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Where to Stay in Bora Bora in 2023 | Best Areas

Where to Stay in Bora Bora in 2023 | Best Areas

Bora Bora is a relatively small island, and the question of where to stay on Bora Bora is immediately transformed into a more broad and interesting question: what other islands — aside from Bora Bora — are worth visiting if you are staying in that part of the world?

This guide covers three other islands which, although not as popular as the jewel of French Polynesia, are definitely a shame to miss.

The 4 Best Parts of Bora Bora

Vector map of Bora Bora pictured with several of the best places to stay and attractions to visit

Bora Bora usually overshadows the other islands near it for a reason. That being said, the other islands are quite worth the visit too. Each of them offers something unique and interesting that you won’t find anywhere else in the Pacific.

  1. Bora Bora: Boasting some of the most beautiful coral reefs and beaches in the world, Bora Bora is a great city for shopping and dining while being able to choose from a multitude of high-end, luxurious hotels.
  2. Raiatea: The biggest island in the area is not the best place if you are looking for beaches, but it’s great for hiking and learning some history and archeology.
  3. Taha’a: Also offers great coral reefs and beaches where you can swim and relax, but Taha’a is mostly famous for the so-called Vanilla Valley and the pearl farms.
  4. Huahine: Another great place for history and archeology buffs, full of relics and museums, it also boasts a great pearl farm and offers the cheapest hotels.

The Best Areas and Hotels in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the place where you’ll find some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world.

From the on-water bungalows, hotels with multiple swimming pools and restaurants, and accommodations with their own private beaches — almost every accommodation in Bora Bora offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But staying here on a budget is not an option. If you want cheaper or even budget accommodation, you should turn to the other islands in the wider area around Bora Bora.

All of them — Raiatea, Taha’a, and Huahine — offer cheaper options than Bora Bora. Raiatea, for example, is the biggest island on the list and offers the most accommodation options in the general sense.

Taha’a has less, but it’s also quite affordable too. And finally, Huahine offers the cheapest hotels in the area. If you’re traveling on a budget, make sure you pick this place.

1. Bora Bora

Neat view of Mount Otemanu reflecting in the water on Bora Bora, one of the island chain's best places to stay


There’s no need to further emphasize that Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful and elite tourist and holiday destinations in the world.

From the cobalt and crystalline blue water, extremely clean beaches, and diverse flora and fauna to the unique overwater bungalows and fantastic hotels — Bora Bora simply offers an unforgettable experience.

Most of the fun in Bora Bora is connected to the indescribable natural beauties that surround you wherever you look. The first thing you should definitely do is to go to Matira Beach — the only public beach on the island (and selected as the 2022 Best of the Best Travelers’ Choice).

Aside from the water and the sand, it offers a couple of boutiques, shops, bars, and hiking trails. Only when you step from the beach into the water does the fun really begin.

Almost everybody wants to go on a snorkeling safari since it’s so fun, safe, and part of organized tours. Probably the best attraction of this kind is located close to St. Regis retreat, and it’s called the Bora Bora Lagoonarium. It’s great for children too.

Here, aside from sharks, you’ll see stingrays, spy turtles, eagle rays, parrot fish, and even — if you’re lucky — some dolphins.

If you prefer an even more organized and institutional place but nonetheless distinctive, visit the Bora Bora Turtle Centre, where you can pet some huge turtles.

Lovers of high places and hiking have two additional places to visit: first, the mountain-slash-extinguished-ancient-volcano called Mount Otemanu; second, Mount Pahia, whose top offers one of the best views of the Lagoon possible.

Bora Bora is full of elite and highly rated restaurants — there are around 15 Travelers’ Choice selections and a couple of Best of the Best.

The quality of the accommodation is basically the same, with only one problem: almost all of them are quite expensive, and that means that traveling to Bora Bora on a budget is not an option.

