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Why Visit Greenland?

Greenland, an autonomous territory of Denmark, is the world’s largest island and lies in the Arctic region of North America. Its stunning, icy landscapes include vast glaciers, rugged fjords, and towering icebergs. The capital city, Nuuk, offers a glimpse into Greenland’s unique blend of Inuit and Danish cultures.

Greenland’s natural beauty is exemplified by its massive ice sheet that covers about 80% of the island and its polar wildlife, including polar bears, seals, and whales. The indigenous Inuit population has a rich cultural heritage and a deep connection to the land and sea.

Where Should You Stay in Greenland?

Greenland, a vast Arctic paradise, offers an array of experiences amidst its dramatic landscapes and unique cultural heritage. From the glittering icebergs of Ilulissat to the vibrant Northern Lights in Kangerlussuaq, finding the right place to stay is essential for experiencing Greenland’s majestic beauty. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a culture seeker, or someone looking for a tranquil escape, Greenland’s varied regions provide a setting for every kind of traveler. Let’s navigate through the best places to stay in Greenland, ensuring your visit is both unforgettable and perfectly attuned to your desires.


  • Best For: Cultural exploration, modern amenities, Greenlandic cuisine.
  • Attractions: Nuuk Art Museum, National Museum of Greenland, Katuaq Cultural Centre.


  • Best For: Iceberg views, whale watching, Arctic adventures.
  • Attractions: Ilulissat Icefjord, Sermermiut Eskimo Settlement, Midnight Sun Cruises.


  • Best For: Northern Lights, outdoor activities, wildlife viewing.
  • Attractions: Russell Glacier, Kangerlussuaq Museum, Sisimiut Ice Cap.


  • Best For: Hiking, cultural immersion, Greenlandic architecture.
  • Attractions: Sisimiut Museum, Ancient Qasigiannguit Trail, Kayak trips.


  • Best For: Historical sites, local arts, serene landscapes.
  • Attractions: Stone & Man sculptures, Qaqortoq Museum, Uunartoq Hot Springs.


  • Best For: Remote landscapes, traditional Inuit culture, iceberg views.
  • Attractions: Tasiilaq Museum, Flower Valley, Helicopter tours to glaciers.

Disko Bay

  • Best For: Iceberg cruising, Inuit culture, Arctic wildlife.
  • Attractions: Qeqertarsuaq Museum, Whale watching tours, Disko Island hikes.

East Greenland

  • Best For: Wilderness exploration, dog sledding, off-the-beaten-path experiences.
  • Attractions: Ittoqqortoormiit, Scoresby Sund, Liverpool Land.

Finding Your Greenland Getaway

Selecting the right location in Greenland depends on what you seek. Nuuk offers a blend of culture and modernity, while Ilulissat is perfect for iceberg and whale watching. Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut are gateways to Arctic wilderness and Northern Lights.

Qaqortoq offers a glimpse into Greenland’s history and art, while Tasiilaq and East Greenland are havens for adventurers seeking remote beauty. Disko Bay provides a balance of cultural immersion and natural wonders.

Greenland’s diverse regions promise everything from urban exploration to serene Arctic escapes, ensuring your stay is as thrilling and captivating as the land itself. Greenland’s blend of rugged landscapes, rich Inuit culture, and breathtaking natural phenomena guarantees an experience as diverse and majestic as the country itself.

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