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Where to Stay in Bermuda in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Bermuda in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to stay in Bermuda? You’ll know the answer to this question after reading this guide that we’ve prepared for you. Bermuda is a fabulous place, and with little preparation you can savor every inch of its legendary beaches and deep-blue ocean.

The Best Places to Stay in Bermuda

Where to Stay in Bermuda map in vector format featuring the 5 best areas of town

Bermuda is a small place: its whole territory amounts to only 54 km2. That means that almost every area is close to the center of the archipelago — Hamilton city. That being said, the differences between the areas amount to changes only in degrees, and not in quality.

We think that the best areas to stay in Bermuda include:

  • Hamilton: The capital of Bermuda, it’s the best place for newcomers, and those who are interested in the history of the place, and not only its beaches.
  • Mount Pleasant: The perfect choice if you prefer a classical vacation: it offers the best beaches in the whole region, including the famous Elbow beach.
  • Somerset Village and Hog Bay: Not as famous as the other parts of Bermuda, it’s probably the calmest and the most versatile part of the island.
  • East Bermuda: Another less famous part of Bermuda, mostly famous featuring the oldest city on the Island, and the super-interesting Bermuda Zoo.

The Best Areas & Hotels in Bermuda

The accommodation situation in Bermuda is quite specific, and even — from a certain point of view — a bit problematic. Тhere aren’t too many hotels in Bermuda, and that fact stays constant throughout every area in the archipelago.

The hotels noted in our guide are probably the only accommodation options you’ll find in that specific area. The second thing is not less problematic. Namely, there are almost no budget options anywhere!

Those hotels which are listed as budget in our guide are usually just cheaper villas or three-star hotels which would figure as mid-range (or even luxurious) in other, less upscale areas. Bermuda is a generally expensive place to have a vacation, but the money is generally well spent. Finally, something about the obviously good things.

The hotels in Bermuda are absolutely marvelous, and those which are listed as luxurious and even as mid-range are definitely out of this world. Almost all of them have restaurants, gardens, and multiple pools on the premises. If you plan on spending a lot of money, you’re going to have a blast.

1. Most Historic Area: Hamilton

Gorgeous view of teal water in the bay of Hamilton on a clear day for a piece on where to stay in Bermuda

Just Dance/Shutterstock

If you’re coming to the Bermudas for the first time, Hamilton city is the obvious choice for you. The capital of the small group of islands, it’s Bermuda’s historical, cultural, and shopping center.

It’s almost 250 years old — it was found sometime around the beginning of the 18th — century, Hamilton is surprisingly rich in monuments and cultural attractions. Something you don’t usually expect from an island city.

The center of Hamilton is Front Street, where you’ll find most of the shops. Most of them are upscale and quite expensive, and quite elegantly furnished and decorated. An interesting fact about the buildings on this street is that they can’t be over two stories high — nothing, absolutely nothing, can disturb the famous Bermuda skyline.

Its rich colonial history makes Hamilton full of atypically old buildings and historical landmarks. Here are the three most important:

  • The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity (also known as the Bermuda Cathedral) is the first of them, which is a late 20th century reproduction of an older building which was burned.
  • Fort Hamilton which was built in the 1870s, to guard the Royal British Navy. it offers a beautiful view of Hamilton and the Harbor.
  • Perot Post Office is the oldest post office in Bermuda, and the place where the first authentic Bermuda stamps were printed.

The lovers of nature and the outdoors will have a great time in Hamilton. First, there’s the beautifully kept Queen Elizabeth Park, which gives off a London-vibe to this Island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Second, probably the greatest attraction in Hamilton — Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo. Here you can learn everything about the flora and fauna of the general area, from monkeys to birds, from tortoises to fish.

Hamilton is not the cheapest place in the world, and the accommodation options are not great. It has to be noted that generally the hotels are quite expensive. On the other hand, they’re quite beautiful, usually offering beautiful gardens, swimming pools, and views of the city and the ocean.

Hamilton Budget Hotels

  • Oxford House is a three-star hotel located in the heart of Hamilton. Maybe the only cheaper option in this place, it offers free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, and all of the rooms feature a plasma TV, a tea/coffee maker, and a private bathroom — some of the rooms also have a sitting area. A tasty breakfast is served every morning, which you can enjoy while sitting or looking at the adjoining garden.
  • Edgehill Manor Guest House is a two-star hotel surrounded by magnificent gardens, and offering a perfect view of the ocean. There’s also a fine outdoor pool on the premises where you can dip in whenever you want. The rooms have a classic decor, have a free Wi-Fi, and all the basic amenities: a TV, a mini fridge, tea and coffee machines, a toaster and a microwave. There’s a free continental breakfast available every morning.

