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The 15 Safest Countries to Visit Right Now

The 15 Safest Countries to Visit Right Now

Worried about crime or getting caught up in a bad situation abroad? You’re not alone. With crime rates increasing across the globe, savvy travelers are looking for the safest countries to visit right now. 

Learn the safest countries to visit so you can enjoy a secure stay in destinations with the lowest crime rates and risk levels for travelers. 

What Are the Safest Countries to Visit Right Now?

When you’re looking for a safe destination to travel to solo, with a group of friends, or with your family, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Which countries are ranked as the safest with the lowest crime rates and risk levels for tourists?

The Global Peace Index paints a pretty clear picture of the countries that pose the lowest risk level for travelers, but it’s not perfect.

Recent conflicts and terrorism threats have knocked a few countries on the index out of their formerly-safe spots. 

We reviewed the Global Peace Index and current travel risk advisories from the U.S. Department of State to find the most accurate list of the safest countries to visit right now.

The world’s safest countries to visit right now are:

  1. Iceland
  2. New Zealand
  3. Ireland
  4. Austria
  5. Portugal
  6. Slovenia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Singapore
  9. Japan
  10. Switzerland
  11. Canada
  12. Hungary
  13. Finland
  14. Croatia
  15. Norway

Each one of these nations is noteworthy for their safety levels for citizens and travelers alike. But they all have something unique and special to bring to the table, too! 

Don’t think that heading to the world’s safest countries means settling for boring or lesser-known locales.

The 15 safest countries to visit are all amazing in their own rite and present wonderful opportunities for adventurous travelers looking for all types of experiences! 

The 15 Safest Countries to Visit Right Now

Before we dive into the list of the safest countries to visit right now, let’s talk about the data and how the safety of each country is measured and analyzed. 

The Global Peace Index (GPI) gives every country in the world a number rating that indicates how safe or risky a country is overall.

The GPI uses 23 factors to assess how safe a given country is to visit. Every factor is scored from 1-5 on a weighted scale to assign a safety and peace number rating to each country. 

Those 23 factors are grouped into 3 basic categories:

  1. Ongoing domestic/international conflict: Extent and duration of conflict involvement
  2. Societal safety and security: Level of harmony or discord in each nation
  3. Militarization: Extent of domestic and international military expenditure and peacefulness 

The countries with the lowest scores according to this rating system are considered the safest and most peaceful. It’s one “test” countries actually want a lower score on! 

Safety issues, like crime, terrorism, deaths, political instability, jailed population, weapons capabilities, and more are considered in the rankings of the safest countries to visit right now. 

Take a look at the current list of the safest countries to visit to get inspired for worry-free trips and vacations to countries with the lowest risk level for travelers! 

1. Iceland

Northern Lights over Mount Kirkjufell in Iceland, the number one safest country to visit right now

Thampitakkull Jakkree/Shutterstock

With a Global Peace Index score of 1.107 and ranked at a Level 1 with the U.S. Department of State, Iceland is currently considered the safest and most peaceful country in the world. 

That’s wonderful news for travelers, who flock to this Arctic nation for incredible views of the dancing Northern Lights, towering volcanoes, massive glaciers, and powerful geysers. 

May to mid-June is the best time to visit Iceland for optimal views of the Northern Lights and smaller crowds, but you’ll be safe and find tons of things to do in Iceland when visiting this Nordic nation year-round.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand ranks as the second most peaceful and safest country in the world, making it an excellent destination for safety-conscious travelers in search of natural beauty you won’t find anywhere else.

With an overall GPI score of 1.269 and low-risk Level 1 with the U.S. Department of State, New Zealand is a haven for outdoor adventures and unique urban exploration opportunities for all types of travelers. 

Summer – December to March in the Southern Hemisphere – is the best time to visit New Zealand. Plan your visit during this time of year to get the best experience at the top-ranked places to visit in New Zealand.

