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Where to Stay in Vienna in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Vienna in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

If you’re looking for a vacation full of culture, art, museums, and glorious architecture, book a flight to Vienna and visit the former center and capital of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Simply saying that Vienna is very beautiful would be an understatement — it’s also a fun place for younger people, with plenty of nightlife and entertainment options.

But are you asking, “where to stay in Vienna?” Don’t worry — we’re here to help; check out this guide and choose one of the five best parts of the city that we’ve selected for you.

The Best Places to Stay in Vienna

Vienna’s urban planning is the pinnacle of the European ideas of order and harmony. Like Budapest, it’s organized in 23 districts (Bezirke), widening in concentric circles around the nuclei of the city (Innere Stadt), and it’s one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the world.

Since it’s easy to orient in and offers numerous public transport options, you will still have a great time even if you choose a district bordering District 1. Most of the important landmarks are located in that global area.

Our favorite areas include:

  1. Innere Stadt (District 1): The absolute cultural and historical center of Vienna is packed with the most important landmarks, and it’s the best option for first-time visitors to the city.
  2. Leopoldstadt (District 2): Located on the eastern side of the Danube Canal, very close to Innere Stadt, this relaxing area is perfect for calm vacations with your family.
  3. Landstrasse (District 3): The home of Belvedere and the magical “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, it’s also the cheapest and most affordable centrally located area in Vienna.
  4. Wieden (District 4): Another generally cheap and affordable area in central Vienna that’s especially popular with younger people and students, it offers the most vibrant nightlife.
  5. Neubau (District 7): The home of the world-famous MuseumsQuartier, including the Leopold Museum and the MUMOK, it also offers great shopping and dining options.

The Best Areas & Hotels in Vienna

Vienna is definitely one of the most visited cities in Europe, and along with Prague and Budapest, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe.

As there are plenty of accommodations available in every part of the city, the only decision you have to make is about the price range of the potential hotel — and there are considerable differences in that aspect.

You can find a luxurious hotel in every area, but the highest number of five-star hotels is in Innere Stadt.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something cheaper, Landstrasse, Wieden, and Neubau are the most suitable. Finally, the domain of mid-range hotels (average-priced three-star accommodations) is covered in literally every district of Vienna.

1. Innere Stadt (District 1)

A crowded town square surrounded by old and modern buildings in Innere Stadt (District 1), one of the best places to stay in Vienna, where people can be seen walking in every direction.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – July 03 2023: crowded summer streets in the city center of Vienna, Austria.Vienna, Austria, Europe/BABAROGA/Shutterstock

There’s no better place to start your Viena adventure than District 1, also known as Innere Stadt (Inner City). The former center of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire, it’s still the historical and cultural nucleus of contemporary Vienna.

Some of the most famous landmarks, buildings, streets, museums, restaurants, hotels, and cafes are located here. That makes it the obvious choice for first-time visitors: no matter where you stay in the capital of Austria, the Innere Stadt is a place you simply can’t and shouldn’t bypass.

The list of things you have to visit is practically innumerable, but let’s start with some obvious choices: one palace, one cathedral, and one museum.

These three places will give you an abridged but very true picture of Vienna. Hofburg was the royal seat of the Habsburg dynasty for centuries.

This mighty and beautiful palace built in the 13th century is simply an architectural marvel, and today, it serves as the home of the Austrian president. Aside from the royal chambers, it also has three museums and a fantastic collection of the riches and splendor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is located on Stephansplatz, the most famous square in Vienna. An unbelievably old Romanesque and Gothic cathedral with a 136-meter tall tower, it’s been a symbol of the city and the nation for centuries.

It’s also the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna and the most important palace for Catholics in the city. Finally, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is the most famous museum in the city.

It tells the story of the art and culture of a number of civilizations, from Ancient Egypt to the modern ages, with a stunning collection of German, Flemish, Italian, and Spanish painters like Durrer, Rubens, Caravaggio, and Velasquez.