Hamilton Mid-Range Hotels

  • Royal Palms Hotel is a gorgeous four-star hotel that comes off as mid-range in this specific constellation. The classically furnished rooms are set in 19th century manor houses, furnished with flat screen TVs — with a lot of movie channels — a coffee maker, and a small kitchenette. There are no less than two restaurants on the premises, both of them overlooking the gardens and serving fresh Mediterranean food. Finally, there’s a large outdoor pool where you can relax at any time of the day.

Hamilton Luxury Hotels

  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club A Fairmont Managed Hotel is a super-luxurious five-star hotel located on the Hamilton Harbor, overlooking the ocean. The hotel has almost everything you can think of: multiple restaurants, a spa and wellness center, a bar, an infinity pool, a gelato shop, and a beach bar. The rooms — as expected — are spacious and luxuriously furnished boasting every amenities you usually find in a hotel .Finally, the hotel also has a private beach.

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2. Best Area for Beaches: Mount Pleasant

Elbow Beach in Bermuda, one of the best places to stay in the area, with gorgeous teal water lapping onto a serene white sand beach

Melanie Hobson/Shutterstock

Just a few kilometers to the south from Hamilton lies Mount Pleasant, the most “beachy” area on the whole of Bermuda. If you want to spend your whole vacation lying on the beach and swimming in the ocean, this is the right place to be.

Basically, it’s the perfect place to have a regular, sunny holiday, that’ll help you fill your batteries and find your inner peace after a hardworking year on the mainland. The beaches, obviously, are the main attraction in Mount Pleasant.

The list is practically endless, but first you have to visit the most famous one, Elbow beach. Tranquil, deep blue water, sand everywhere, and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to be. You’ll probably recognize the place, because it made its appearance in everybody’s favorite TV series, The Sopranos.

But, Elbow beach is not the only one that’s worth visiting in this area. Here a short list of the most famous beaches:

  • Coral Beach;
  • Surf Side Beach;
  • Marley Beach;
  • Mermaid Beach;
  • Warwick Long Bay;
  • Angle Beach;
  • Middle Beach;
  • Horseshoe Bay Cove;
  • Cross Bay Beach;

As you can see, the list is practically endless. The beaches are close to each other, located on the southern side of the island, and they’re quite easy to reach. You can visit most of them during your stay in Mount Pleasant.

All of them are quite close — even adjacent — to some beautiful parks that you can go to if you feel tired from all the sand and sun. Southlands Park, for example, is near Marley Beach; Astwood Park lies between Marley Beach and Mermaid beach; South Shore Park, which is probably the biggest park in the area, and so on.

Having plenty of beaches doesn’t mean that this area lacks restaurants and hotels — quite on the opposite. In relation to the accommodation options, Mount Pleasant offers a wider range of hotels in comparison to Hamilton.

But, keep in mind that they’re still quite expensive, and there are not many budget options. The restaurants, on the other hand, are quite versatile — both in terms of prices and the cousins they offer: from food-trucks and takeaways, to fancy upscale restaurants.

Mount Pleasant Budget Hotels

  • Fourways Inn is a relatively cheap three-star hotel (you won’t find any two or three-star hotels in this area). It offers an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden, and a great bar on the premises. Almost every room offers a view to the ocean, to the pool, or to the garden. The on-site restaurant — yes, there’s one — serves a typical, old-school French cuisine.
  • 7 Arches is another relatively-cheaper three-star hotel in the Mount Pleasant area. The rooms have air-conditioning, free Wi-fi, a kitchen area furnished with a fridge and a microwave, and flat screen TVs. Some of the rooms — not all — have a sitting area and a terrace.

Mount Pleasant Mid-Range Hotels

  • Sandpiper Apartments is a relatively cheap (or at least cheaper) four-star hotel. Every room has a sitting area, a kitchen — furnished with an oven, a fridge, and a microwave — and a balcony overlooking the pool and the garden. Yes, there’s an outdoor pool on the premises, in which you can dip in wherever you want. The hotel is particularly suitable for couples.
  • Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa is another cheaper four-star hotel, which due to the context, can be considered as a mid-range hotel. Located on the harbor, it offers practically everything: an outdoor swimming pool, a golf-course, a fitness center and a hot tub. There’s also a restaurant and a bar on the premises, and obviously, the breakfast — served at the restaurant — is quite delicious.  

