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Where to Stay in Jackson Hole | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Jackson Hole | Best Areas & Hotels

Figuring out where to stay in Jackson Hole seems pretty simple in the beginning due to the city not being all that big, but there are a few things that people seem to forget. While the city isn’t all that big, there are plenty of things that you can try out while you’re there.

All of these activities mean that you might have a hard time deciding what to try out first, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

The 5 Best Areas of Jackson Hole

There aren’t all that many regions to Jackson, and not all of them actually have a name, however, we’ve done our best to point out the most notable parts of town that you can visit, and the local landmarks that you can recognize them by.

  1. Snow King: The best place to be during the winter because you can get from your room to the slopes very quickly
  2. City Center: The area of the city that you want to be in if you want to see what the local nightlife is like
  3. May Park: A Great spot for animal lovers that want to check out the giant elk
  4. West Side: This area has plenty of fun outdoor activities that you can try out
  5. Uptown: Another area with great outdoor activities like camping and fishing

The way we generally divide the hotels in our article is by location and we simply make a list of all of the hotels that are in the area that we’re talking about and how they’re priced from lowest to highest.

However, since Jackson is such a small town, there aren’t really all that many hotels that we can mention, let alone divide into separate groups.

What we’ve done is tried to mention certain hotels that are close to the area of the city that we’re talking about, but in general, most of them are divided based on their prices and the type of rooms that you’re getting for the money that you’re paying.

1. Snow King

Snow King Area pictured from the foot of the mountain for a piece titled Where to Stay in Jackson Hole

VDB Photos/Shutterstock

The Snow King area of Jackson Hole is to the South of the city itself right where Snow King Mountain is. As with most other locations in the area, the main attractions of Snow King Mountain are the many fun skiing and snowboarding courses that you can go down during the winter season. 

The Snow King Mountain Resort has everything that you might ever need to have a bit of fun in the snow. You have a rental shop where you can get all of the necessary gear that you might need if you want to go down the slopes.

But you also have several instructional classes that teach beginners everything that they might need to know before strapping the skis to their feet.

This mountain range has both steeper courses where the more skilled skiers and snowboarders can pull off some awesome tricks and more gentle inclines where beginners can get the hang of things.

You also have the Snow King Sports & Events Center. This is where you can go if you’re tired of the slopes and would instead prefer to skate for a bit. You can have a fun time just relaxing and taking a few laps around the rink.

Or, you can rent out a smaller skating rink and play a few hockey matches with your friends. As you’ll see with a lot of other areas that we go over, the Snow King part of town is an incredibly popular destination during the colder months of the year.

But it’s practically barren during the summer months. However, the skating rink is open all throughout the year, so there are still things to do in the area whenever you decide to visit the city.

Things to Do

  • Learn how to ski or just take your skis and take the plunge down one of the many slopes that you can find in this area.
  • Rent a pair of skates, get on the ice rink and either do a few laps or get some hockey pucks and play a few matches with your friends.
  • Rent a few clubs and either go to the golf course to play a few holes or just go to the driving range and practice your swings.
  • There are quite a few spas and natural hot springs around the area that you can take advantage of and just spend a day relaxing.

Where to Eat

Jackson Hole Budget Hotels

  • Cache House offers very conservative sleeping arrangements, but it has a common room and kitchen that all of the guests can use, and it comes at a very reasonable price.

Jackson Hole Mid-Range Hotels

  • Mountain Modern Motel provides all of the guests with a swimming pool that they can use, a coffee maker and a flat-screen cable TV in every room, and free parking.
  • Snow King Resort comes with a fully-equipped fitness center that all of the guests can take advantage of, an outside seasonal swimming pool, and a room that comes with a flat-screen cable TV, a coffee maker, and free wifi.

Jackson Hole Luxury Hotels

  • Parkway Inn of Jackson Hole has an indoor pool and a hot tub that guests can use, a fully-equipped fitness center where they can work out, and a coffee maker and free wifi in every room.

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2. City Center

Jackson Hole Town Square featuring the Washington Memorial Park for a piece titled Where to Stay in Jackson Hole


Aside from the awesome skiing and snowboarding tracks, Jackson also has quite a few fun attractions in the city itself that visitors might be interested in checking out. The first thing that you might like to check out are the many parks in the area.

They’re not all that exciting, but they’re a great place to have a walk, enjoy the scenery and get some fresh air, or maybe even get a few things together and have a nice picnic with your friends or family on the grass.

You can also visit the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum. This is a relatively small museum that has exhibits that are centered on local historical artifacts that were found in the area.

You also have plenty of exhibits and walking tours that take you through the history of the city, the people that lived there in the past, and local landmarks that people might like to visit and see for themselves.

You’ll also find quite a few bars and restaurants in this area as well. Jackson as a whole doesn’t really have much of a nightlife if we’re being honest, but there are still plenty of places that you can visit, live shows that you can catch, and bars where you can get a drink with your friends.

You also have cafes where you can just get a latte and chat with your friends, as well as restaurants where you can have dinner. The thing about the center of the city is that it has a surprising number of people during certain seasons.

