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Why Visit Gabon?

Gabon, a country located in Central Africa, is known for its pristine rainforests, diverse wildlife, and coastal beauty. Covering around 270,000 square kilometers, Gabon’s landscape encompasses dense jungles, savannahs, and a stunning coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

Its lush forests, home to rare species like forest elephants and western lowland gorillas. Gabon gained independence from French colonial rule in 1960 and has since developed a stable political environment. The capital, Libreville, is a bustling hub of economic activity and culture. The country’s economy is largely driven by oil production, though there are efforts to diversify and promote sustainable ecotourism.

Where Should You Stay in Gabon?

Gabon, with its lush rainforests, rich wildlife, and vibrant cultures, is a hidden gem in Central Africa offering a unique blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. From the bustling streets of its capital to the serene ambiance of its national parks, choosing the right place to stay in Gabon is key to experiencing the myriad of wonders this nation offers.

Whether you’re drawn to the energy of city life, the tranquility of dense rainforests, or the allure of wildlife encounters, Gabon’s diverse regions cater to the aspirations of every traveler. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the best places to stay in Gabon, ensuring your visit is not only unforgettable but perfectly in line with your interests.

Where Should You Stay in Gabon


  • Best For: Urban culture, beautiful beaches, culinary diversity.
  • Attractions: Pointe-Denis Beach, Arboretum de Sibang, National Museum of Arts and Traditions.


  • Best For: Coastal charm, fishing experiences, mangrove explorations.
  • Attractions: St Louis Church, Omboue, nearby beaches.

Lopé National Park

  • Best For: Wildlife enthusiasts, jungle adventures, biodiversity.
  • Attractions: Wildlife viewing (including gorillas and elephants), Lopé-Okanda Reserve, hiking trails.


  • Best For: Natural landscapes, waterfalls, cultural heritage.
  • Attractions: Poubara Falls, Bateke Plateau, President Bongo’s Mausoleum.


  • Best For: Historical significance, river life, tranquil surroundings.
  • Attractions: Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Ogooué River, Lambarene Market.

Makokou & Ivindo National Park

  • Best For: Rainforest expeditions, bird watching, river adventures.
  • Attractions: Kongou Falls, Langoue Bai, Ivindo River.

Finding the Right Area

Selecting the perfect location in Gabon depends on your personal interests. If you’re fascinated by the urban pulse and cultural mix, Libreville offers a cosmopolitan experience with a touch of beachside relaxation. For those seeking wildlife and nature, Lopé National Park provides a window into Central Africa’s rich biodiversity.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in exploring Gabon’s rivers and rainforests, the areas around Makokou and Ivindo National Park offer unparalleled opportunities for adventure and exploration. No matter your preference, Gabon’s diverse offerings ensure a stay as captivating and unique as the nation itself.

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