Innere Stadt (District 1) Budget Hotels

  • Hotel Austria – Wien is not a bad option if you’re looking for relatively cheap accommodation in the heart of Vienna. Very close to all the major landmarks, like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, it also has a quiet terrace and a fabulous breakfast in the morning.
  • Nikolai Homes is located just 600 meters from the center of Vienna. It’s a not very expensive complex of apartments with facilities for disabled guests and a private entrance. All the rooms are furnished with all the amenities, like TVs and wardrobes.

Innere Stadt (District 1) Mid-Range Hotels

  • Boutique Hotel Nossek is a gorgeous three-star hotel decorated in the Art Nouveau style, located in the heart of Vienna, right on the famous Graben Shopping Street. It offers an airport shuttle, room service, and a tasty breakfast in the morning.
  • Hotel Kärntnerhof is located in a quiet spot in Vienna’s center in a chic Art Nouveau building. It’s the perfect accommodation for those who prefer to stay close to the main landmarks but who also respect their need for peace and quiet.

Innere Stadt (District 1) Luxury Hotels

  • Hotel Sacher Wien is simply one of the most famous and well-known hotels in Vienna. Both the Rote Bar and Grüne Bar restaurant, as well as the Blaue Bar, are as famous as the hotel, well known for their traditional take on Austrian cuisine. The specialty coffee and the unforgettable Sacher cake they serve are also scrumptious. The hotel is worth booking for the bars alone!
  • The Leo Grand is a five-star hotel located very close to the famous St. Peter’s Catholic Church and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. All the rooms are furnished in a classical, luxurious style, equipped with all the modern amenities. The American breakfast in the morning is simply great.

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2. Leopoldstadt (District 2)

A very calm river with a long bridge connecting two areas in Leopoldstadt (District 2), one of the best areas to stay in Vienna, and at a distance are mountains.

AUSTRIA, VIENNA – AUGUST 15, 2012: View of the Danube and the pontoon bridge connecting the Leopoldstadt and Donaustadt districts of Vienna at sunset. Austria/volkova natalia/Shutterstock

If the constant crowds and noise of the Innere Stadt bother you, but you still want to stay somewhere near the city center, its landmarks, and museums, you should start looking for an alternative.

Just a couple of minutes east of District 1, across one of the numerous pedestrian bridges that connect the two sides of the Danube Canal, lies Leopoldstadt, also known as District 2.

It’s a popular residential area for the locals (especially the middle class) and an even more popular choice for tourists. Because of the calm and relaxed aura of the neighborhood, it’s probably the most suitable option for families and visitors with kids or even pets.

You can reach Vienna’s major landmarks in a couple of minutes and spend your day strolling through the center; after the sun sets, walk back to Leopoldstadt to enjoy the peace and quiet.

The most important landmark in District 2 is definitely Prater — the largest public park in Vienna. First mentioned as early as the 12th century, around seven centuries later, it held the 1873 World Exhibition.

Today, it is a favorite pastime both for locals and tourists, offering plenty of green space, trees, excellent views, and an extremely fun, family-friendly theme park. Prater is one of the main reasons why Leopoldstadt is particularly suitable for families with children.

However, District 2 is not devoid of culture, beautiful buildings, landmarks, and museums.

The former Jewish quarter was located in this part of Vienna, too, and the center of the area boasts numerous charming cafes and restaurants. The beaches along the Danube Canal are also very pretty.

District 2 is not as cheap as Landstrasse (District 3), but it offers cheaper accommodation than most other areas in Vienna. Most of the hotels or apartments in Leopoldstadt are also pet-friendly and offer baby cots upon request.

Leopoldstadt (District 2) Budget Hotels

  • Ibis budget Wien Messe is a good option if you plan on traveling with a pet. It’s a very cheap but acceptable two-star pet-friendly hotel with a designated smoking area. It also has good breakfast and children’s cots upon request.
  • River Lodge is a great three-star complex of apartments with a great garden and an excellent view of the river. There’s also free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, parking available in front of the premises, and facilities for disabled people.