Things to Do

  • The nature in Bora Bora is simply unforgettable, whichever way you turn. If you’re a fan of sealife, the island offers a bunch of attractions you simply can’t miss. The Bora Bora Lagoonarium is one of them, particularly safe and suitable for children; the Bora Bora Turtle Centre offers close-up contact with gentle giants; the shallow Leopard Rays Trench allows you to see the majestic manta rays.
  • Fans of hiking and mountains are going to spend a hell of a time in Bora Bora. Two mountain peaks offer both a big challenge (we must emphasize that both of them are quite hard) and an unforgettable adventure: Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia.
  • All of Bora Bora, and especially the city of Vaitape (which is an unofficial capital of the island), is full of nice and fancy shops where you can buy gifts, souvenirs, and jewelry. Here’s a list of some of the best of them: Arc En Ciel Bora-Bora is a 2022 Travelers’ Choice where you can buy black pearls; Sibani Perles is another Travelers Choice and a pioneer in the black pearl industry (existing since 1973); then, there are the less upscale Baldini Perles and Tahia Exquisite Tahitian Pearls -Bora Bora.

Where to Eat

  • Far Niente Restaurant is a 2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Italian and Mediterranean restaurant located on the premises of the famous St. Regis resort. Here you’ll only find elite and special dishes, like octopus, tuna tartar, and arancini balls, as well as a lot of healthy vegan and vegetarian options.  
  • Lagoon Restaurant by Jean-Georges is the second 2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best restaurant, also located in the St. Regis resort, but this time serving a combined French and Polynesian cuisine. Mostly concentrating on seafood, it’s the permanent residence of the famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.
  • Le Corail is a French restaurant that’s “only” been selected as the 2022 Travelers’ Choice. It’s a perfect place for fine dining where you can sip your wine or other drink of choice under the open air. This restaurant officially has the biggest wine cellar in all of French Polynesia.

Bora Bora Budget Hotels

  • Sunset Hill Lodge is definitely the cheapest accommodation in Bora Bora, and truth be told, its price is really not high for an island of this stature. Located just five minutes from the Vaitape, it’s close to all the shops on the island. Every apartment has a kitchen with a stove and a microwave and a private bathroom with a shower.
  • Oa Oa Lodge is the second cheapest accommodation option in Bora Bora. A great three-star hotel with a pool, it also offers free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning and rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs and kitchenettes. There’s a rental car service, diving facilities, and massage facilities within walking distance of the hotel.  

Bora Bora Mid-Range Hotels

  • ROYAL BORA BORA is a three-star hotel that can be considered a mid-range option only in Bora Bora because it offers much more than a traditional hotel of its kind and costs much more. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, a restaurant, and a bar. Every room has a desk, private bathroom, and flat-screen TV.
  • Villa Yrondi is another three-star hotel that can be considered as a mid-range option only in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There’s a fabulous outdoor swimming pool on the premises, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, and rooms with private bathrooms and a patio. Some rooms even have a kitchen.

Bora Bora Luxury Hotels

  • The St Regis Bora Bora Resort is a very, very lavish five-star resort that’ll make your trip to Bora Bora unforgettable. There are two swimming pools, two bars, and four restaurants in the area of the resort, as well as a private beach and a spa and wellness center. The rooms are decorated with Italian marble, decorated wood, and Polynesian sculptures.
  • InterContinental Bora Bora & Thalasso Spa, an IHG Hotel is another extremely upscale five-star hotel. It offers a wide and extensive private beach and villas located on top of the water. The hotel also has a swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, a bar, and a restaurant on the premises.

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2. Raiatea

Polynesian island of Raiatea with a gorgeous mountain towering over the town below as one of the best places to stay in Bora Bora


Just to the southeast of Bora Bora lies the huge island of Raiatea. The biggest and the central of the so-called Society Islands, it has its own small town with administration, a school, a hospital, a government, and an airport.

Uturoa, as the town is called, is located on the northern tip of the island and offers much-needed urbanity in this part of the world.

We recommend Raiatea to those travelers who don’t prefer a “classical” trip to the Pacific — like the one Bora Bora offers — and want something completely different. Before we proceed — a disclaimer: Raiatea doesn’t have beaches.

Marae Taputapuatea is the only white sand beach, but it’s man-made and artificial, so it practically doesn’t count. As we said, people don’t go to this island for a classical beach holiday — for that, there’s Bora Bora or Taha’a.

