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The 20 Best Places to Visit in July in 2023

The 20 Best Places to Visit in July in 2023

Are you looking for the best places to visit in July? We’ve got you covered. Read on for worldwide recommendations for your next summer vacation, from bustling cities to relaxing beaches.

20 of the Best Places to Visit in July

The best places to visit in July include sunny beach destinations like Portugal and snowy mountainous regions like New Zealand’s South Island. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all location, so we’ve researched places worldwide for every taste.

Head to Liverpool if you’re a music fan and hear live tunes on every street corner, or see a live rodeo in Oklahoma City. Food lovers will adore Portugal, while shopping enthusiasts might thrive in trend-setting Singapore.

We’ve considered several factors like weather, tourism, events, and things to do. The places below are ideal for your next July vacation, so start reading and get ready to book your trip!

1. Telluride, USA

Photo of downtown Telluride, one of the best places to visit in July, with the mountains towering over the town

Telluride, USA – August 14, 2019: Small town village in Colorado with sign for city and flowers by historic architecture on main street mountain view/Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

Experience Colorado without the snow and visit Telluride in July. The tiny tourist village in southeastern Colorado is a popular winter destination for winter sports, but there is an abundance of things to do in July.

Temperatures are ideal at 50 F to 73 F, and the landscape is lush and green. Festivals are in full swing in Telluride in July.

Check out the rock and roll Ride Festival, the Art and Architecture Week, or the Plein Air art festival. You can also see the mountains by gondola or go hiking on a crisp afternoon.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Neat morning view of a boat on the river in front of historical buildings for a piece titled the Best Places to Visit in July


Amsterdam is at its peak warm season in July, and there’s no better time to visit the Netherlands’ capital. Book a cruise through the canal, tour the Royal Zoo, or shop at the outdoor Albert Cuyp Market.

If it gets chilly one day, you can head inside the Van Gogh Museum and see over 200 works of art.

The weather sits at around 64 F with a few days of rain. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and hang out at Vondelpark for comedy, music, and theater shows.

3. Johannesburg, South Africa

Golden reef city of Johannesburg, one of the best places to visit in July

Finn Stock/Shutterstock

Johannesburg is ideal if you want to escape the heat in July. South Africa is at the peak of its cold season, making it the perfect time to go on safari. Temperatures rise to about 62 F in the midafternoon, and precipitation is at its yearly lowest.

Book a safari day trip and see lions, elephants, and rhinos. Or, you can stay in town and visit the Gold Reef City theme park and dine at The Big Mouth grill.

4. New York City, USA

A photo of Central Park in New York City, one of the best places to go to on vacation in July

NEW YORK CITY – OCTOBER 2015: Tourists in Central Park enjoy foliage season. The city attracts 50 million people annually/GagliargiPhotography/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for an unforgettable July 4th celebration, look no further than New York City. Macy’s hosts the country’s biggest fireworks display over the East River, drawing millions of visitors.

Every summer has a different theme, so you’ll leave wanting to return next year. The Big Apple is warm in the summer but has a decent cloud cover. Tour Central Park or catch a game at Yankee Stadium.

5. South Island, New Zealand

Amazing view of snow-capped mountains on South Island, one of the best places to visit in July


July is peak winter in South Island, New Zealand, and it’s a great place to escape for a ski vacation. Head to Coronet Peak and hit the slopes, go whale watching on the coast, or discover the natural hot springs at Lewis Pass.

The weather varies and can get as high as 52 F in Christchurch or below freezing in the Southern Alps. One of the best things to do in the winter is to head south to Dunedin and see the southern lights before leaving this magical island.

6. Orlando, USA

People riding a water ride in Universal Studios in Orlando, one of the best July vacation spots

ORLANDO,USA – AUGUST 24, 2014 : The Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park/Kamira/Shutterstock

For a sunny summer vacation filled with theme parks and bustling tourist crowds, visit Orlando in central Florida. Days are long, with plenty of hours of sunlight for sightseeing, and the hot weather hovers around 82 F.

Orlando is the best theme park destination in the country, as it’s home to Universal, Disney World, Legoland, and SeaWorld.

July is the peak month for events in the parks and the city, and you can see the EPCOT International Flower Festival or the Red, White, and Boom fireworks display at Legoland.

7. Aix-en-Provence, France

Morning view of the Aix-en Provence in France, one of the best places to visit in July on holiday

Eo Naya/Shutterstock

Spend your July vacation in the south of France and visit Aix-en-Provence, a charming village known for its artsy culture.

In July, the college town becomes a popular destination for family travelers, but it’s a perfect choice for anyone who loves cafes, art museums, hot springs, and Mediterranean food.

