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What a Trip to Ibiza Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

What a Trip to Ibiza Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

What's an average trip to Ibiza cost?

A week-long trip to Ibiza for two people generally costs approximately $6,300, encompassing accommodation, flights, daily activities, and transportation. While Ibiza is a pricier European destination, careful planning and local tips can help manage expenses effectively.

Located in the middle of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is one of the gems of Europe. Although it’s often branded a party town, there are plenty of other activities to be had on the island, which is only a short flight from Spain.

Ibiza has an incredibly long history. Archeological evidence shows that people were living on the island as far back as 3,000 years. Cave paintings, axes, and discs, as well as ruins, prove that human life flourished throughout ancient times.

The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and Spanish all at one time built settlements on the island. Along with the famous island of Palma and several smaller cousins, Ibiza is located in the archipelago known as the Balearic Islands.

The tranquil Mediterranean waters make it an absolutely beautiful destination all year round.

While Ibiza isn’t the cheapest destination in Europe or the world, especially given its famous partying lifestyle, you can make it affordable with the right tips. Let’s jump into the guide so you can learn the best hacks for visiting today!

Average Trip to Ibiza Cost in 2024

Average Ibiza Trip Cost Table

An average one-week trip to Ibiza for two people will cost around $6,300:

  • Average Accommodation Cost: $175 per night
  • Average Flight Cost: $1,000 per person
  • Food, Drink & Activities: $200 per person, per day
  • Transportation: $200 total
  • Total Cost: $6,300

Ibiza is part of Western Europe, which is one of the most expensive places to travel in the world. The Euro is not as strong as it once was but still commands serious buying power.

Plus the cost of living in such countries is higher, which trickles down to tourism. Together, these reasons bump up the prices of Ibiza travel. However, there are ways to save money if you know where to look for them.

Read as much as you can about the island before you go. It’s often the smaller blogs that contain the best travel hacks, so Google the specific towns and activities you want to do on the island and you’re likely to get specific information on cost savings.

The average price of a trip to Ibiza will, of course, depend heavily on where your interest is.

Are you the type that enjoys lying around in a cozy hotel room with the window open and the breeze blowing while you read a book? Then you’ll want to spend more for a nice room, probably in the several-hundred-dollar range.

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Ibiza Trip Cost: Average by Item

Narrow pedestrian street with white buildings and blue trim pictured on a clear day for a guide to the average Ibiza trip cost

Nikiforov Alexander/Shutterstock

Ibiza is a more expensive destination, there’s no doubt about it. Keep in mind, though, that that’s simply the average.

There’s always a way to save money and see a coveted destination for less. From staying in hostels to shopping at grocery stores and eating in hole-in-the-wall restaurants, you can winnow down your budget until it fits your needs. Let’s take a look at how.

Accommodation Costs

Accommodations in Ibiza are definitely of the more expensive variety. Most hotels will run you between $150 and $400 a night for two people.

If you want a 3- or 4-star hotel, you should plan to pay somewhere in this price range. However, you can find accommodations for closer to $100 or $125, but most will be in the 2-star hotel range.

These still include amenities such as a pool, free breakfast, air conditioning, and free WiFi, so the conditions aren’t quite in the hostel range.

If you’re willing to share bathrooms and deal with very little space, you can find hostels for around $35 a night, but you won’t be able to sleep with a partner since almost all beds in such situations are twins.

Note, however, that you can bunk up in a dorm together, so that might be an interesting approach if you’re young, backpacking, or simply don’t care where you lay your head at night.

Overall, if you want a 3-star or above hotel experience, with a pool and a nice view, and lots of amenities, plan to spend about $175 a night for two people. This should provide plenty of luxury and attention from hotel staff without breaking the bank.

Flight Costs

Considering Ibiza is an island, it is surprisingly easy to get there from the United States and mainland Europe. Whether you’re planning a trip there from your home state or from another European (or other) destination, airfare shouldn’t give you much trouble.

A rough average for a flight from New York City to Ibiza, round trip, is about $600. You’ll pay more leaving from a more westerly city.

Current fares show around $1,000 to $1,200 for Chicago and Los Angeles. You’ll also need to factor in the additional cost of getting to a hub if you don’t live in one of the major US cities.

Let’s call it $1,000 on average. If you’ll be on the Spanish mainland for part of your trip, good news: tickets from there to Ibiza are less than $100 for a short, hour-and-15-minute flight.

Recent reports have shown that if you search for flights in private browsing mode, you’ll get a better deal.

That’s because your computer stores cookies that tell the internet – and the companies that pay it for advertising – you’re interested in certain flights. Once you demonstrate interest, the prices will go up for you on subsequent searches.

Always stay incognito and you’ll see truer, cheaper fares.

Since flights are one of the least negotiable costs, and since you’ll get much better prices if you book them well in advance, it’s important to nail down your airfare as soon as you set a date for your trip.

Food, Drink & Activity Costs

Pretty beach view from Cala d'Hort beach with azure blue water on the horizon

Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock

If you’re more the archeological type, you’ll find tours of Ibiza Town – the main settlement on the island – fascinating. For $75, you can get a full-day guided tour that discusses the architecture, history, and culture of the town.

