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Why Visit Ecuador?

Ecuador, located on the equator in South America, is celebrated for its stunning biodiversity, captivating landscapes, and rich indigenous culture. The country’s capital is Quito, while Guayaquil is its largest city and economic center.

Ecuador’s landscapes include the dramatic Andes Mountains, pristine Amazon rainforests, and the unique Galápagos Islands, known for their unparalleled wildlife. Its history is marked by ancient civilizations like the Inca, Spanish colonization, and a struggle for independence led by figures like Antonio José de Sucre. Ecuador is renowned for its indigenous communities, vibrant markets, and as a gateway to the Galápagos, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Accommodations in Ecuador

Ecuador offers a wide range of accommodations to cater to different traveler preferences and interests. From eco-lodges in the Amazon Rainforest to beachfront resorts in the Galápagos, historic haciendas in the Andes, and urban hotels in Quito, here are some of the best places to stay in Ecuador, thoughtfully selected based on their location, amenities, and guest reviews:

Eco-Lodges in the Amazon Rainforest

  • Napo Wildlife Center (Yasuní National Park, Amazon Rainforest): Immerse yourself in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Napo Wildlife Center offers eco-friendly lodge accommodations, a remote location in Yasuní National Park, and access to rainforest adventures like wildlife viewing and jungle hikes. Enjoy a nature-focused and immersive stay in one of the world’s most biodiverse regions.
  • Sacha Lodge (Coca, Amazon Rainforest): Located in a pristine rainforest reserve, Sacha Lodge provides comfortable eco-lodge rooms, a serene ambiance, and the opportunity to explore the untouched Amazon wilderness. Experience an eco-conscious and deep-forest stay in the heart of the Amazon.

Beachfront Resorts in the Galápagos

  • Pikaia Lodge (Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos): Immerse yourself in the unique Galápagos Islands. Pikaia Lodge offers luxury accommodations, a hilltop location on Santa Cruz Island, and access to island-hopping experiences, snorkeling with marine life, and wildlife encounters. Enjoy a Galápagos-focused and upscale stay in one of the world’s most famous archipelagos.
  • Finch Bay Galápagos Hotel (Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos): Located on a beautiful beach, Finch Bay Galápagos Hotel provides comfortable rooms, a tranquil setting, and proximity to Charles Darwin Research Station and the town of Puerto Ayora. Experience a beachfront and island-centric stay in the Galápagos.

Historic Haciendas in the Andes

  • Hacienda Zuleta (Imbabura, Andes): Immerse yourself in the Andean highlands. Hacienda Zuleta offers charming accommodations, a rural setting, and access to cultural experiences like horseback riding, hiking, and interactions with the local community. Enjoy an Andes-focused and cultural stay in this historic hacienda.
  • Hacienda Cusin (Otavalo, Andes): Located near Otavalo, Hacienda Cusin provides colonial-style rooms, a peaceful atmosphere, and proximity to Otavalo Market and the Peguche Waterfall. Experience a colonial-era and artisan-focused stay in the Andes.

Urban Hotels in Quito

  • Casa Gangotena (Quito): Immerse yourself in the capital city. Casa Gangotena offers boutique accommodations, a central location in Quito’s historic center, and access to cultural attractions like the Basilica of the National Vow and the Independence Square. Enjoy a chic and culturally rich stay in Quito.
  • Illa Experience Hotel (Quito): Located in the San Marcos district, Illa Experience Hotel provides elegant rooms, a historic ambiance, and proximity to landmarks like the San Francisco Church and the El Panecillo hill. Experience a colonial-era and artistic stay in one of South America’s best-preserved cities.

Whether you’re interested in eco-lodges in the Amazon Rainforest, beachfront resorts in the Galápagos, historic haciendas in the Andes, or urban hotels in Quito, Ecuador offers a variety of exceptional accommodations to meet your needs and ensure a memorable experience in this diverse and breathtaking country.

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