Raiatea, on the other hand, offers two things: hiking and archeological and historical adventures. Located right in Uturoa is Mount Tapioi, your highest and most interesting hiking destination.

The hike is pretty safe, but it’s best if you do it with a designated guide. It shouldn’t be a problem to find one in the city of Uturoa. The first archeological site — and probably the most important place on the island — is Taputapuatea Marae.

Located in the southeastern part of the island, it’s listed on the UNESCO heritage conservation list, and it’s one of the largest and most important religious sites in Polynesia.

Surrounded by two forests, a coral reef, and a lagoon, this piece of 1000-year-old history is as much part of nature as it is of culture. A few more things about the accommodation, restaurants, and transport…

You shouldn’t have a problem finding a hotel since the island is huge and full of accommodation options of any kind — much cheaper than Bora Bora.

The same holds for the restaurants. There are a bunch of high-rated and popular places to have a bite. Finally, the best thing you should do is to rent a car: there are practically 60 miles (100 kilometers) of road on the island.

Things to Do

  • With the beach off the table, Raiatea compensates in the domain of hiking. Located in Uturoa — the main city of the island — is Mount Tapioi, the highest point on this generally flat island. It’s a challenging hike, but it’s completely worth it since it offers fantastic sights and Pacific flora sightings.
  • Lovers of history and archeology can find a real gem located on the eastern side of the island. Surrounded by forests, lagoons, and coral reefs, and in the midst of stunning nature lies the Taputapuatea Marae religious site, having witnessed more than 1000 years of culture and history of this part of the world. In its prime, this site was the cultural, religious, political, and economic center of the community.
  • Spend a day at Uturoa, a rare, fully developed small city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It offers a lot of restaurants and shops. We especially recommend that you visit the flea and street market in the city called Mercato Coperto di Uturoa. Alternatively, go to the wharf of the city, Gare Maritime d’Uturoa Raiatea, and buy some gifts or souvenirs for home.
  • The island of Raiatea is quite big: its coastline is approximately 60 miles long. If you want to explore it thoroughly and have fun while doing it, we recommend that you take a tour organized by the locals. One such idea is to do it on a horse, led by a competent French teacher from Cadichon Vallee, which was selected as the 2022 Travelers’ choice.

Where to Eat

  • Villa Ixora is a French, European, and Polynesian restaurant located in the famous villa of the same name, which was selected as the 2022 Travelers’ Choice. The food is tasty (especially the duck’s breast and the seared tuna), the atmosphere calm, and the service professional and friendly.
  • Opoa Beach Restaurant is another French, European, and Polynesian 2022 Travelers’ Choice restaurant located on the southeast side of the island. The place is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even late-night drinks. It also offers vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Fish & Blue is a French seafood and barbeque restaurant and yet another 2022 Travelers’ Choice. It’s in a beautiful spot and offers a beautiful view while serving both classical and more sophisticated dishes. The tuna servings are huge, the curry shrimp is very tasty, and the Pina Coladas are very popular.

Raiatea Budget Hotels

  • Pension Temaeva is a very cheap two-star holiday home that you’ll get all to yourself. It’s an accommodation located in a quiet area, perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed and calm area. It offers an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, and free continental breakfast every morning.
  • Pension Les Trois Cascades is our second two-star accommodation choice in Raiatea, located on the eastern side of this huge island. It offers a barbeque on the premises, a terrace, and a children’s playground. Some of the rooms have sitting areas and private bathrooms. There’s a shared lounge with a flat-screen TV.

Raiatea Mid-Range Hotels

  • Océan Studio is a great three-star accommodation that comes at a decent price. The apartment includes rooms with a view, a nice garden, free parking and Wi-Fi, one fully equipped kitchen, one bathroom, and one bedroom. The place is particularly suitable for couples.
  • Ocean Breeze Bungalow is another decent three-star accommodation, located on the western side of the island, around 6 miles (10 kilometers) from the Raiatea airport. Again, it’s particularly recommended for couples and has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a comfortable sitting area.