Mount Pleasant Luxury Hotels

  • Azura Bermuda is probably the best hotel in the area. A real beauty in every possible way, it has a restaurant, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a bar — practically everything for a relaxing vacation. All of the rooms have free Wi-Fi, a coffee machine, and a shower, and some of them offer a kitchen, a sitting area, a microwave and a fridge. But the best thing is that the hotel is directly located on the beach front, with a private beach of its own.
  • Watercolours is a superb four-star hotel located on the other side of Mount Pleasant, opposite Azura Bermuda. It has a beautiful garden, a bar, an outdoor swimming pool, and a barbeque facility on the premises. All of the rooms offer a view of the ocean, free Wi-Fi, and seating area. Every morning you can savor the beautiful breakfast before going to the beach.

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3. Best Area to See Everything: Somerset Village and and Hog Bay

Hog Bay Beach pictured on a cloudy day for a guide on where to stay in Bermuda

Rebecca Cat/Shutterstock

Located to the west of Hamilton and Mount Pleasant lie Somerset Village and Hog Bay, two beautiful, let us call them villages, which offer a slightly different view of Bermuda.

Being 15 kilometers away from the capitol, these two areas are slightly more secluded and not as much visited by tourists. But they offer as many interesting things as Hamilton, and as beautiful beaches as Mount Pleasant. Generally, the whole west side of Bermuda is a hidden gem for potential visitors.

There are plenty of beaches around Somerset Village and a lot of parks around Hog Bay. Logically, if you want to relax in the sun and swim in the ocean, find your accommodation near the first place, and if you prefer parks and recreation — and especially golf — Hog Bay is the right place for you.

Cambridge Beaches, Long Bay Beach, and Sugar Cane Point Beach are the three most famous beaches in Somerset Village and you make sure that you visit them.

Also, Somerset Village is great if you need to do some shopping in supermarkets and generally feel like strolling in an urban area. For the lovers of sport, there’s both the Somerset Cricket Club Inc. and the Basketball Court.

If you’re a fan of parks and golf, Hog Bay is the right place for you. Hog Bay Park is one of the biggest parks in the whole of Bermuda, but there’s also the West Whale Bay Park in the southern parts of the area.

Port Royal Golf Course is a landscaped 18-hole golf with a beautiful view of the ocean. The lovers of golf have finally found their Eden. The hotel and restaurant situation is not significantly different in the west of Hamilton.

The hotels are still expensive — even the budget and the mid-range ones — and the luxurious hotels are extremely beautiful and posh. There’s a lot of restaurant options, but if you’re a foodie, stick to Somerset Village and not Hog Bay — both the quality and the quantity favor the first.

Somerset Village and and Hog Bay Budget Hotels

  • Willowbank Resort is probably the cheapest hotel you’ll find in this side of Bermuda. There’s free parking and free Wi-Fi, but also an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center on the premises. Like most of the hotels in this area, it has a private beach on which you can relax without a noisy crowd. The rooms are furnished with flat screen TVs and private bathrooms, and offer a view either to the ocean, or to the beautiful hotel garden.
  • Beautiful 1-Bed House in Somerset Village is definitely the cheapest accommodation in the area located in a beautiful property with a nice garden. It offers a whole apartment just for you (and/or your family), furnished air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, a TV, a completely equipped kitchen, and one bathroom.

Somerset Village and and Hog Bay Mid-Range Hotels

  • Pauls Oceanview with Amazing Sunsets is a nice three-star mid-range hotel located in Hog Bay. The apartment has air-conditioning and Wi-Fi, but also one bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable sitting area, and one bathroom. There’s also a TV, a patio, a garden, and a barbeque facility. The apartment has a spectacular ocean view, and it’s particularly recommended (in the reviews) for couples.
  • Bermuda Connections Guest House is a slightly cheaper four-star hotel that in the context of the Bermuda accommodation options can be considered as a mid-range option. It’s quite beautiful and richly furnished, with a small outdoor pool, a nice patio and a garden, and a balcony. The rooms are air-conditioned and have free Wi-Fi.

Somerset Village and and Hog Bay Luxury Hotels

  • Pompano Beach Club is a beautiful four-star hotel located in Hog Bay, directly set on Pompano Beach. It offers no less than three restaurants, two outdoor pools, free Wi-Fi all over the premises, and a hot tub. There is also both a beach bar — located on the private beach of the hotel — and a bar next to the pool. The rooms are furnished in a modern way, and the hotel itself offers a wide range of activities, from water surfing to scuba diving.
  • Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa is an extremely beautiful and luxurious four-star hotel located on the northern side of Somerset Village. The hotel has no less than four private beaches, two outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court, a spa center, a watersport center, a restaurant and a bar. Almost all of the rooms have patios and balconies, and the bathrooms are made from marble. Should we add something more?

