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Why Visit Chile?

Chile, a slender nation stretching along the western edge of South America, is celebrated for its diverse landscapes, from the arid Atacama Desert in the north to the pristine fjords of Patagonia in the south. Santiago serves as the country’s capital and largest city.

Chile’s landscapes include the towering Andes Mountains that define its eastern border, numerous volcanoes, and a long Pacific coastline. Its history is marked by indigenous cultures like the Mapuche, Spanish colonization led by conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, and a struggle for independence led by figures like Bernardo O’Higgins and José de San Martín.

Where Should You Stay in Chile?

Chile, stretching along South America’s western edge, offers a spectacular array of landscapes from the driest desert in the north to the icy glaciers in the south. Its rich cultural heritage and modern cities make it a captivating destination. Here’s a guide to the best places to stay in Chile, each promising a unique experience.


  • Best For: Urban explorers, cultural enthusiasts.
  • Attractions: San Cristóbal Hill, La Moneda Palace, Bellavista neighborhood.


  • Best For: Bohemian vibes, art lovers.
  • Attractions: Cerro Alegre, La Sebastiana (Pablo Neruda’s house), Ascensores of Valparaíso.

Atacama Desert

  • Best For: Adventure seekers, stargazing.
  • Attractions: Valle de la Luna, El Tatio Geysers, Atacama Salt Flat.


  • Best For: Nature lovers, hikers.
  • Attractions: Torres del Paine National Park, Glacier Grey, Punta Arenas.

Easter Island

  • Best For: History buffs, remote exploration.
  • Attractions: Moai statues, Rano Raraku, Anakena Beach.

The Lake District

  • Best For: Scenic beauty, outdoor activities.
  • Attractions: Lake Llanquihue, Osorno Volcano, Chiloé Island.

The Wine Valleys

  • Best For: Wine connoisseurs, serene countryside.
  • Attractions: Colchagua Valley, Casablanca Valley, Maipo Valley.


  • Best For: Adventure sports, natural hot springs.
  • Attractions: Villarrica Volcano, Huerquehue National Park, Lake Villarrica.

Finding Your Perfect Spot in Chile

Whether it’s the bustling streets of Santiago, the mystical allure of Easter Island, or the breathtaking wilderness of Patagonia, Chile offers a diverse array of destinations. Stay in boutique hotels in Valparaíso, luxury lodges in Patagonia, or eco-friendly retreats in the Atacama Desert. Chile’s vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty ensure a memorable journey for every traveler.

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