Since this is a pretty small city and everything is in one place, all of the cafes and bars are usually either going to be completely booked or at least crowded. Getting a spot is usually going to require you to plan ahead and call to make a reservation.

Things to Do

  • Check out all of the different shops around the area and freshen up your wardrobe a bit or just check out all of the different items that are on display.
  • Visit the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum and check out all of the different artifacts and relics that are on display.
  • Look through all of the different bars and nightclubs that can be found in this area and find yourself a good place where you can enjoy a stiff drink and a live music performance.
  • Go to The National Museum of Wildlife Art and check out all of the taxidermy exhibits and the different scenes that are created from them.

Where to Eat

  • The Merry Piglets Mexican Grill is the best place in the city if you’re in the mood for some Mexican food.
  • Thai Plate is a small restaurant where you can get some Asian food.
  • The Kitchen has some amazing seasonal dishes that you can try regardless of which time of the year you visit.

Jackson Hole Budget Hotels

  • Alpine Motel is a pretty modest motel that comes with a full kitchen in every room, a cable TV, a vending machine, and a fax that’s available for use.

Jackson Hole Mid-Range Hotels

  • Ranch Inn Jackson Hole comes with a front desk that’s always on call for any and all of your needs, a full business center that you can take advantage of, and a cable TV and an AC unit in every room.

Jackson Hole Luxury Hotels

  • Wyoming Inn of Jackson Hole has an on-site restaurant that guests can use whenever they’re hungry, a fully-equipped fitness center where they can work up a sweat, and rooms that come with a flat-screen cable TV and a coffee maker.

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3. May Park

Elk herd feeding in May Park, one of the best places to stay in Jackson Hole, with the town in the background

Green Mountain Exposure/Shutterstock

The biggest attraction in this area would undoubtedly have to be the National Elk Refuge. This is a great place to come if you want to see these massive majestic animals, in addition to participating in some fun activities as well.

One of the most popular activities that you can try out is the Elk Sleigh ride where visitors are placed in a massive sleight and driven around. The only downside to this is that it’s only available when there’s snow for very obvious reasons.

However, during the summer months, there are still a lot of fun things to do around here, like the covered wagon cookout & show. You’ll be able to take a ride through the woods in an authentic-looking wagon and feel like a cowboy back in the days of the old west as you enjoy your meal and the show that some along with it.

This area is also known for the natural beauty of the massive sweeping fields that can be found here. This makes the hiking trails especially tempting since tourists can enjoy the sights while getting in a bit of exercise and breathing in some fresh air.

The biggest issue with this part of the city is a relatively simple one – it’s a bit too far out of the way.

There aren’t any hotels in this area, and while we’ve mentioned that Jackson is a pretty small town, there’s still a lot of walking involved when it comes to going from your room to the attractions on the other side of town.

Things to Do

  • Go to one of the horse ranches in the area and learn how to ride if you want to travel the hiking trails in a brand new way.
  • Check out one of the authentic cookouts that allow you to ride in a covered wagon and enjoy a meal and a show at your destination.
  • Visit the National Elk Refuge and either just take some time and admire these beasts from afar, or go on a sleigh ride.
  • Go on a walk on one of the many hiking trails that can be found in the area and get some fresh air and exercise.

Where to Eat

  • Bar T 5 is a great place that’s located near the National Elk Refuge where you can grab a bite to eat.
  • Haydens Post Restaurant has a pretty large menu full of great dishes that you can try.
  • Persephone Bakery is where you go if you want to try some nice pastries.

Jackson Hole Budget Hotels

  • Flat Creek Inn has an on-site gas station and convenience store that covers basically all of the needs of the guests, and the rooms are pretty cheap as well.

Jackson Hole Mid-Range Hotels

  • Anvil Hotel comes with an in-house bar where you can enjoy a stiff drink at night, rooms that have a flat-screen cable TV and free wifi, and there’s also free on-site parking as well.

Jackson Hole Luxury Hotels

  • Rustic Inn Creekside provides you with access to an on-site restaurant with a pretty impressive menu, a swimming pool that you can use, as well as a full-service spa and a fully-equipped fitness center that you can take advantage of.

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4. West Side

Person horseback riding in Jackson Hole on the West Side, one of the best parts of town

William Shafer/Shutterstock

The West Side of Jackson Hole has a little bit of everything. There are quite a few interesting attractions that you can check out, which include the many hiking tours and biking trails in the area.

It’s a great place for outdoorsmen that love to be in nature, but there are also a few other more urban attractions that you can try out as well. For the nature lovers out there, this side of the city definitely has plenty to offer.

You can rent a few ATVs and have a bit of fun riding them around. You can go horseback riding and check out the countryside on the back of these majestic animals. And you can hike up to a tall cliff and enjoy the view only to have a bit of fun getting back down by traveling via zipline.

There are also a couple of shooting ranges that you might like to visit. These are a stark contrast to most of the other activities that you can try in the city, but they’re still a lot of fun.