Leopoldstadt (District 2) Mid-Range Hotels

  • Ibis Styles Wien Messe Prater is a three-star pet-friendly hotel with a great breakfast in the morning. Fairly close to the center of the city, it’s also located around 400 meters from the Prater and the Giant Ferris Wheel.
  • Self-Check-In Hotel Adlon is a decent and not very expensive three-star hotel located around half a mile from the Vienna Prater. Every room has a private bathroom with a shower and desk, along with fresh bed linens and towels.  

Leopoldstadt (District 2) Luxury Hotels

  • House of Time – Fancy Suites is a gorgeous five-star hotel that’s not that expensive. It boasts a great location: just 15 minutes from the absolute center of the city and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The building of the hotel is from the 19th century.  
  • SO/ Vienna is a gorgeous and very modern five-star hotel designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel. Located in the southern parts of Leopoldstadt and close to every major landmark in the city, it also has a restaurant, a bar, and a fitness center on the premises.

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3. Landstrasse (District 3)

A green river with a series of bridges in Landstrasse (District 3), and small green land area in between the two connected towns, a beautiful scenery on where to stay in Vienna.


Landtrasse, or District 3, is a relatively smaller neighborhood squeezed between Innere Stadt and Leopoldstadt. Boasting one of the best central locations in Vienna, it’s also quite popular with tourists because of the wide range of affordable and even cheap accommodation options.

If you’re looking for a hotel or a motel that doesn’t cost a fortune but still want to spend your vacation in the utmost center of Vienna, Landstrasse is definitely the right place for you.

In Vienna, the cheapness of the hotel doesn’t automatically amount to a significant drop in quality — quite the contrary.

Then one of the most popular landmarks in Vienna is located here. We are talking about the gorgeous Belvedere Palace, of course, included in almost every postcard and photo album of the city.

At the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, Prince Eugene of Savoy, the field marshal of the Habsburg army, first bought the plot and then employed Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt to build the palace.

Today, this magnificent baroque building consists of no less than two palaces (Upper and Lower Belvedere), an Orangery, the Palace Stables, and magnificent gardens.

There’s a museum, too, that boasts a rich collection of artworks, including “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt. But the fun doesn’t end with the Belvedere.

The area is great for strolling, full of charming shops and quiet and old cafes that serve some of the best black coffee you’ve ever tasted. It’s also unbelievably close to Innere Stadt, which is always an option if you’re staying in Landstrasse.

You don’t necessarily even need any public transport, but if you don’t want to walk, you can either catch the bus, the tram, or the metro and get to Stephansplatz in no time.

Landstrasse (District 3) Budget Hotels

  • Ibis budget Wien Sankt Marx is a very cheap but decent two-star hotel located just two minutes from the major transport options in District 3, like the Erdberg Bus and Underground Station. It also offers a rich breakfast early in the morning.  
  • Garten- und Kunsthotel Gabriel City is a relatively cheap three-star hotel located very close (around 15 minutes) to all the major landmarks in the center, like St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The hotel has a designated smoking area, nice breakfast, and a pretty garden.

Landstrasse (District 3) Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Urania is a gorgeous but surprisingly cheap three-star hotel with on-site parking, free Wi-Fi, and a bar on the premises. Owned by the same family for more than 50 years, expect a warm welcome, a homely atmosphere, and tasty breakfast.
  • KIBI Rooms is a well-connected and fairly priced three-star hotel in Vienna’s District 3. Surrounded by shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and metro stations, it also offers smoking-free premises, free Wi-Fi, and professional room service and cleaning.