Aix-en-Provence is just a few minutes from Marseille, but it’s smaller and more walkable. It has a historic downtown ideal for walking in July when the weather is comfortable and hasn’t yet hit peak summer temperatures.

8. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen beach in Riviera Maya, one of the best places to visit in July


Opt for a beach vacation and visit Playa Del Carmen, a resort town on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It’s less touristy than Cancun and boasts stunning beaches, haunting underground caves, and a 3D museum.

July temperatures range from 72 F to 90 F, perfect for hitting the beaches. Visit Chichen Itza for local history, an ancient Mayan city, or discover wildlife and go snorkeling.

9. Liverpool, England

Buildings in the historical center of Liverpool, England, one of the best places to visit in July

Madrugada Verde/Shutterstock

Liverpool, England, is a top travel destination for music fans. It’s ideal if you want a summer vacation by the seaside but with cooler temperatures, as Liverpool rarely gets above 70 F in July.

July features plenty of festivals, and you can head to a local seafood restaurant afterward for a plate of fish and chips with beer. Also, visit the Beatles Story exhibition and get tickets to a football match.

10. Okinawa, Japan

Amazing hilltop view of a beach in Okinowa, one of the best places to visit in July

Yefimova Olena/Shutterstock

Okinawa is a group of islands in southern Japan, and July is the best time to go. Spend a beach vacation there and visit castles, national reserves, and an aquarium.

You won’t have to worry about cold temperatures in Okinawa, and the area stays around an idyllic 80 F. Keep your itinerary packed by visiting the zoo, the Wonder Museum, the botanic gardens, or the 15th-century Katsuren Ruins.

11. Oklahoma City, USA

View of buildings on either side of a canal in Oklahoma City, one of the best places to visit in July, as seen at dusk with a still sky

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Experience cowboy culture with a city flair in Oklahoma City. The state capital features rodeos, breweries, and museums about the history of the west.

The weather hovers around 83 F, so pack lightweight clothing and don’t forget sunglasses. Head to the Civic Center Hall for a musical, hit up the Bricktown Comedy Club, or try local cuisine at Nic’s Grill.

12. Singapore

The lion statue spitting water out of its mouth with the monorail hotel in the background for a piece on the best places to visit in July on vacation

Richie Chan/Shutterstock

Singapore, a small city-state in south Asia, is ideal for a city vacation. Temperatures are moderate, with some rainy afternoons, making July a great time to visit. The city is a shopping hub, so pack an extra suitcase for souvenirs!

The Great Singapore Sale runs through July, bringing lower prices to many fashion stores. Also, visit the Gardens by the Bay and the ArtScience Museum, and remember to tour the art at the National Gallery.

13. Galveston, USA

Neat view of the boardwalk and rides pictured on a still day with still water with blue skies, as seen from the beach

Ramiro Reyna Jr/Shutterstock

Galveston is a small tourist island off the coast of Texas. It sits on the Gulf of Mexico and has over 30 miles of stunning beaches, 19th-century architecture, and many fresh seafood restaurants.

The island is popular with couples looking for a romantic getaway, and you can rent a bungalow on the beach or stay in a top hotel. July boasts the best swimming temperatures, at around 84 F, and it’s the least windy time of year.

14. Montevideo, Uruguay

Neat view of historical old buildings lining a street with nobody on it in Uruguay, one of the best places to visit in July

Igor Samoiliuk/Shutterstock

Head down to South America for a July vacation in Montevideo, Uruguay, a capital city of around 1.3 million people. It’s a coastal town with Spanish-style architecture, including a citadel, historic downtown, and several cathedrals.

Montevideo is in its winter season, and you can see the seaside city at its best in July when it’s a cool 52 F. Get outside to tour a winery or head to the Theater Solis for a night of performing arts.

The weather is nice enough for swimming most days. However, you can plan indoor activities if it gets chilly, like the Palacio Taranco art museum or the Mercado Ferrando, an indoor shopping center and eatery.

15. Stockholm, Sweden

Sun setting over the bay in Stockholm, one of the best places to visit in the world in July


Stockholm is at its peak season in July, and there’s no better time to visit the Swedish capital. The Scandinavian city is on the waterfront and includes over 14 islands.

Fly into the international airport and take a ferry between the islands, choosing a rural place like Uto if you want a quiet vacation.

Or, opt for a city trip and check out the 13th-century architecture in the heart of the city, like the Storkyrkan Cathedral. Remember to tour the ABBA Museum if you’re a fan!

16. Skye, Scotland

Neat view of the little fishing town in Skye, Scotland, one of the best places to visit in July, with colorful homes overlooking the bay

Nataliya Hora/Shutterstock

Skye, Scotland, is a peaceful destination known for its cold temperatures. However, it heats up in July, and you can see the rural Scottish landscapes in all their glory.

