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The Best Time to Visit Anguilla in 2023 | When to Go

The Best Time to Visit Anguilla in 2023 | When to Go

There are few things in life better than a beach vacation. There’s nothing like sitting on a beautiful white sand beach, soaking up the sun, swimming, and drinking your favorite cold beverage.

The Caribbean is one of the most popular places to experience this type of vacation. There are thousands of islands where you can live out your tropical vacation dreams, but one island regularly escapes people’s attention – Anguilla.

The island of Anguilla is one of the finest in the Caribbean to visit. You’ll find stunning beaches, fantastic cuisine, and an incredible atmosphere here.

If you’re thinking about visiting Anguilla, keep reading. We’ll discuss the best time to visit Anguilla and some travel tips to help you make the most of your trip. You’ll be ready to plan the perfect tropical vacation to the beautiful island of Anguilla with these tips!

Why You Should Visit Anguilla

Little Bay shown from above on a beautiful day with calm water to indicate why you should visit Anguilla

Nikolay Tranov/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing tropical island getaway, consider visiting Anguilla. With stunning beaches, great food, and friendly locals, few places compare to this island paradise.

Some of the best reasons to visit Anguilla include the following:

  • Amazing white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Whether you want to swim, build sand castles, or relax in the sun, Anguilla has some of the best beaches in the world.
  • Delicious local cuisine. The food culture in Anguilla is fantastic, with chefs creating some of the best food you’ll ever taste. You’re sure to find something delectable on the menu, from delicious seafood dishes to mouthwatering desserts.
  • Incredible culture and atmosphere. With friendly locals and stunning natural scenery, you’re sure to fall in love with the atmosphere of Anguilla. Whether you want to explore vibrant towns, go hiking through beautiful natural landscapes, or relax on the beach, Anguilla has something for everyone.

If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean and looking for an extraordinary island getaway, be sure to add Anguilla to your list.

Overall Best Time to Visit Anguilla

View of resort with palm trees and blue skies in December during the best time to visit Anguilla

Anguilla’s Four Season Resort pools and gardens over cliffs with Barnes Bay view on December 3, 2015/Photostravellers/Shutterstock

If you want to avoid the hottest temperature and decrease the chance of rain, the best time to visit Anguilla is December to June during the milder dry season.

It can be tough to settle on the best time to visit Anguilla. The climate is relatively temperate, so the weather is pretty good all year round. 

During December to June, however, it’s absolutely ideal. The average temperature is between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also fewer chances of rain and less chance of strong winds.

If these factors are essential for your vacay, visiting sometime between December and June will be perfect.

Since Anguilla is in the tropics, it’s humid year-round but less so during this drier season. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor attractions without constantly sweating through your clothing.

Additionally, the worst enemy of a beach vacation is the rain. A white sand beach isn’t fun if you get poured on! Visiting early in the year will help you avoid the worst parts of the rainy season and maximize your vacation experience.

Finally, you’ll find outstanding scuba diving in Anguilla. The best time to dive is from December to May, when the weather is best and you can get a great view of the underwater world.

Diving during other parts of the year increases your risk of poor visibility and seeing less aquatic life. So if you’re looking for a beautiful, relaxing tropical vacation, the best time to visit Anguilla is from December to June by far.

Cheapest Time to Visit Anguilla

Image showing Meads Bay with restaurant outdoor dining during November, the cheapest time to visit Anguilla

View of hotel and restaurant-lined Meads Bay with white sand on the Caribbean island of Anguilla on November 29, 2014/EQRoy/Shutterstock

The best time to visit Anguilla on the cheap is in the fall, from September to November. The weather is warm with a higher chance of rain, so fewer people travel and prices drop.

Visiting Anguilla isn’t usually very cheap. Due to this tourist destination’s popularity, it can be hard to find affordable flights and accommodations. But from September to November, you’ll find that prices on the island take a bit of a dive. 

As a result, you’ll be able to find lower-priced flights and accommodations and more availability on tours and attractions. It’s the perfect time of year to visit if you’re keeping to a tighter budget! 

Another good time to visit on the cheap is during one of the shoulder seasons. Aim to visit from May to July or sometime in August to October.

The prices will be lower than the high season (December to April) but not relatively as cheap as the true low season (September to November). During the shoulder seasons, the weather mixes the cool and dry summer and the hot and wet winter. It is the perfect combination to save money while enjoying great weather!

Least Busy Time to Visit Anguilla

View of rocky cliffs and the ocean during the least busy time to visit Anguilla when tourism drops


The least busy time of year to visit Anguilla is during the rainy season in the fall. From September to November, the weather is warm but there are fewer tourists.

The higher chance of rain scares away many tourists in September, October, and November. The chance of poor weather means you can find lower prices on flights and accommodations and have ample free time to visit the best attractions on the island.

There are many benefits to visiting during this time of year. Many people fear that it will be constant when it rains, and they won’t be able to go outside.

Thankfully, this myth isn’t valid. During the rainy season in Anguilla, you can expect the mornings to be relatively clear with brief rain gusts arriving in the afternoon. It will be warm and humid, but with a little preparation, that won’t stop the fun!