Raiatea Luxury Hotels

  • Hôtel Atiapiti is a great four-star hotel located on the east side of the island. It’s right on the sea and has a designated private beach area where you won’t be disturbed while swimming and snorkeling with the fish. There’s a French restaurant on the premises that serves tasty breakfast and a bar offering a wide range of cocktails.
  • Ocean Breeze Villa is a private four-star accommodation that has immediate access to the beach. Located on the west part of the island, it offers sports facilities, a great garden and a terrace with a view, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a sitting room.

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3. Taha’a

Secluded beach on the island of Tahaa, one of our top picks for where to stay in Bora Bora


Just to the east of Bora Bora, and a few miles to the north of Raiatea, you’ll see the small and very calm island called Taha’a (in older guides and travelogs, you’ll also find the name Oataha).

With an area of around 50 square miles (90 sq km) and a population of no more than 5,200 people, the island is special and unique for two things: being a renowned producer of vanilla in this part of the world and the quality of its pearls.

The biggest attraction on this island is the Vallee de la Vanille, or the Vanilla Valley, located in the eastern part of Taha’a. The place — aside from its productive and practical aspects — is very popular with tourists.

You can see the almost chemical procedure that is involved in producing the vanilla we all know and love, and you can also try the vanilla tahitensis in its purest and most authentic form — it simply tastes like paradise.

On the complete opposite of the island (on the west side), you’ll find the second biggest attraction: the Iaorana Pearl Farm.

You’ll learn everything about the whole harvesting and growing process and the real magic and effort it includes. As some visitors like to say, you’ll never look at pearls the same way after you’ve learned everything about it.

Finally, after you’ve acquired the necessary knowledge, you can even buy some of them and take home an authentic Polynesian Pearl. Accommodation on Taha’a is scarcer than Bora Bora and Raiatea but also less expensive.

There are a couple of budget options, a lot of mid-range villas and apartments, and a few five-star hotels. The same holds for the restaurants, as there are not as many of them as in Bora Bora and Raiatea.

Things to Do

  • The biggest attraction in Taha’a is definitely the so-called Vallee de la Vanille. Being the most important vanilla producer in the whole of French Polynesia has its perks, both for the locals and the tourists alike. Visiting this place will be beneficial both for your brain and for your taste buds.
  • The second biggest attraction in Taha’a is the Iaorana Pearl Farm. It basically offers the same things as the Vanilla Valley: a chance to learn all about the harvesting and growing processes that are invested in something that looks so effortless and perfect by itself and a chance to buy a high-quality product directly from its authentic source. Just be careful since the seller — as any shop owner in the world — will want to sell their product at the highest price possible.
  • The most beautiful place in Taha’a is the Jardin de Corail. We already talked about what the coral reef offers in our segment about Bora Bora. Here, you’ll meet perfect examples of Polynesian flora and fauna in a completely safe and fun way. When you finish here, also visit the Coral Garden Tahaa for a similar addition to that experience.
  • Taha’a is famous for one more thing — something we didn’t mention once in our general introduction to this island: the distilleries. There are at least three of them that are worth visiting: Rhumerie Mana’o, Domaine Pari Pari (which is probably the most famous), and Boutique Mana’o, which mostly specializes in producing the famous Mana’o rum. If you want to try different alcoholic beverages from all around the world, here’s a great chance for you.

Where to Eat

  • Tahaa Matai is a nice French and Polynesian restaurant that we recommend for either lunch or dinner. The fish is always fresh and tasty — the fish in vanilla sauce is particularly liked — and the salads, like the goat cheese salad, are their forte.
  • Le Ficus is a traditional Polynesian restaurant without any combinations and fusions. You’ll sit outdoors and have a fantastic view of the island; the place is great for couples or family dinners; the restaurant is especially famous for its hospitality and its wine.
  • Ma’a Viti Pizza is an Italian restaurant and a rare pizza place in this part of the world. The place is very small, but the food is nice, and the prices are really affordable. The pizzas are suitable for a meal for two people.