Landstrasse (District 3) Luxury Hotels

  • Hilton Vienna Park is a luxurious five-star hotel located 15 minutes both from the city center and the Vienna airport. It offers exclusively decorated rooms with flat-screen TVs and elegant furnishings, a restaurant, a bar, and a fitness center on the premises.
  • InterContinental Wien, an IHG Hotel is a gorgeous five-star hotel with one of the best fitness centers in Vienna, as well as a fabulous restaurant (called Parlor) that serves traditional Austrian dishes. The hotel also has a bar on the premises and offers airport shuttle services.

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4. Wieden (District 4)

A boat is docked on the side of a calm canal at night in Wieden (District 4), one of the best places to stay in Vienna, where the rest of the area is illuminated by city lights.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA-MAY 5: Boat on Danube Canal in Vienna on May 5, 2014. The Danube Canal bifurcates from the main river in Dobling, and joins it again at the Prater./Dafinka/Shutterstock

Not everything in Vienna is about baroque castles and palaces, elaborate gardens, old buildings, and hundreds of years old museums. That’s the first side of Vienna that everybody knows — the Vienna of great painters like Klimt, famous philosophers like Wittgenstein, and the psychoanalysis of Freud.

The second side is Vienna of the young people, of vibrant and lively nightclubs, bars, and pubs. Wieden, a small area located on the southwest side of Innere Stadt, is the place where you’ll meet that second side of the city.

Simply put, Wieden is popular with the younger generation, and it’s the most suitable place in Vienna for having a fun and unforgettable night out. It’s the part of Vienna that doesn’t sleep.

If you’re in the mood for some dancing, karaoke, a couple of pints of beer, a fancy cocktail, or even something stronger — Wieden is the only place for you. You should also know at least two other things about Wieden.

First, it’s one of the smallest neighborhoods in the city, with an estimated population of only 30,000 people. That means that the crowds are not going to be oppressive during the day — but the nights are a completely different story.

Second, it’s the unofficial student center of Vienna, with a lot of younger people from all around the world frequenting the cafes and strolling the streets at all times.

Wieden may not be Innere Stadt or Landstraße, but Karlsplatz is not to be trifled with in regard to landmarks, either. It’s the home of Rektoratskirche St. Karl Borromäus, also known as Karlskirche, and it’s considered the most beautiful baroque church in Vienna.

You’ll immediately realize why after seeing it. Finally, Wieden is quite affordable in terms of accommodation.

It’s not as cheap as Landstrasse, but because of the myriads of younger people, the area offers plenty of mid-range and budget hotels. That said, you won’t find any five-star hotels in this neighborhood.

Wieden (District 4) Budget Hotels

  • Wiedner.rooms is a two-star accommodation that doesn’t offer much aside from the cheap price and clean premises. It is less than a mile away from the Belvedere Palace and the Albertina Museum, and, surprisingly enough, offers room service.
  • easy flat Sankt Elisabeth is another relatively cheap but also basic three-star accommodation option that’s simply “good enough.” Each unit in the apartment complex has a flat-screen TV, private bathroom, and dishwasher.

Wieden (District 4) Mid-Range Hotels

  • Drei Kronen Hotel Wien City is a beautiful three-star hotel located in a historic building constructed in the Art Nouveau style in 1894, designed by Ignaz Drapala. The hotel offers a parking space, free Wi-Fi, and a really tasty breakfast in the morning.
  • City-Apartment in Wieden is a three-star apartment that comes at a really cheap price, and doesn’t offer much other than a nice location, very close to the Vienna Opera House and the Albertina Museum. It offers a washing machine and a private bathroom.

Wieden (District 4) Luxury Hotels

  • Hotel Johann Strauss is a four-star hotel dedicated to the world-famous composer of Waltzes and other popular classical music pieces. It offers beautifully furnished rooms, free Wi-Fi and parking, fabulous breakfast in the morning, and professional room service.
  • Hotel Erzherzog Rainer is a gorgeous four-star hotel with a tradition that spans more than 100 years. Namely, the hotel was opened in 1913 and is still going strong. Aside from the charming premises, it has a great restaurant that serves traditional Austrian dishes and wines.

