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What a Trip to Tahiti Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

What a Trip to Tahiti Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

What's an average trip to Tahiti cost?

A week in Tahiti for two people will cost approximately $4,400 on average. This includes an average accommodation cost of $125 per night, flight cost of $1,200 per person, daily expenses of $100 for food, drink, and activities, and $50 per day for transportation. Keep in mind that these are average costs, and prices can vary based on your choices and preferences for accommodations, dining, and activities.

Dazzling tropical waters, lush greenery, majestic mountains, and palm tree-lined beaches. What’s not to love? The island of Tahiti is among the most beautiful destinations on earth.

Is a trip there a practical goal for you? You may be surprised to learn how affordable it can be to say “Ia ora na” to Tahiti, especially compared to other tropical destinations.

Every trip is different, and every traveler has their own unique tastes. Some folks want to sample new French cuisine other nights, others are more interested in cheap and simple street food options.

Some may choose a basic hotel while others have their eyes on all-inclusive resorts. We’ll go through every category, so you can get a realistic idea of what a trip to Tahiti will cost for you — let us be your guide!

Average Trip to Tahiti Cost in 2024

Average Tahiti Trip Cost Table

A week in Tahiti will cost around $4,400 for two people:

  • Average Accommodation Cost: $125 per night
  • Average Flight Cost: $1,200 per person
  • Food, Drink & Activities: $100 per day
  • Transportation: $50 per day
  • Total Cost: $4,395

It’s important to remember that these costs are averages. If you are coming from a place closer to French Polynesia, you are likely to find cheaper airfare. If you cook most of your meals at the place you are staying, you’ll pay less than someone who eats every meal in restaurants.

And, activities like scuba diving will typically cost more than a day spent lazing on the beach. We break down possibilities in every category, so you can figure out what your trip to Tahiti will cost.

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Tahiti Trip Cost: Average by Item

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One of the great things about this island paradise is that you can find things to do and places to stay at a range of price points. This makes it easier to focus on what you consider an essential part of a vacation while saving your money on the things that do not matter as much to you.

Accommodation Costs

Hotels and BnBs are one area where costs can vary quite a lot. There are a number of places available for under $100 per night. However, you may find that the amenities are very basic. A few past travelers have reported that air conditioning is not a common option.

Accommodations now range from $50 to $600 per night with an average of $170 in the low season and $238 in the high season.

If you are used to humid tropical weather, this may not be an issue. People from dry climates who aren’t used to the heat may want to spend the extra money to find a place with AC.

One popular choice is the Polynesian Cabins by Kon Tiki. This is located about a mile from the Paofai Gardens and about a 15-minute walk from Plage Hokule’a. The cabins have air conditioning.

However, the restrooms are shared between you and other guests. Rooms cost about $100 a night. Air conditioning is often offered as an upgrade. The Inaiti Lodge has rooms for about $200 a night, but with a $50 surcharge to add AC.

The Hotel Tahiti Nui has a retro feel, but large and spacious rooms. It is centrally located and has details like marble fountains and an outdoor pool. Many rooms offer scenic views of the mountains. A stay here will run around $200 a night.

If your idea of an ideal tropical vacation includes luxe resort-style dwellings, food, and cocktails while you sit on the beach, you may wish to consider an all-inclusive. These resorts allow you to enjoy a trip without having to worry about the day-to-day details.

However, these resorts tend to come at a higher price than you would pay booking experiences individually. For instance, the Brando will run you around $24,000 for a week for two (a lot of money, we know!).

Flight Cost

Tickets from JFK to Papeete range from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the airline you choose. Delta seems to have the lowest rates while Alaska Airlines is charging the most. Travelers with different departure cities will, of course, pay different rates.

If you are leaving from San Francisco, your airfare will be a little under $800 at the same time of year. On average, flights to Tahiti average about $1,400 round-trip.

Food, Drink & Activity Costs

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Because of the influence of French cuisine, there are a number of fine dining options on the island. One popular option, L’O a La Bouche, offers meals that include tuna tartare, Mahi Mahi, pan-fried lamb, and other luxe specialties. Prices for entrées run from $25 to $45.

Even casual sit-down meals will often be pricey. One redditor reported paying between $18 and $22 a plate for casual restaurant meals. They said they chose low-cost options like hamburger stands more often to save money.

The same poster recommended buying food at the grocery store to make a few simple meals. Grocery store prices can be very affordable by US standards. A small pack of cheese costs less than a dollar, while you can get a loaf of bread for around 50 cents.

However, since this is an island, you will find other grocery store prices are a bit more than you are used to. A head of lettuce might set you back $3 to $5, while a beef roast will go for as much as $20 a pound.

Water activities are popular. A snorkeling trip will cost anywhere from $75 to $160 per person, depending on the length of the trip.

Kayaks can be rented for around $10 an hour. You can also hire a guide to paddle with you if you do not feel confident going on your own. Scuba diving in a highly popular activity because of the clear water and nearby reefs.