Taha’a Budget Hotels

  • ROYAL Tapo-Tap is decent and not very cheap accommodation with a garden and free parking. It also offers a tasty breakfast in the morning, but its biggest strength is that it’s located very close to the most famous attraction on the island — the Vallee de la Vanille.
  • BUNGALOW BORD LAGON is another relatively budget option that’s perfect for two travelers. Located on the southern tip of the island, it offers a nice view of the sea and Raiatea island, a terrace, free Wi-Fi, a shared lounge, and a beautiful garden.

Taha’a Mid-Range Hotels

  • La Perle Tahaa is a great three-star hotel located just opposite the coral garden. It’s also set between a coral reef and a private beach — it’s its own private beach, by the way. It offers an airport shuttle, a restaurant and a bar on the premises, and a nice tasty breakfast every morning.
  • TAHAA – Villa Tehere Dream is a great four-star villa that has a lush garden and private parking. It offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a TV, and a fully equipped kitchen that includes a refrigerator.  

Taha’a Luxury Hotels

  • Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts is a very expensive and very luxurious five-star hotel that offers three restaurants, two bars, a fitness center, and a swimming pool — among other things. Every villa suite has a sitting area, a private bathroom, a private outdoor shower, and flat-screen TVs. Finally, the hotel has a private beach too.

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4. Huahine

Woman in a cover-up walking along the beach in Huahine, one of our top picks for where to stay in Bora Bora


The last island on our list is called Huahine, which — in rough translation — means either “woman’s sex” or “pregnant woman.” The island got this unusual name because Mount Tavaiura’s relief looks like a pregnant woman lying on her back.

Anybody who has seen Disney’s “Moana” will know what we are talking about. Either way, Huahine is a small place with a population of roughly 6,000 people, and it’s like a combination of Taha’a and Raiatea while being more affordable than Bora Bora.

An interesting fact about Huahine is that it’s filled with history, culture, and ancient monuments.

If you’ve planned to spend your trip here, you’ve probably arrived to see some of the interesting and quite important historical landmarks. After that, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the sea and (again) buy some pearls at the pearl market.

The most important thing you should visit is the Sito Archeologico Di Maeva. You’ll see almost 200 historical stone structures, remains of temples, horticulture, and other things connected to the everyday life of our ancestors.

We also recommend that you take a look at the Marae Anini. We are talking about the remains of a temple or a sanctuary, which according to some stories and archeological findings, served as a place where humans were sacrificed for some religious rituals.

Finally, if you want to have your knowledge systemized and put into order, you had better visit the Fare Potee maeva huahine — the history museum of this area.

We mostly talked about history, but there are other things you can do in Huahine.

For example, you can take a look at the Huahine Pearl Farm (a Travellers Choice selection), or you can experience its natural beauties by visiting either Three Bays Pass or Fare, in Huahine, FP — or even take a hike on the Mont Taitaa and enjoy the view.

Considering the accommodations, we can say that Huahine is the perfect choice for those travelers who prefer to stay either in the budget or the mid-range category.

There are luxurious accommodations on the island too, but the small one, two, or three-star places are the ones that are worth booking.

Things to Do

  • Huahine offers a unique choice amongst the islands in our guide because its attractions are mainly about history and archeology. Visiting the Sito Archeologico Di Maeva will definitely leave you breathless because you’ll surely feel the history pulsating from the ancient remains and the memories of the people that were once living there. Going to the Marae Anini will touch you even more, and probably in a more sinister way since it will speak about times and practices that are completely alien to most of us.
  • Visiting the Huahine Pearl Farm will surely provide an interesting experience and a valuable lesson about the harvesting and production of pearls. The place is a workshop, an educational facility, and pottery. The artists that work here found an interesting way to combine the two skills and — aside from the pearls — have found a way to create pottery of unmatched beauty.
  • Huahine offers a wide range of restaurants and other places where you can drown yourself in tasty Polynesian and French food, with a lot of seafood options. But one place definitely stands out amongst them: the Distillerie Huahine Passion is a family-owned business that is famous for creating liquor from things that you haven’t even heard of. Different spices and herbs are combined in an unusual way, and the place is definitely worth visiting.
  • Like all the Polynesian islands, Huahine is famous for its natural beauty, both in terms of flora and fauna. Aside from Three Bays Pass, Fare, in Huahine, FP, or Mont Taitaa, there are other places and activities that are worth your time. Eden Parc is one of those places, and renting a jet ski and exploring the perfect-blue water around the island in Huahine Nautique is another thing.

