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North America

Why Visit North America?

North America, the world’s third-largest continent, is a diverse and dynamic landmass that stretches from the Arctic Circle to the tropical Caribbean in the south. Home to the United States, Canada, and Mexico, this land is a true melting pot of multiculturalism with flavors, languages, and traditions from indigenous and international influences.

Ecosystems are as varied as the people in North America, from the frigid tundras of northern Canada and rugged mountain ranges to grassy plains, rolling hills, and tropical havens bursting with life. Few continents offer you the chance to feel like you’ve been all over the world like North America!

By air
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How to Reach North America by Air

Flying is the fastest and most popular way to reach North America. You can enter North America at any of the hundreds of international airports across the continent, making it easily accessible from around the world.

Here’s how to get to North America by air:

  • From Europe: You can take a direct or connecting flight to Canada, the U.S., or Mexico from European cities like London, Paris, or Madrid on British Airways, Lufthansa, or Air France flights. It’s easy to find direct flights to many major cities in North America, including Toronto, New York City, and Mexico City. Flight times vary with your departure city and destination, but may take between 8-12 hours or more.
  • From Asia: Flying from Asia to North America means you’re in for a longer flight (typically one that includes layovers). Choose airlines like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, or Delta Air Line to arrive in major cities with international airports across North America. Your flight time might range from 15-20+ hours when flying from Asia.
  • From South America: South America is just below North America, making it a convenient departure point to travel here. You can fly on direct or connecting flights from cities like Buenos Aires or Santiago to arrive at popular North American destinations in Canada, the U.S., or Mexico on flights with LATAM, Avianca, American Airlines, and more. Your flight could take 5-10+ hours, depending on your itinerary and departure point.
  • From Other International Destinations: You can fly to North America from just about any destination worldwide, including Australia, the Middle East, and islands with international airports. Available airlines and flight times will vary based on your location, but expect the average flight time to range from 10-20+ hours to get to North America.
How Long Is the Flight to North America?

The average flight time to North America can vary depending on the departure city, airline, and route. Here are approximate flight times from some of the most common origins:

  • Sydney, Australia: Approximately 17 hours 50 minutes​​
  • London, UK: About 8 hours 57 minutes​​
  • Tokyo, Japan: Around 12 hours 54 minutes​​
  • Paris, France: Approximately 9 hours 53 minutes​​
  • Beijing, China: About 13 hours 50 minutes​​
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil: Approximately 10 hours 1 minute​​
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Around 18 hours 50 minutes​​

These times are based on direct flights where available and may vary based on wind speeds and specific flight routes.

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Browse’s robust inventory of international and domestic flight deals! We may be compensated when you book after clicking on one of our links.

By road
How to Reach North America by Road

You can travel to North America by road if you make arrangements to ship your car from South America to Central America to avoid the impassable Darien Gap. You can drive along the Pan-American Highway (PAH) from Colombia up through Central America before hitting the Darien Gap.

Shipping your car further up into Central America will help you pass the gap and move on into Mexico, the U.S., and Canada if you wish.

By water
How to Reach North America by Water

Cruises are another popular way to reach North America from other continents. Cruises from Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Cruises depart from major ports at these destinations and enter some of North America’s most popular ports, like Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Cozumel.

Cruises take much longer than flights, ranging from a few nights on the water to weeks for longer journeys from Asia or Australia.

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