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4. Best Area for Nature: East Bermuda

Neat cross-bay photo of Flatts, one of the best places to stay in Bermuda

FLATTS, BERMUDA -15 FEBRUARY 2015- Editorial: The colorful village of Flatts, in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, is built around the Harrington Sound lagoon and the Flatts inlet/EQRoy/Shutterstock

We talked about every part of Bermuda, except the whole eastern part. Consisting of broadly two smaller areas — Flatts Village, quite near Hamilton, St. George’s on the easternmost side of Bermuda, and Tucker’s Town in between them.

Being the last area in this guide doesn’t mean anything, since East Bermuda is as fun and as interesting as the rest of Bermuda — even better in some things.

St. George’s, for example, is officially „the oldest continuously-inhabited British town in the New World“ the third one which was settled, after Jamestown, Virginia and Cupids, Newfoundland. It’s definitely the most important historical place in Bermuda, and it’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a long time.

The 400-year-old-town offers a lot of things, like Fort St. Catherine (a fort turned museum), St. Peter’s Church, which is the oldest Anglican church on Bermuda, the gothic Unfinished Church, and St. George’s Historical Society Museum, which holds — amongst other things — a letter from George Washington.

Also, go to the interesting Kings Square and breathe the atmosphere of this ancient island city. Not everything in East Bermuda is about St. George’s: both Flatts Village and Tucker’s Town offer most of the attractions typical of Bermuda, beaches, parks, and golf courses.

Tucker’s Point Golf Club in Tucker town is basically huge, and next to it is The Mid Ocean Club which is equally beautiful. Easto of them are Windsor Beach and Frick’s Beach which are also worth visiting.

Finally, Flatts Village offers one of the greatest attractions in this part of Bermuda: Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, which is small but quite charming, full of marine and land animals, as well as a museum.

Between Flats Village and St. George’s, on the other hand, lie the unforgettable Crystal and Fantasy Caves which you can’t miss. We must point out that the hotel situation is not different from the other parts of Bermuda.

There are almost no budget options, a small amount of mid-range, and a lot of great, luxurious but very expensive five-star hotels. East Bermuda is generally more family friendly, but definitely not a budget place.

East Bermuda Budget Hotels

East Bermuda Mid-Range Hotels

  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort is a marvelous four-star hotel that given the circumstance can be considered as a mid-range hotel (in any other company, it would surely count as a luxurious hotel). It offers a private beach, an outdoor swimming pool, a patio, a terrace, and a bar.Every room has air-conditioning, a mini fridge, and a coffee maker. The breakfast served every morning is also quite great.
  • Coral Sea private beachfront panorama with infinity pool is on our mid-range list, due to the before mentioned lack of options. It’s a private villa with five rooms, a kitchen, sitting and dining areas, an outdoor infinity pool, a parking lot and a beautiful garden. The villa also has a barbeque area and a terrace, and is completely pet friendly.

East Bermuda Luxury Hotels

  • The Loren at Pink Beach is a five star hotel with no less than two outdoor pools. There are also two bars, and two restaurants on the premises — which serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and an extra luxurious spa, and a great gym. The rooms are furnished with plasma TVs, and balconies overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, the hotel has its own private beach, and is completely pet friendly.
  • St George’s Club is a five-star facility, located just five minutes from St. George’s center. The facility is basically a lot of beautifully furnished cottages with private balconies, patios and kitchens. There’s a swimming pool, a private beach, and a garden on the premises. For the extreme lovers of sport, there is also a tennis court and a golf course near the cottages.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Bermuda?

We promise that you’ll know the answer to your question where you should stay in Bermuda after you’ve read our guide. We sincerely hope that we did our job well.

But, before we close the curtains, let’s do a quick recap of the highlights of every area:

🏰 Most Historic AreaHamilton
⛱️ Best for Relaxing on the BeachMount Pleasant
✅ Best Area to See EverythingSomerset Village/Hog Bay
🌳 Best for Nature LoversEast Bermuda

Regardless of the area in which you choose to stay, you’ll be surrounded by friendly locals, amazing food, gorgeous scenery, and activities for all ages, interests, and budgets. So what are you waiting for — book your trip to Bermuda today!