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5. Neubau (District 7)

A building is covered with Christmas lights in Neubau (District 7), one of the best places to stay in Vienna, where people can be seen silhouetted at night and the name of the building is outlined by yellow neon lights.

Pavel Kinst/Shutterstock

The last area in our guide is a story for itself. It gives Vienna in nuce, presenting everything that Vienna has to offer in a condensed and tightened form, so it’s a great option if you’re planning a short stay.

Neubau, or District 7, is another centrally located neighborhood, right next to the western side of Innere Stadt. It offers plenty of cheap accommodations, a lot of lively nightclubs and bars, but most importantly, the unique MuseumsQuartier — a true paradise for every museum lover.

What is the Museumsquartier? Plainly speaking, it’s 90,000 square meters of museums, galleries, cultural spaces, institutions, and performance venues — by far the most culturally dense space in all of Vienna.

Although a fairly modern creation — a project finished in 2001 — it’s packed with old baroque buildings and palaces, placed next to some extraordinary modern or postmodern architecture.

It’s a living monument that Vienna’s art and culture lie not forgotten in the past but are still breathing among the present generations of young people. It’s no surprise, then, that Neubau — much like Wieden — is quite popular with younger people and students.

There are approximately 60 cultural institutions in Neubau, and all of them are worth your time and attention. But — and this is a very important but — there are a couple of them that you simply must visit.

They are:

  • Leopold Museum, also known as the stronghold of Vienna’s secession, expressionism, and Jugendstil, boasts works of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, among others.
  • Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation, also known as MUMOK, has one of the most famous collections of modernism and postmodernism in the arts, with a couple of Picassos and Francis Picabias as well.

After you’ve visited a bunch of museums, you have to sleep and eat somewhere. Luckily for you, Neubau is packed with cheap accommodations, and it’s a nice alternative to Landstrasse. The same holds for restaurants as well, especially for lovers of Asian cuisine.

Neubau (District 7) Budget Hotels

  • Pension Walzerstadt is a three-star hotel conveniently located near the Mariahilfer Straße shopping street. Aside from the great location, it offers free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, a tasty breakfast in the morning, but not much else.
  • Hotel Kaffeemühle is another three-star hotel with a great location, just ten minutes from the Hofburg, the Ringstraße Boulevard and the Westbahnhof Train Station. It has regular housekeeping, available parking on site, free Wi-Fi, and a decent breakfast.

Neubau (District 7) Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Admiral is a gorgeous and not very expensive three-star hotel conveniently located near the museum quarter and the perfect choice for the lovers of culture and painting. It’s great for smokers, too, since it has a designated smoking area on the premises.
  • Hotel Pension Museum offers probably the best location in Neubau, right next to the MuseumsQuartier and behind the Volkstheater. The building is old and charming, and the rooms are decorated in a fashionable way, with modern private bathrooms.

Neubau (District 7) Luxury Hotels

  • Hotel Sans Souci Wien is a gorgeous and huge five-star hotel located in the heart of Vienna, boasting an indoor swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, a bar on the premises, and an exceptional breakfast in the morning. There’s a modern fitness center with a private trainer as well.
  • K+K Hotel Maria Theresia is a beautiful four-star hotel named after the famous Habsbourg ruler. It has private parking and free Wi-Fi, as well as a fitness center, a restaurant, and a bar on the premises.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Vienna?

Now that we’re at the end of our narrative trip to Vienna, it’s time to plan your actual adventure, so let’s do a quick recap of the five best areas in the capital of Austria.

🏰 Most Historic AreaInnere Stadt (District 1)
🧘🏻 Most Relaxing AreaLeopoldstadt (District 2)
💲 Least Expensive AreaLandstrasse (District 3)
🎉 Best for NightlifeWieden (District 4)
🛍️ Best for ShoppingNeubau (District 7)

So, with so much to see and do and no bad area in which to stay, what are you waiting for — book your trip today and experience for yourself all that Vienna has to offer. Happy travels!