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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Oahu in 2024

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Oahu in 2024

What's the best time to visit Oahu?

The best time to visit Oahu is typically during early spring, which spans from April to May, or early fall, from September to October. During these periods, you can expect pleasant weather, fewer tourists, and more budget-friendly travel and accommodation options. These months provide a perfect balance between comfortable temperatures and lower costs, combining the best of both worlds.

The islands of Hawaii are beautiful places to visit for a tropical oasis vacation, especially Oahu. Oahu is home to around one million people, making it the most populous of the Hawaiian islands, and welcomes many tourists each year.

With perfect sunny weather and comfortable temperatures all year round, Oahu is on plenty of people’s bucket lists!

The island of Oahu is Hawaii’s third biggest island, providing plenty of beaches and stunning views of the surrounding ocean. There is a whopping 597 square miles of space for you to explore and enjoy!

Whether you’re looking to lounge in the sun to work on that sun-kissed tan or want something more lively, Oahu has everything you need and want! If Oahu sounds like a dream to you, maybe it’s time for you to start planning your trip!

However, it’s hard to determine when the best and worst times to visit Oahu are since it’s such a hotspot for travelers. Let’s look at some factors that will help you figure out when to go to Oahu!

The Overall Best Time to Visit Oahu

Aerial view of Waikiki beach during the best time to visit Oahu


The overall best time to visit Oahu seems to be from April to May and then September to October. So, early spring and early fall are your best bets, and some of the reasons for this include the weather, lack of tourists, and low traveling and accommodation rates.

You can visit the island any time you want, but these are things to keep in mind when booking. In the spring, temperatures are pretty mild in Oahu and tend to hover in the 70s and low 80s, meaning the weather is comfortable.

In the fall, the temperatures start to wind down again as the island gets ready for its winter season. By visiting during early spring or fall, you’ll also be dodging Oahu’s rainy season, so your trip should be full of sunshine!

During April, May, September, and October, the crowds tend to be smaller as most children are in school and people are working. The only time to avoid Oahu during this time is Golden Week, which is in April.

Golden Week is an important time frame where four Japanese holidays fall closely together, so Oahu is busy at this time as people gather to celebrate. Because these four months generally see fewer tourists, prices for flights and accommodations drop significantly.

When demand for Oahu is low, hotels and airlines lower their prices in an attempt to get more people to travel. It’s a tactic that companies use to try to make money during slow seasons, but you can benefit from this with some cheap deals!

Cheapest Time to Visit Oahu

Rainbow over the scenic view of Sunset Beach on the North Shore during the cheapest time to visit Oahu

Nataliya Hora/Shuterstock

The cheapest time to visit Oahu is from September to mid-December. April to June are affordable times to visit Oahu as well, but fall to early winter seems to have the best prices.

Two primary reasons for these low prices include the weather during this time frame and the low amount of people that tend to travel during this time. In September, fall starts to roll in, and with that comes cooler temperatures.

But by cooler temperatures, this means that the temperatures are in the 70s and low 80s rather than in the upper 80s. But, dark clouds and possible rain showers come along with these cooler temperatures.

Oahu’s rainy season generally runs from November to March. Moisture tends to gravitate to Oahu and the rest of the Hawaiian islands within these months, meaning rain is very likely to keep you inside and away from outdoor activities.

Hurricane season also runs from June to November, so a hurricane may pass through Oahu. Due to the weather being hard to gauge and school being back in session, tourists don’t usually travel to Oahu from September to mid-December.

And with fewer tourists, you’re more likely to find great deals on airfare and hotels without searching too rigorously! Remember, less demand means affordable prices for everything!

Least Busy Time to Visit Oahu

Canoe resting on a tropical beach during sunset during the least busy time to visit Oahu

Ashley Hadzopoulos/Shutterstock

The least busy times to visit Oahu are from April to mid-June and September to mid-December. These months fall into the category of shoulder seasons, which means that these times fall between peak season and the off-season.

Because of this, there tends to be fewer people around, especially other tourists and travelers. Most people only have time off in the summer and around Christmas time, so they don’t usually travel from April to mid-June or September to mid-December.

This is especially true for families who have children in school. You’ll still see some tourists during these months, but it definitely won’t be burdensome to do things. It’ll be just right!

Smaller crowds are a perk in themselves because you won’t have to wait in lines or feel squished like a sardine inside buildings. But, the other plus that comes with smaller crowds is lower prices for plane tickets and hotels!

You might even be able to catch some discounts on tickets for events and tours in Oahu as well. Check online before you go places! The funny part is that April through June and September through December are the months with the best weather.

Usually, you can expect people to swarm to places when the weather is perfect, but most people don’t have time off during these months. Take advantage of these less crowded times, take a well-deserved vacation, and save a little money while you’re at it!

Worst Time to Visit Oahu

View from the summit of the Koolau Mountain Range on the Island of Oahu during the worst time to visit

Evan Austen/Shutterstock

The worst times to visit Oahu are from late December to early January and during hurricane season. This period can be tricky to plan vacations around because you never know what will happen, and December and January are celebration months.

So, in this case, weather and crowds are the main reasons why you shouldn’t travel at these times. December and January are busy times for Oahu because of Christmas and New Year’s.

Many people travel to see family and friends or to escape from the cold during this time, so airfare and accommodations in Oahu are insanely expensive. You most likely will not be able to find any discounts or deals during this time as the island is in high demand.

Hawaii’s hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, similar to other states that fall victim to hurricanes. The harshness of hurricane season is rarely the same every year, which adds to the unreliableness of the weather.

But, if you plan on booking a trip during hurricane season, you should wait until the last minute to ensure a hurricane won’t ruin your plans. June through August is also where summer vacation falls for most kids.

This means that a lot of families will be in Oahu since this is the only time they can take big vacations without missing school. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or have your plans rained on, then visiting Oahu at Christmas time or during hurricane season isn’t ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skies on fire at sunset with rain in the background on the north shore during the best time to visit Oahu


Here are some frequently asked questions people have when thinking about taking a trip to the island of Oahu:

Does it rain every day in Oahu?

Yes! It rains almost every day in Oahu at some point on the island. Although it might be sunny where you are, it’s probably raining somewhere else on the island. Without this rain, you wouldn’t be seeing all of the beautiful greenery around you.

But, don’t worry, these rain showers don’t last long and won’t put a damper on your vacation. The only time that the rain might be a problem is during Oahu’s rainy season, from November to March. Widespread rain showers are much more likely during this time. Think about this when planning your trip.

What is Oahu’s hottest month?

The hottest month in Oahu tends to be August, where temperatures will hover in the upper 80s and sometimes reach 90 degrees. If you are sensitive to the heat, you might not want to visit Oahu in August.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Oahu?

The best time to visit Oahu is from April to May or September to October. The weather is gorgeous at these times, allowing you to enjoy the beach and some outdoor fun while still beating the crowds of tourists.

Start planning your trip to Oahu now, and you’ll be tanning in the sun and sinking your feet into the soft sand in no time. Happy travels!