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Favorite Past Trips

  • The Masters (Augusta, GA)
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • The Golden Triangle (India)
  • Maui & Molokai (Hawaii)
  • Sun Valley (Idaho)
  • Chatham, MA (Cape Cod)

About Andrew

Hi there! I'm Andrew, the founder of Travellers Worldwide. I left my career in property management to travel and build a digital marketing company, eventually starting this site in 2020 to share my travels with the world. But after searching for travel advice for my own trips, I realized that good, free travel guides were hard to find.

Doing my part to solve this problem, I assembled a team of top-notch travel writers, editors, and other experts to create travel guides that help fellow travelers learn about destinations around the world. As a licensed pilot, travel expert and editor of this site, my travel expertise has been quoted in countless publications across the web, including The Hill, Insider, Gizmodo, The Sun, and more.

I love exploring the world with my wife and son, and we're always on the hunt for cheap flights and new adventures. Armed with a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere with a WIFI connection, my family and I take as many trips as possible every year.

When I'm not in the office inspiring you to take your next trip, you'll find me flying, biking, or traveling with my family and two dogs Nelson and Teddy. While I think that any beach vacation is hard to beat, I also love being outdoors in the fresh air of the mountains.

About Travellers Wordwide

We started Travellers Worldwide because we think there should be more free travel guides online. Our team uses their own travel experience to create detailed guides for destinations across the globe. We don't think it's complicated; you're looking for information on when to visit different places, whether or not they're safe, and what to do when you get there. And we aim to provide you with just that. Learn more about us and our editorial standards.

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