An introductory dive will last a few hours and will cost about $125 per person. Talk to the dive operator in advance to see if there are additional costs for equipment like masks, fins, and tanks.

If you want to explore the jungle, you may wish to book a tour. Island tours run from anywhere from $60 to $150 per person. These rates are based on the length of the tour and the size of the group.

The smaller the group, the more one on one attention you get, and, of course, the higher the price. One popular alternative is the 4×4 safari.

This will take you through environments that include mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and basins. A six-hour trip as part of a group will cost about $125 per person. This scenic destination also offers a number of low and no-cost activities.

The Manutea Tahiti Rotui Juice Factory and Distillery on Moorea offer free tours and tastings. This can also be a great place to pick up their famous pineapple juice, wine, or liquor for an unusual souvenir.

There are a number of public beaches that are free to visit. Past travelers report that free parking is typically easy to find. Top choices include La Plage de Maui and the black sand Panenoo Beach.

There are also some great scenic drives to make if you have already rented a car. Belvedere Lookout is recommended by multiple posters on Reddit. Three Coconuts Lookout is also worth a visit.

Be sure to stop and see the waterfalls. You can access Panenoo Valley Waterfalls for free. The area has a number of trails that take you past three different waterfalls. Pack a good pair of shoes. Many visitors report that the trail can be a bit on the rugged side.

The Robert Wan Black Pearl Museum is free to enter and can consume a few hours. Many travelers welcome the chance to get indoors for a bit to avoid the rain or to get out of the heat.

Transportation Costs

How you get around will depend on where on Tahiti you decide to stay. A trip where you don’t leave Papeete? You’ll be best off walking and taking occasional cabs.

The city is small and has heavy traffic that can make driving impractical. When going outside Papeete to quieter and more remote stops, you’ll need to arrange a way to get around.

There are buses available, but they can be challenging to use. The information counter in Papeete is only open every other day for a few hours, which can make ti difficult to get information. Buses also have a tendency to run on a fairly elastic schedule.

That said, the rates are inexpensive. Tickets run from $2 to $4, and there are routes that will take you all around the borders of the islands.

If you decide to rent a car, check with several car rental agencies. At the time we researched this piece, Avis’s rental fees were around $600 for a week. Hertz had similar cars for about half that. Electric scooters are another option for getting around.

These can be rented by the hour for about $8 or for a day for under $50. Just be wary of traveling by scooter in the rainy season. For safety, you will have to schedule your day around the afternoon showers.

Things to Consider

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Here are some things to consider before booking a trip to Tahiti:

  • Keep cash on you. While cards are accepted at most resorts, many smaller businesses operate on a cash-only basis.
  • Learn to say hello, goodbye, and thank you in French and Tahitian. While most locals will speak some English, the effort is usually appreciated.
  • Air conditioning is not common. If this is a must-have for you, expect to pay more for your hotel stay.
  • The larger side of Tahiti has more traditionally touristy spots. For a quieter, more local experience, many travelers recommend spending some time on the smaller side of the figure-eight shaped island.
  • If you want to see other French Polynesian islands, consider taking the ferry. You take your car on the boat, so it is easy to drive around and see things.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some frequently asked questions to help you budget your trip to Tahiti:

Is it cheaper to go to Tahiti or Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is typically more expensive than Tahiti. In general, you can find more luxury accommodations in Bora Bora, but cheaper places to stay and things to do in Tahiti.

Is it cheaper to go to Tahiti or Hawaii?

Travelers to Tahiti often find they can stay in a resort there for less than it would cost to stay in a basic hotel in Hawaii. Prices, of course, will depend on the time of year you go to visit and which islands or cities you choose.

Is it worth it to go to Tahiti?

Tahiti’s attractions include crystal clear warm waters, dense, lush jungles, miles of beaches, and French cuisine. All of these add up to make it a top destination for travelers looking for places with tropical appeal.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Tahiti?

Generally, February is the cheapest time of year to fly to Tahiti from the United States. This can be great for Americans who are looking for a chance to escape the cold.

When is it most expensive? Typically, during the busy summer season. The high season is July and August, so tickets cost most then.

So, What Is the Average Trip Cost for Tahiti?

🛎️ Average Accommodation Cost$125 per night
✈️ Average Flight Cost$1,200 per person
🍽️ Food, Drink & Activities$100 per person, per day
🚕 Transportation$50 per day
💲 Total Cost$4,395

On average, expect to pay around $4,400 for a week-long trip for two to Tahiti. This includes airfare, lodgings, food, and activities. This price, as you know, is just the average.

You may find a great deal on airfare, or decide to splurge on a high-end resort during your stay.

There is no one way to do a Tahitian vacation, and you need to choose the activities and surroundings that work best for you. With this great canvas as a starting point, you’ll be able to craft the tropical getaway of your dreams. Happy travels!