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Why Visit Bolivia?

Bolivia, situated in the heart of South America, is celebrated for its diverse landscapes, indigenous culture, and rich history. The country’s administrative capital is Sucre, while La Paz serves as the de facto capital and one of the world’s highest cities.

Bolivia’s landscapes range from the towering Andes Mountains, including the famous peak of Huayna Potosí, to the vast salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, the largest in the world. Its history is marked by ancient civilizations like the Tiwanaku, Spanish colonial rule, and the leadership of indigenous leaders such as Túpac Katari.

Where Should You Stay in Bolivia?

Bolivia, a country where the Andes meet the Amazon, offers an extraordinary blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. From the dizzying heights of its mountainous terrain to the vibrant pulse of its indigenous cultures, Bolivia presents a range of destinations that cater to various interests. Let’s explore the best places to stay in Bolivia, ensuring your trip is not only unforgettable but also aligns with your travel aspirations.

La Paz

  • Best For: Urban explorers, cultural enthusiasts.
  • Attractions: Moon Valley, Witch Market, Mi Teleférico cable cars.

Salar de Uyuni

  • Best For: Unique landscapes, photography.
  • Attractions: Salt flats, Incahuasi Island, Train Cemetery.


  • Best For: Colonial history, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Attractions: Casa de la Libertad, Sucre Cathedral, Cal Orcko dinosaur footprints.

Lake Titicaca

  • Best For: Spiritual experiences, natural beauty.
  • Attractions: Isla del Sol, Copacabana, Pilcocaina Palace.


  • Best For: Historical mining sites, colonial architecture.
  • Attractions: Cerro Rico mines, Potosí Mint, Convento Santa Teresa.


  • Best For: Gastronomy, local markets.
  • Attractions: Cristo de la Concordia, Palacio Portales, La Cancha market.

Santa Cruz

  • Best For: Tropical climate, wildlife exploration.
  • Attractions: Amboró National Park, Samaipata Fort, Biocentro Güembé.

Madidi National Park

  • Best For: Eco-tourism, Amazon rainforest adventures.
  • Attractions: Jungle treks, wildlife watching, Pampas del Yacuma.

Finding Your Perfect Bolivian Stay

In Bolivia, you can find a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels in La Paz to eco-lodges in the Amazon. Whether you are marvelling at the architectural splendor of Sucre, exploring the vast expanses of Salar de Uyuni, or immersing in the natural wonders of Madidi National Park, Bolivia offers a journey as diverse and fascinating as its landscapes and cultures.

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