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Why Visit St. Martin?

St. Martin, an island in the Caribbean Sea, is an intriguing destination divided into two territories: the northern French side, known as Saint-Martin, and the southern Dutch side, called Sint Maarten. The island is celebrated for its blend of cultures, stunning beaches, and vibrant atmosphere.

The French side, Saint-Martin, offers a relaxed ambiance with its charming villages, gourmet dining, and boutique shops. The Dutch side, Sint Maarten, is known for its bustling casinos, nightlife, and vibrant capital, Philipsburg. Together, the island boasts magnificent beaches like Orient Bay and Maho Beach, where planes land just overhead.

Where Should You Stay in St. Martin?

St. Martin, a unique island divided between French Saint-Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten, offers a vibrant blend of cultures, stunning beaches, and lively entertainment.

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With its diverse landscapes and rich history, St. Martin is a paradise for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. Here’s a guide to the best places to stay in St. Martin, each offering an experience that caters to different interests and desires.

Marigot, Saint-Martin

  • Best For: French culture, local markets, authentic cuisine.
  • Attractions: Marigot Market, Fort Louis, Marina Royale.

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

  • Best For: Duty-free shopping, vibrant nightlife, beachfront promenades.
  • Attractions: Great Bay Beach, Front Street, Sint Maarten Museum.

Grand Case, Saint-Martin

  • Best For: Gourmet dining, boutique hotels, beach clubs.
  • Attractions: Grand Case Beach, Creole Rock, local art galleries.

Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

  • Best For: Watersports, lively bars, family-friendly resorts.
  • Attractions: Simpson Bay Beach, Kim Sha Beach, Maho Beach (famous for airplane landings).

Orient Bay, Saint-Martin

  • Best For: Active beach life, water sports, naturist-friendly spots.
  • Attractions: Orient Beach, Île Pinel, Butterfly Farm.

Oyster Pond, Saint-Martin

  • Best For: Secluded retreats, marina views, tranquil ambiance.
  • Attractions: Dawn Beach, Oyster Bay Marina, border monument.

Finding Your Perfect Spot in St. Martin

Selecting the ideal location in St. Martin depends on what you’re looking for. Marigot offers a taste of French culture with its markets and historical sites. Philipsburg is the heart of Sint Maarten with its bustling streets and shopping venues.

Grand Case is renowned for its culinary scene and boutique hotels, offering a sophisticated beach experience. Simpson Bay is a hub for water activities and nightlife, perfect for those seeking a lively atmosphere. Orient Bay is known for its active beach life and naturist-friendly areas, while Oyster Pond provides a more secluded and serene environment.

Each area of St. Martin offers its unique charm, from the French elegance of Marigot to the vibrant Dutch side of Philipsburg, ensuring your stay is as diverse and enriching as the island itself.

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