Skye is an island in the area called the Hebrides, which is associated with the ancient Vikings. Today, it’s a popular summer destination where tourists can ride ponies or climb cliffs.

Consider staying in Portree, the largest town, for the most amenities. You can spend a day exploring and end a cozy evening in an authentic pub.

17. Chicago, USA

Boat driving down the green river in July in Chicago, with buildings towering over the scene


Chicago, Illinois, is a popular city destination year-round, but we recommend visiting in July as the weather is best. It’s around 75 F, ideal for touring the city and checking out sights like the famous Cloud Gate statue in Millennium Park.

You can also go to the Skydeck for a bird’s eye view of Chicago.

The city is famous for its association with gangsters, and the sunny July weather is perfect for a gangster-themed walking tour. Or, book a cruise on Lake Michigan and see the natural beauty.

18. Toronto, Canada

Lovely day in Toronto, one of the best places to visit in July, pictured on a blue-sky day with people in a park lounging and soaking up the nice weather

Toronto, Canada – 06 09 2019: Torontonians having rest in the Music Garden. Toronto Music Garden, one of the city’s most enchanted locations, is inspired by Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello/Vadim Rodnev/Shutterstock

Head to Ontario to visit Toronto, one of the best places to go in Canada. July is the peak festival season, and there’s something for everyone, from the Fringe Theater Festival to the Toronto Jazz Festival.

The weather is around 70 F with a few days of rain. Pack a swimsuit because the water is warm enough to swim at Toronto’s beaches!

Head out to see the iconic Niagara Falls on a hot July day. Or, stay in the city and visit the Royal Ontario Museum, home to over 6 million items ranging from archaeology to oil paintings.

19. Porto, Portugal

Old ships in the harbor of Porto, one of the best places to visit in July, with still teal water and old Colonial-style homes overlooking the water

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Porto, Portugal, is a sunny, coastal European destination. Visit in July and enjoy temperatures in the 70s, relaxing days on the beach, and boat tours on winding rivers.

The city has a rich history and even features a Medieval-era district. It’s famously the home of port wine, and you can visit the wineries just outside the city or do a wine tasting in town.

Porto is also famed for its culinary prestige. The city has five Michelin-star restaurants and cuisine ranging from light Mediterranean fare to hearty mainland digs.

20. Seattle, USA

People kayaking on Lake Union in Seattle, one of the best places to visit in July


Seattle, Washington, is a coastal town in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s a bustling city with nearby natural beauty like the famed Mount Rainier.

July is the height of the city’s dry season, with only a few days of rain, so you can enjoy your vacation and leave your umbrella at home. Visit Seattle in July and watch fireworks on July 4th over Puget Sound, or tour the beautiful buildings on the University of Washington campus.

You can also see the Space Needle, a towering structure built originally for the 1962 World’s Fair, or visit the flagship Starbucks in this coffee capital.

Things to Consider

Consider these tips before traveling in July:

  • Choose a location with an international airport. Airline prices peak in the late summer, but larger airports can get you better rates.
  • Decide if you mind heavy tourism. July is among the most popular months for travel, so opt for a vacation to an island or village if you’re worried about large crowds.
  • Budget before you go. Hotels and resorts often inflate prices during July and August, and you might want to choose an Airbnb or hostel to save money.
  • Prepare for the weather and pack appropriate clothing. July is the peak summer in the northern hemisphere and the peak winter in the southern region, and you can experience harsh temperatures on any side of the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazing and colorful view of the mountains towering over the valley below in Washington, one of the best places to visit in July

Tobin Akehurst/Shutterstock

Read on for some commonly asked questions about July travel:

What is the best state to visit in July?

Washington is one of the best US states to visit in July. The weather is moderate, and it’s more affordable than other US locales, and you can even head to a national park for the day.

What is the best island to go to in July?

Galveston Island in Texas is the best island in July, an affordable yet idyllic beach paradise. Or, visit South Island, New Zealand, for a snowy vacation.

What are the best dates to travel in July?

The first week of July is best for the Independence Day festivities if you’re traveling in the US. For international vacations, consider the end of the month as the tourist season winds down.

Where in the US has the best weather in July?

The northeast has the most temperate weather in July. However, California and the Gulf of Mexico are ideal for sunny beach vacations.

Where is it not hot in July?

Book a trip to Johannesburg, New Zealand, or Chile to experience winter in July. In the US, Washington, Illinois, and Maine have colder temperatures.

So, Where Should You Visit in July?

The best place to visit in July depends on your preferences, but our pick is New York City for a city vacation and Porto, Portugal, for a beach trip. Book your vacation today and get ready for an unforgettable July!