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The Best Time to Visit Kona in 2023 | When to Go

The Best Time to Visit Kona in 2023 | When to Go

In need of some tropical island sunshine? Kona is perfect, but you need to know when to go to make sure you’re making the most of your time on the Big Island.

See the best time to visit Kona below for great weather, fair prices, and few crowds to plan the ultimate Hawaiian vacation!

Why You Should Visit Kona in 2023

If year-round temperatures from 81F-87F, warm sunshine, and dramatic tropical scenery are your idea of a great getaway, Kona, Hawaii is your destination. 

Kona amasses about two-thirds of the Big Island of Hawai’i and is one of the most popular areas to visit. Take your pick of amazing hotels, restaurants, shops, and beaches in Kona! 

Since Kona is such a large area, the landscape here is diverse. From idyllic island beach scenes to dense greenery and areas to explore, you’ll spend your trip taking in all Kona has to offer.

Like the rest of the Hawaiian islands, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous in its tropical scenery dotted with lush, green mountains, sandy beaches, and volcanic craters. 

And you’ll never run out of things to do in Kona!

From some of the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii along Kona’s coast to incredible restaurants and water sports (wind surfing, anyone?), you can make your Kona stay as laid-back or active as you want. 

If your vacation is all about R&R, take to any of the 45 beaches along the Kona coast (including a nearby black sand beach at Makole’a).

Or take a day to get pampered at a spa with stunning views of the ocean! You can also take a boat tour to spot dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and whales. 

Kona has some great hiking trails that lead you through deep, shady forest landscapes and along high ridges where you can see for miles. 

Kona coffee is world famous and it all starts on the slopes of Hualālai, where the coffee farms receive the perfect amount of sunshine and rain to grow some of the tastiest coffee in the world.

With tons of options for accommodations at all price points, endless activities and events happening year-round, and deliciously warm weather that starts every vacation off right, you owe yourself a visit to Kona, Hawaii. 

What Is the Best Time to Visit Kona?

Ki'i statues in Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park during the best time to visit Kona


  • Overall best time to visit: June-August
  • Cheapest time to visit: May-July
  • Least busy time to visit: January-February
  • Worst time to visit: December

The peak tourism season in Kona generally runs from June to August and the month of December. July is the most-visited month of the year here. 

We recommend visiting Kona during the peak season if you can – there’s a reason it’s the most popular time of year to come!

Great weather, very little rain, and 13+ hours of sunshine each day make it the best. It’s also cheaper to stay in Kona at this time of year. 

For a budget-friendly trip, the best time to visit Kona is between May and July. This is the cheapest time of year to go to Kona with nightly room rates dropping to just over $200/night. 

Kona’s low season is January and February. January is the least-visited month of the year here, but also the most expensive. 

January and February are the least busy times to visit Kona if you want to avoid crowds, but know that there’s a tradeoff with higher prices. 

The worst time to visit (as if there really is a “bad time” to go to Kona!) may be December, which is one of the busiest and priciest months of the year here. 

Not sure Kona is where you want to go on the Island of Hawai’i? Check out The Best Time to Visit the Big Island instead.

Overall Best Time to Visit Kona

View of the Kailua Kona coast at sunset on a cloudy warm day during the overall best time to visit Kona

Bob Pool/Shutterstock

Overall, the best time to visit Kona is in the summer from June to August. It’s warm with highs around 86F, there’s almost no rain, and prices on hotels are very low. 

Broaden the scope a bit to include May and you’ve got the cheapest time of year to visit Kona, with great hotel rates around $200-$220/night. 

June to August is part of Kona’s warm and sunny dry season, when very little rain falls on this region of the Big Island. We’re talking around half an inch of rain each month – no storms to ruin your plans!

The weather hangs in the 85F-87F range during this time of year, making it absolutely perfect for beach days and spending time in the shade of looming palm trees and forests. 

You’ll enjoy lots of sunshine from June to August with 13+ hours of sunlight each day so you can enjoy your time in Kona to the fullest. 

The prices on hotel rooms are actually at their lowest during this time of year – something that’s relatively unheard of for peak tourism periods.

Cheapest Time to Visit Kona

Pools of Paradise with rushing water shown at sunset in Kailua Kona during the cheapest time to visit Kona Hawaii


The cheapest time to visit Kona is from May to July, when room rates hit rock bottom after the winter and early spring crowds clear out. 

You’ll find rates on hotels at their lowest during this season, especially in the summer months of June ($203/night average) and July ($205/night average). 

May boasts hotel rates around $225/night, so you can still find a great deal if you come at the end of spring when highs are closer to 84F. 

The May-July period has the ideal Hawaiian weather every traveler looks forward to, with highs around 85F and less than 0.6 inches of rain monthly. 