3. Ireland

Ireland comes in third on the list of the safety countries to visit right now with a GPI score of 1.288. This beautifully lush country is nicknamed “Emerald Isle” for its green, rolling hills dotted with ancient castles.

Kiss the Blarney Stone and visit the many castles here, taste the local cuisine, and explore the gorgeous outdoors with hiking trails and seaside paths throughout the island. 

You’ll feel safe and secure visiting any time of the year, but for a top-notch Irish experience, go during the best time to visit Ireland – June through August. 

4. Austria

Hallstatt, Austria mountain village by the water in the Alps showing one of the safest countries to visit right now


Number 4 on our list is Austria, scoring 1.3 on the GPI scale with a Level 1 rating for safety. Austria is very safe to visit anytime of year, but travelers enjoy coming in April and May for the best possible visit. 

You’ll be hearing the “Sound of Music” when you see Austria’s amazing snow-capped mountains against lush green backdrops.

Stroll the quaint, historic villages with unique architecture to feel right at home in one of the safest countries in the world. 

Note: Denmark technically takes the number 4 spot on the list of the safest countries to visit according to the Global Peace Index, but risk elevation to Level 2 with the U.S. Department of State due to terrorism risk moves Austria into its spot. 

5. Portugal 

For travelers seeking a country with rich cultural history and safe conditions with low crime rates, number 5 on our list – Portugal – is absolutely ideal. 

Portugal earns a GPI score of 1.301 with a Level 1 rating by the U.S. Department of State. This low-crime nation is very safe to visit and a true European gem. 

Head to the beaches, party and enjoy the lively nightlife, or take in centuries of fascinating history here. Try to come during May-June or September-October, the 2 best times to visit Portugal.

6. Slovenia 

Earning a GPI score of 1.316 and ranking 6th on our list of the safest countries to visit, Slovenia is an often-overlooked destination that makes travelers feel very secure. 

This is the “sunny side of the Alps,” as it’s been aptly nicknamed, and positivity radiates through this beautiful nation. 

With the gorgeous mountains, friendly locals, flowing wine, and amazing beaches, worrying about your safety won’t be a concern when you come to Slovenia. 

To make the most of the natural beauty and enjoy excellent weather with activities in full swing, late spring and summer is the best time to visit Slovenia

7. Czech Republic

Czech Republic takes the number 7 spot on the list of the safest countries to visit right now with a Global Peace Index score of 1.318 and a safe Level 1 rating with the U.S. Department of State.

Once known as Bohemia, Czech Republic is bordered by another one of the safest countries to visit – Austria – and enjoys low crime rates with some of the lowest threat levels for citizens and travelers. 

Medieval castles and chateaux in the country are fabulous sights to see, while gorgeous national parks and the famous, giant Czech spas are a peaceful haven for travelers and locals alike. 

8. Singapore

Singapore City aerial view on a sunny day showing one of the safest countries to visit right now


Singapore is the 8th-safest country to visit in the world with a 1.326 score on the Global Peace Index. It’s a beautiful, walkable country that tourists can feel at ease in. 

Ranking as one of the cleanest countries in Southeast Asia and a favorite destination for western travelers, Singapore is very safe to visit with minimal risk for tourists. 

You won’t find many “bad neighborhoods” here, and it’s considered a safe destination for solo and female travelers – even at night! Strict laws are partially to thank for the overall safety Singapore enjoys. 

Plan your stay during December, January, and June if you want to go during the best time to visit Singapore. From lazy beach days to city walks with amazing food, it’s worth putting on your itinerary. 

9. Japan

Ranking at number 9 among the safest countries to visit right now is Japan with a GPI score of 1.336. Equal parts traditional and modern, this East Asian island will welcome you with open arms. 

Iconic traditional Japanese architecture, unique and tasty cuisine, stunning Buddhist temples, and majestic mountains make Japan truly special. 

Come between April and May, the best time to visit Japan, for the most amazing visit to this incredibly safe island in the Pacific. 