Don’t want to pay? Go ahead and check out a self-guided tour, where you can walk the gorgeous streets and learn about the city on your own.

Be sure to check out the old city, Dalt Vila – which translates to “Upper Town.” Perched above the main part of the city with a fabulous view, the bulk of it dates back to Renaissance times.

However, you can also learn a lot about the famously seafaring Phoenicians who settled the island long ago, as well as browse the many pubs, cafés, and boutiques that line its lovely warren of cobblestone walkways.

Don’t forget to check out Ibiza Castle and the 13th-century Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. If you, like the Phoenicians, love being out on open water, then consider taking a cruise to the nearby island of Formentera.

A trip to this idyllic little island costs about $100 per person, or about $150 if you want an all-inclusive experience. It’s only about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Ibiza, so you can get there and back in a day.

Generally, food is a little spendier on Ibiza because it is primarily a tourist destination. Plan to spend about $30 on dinner in a restaurant and $20 for breakfast and lunch.

Drinks, a main pastime for many people who visit the island, are pretty expensive as well. (Don’t worry, sober folks, there are plenty of smoothies, sodas, and mocktails to be found!)

Overall, you should plan to spend about $200 per person, per day. if you’re mainly lying by the beach, skipping the booze, and only taking a tour or two, you can trim that down to about $150.

Transportation Costs

Taxis on Ibiza are metered and affordable. If you don’t want to get ripped off, though, make sure you’re hailing an official one. You can help ensure your own safety and financial security by using an app such as TaxiClick, available for iPhone and Android.

Car rentals on Ibiza are affordable, hovering around $20 a day, and public transportation is a breeze. The three main destinations on the island – Playa d’en Bossa, San Antonio, and Ibiza Town – are all connected to the bus network, which is fast and reliable.

Overall, Ibiza’s a cheap date when it comes to transportation costs. Plan on spending only about $200 for the entire trip if you’re careful with your funds.

Things to Consider

Ruins of Ibiza Stonehenge, the world's biggest sun clock, pictured on a semi-cloudy day

Martin Voda/Shutterstock

Now that we’ve discussed basics, here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Ibiza is an island, and people go there for “island life.” If you’re a hardcore culture enthusiast, it may not be the place to keep you entertained for a week. However …
  • There are ruins and Renaissance buildings to enjoy, as well as plenty of fun dining experiences, and it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The point? Go if you want to go, but if you’re only there for archeology, stay on the mainland.
  • Food gets very expensive if you’re not careful, but you can cut costs by avoiding waterfront dining, which always means a surcharge. Ask the locals about the best places to eat. Your hotel or a tour guide will be able to give you a list of lovely places to try.
  • Swimming in the Mediterranean poses dangers, so be sure to follow all warnings when out in the sea or on a boat. Never swim in a storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Walled coastal town of Ibiza seen from the stone port and lighthouse

Unai Huizi Photography/Shutterstock

What are Spain’s visa requirements?

According to the US State Department, “U.S. citizens may enter Spain for up to 90 days for tourism or business without a visa.

Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. You must have sufficient funds and a return airline ticket. Visit the Embassy of Spain website for the most current visa information.”

Is it easy to get around in Ibiza?

Yes, the public transportation and taxi systems make it very easy to get around. Renting a car is also quite affordable, so that’s an option for those who love hidden towns, ruins, and countryside vistas.

When should I visit Ibiza?

Unlike many travel destinations, Ibiza is a welcome respite from daily life all year round. It is extremely temperate, with an average of 84 degrees Fahrenheit in August and 61 in December. Spring and fall are beautiful as well, hovering in the 70s.

If you want to experience warmer island life, it makes a wonderful vacay during the holidays. Love lying on the beach? Go in the summer, when temps get up into the 90s and you’re sure to put on a tan quickly.

Is Ibiza safe?

Ibiza is relatively safe, much like Spain overall. However, you should watch for petty theft, which is ever-present in tourist towns. Car theft is also a concern, so if you’re renting a vehicle, make sure to always lock it and park in a protected location at night.

Is Ibiza expensive?

Yes, Ibiza is one of the more expensive vacation destinations. Airfare isn’t bad, however, and you can find cheap lodging if you’re willing to sacrifice amenities.

While you can spend a bunch on food, it’s also possible to eat on the cheap. If you avoid shopping, dining at nice restaurants, and drinking, you can do a week in Ibiza for a pretty reasonable rate.

So, What Is the Average Cost for an Ibiza Trip?

🛎️ Average Accommodation Cost$175 per night
✈️ Average Flight Cost$1,000 per person
🍽️ Food, Drink & Activities$200 per person, per day
🚕 Transportation$200 total
💲 Total Cost$6,300

The average cost of a one-week trip to Ibiza is around $6,300 for two people. That’s not the best price for a week-long trip, but it’s far from the worst.

If you’re careful to book everything ahead of time, ask locals for advice on the best dining spots, and sacrifice some lodging amenities, you can shave off up to $1,000.

Either way, this gem of an island is well worth a visit, especially for honeymooners, college students, and couples who love a good getaway!