Where to Eat

  • Huahine Yacht Club is a bar, doubling as a Polynesian and French restaurant that was selected as the 2022 Travelers’ Choice. Here you can eat both different types of fish and seafood, but also hamburgers and other meats. There are great cocktails and beer that are half the price at the happy hour.
  • Best Burger is the right choice for you if you don’t want anything fancy but prefer to have a tasty plain burger. They are immediately recognized by the blue trucks that offer both takeaway and benches up front. They offer fish and meat burgers and tasty french fries.
  • Hotel Le Mahana is a Travelers’ Choice 2022 Selection, a French and Polynesian restaurant, located in one of the best hotels on the island. There’s a coral reef in front of the restaurant that offers a great view. We recommend this place if you want to have a fancy lunch or a night out.

Huahine Budget Hotels

  • Franky’s Fare is decent two-star accommodation with a huge garden and a large outdoor terrace. Every room has a private bathroom, a small fully equipped kitchen, and a dining area. Finally, there’s free parking, free Wi-Fi, and an organized airport shuttle.  
  • Camping Hiva Plage is a very cheap one-star accommodation (the only one in our whole guide) that’s located in the utmost southern tip of the island. The accommodation has direct access to the beachfront, serves a nice breakfast every morning, provides an airport shuttle, and has a barbeque on the premises.

Huahine Mid-Range Hotels

  • Pension TUPUNA is a great three-star hotel with a terrace, a garden, and a bar on the premises. Located just 6 miles from the local airport, it also provides an airport shuttle for its visitors. There’s also free Wi-Fi on the premises and private bathrooms with showers.
  • Huahine Beach House is a three-star accommodation located just on the beachfront, offering a great garden, barbeque facilities on the premises, free Wi-Fi and parking, and units equipped with mountain views. In addition, there are fully equipped kitchenettes and private bathrooms with showers.  

Huahine Luxury Hotels

  • Hotel Le Mahana is a fabulous three-star hotel located directly on the beachfront, offering direct access to the coral reef. Other things that you get if you plan on staying in this hotel are: outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar on the premises, traditional Polynesian decor in the rooms, and satellite TV.
  • Bienvenue au Mati House is a one-of-a-kind, four-star, elite, and quite large chalet. The accommodation offers free parking and free Wi-Fi, a bar on the premises, a garden, and glorious mountain views. There are two bedrooms in the chalet, two bathrooms, a living room, flat-screen TV, and a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Bora Bora?

Young couple snorkeling over a green reef in a bay in Bora Bora

Martin Valigursky/Shutterstock

🍽️ Best for Shopping & DiningBora Bora
🥾 Best Area for HikingRaiatea
⛱️ Best for Relaxing on the BeachTaha’a
🏛️ Great for History BuffsHuahine

Now that we’ve reached the end of our guide, let’s do a short recap of Bora Bora and help you make your final decision.

  • Bora Bora itself is the central island in the area and the biggest attraction. If you’re looking for beautiful beaches, coral reefs, scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming with fish, this is the right place for you. It also has the most beautiful and expensive hotels.
  • Raiatea is the largest island in the area and the island you shouldn’t visit if you like beaches since it has none. On the other hand, Raiatea is great for hiking, has some interesting historical relics and monuments, and has the largest amount of accommodation in the area.
  • Taha’a is famous for two things: for producing the best vanilla in the region, and its vanilla valley is its biggest attraction; the pearl farm, where you can learn everything about the harvesting of pearls and even buy some. It has fewer accommodation options, but it’s still cheap.
  • Huahine has probably the richest historical and archeological heritage to offer and also has a nice pearl farm. But, we also highly recommend this island for travelers who are looking for a budget option — Huahine offers the cheapest accommodation in the area.

However, as you can see, there’s technically no bad place to stay when visiting Bora Bora. While we’ve rounded up what we think are the best areas for different travels, the ball is now in your court to decide where to go. So what are you waiting for — book your trip today!