This means you can still enjoy various outdoor activities during this time of year, like scuba diving and hiking. You may need to exercise patience and wait out the rain on some days.

Overall, visiting Anguilla in the low season is a great way to enjoy this tropical paradise while saving money and avoiding the worst of the crowds.

Worst Time to Visit Anguilla

Shipwrecks on Sandy Ground Beach during the worst time to visit Anguilla

Kristopher Kettner/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit Anguilla is from August through November. The rainy fall is the hottest part of the year in Anguilla and temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add in high levels of humidity and frequent rain storms during this time and you don’t have an ideal combination for visiting this tropical island.

Although sitting on the beach in the heat in between rain storms may seem appealing, it’s also very humid this time of year.

The combination of heat and humidity can sometimes make it feel unbearable. Many tourists seek shelter in the shade and avoid the sun during this time of the year.

In addition to the heat, you’ll contend with the rain and storms in fall. Heavy showers and storms can ruin your plans and affect your travel. Depending on the storm’s severity, you may have to change or cancel some plans.

Another negative to visiting Anguilla during this time of the year is the wind. Winds and tropical storms become more frequent, making it difficult to go on boat excursions and explore the small islands around Anguilla.

If you plan to visit Anguilla during these months, prepare for hot and humid temperatures. Also, make sure you have a plan B in the event of bad weather.

Things to Consider

Nice beach on a beautiful day with blue skies during the best time to visit Anguilla in the Caribbean

BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock

Planning an awesome trip to Anguilla starts with knowing what to expect! Here are a few things to keep in mind before visiting Anguilla to make your stay incredible.

  • December to May is peak travel time. The best time of year to visit this island is from December to May, but that’s also when it’s the most crowded with tourists who want to enjoy the great weather. During this time, the weather is cooler and dryer.
  • There are 2 shoulder seasons. Shoulder seasons in Anguilla run from November to December and from May to June. During these times, there are fewer tourists on the island. You’ll find more affordable flights and accommodations and have more free time to explore the best attractions on the island.
  • The low season has its downsides. The weather is scorching hot and uncomfortably humid from August to November. You’ll also contend with increased rain and the potential for tropical storms.
  • Pack lots of sunscreen and swimwear. The best attractions in Anguilla involve going to the ocean and spending time on the beach. Beyond sun protection and a few swimsuits, you’ll want comfy shoes to walk in and lightweight clothing made of breathable fabric. 
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast during the fall. When planning a trip, have a backup plan in case the weather turns bad. If you don’t want to make other travel plans, ensure that you’ll be okay with staying indoors if you have to.
  • Consider where you’ll stay in Anguilla. There are several lodging options in Anguilla, from luxury resorts to cheaper hostels. Think about your reasons for the trip and how upscale you want your accommodations to be when you’re checking the different options out! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Anse Marcel St. Maarten overlooking Anguilla for a frequently asked questions section on the best time to visit Anguilla


Still have a few questions about the best time to visit Anguilla and what it’s like here? These are some of the most commonly asked questions about Anguilla. You may find your answers below! 

When is the rainy season in Anguilla?

The rainy season in Anguilla typically occurs from May to November, with June and October being the wettest months. During this time, you can expect to experience frequent rainstorms. This time of year is also hurricane season so you may experience tropical storms if you visit.

Is Anguilla worth visiting?

Yes, Anguilla is worth visiting. There’s something for everyone in this tropical paradise with gorgeous beaches and plenty of outdoor activities!

Anguilla has something to offer whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventurous vacation. The island is small and easy to navigate so you can quickly get around and take in all the best sights.

What is better, Antigua or Anguilla?

Choosing between these islands depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. Antigua is best if you’re looking for a busy, metropolitan experience with many beautiful and famous island destinations. Anguilla is best if you’re looking for laid-back island vibes and relaxing beaches.

Is it a good time to visit Anguilla in January?

January is the best time to visit Anguilla. The weather is perfect and there’s a low chance of rain. Unfortunately, January is also the peak of the high season when many travelers flock to this island destination. If you’re looking for a quieter vacation, consider visiting during the shoulder season instead.

When is hurricane season in Anguilla?

Hurricane season typically falls between June and November, with August and September being the most active months. During this time, there is an increased risk of tropical storms and hurricanes. If you’re concerned about weather disturbances, it’s best to avoid this time of year.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Anguilla?

The best time to visit Anguilla is during the dry season, which typically runs from December to May. You can expect sunny skies and warm temperatures during this time, making it the best time for beach relaxing, excursions, and diving.

If you’re looking to visit on the cheap or without big crowds, aim to visit Anguilla from September to November.

This is both the cheapest and least busy time of year and it’s Anguilla’s low season. It’s hot, humid, and rainy, so it may not be a great time to go, but it’s worth it for some travelers. 

Shoulder seasons from May to June and November to December can be good times to go with fair weather and few tourists. These are great times to go if you want a well-rounded, affordable trip without the major crowds and peak prices! 

With amazing beaches, delicious food, and great weather, Anguilla is the perfect island paradise to relax and unwind. Go during the best time to visit Anguilla — best overall, cheapest, or least busy — to ensure you have an amazing experience!