Anyone that’s been to a shooting range knows how fun a bit of target practice can be, but newcomers won’t be left out either and you’ll learn everything you need to know in the short orientation in the beginning.

This area of the city may have plenty of interesting activities, but it doesn’t really have any bars or nightclubs, which is a bummer if you wanted to have a place to grab a drink with your friends without having to walk across town to do it.

Things to Do

  • Renting an ATV and spending an entire afternoon just driving around is a great way to have some fun.
  • During the summer you can use the ski lifts to give you a scenic birds-eye view of the area and all of its beauty.
  • There are quite a few kayaking tours that you can take in this area that can show you the beauty of the area from a brand new perspective.
  • You can go to a shooting range, pick out a gun that you want to try out, and spend a bit of time developing your aiming skills.

Where to Eat

Jackson Hole Budget Hotels

  • Super 8 by Wyndham Jackson Hole comes with free wifi throughout the property, rooms that come with a microwave and a cable TV, and a front desk that’s always available.

Jackson Hole Mid-Range Hotels

  • The Virginian Lodge has a flat-screen cable TV and an AC unit in every room, a heated seasonal swimming pool and a hot tub that guests can enjoy, and free wifi throughout the property.
  • Inn on The Creek comes with a flat-screen cable TV and a DVD player in every room, a complimentary breakfast every morning, and freshly baked cookies that are offered in the lobby every afternoon.

Jackson Hole Luxury Hotels

  • Hampton Inn Jackson Hole provides you with a fully-equipped fitness center that you can use as well as a business center, an on-site laundrette, a front desk that’s always available, and a flat-screen TV in every room.

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5. Uptown

Photo of Flat Creek, in Uptown Jackson Hole, one of the best places to stay in the area

Kate Elliott/Shutterstock

The Uptown region of the city is as close to the mountain range as you can get without packing a tent, a sleeping bag, and going camping.

Aside from the standard hiking trails, this area is also known for Flat Creek, where you’ll be able to do a bit of fly fishing and try to catch your dinner for the night, or do the more sportsman-like thing and let the catch go instead.

The area has a few rock climbing gyms that you can visit if you’d like to try out this activity and see just how high you can climb, or at least how long you can keep going before you fall off.

You can also visit the fish hatchery that’s located n this area, do the Mormon Row Sightseeing Tour and be led around town, and you can also visit the farmer’s market and see what the stalls have for sale.

If you’re in the mood to catch a show, Jackson Hole doesn’t really have a theater or a cinema that you can go to, but the rodeo is a definite must-visit location.

Here you’ll see some fantastic riding skills on full display as professionals perform some amazing tricks for your entertainment. The only downside to this area is the one that it shares with the City Center.

You’re going to see quite a large crowd of people in this area in certain seasons, and that means that it might be a bit more difficult to find a vacant hotel room or a table in a restaurant without calling ahead to make a reservation ahead of time.

Things to Do

  • Put on a vest, strap yourself in and hold on for your life as you check out the rapids in a bit of white water rafting 
  • Visit the rodeo in town and check out the cowboys riding and breaking in bucking bronchos, as well as the bull and clown shows.
  • Try your hand at a bit of fly fishing and see if you can get the hang of it enough to be able to catch something in the river.
  • Take the Mormon Row Sightseeing Tour and have a guide show you around the city and all of the important landmarks throughout.

Where to Eat

Jackson Hole Mid-Range Hotels

  • 49’er Inn & Suites comes with a flat-screen TV and free wifi in every room, a relatively large indoor swimming pool and a hot tub that guests can use, and a fitness center that they can take advantage of.
  • The Lexington at Jackson Hole provides all of the guests with free parking, a coffee machine and a flat-screen cable TV in every room, and a daily breakfast buffet in the lobby every morning.

Jackson Hole Luxury Hotels

  • Hotel Jackson has two on-site restaurants and a bar where guests can sit down and enjoy a drink with their friends, fitness and a business center that they can use, and a hot tub.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Jackson Hole?

⛷️ Best for Winter SportsSnow King
🍷 Best for NightlifeCity Center
🦁 Best for Wild Life ExperienceMay Park
🌲 Best for Outdoor ActivitiesWest Side
⛰️ Best for Outdoor ExperienceUptown

You can easily cover all of Jackson Hole on foot in less than an afternoon. However, just because a city is small doesn’t mean that there’s any shortage of interesting activities that you can try out.

Snow King is the best location in the city that you can visit during the winter thanks to the lodges in the area and the many ski slopes that you can use to shred some powder.

The City Center has a little bit of everything, but it’s probably the best destination in the town for anyone that likes to check out the local bar scene and see if there are any fun music gigs happening that night.

May Park is a great place to be if you want to see the local wildlife and check out a few activities recreating campfire gatherings from the old west. West Side Is where nature lovers can spend days just doing different outdoor activities and maybe even have a bit of fun camping.

Uptown has a lot of great hiking trails, horse ranches where you can learn how to ride, rivers where you can try a bit of fishing, and so on. Happy travels!