silver Airways

Silver is a regional airline with headquarters in Hollywood, Florida. They offer flights from Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa into the Bahamas.

This small airline is another that offers the advantage of flights to destinations other than Nassau and Freeport without having to switch to a domestic carrier. Destinations include Freeport, Marsh Harbour, Bimini, Great Exuma, and Governor’s Harbour.

Tropic Ocean Airways

This small carrier can be worth checking out if you are departing from Fort Lauderdale. They offer trips to Nassau five days a week.

Western Air

A woman wearing a beach dress while standing on a dock and waving at a Western Air plain, one of the airlines that flies to Bahamas.

Alexander Chaikin/Shutterstock

Western is a domestic carrier in the Bahamas that many people take as a quick option for getting from island to island. However, they also have daily flights from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau.

Flights Within the Bahamas

Most travelers will fly into Nassau. If you want to see some of the other islands, you’ll have to book a ferry, mailship, or a domestic flight. Look at options that include Southern Air, Western, Bahamasair, and others.

Prices can vary considerably. You will also find that not all airlines go to all destinations every day. In many cases, there’s one flight a week to each destination. Be flexible to make your trip work.

Things to Consider

A few things to consider when searching for flights to the Bahamas:

  • If you can get near a hub, your prices will go way down.
  • Sometimes the airlines with the cheapest reputations won’t give the cheapest prices. Check full price options like United and American. Often, they have prices that are the same as the discount lines.
  • Be flexible. You can often find great deals by going to an aggregator, entering your departure city, then seeing when and where you can get the best deal.
  • Looking for the cheapest flight? Past data indicates you can get the best deals in September.
  • When will you pay the most? March and April tend to be the high season. Greater demand typically means higher prices.
  • Get travel insurance if you schedule your trip during hurricane season. Disruptions are not uncommon.

Frequently Asked Questions

A picture of a man sitting on a wooden chair, as an image for the "which airlines fly to Bahamas?", at the beach while wearing a white shirt and hat, waving a toy plane in the air


Flying to another country typically prompts some questions. We’ve answered a few of the most common ones:

What airlines fly non-stop to the Bahamas?

Most major airlines that offer international travel have at least one route from the US to the Bahamas. Some routes change seasonally, with more flights offered during the high season. Check an aggregator like Skyscanner or Google Flights to see if there are any airlines you haven’t considered in your search.

What airlines fly to Nassau, Bahamas?

Nassau is the capital and biggest city, so it also attracts the most flights. Airlines update their routes on a regular basis to meet current demand. Check an aggregator to see which airlines are currently heading to Nassau.

What airports take you to the Bahamas?

It depends on the airline. There are many flights out of Miami because of its proximity to the Bahamas. You may also find flights out of Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and DC.

Is Southwest not flying to Bahamas?

At the time of this writing, Southwest definitely flies to the Bahamas. Many airlines vary their schedules throughout the year to fit with demand. You may also see specific routes suspended in the wake of hurricanes.

So, Which Airlines Fly to the Bahamas?

This is a question whose answer will change as some airlines add flights to in-demand destinations and others limit routes that aren’t performing as well. Double-check with a few different airlines when you are planning a trip.

There are often deals to be had. With a little extra research, you can reduce your flight cost by a few hundred and put that money toward experiences in this beautiful neighboring country instead.