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Favorite Past Trips

  • Rome, Italy
  • Venice, Italy
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Istanbul, Turkey

About Vedran

Vedran Dizdarevik is a content writer and cultural theories writer from Skopje, North Macedonia, where he finished most of his education. His short stint in Croatia, where he lived and studied for six months as a part of a student’s mobility program, gave rise to his passion for traveling and travel writing, and he hasn’t looked back since.

He has a BA in Comparative and General Literature, MA in Intercultural Studies, and is currently getting his PHD in Comparative and General Literature. Before Travellers Worldwide, he worked for nearly three years in Macedonian publishing as an editor for classics and academic literature.

He is mainly interested in literature and culture and likes to travel as much as he can, with Italy being one of his favorite countries to visit. When he isn’t traveling, he is reading and is particularly fond of memoirs or travel diaries.

About Travellers Wordwide

We started Travellers Worldwide because we think there should be more free travel guides online. Our team uses their own travel experience to create detailed guides for destinations across the globe. We don't think it's complicated; you're looking for information on when to visit different places, whether or not they're safe, and what to do when you get there. And we aim to provide you with just that. Learn more about us and our editorial standards.

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