The sun shines for 13 hours each day at this time of year, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors with all the beaches, coffee farms, water sports, and hiking trails you want to visit. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Kona

Outrigger canoe on the beach Kamakahonu Beach with palm trees in the background during the least busy time to visit Kona

Damien VERRIER/Shutterstock

The least busy time of year to visit Kona is from January to February during the rainy season when the temperatures are a bit cooler.

You’ll benefit from visiting at this time of year with fewer crowds, more hotel availability, and a more relaxing vibe in Kona without many tourists around.

You can expect comfortable highs around 81F each day and more sunshine hours than most places have in the winter (11 to 11.5 hours each day). 

The downsides are the increased rainfall, with around 0.8 to 1.2 inches falling each month, and higher prices on hotel rooms at this time of year. 

January room rates are around $337/night and February rates are around $329/night in Kona – some of the most expensive months of the year to stay here.

While January and February aren’t big tourism months for Kona, they are for other Hawaiian islands and regions.

The general demand in the area may be why room rates rise in winter here, even though fewer people are coming to visit. 

Worst Time to Visit Kona

Kona waves crashing against rocks on the shore during the worst time to visit Kona in the rainy season


The worst time to visit Kona overall may be the rainy month of December, when tons of tourists descend on the region for the holidays and drive prices up as a result. 

December is part of Kona’s rainy season, receiving about 1.3 inches of rain throughout the month. It’s the rainiest month of the year here, but there are only about 2 rainy days in December on average. 

The weather is still warm and pleasant, though, with highs around 82F all throughout the month and about 11 hours of sunshine each day. 

December’s issues aren’t just the increased rain – it’s also the higher prices and number of visitors arriving. 

When lots of people arrive in Kona at once, hotels get booked up quickly, shrinking the number of available rooms to choose from.

Room rates also rise as a result to around $317/night. December is the 3rd most expensive month to visit Kona (behind January and February).

Things to Consider

Wooden tiki carvings at Ki'i Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Park during the best time to visit Kona

David A Litman/Shutterstock

What else should you keep in mind to plan the most amazing trip during the best time to visit Kona? Here are some helpful travel tips. 

  • Stay somewhere nice. If you’re making the trip, make sure you’re staying at one of the best hotels in Kona to get the most out of your stay! Proximity to beaches and attractions you want to check out is important, as are clean rooms, extra amenities (like room service, pools, or guest beach chairs), and friendly staff. 
  • Eat like a local. When you’re in Kona, you’ll have so many options for places to eat and new foods to try! We recommend stopping by at least a couple of the best restaurants in Kona to get your fill of local seafood, Spam, and fusion cuisine with elements from all over the world.
  • Visit the national parks. Kona is home to a few excellent national parks that can be really educational and offer gorgeous views of the landscape. Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park is a former royal area, while Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park is right on the Kona coast where you can explore an ancient Hawaiian settlement.
  • Check out the marine life. Getting in the water around Kona will show you hundreds of beautiful and unique sea creatures, from whales, dolphins, manta rays, and green sea turtles (especially around the Keauhou resort area), to the state’s trigger fish, parrot fish, angel fish, and more. 
  • Spend a day at Kailua Village. The Historic Kailua Village is right on the coast in Kona and offers a wonderful place to spend a day of your trip for the whole family. There are several historic sites to visit, unique shops, lots of dining options, and more in this charming village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alii Drive aerial view in Kailua Kona on a beautiful day during the best time to visit Kona for a frequently asked questions section


If you want to become an expert on the best time to visit Kona, take a look at the most frequently asked questions below! 

What is the best month to visit the Big Island of Hawaii?

The best month to visit the Big Island, or Kona specifically, is June through August. This is the dry season and hotels are cheaper, the weather is warm around 85F, and it's not peak tourism season.

If you want cooler temperatures and don't mind paying a bit more for your hotel, another great time to visit the Big Island is from December to March.

What is the rainy season in Kona, Hawaii?

Kona's rainy season runs from November to March, with most the rainfall occurring in December and January.

Kona receives very little rainfall overall, making the "rainy season" less of a problem here than in other areas of Hawaii.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Kona?

The cheapest time of year to visit Kona in terms of hotel room rates is June and July, when rooms are around $203-$205/night on average.

This is an excellent time of year to go, so take advantage of the lower prices and visit in the summer!

How many days do you need in Kona?

Plan on spending at least 3-4 days in Kona so you'll have time to check out the 45 beaches, tour a coffee farm, snorkel, take a hike, swim, visit one of the national parks, and more.

Is Kona or Hilo better?

Seasoned travelers recommend Kona over Hilo because of the gorgeous landscape and scenery, options for things to do, farms and parks, and better nightlife options in the Kona region.

Over to You — Book Your Trip to Kona Today!

Kona has so much to amaze, delight, and surprise you, no matter when you choose to go. Just plan around your budget and tourism peaks and valleys to ensure you get the best Kona has to offer!