You’ll find hundreds of places to visit in Japan without worrying about petty or violent crime while you enjoy all this country has to offer. 

10. Switzerland

Switzerland is the 10th-safest country to visit in the world, but don’t think it’s any less secure due to its position on the list! 

Switzerland scores 1.357 on the Global Peace Index, making it an extremely close ranking with the other top safe countries in the world. 

The Swiss Alps blanket 60% of the country in majestic, rugged mountains that create the most picturesque scenery you can imagine in Europe. 

Your planned activities will help you determine the best time to visit Switzerland. June to August is best for hiking, touring the cities, and warm weather. If you plan to hit the slopes, come from November to April. 

11. Canada

Canada stands out as the safest country in North America to visit and the 11th-safest country worldwide with a GPI score of 1.389.

Here, violent crime is minimal and hardly ever a concern for tourists and travelers. With its focus on peace-keeping, tolerance, and diplomacy, everyone feels at home in Canada.

Even the jam-packed ski resorts and big cities that attract tourists won’t leave you vulnerable to petty crime, though pickpocketing can be a concern in the most populous areas. 

We recommend checking out the top places to visit in Canada throughout the amazing landscapes and cityscapes of the 10 provinces and 3 territories here! 

12. Hungary 

Chain bridge over the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary, a city in one of the safest countries to visit right now


Hungry for a great trip with beautiful architecture, sprawling national parks, and welcoming vibes for tourists? Head to Hungary, which takes the number 12 spot on our list with a Global Peace Index score of 1.411.

With lower crime rates than most of Europe, Hungary is always considered a safe place to visit with little risk for petty or violent crime for tourists. 

It does border Ukraine, so it’s wise to exercise caution when planning a trip here in light of the Russian-Ukraine conflict. As long as you’re not traveling across the Ukrainian border, you won’t be at elevated risk. 

In fact, the U.S. Department of State has kept Hungary at a low Level 1 designation for travelers – an excellent indicator that the current conflict isn’t putting tourists at risk here. 

13. Finland

Taking spot number 13 on the list of the safest countries to visit right now is Finland with a GPI score of 1.439. Finland rivals Sweden and Norway in natural beauty and is often less crowded with tourists. 

Finland is very safe to visit with very little crime affecting locals and even fewer putting tourists at risk.

This is a place where you can walk the cities at night without worry and enjoy the scenery, shops, and bars without putting your head on a swivel, so to speak. 

Head here during the best time to visit Finland – between October and April if you want to get the best view of the Northern Lights, or June through August for warmer weather and lush greenery all around. 

14. Croatia

With pebbled coasts and diverse geography including mountains and waterfalls, Croatia is number 14 on the our list of the safest countries.

It has a Global Peace Index score of 1.44 and a safe Level 1 rating with the U.S. Department of State.

Croatia is very safe to visit with almost non-existent violent crime rates in the areas frequented by tourists along the coast and in the major cities. 

Come for the beaches and vibes along the Mediterranean-style Adriatic Sea coast or the uniquely welcoming cities with amazing, historic architecture.

Just make sure to plan your stay during the summer from May to September – the undisputed best time to visit Croatia.

15. Norway

Bringing up the rear on our list of the safest countries to visit right now is Norway with its natural beauty in glaciers, thousands of fjords, and rugged mountains. 

On the Global Peace Index (score 1.465), it’s actually narrowly outranked by Germany. However, Germany’s current threat level is at a heightened Level 2 due to terrorism risk, so Norway takes its place. 

Norway is under a normal Level 1 advisory, which is perfect because it’s such a stunning and safe place to visit with low crime rates, especially for tourists. 

Take advantage of the best time to visit Norway by coming between June and August for warmer weather or between late September and April to see the Northern Lights.  

Things to Consider

Man opens a safe in his hotel room to keep his watch and documents secure in the safest countries to visit right now


Looking for the safest countries to visit is a great step toward staying safe during your travels, but what else can you do to ensure you’re not at risk abroad? 

Keep these safety considerations in mind. 

  • Be alert and aware wherever you travel. Even in the safest countries to visit right now, it’s possible to run into trouble or become the victim of a petty or violent crime. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings in any location to reduce your risk of becoming a victim. 
  • Leave your valuables at home. Your most expensive jewelry, designer handbags, and clear displays of wealth can draw unwanted attention to you abroad, even in the safest countries. If you don’t need it during your trip, leave it at home. 
  • Keep an eye on your stuff. Whether it’s your drink at a restaurant or bar, your backpack or purse, or your phone, it’s essential to keep an eye on your belongings wherever you travel. A watchful eye can help you avoid most cases of pickpocketing and theft, and never leaving a drink unattended cuts your risk of being drugged. 
  • Share solo travel plans before you leave. Before you leave for a trip, make sure someone else knows your itinerary and planned return date. If you’re traveling solo, it’s even more important to have someone at home who knows where you’ll be, what you’re doing, and can check in with you periodically. 
  • Be wary of strangers. While it’s a great thought to engage with strangers and make new friends while you travel, it pays to be wary of strangers abroad. Sophisticated scammers and criminals know how to target tourists to get information that could put you at risk, like the hotel you’re staying in, whether you’re traveling alone, how much money you’re carrying, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourist planning a vacation and pointing to a map with compass and documents nearby to find the safest countries for a visit

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Still have a few questions about the safest countries to visit right now and how you can pick a great destination that won’t leave you at risk abroad?

Check out the most frequently asked questions on the topic to learn more.

What are the top 10 safest countries to visit?

The 10 safest countries to visit right now are Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Singapore, Japan, and Switzerland.

Each of these countries has a very low risk score according to the Global Peace Index with a low overall crime rate and very little risk for travelers.

What is the number 1 safest country?

Iceland is the #1 safest country to visit in the world right now, according to the Global Peace Index. It has the lowest risk score for travelers with a low crime rate (petty and violent).

In Iceland, travelers can relax and feel secure but should still take normal safety precautions, like securing belongings and valuables and avoiding engaging with potential scammers.

What country has the lowest crime rate?

Crime rate is only one of the factors considered in the overall safety of a country. Iceland has the lowest risk score of all countries globally, according to the Global Peace Index.

Iceland does boast a very low crime rate, but it's also a peaceful country with little risk of terrorism, no involvement in ongoing international conflicts, and severe penalties for criminals.

Where is safe to travel in 2023?

All 15 countries listed in this guide are considered very safe to travel to in 2023, with Iceland, New Zealand, and Ireland taking the top 3 spots.

It's best to avoid traveling to countries with an elevated traveler risk according to your nation's government. Check your country's travel advisories for a clear idea of the countries that are safest to visit.

What is the safest country for an American to travel to?

Many countries worldwide are safe for Americans to travel to, especially the 15 countries highlighted in the list above.

Consider these countries first, but if you're hoping to head to another destination, check the U.S. Department of State travel advisories to make sure there's no advisory or warning against traveling there.

The closest safe country for Americans to travel to is Canada, which ranks 11th on the list of the safest countries to visit right now.

So, What Are the Safest Countries to Visit Right Now?

Whether you’re planning on a beachy, cultural, outdoorsy, or urban trip, there’s a safe country on our list that will appeal to you.

With 15 dazzlingly unique destinations on the list, you have lots of options for secure and peaceful places that won’t put you at risk during your travels. 

From Iceland to Norway with gems like Japan and Portugal in between, looking for the safest countries to visit right now won’t limit your travel options one bit. 

With low crime rates, minimal risk for travelers, and the kind of peace of mind only a truly secure and safe destination can bring, it’s worth picking your next trip destination from this list. 

In fact, it might inspire you to head somewhere you’d never considered. Visit any of the countries on our list to ensure safe travels with maximum enjoyment!