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Where to Stay in Victoria Falls in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Victoria Falls in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Knowing where to stay in Victoria Falls will help you get the most out of your visit to this amazing location. While the eponymous waterfall is the show-stealer, there is much to do and see in the region.

This merits a bit of preparation to hone in on the best areas so you can make the most of your time in this picturesque destination. But don’t worry — we’ve rounded up all you need to know below — let us be your guide!

The Best Places to Stay in Victoria Falls

Where to Stay in Victoria Falls map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

Our 3 favorite areas in Victoria Falls include:

  1. Victoria Falls North: Best for that iconic view of the fall
  2. Chinotimba: Best for local culture
  3. Zambezi River: Best for adventuring, sports, and wildlife

The Best Areas & Hotels in Victoria Falls

While there aren’t as many hotels to choose from in Victoria Falls compared to bigger cities and tourist spots around the world, you’ll nonetheless be able to choose from a mix of styles and price ranges to suit your needs.

The north of Victoria Falls has by far the biggest concentration of accommodations and restaurants. It’s normal. Victoria Falls is synonymous with the waterfall, which is the center of the tourist trade here, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Available spaces range from budget self-catering lodges to high-end hotels where 24-hour service staff will cater to your every need. So, if you want something ultra-modern with top amenities, you’re more likely to find that in the north, near the waterfall.

People who want to see “the real Zambia” go to Chinotimba, south of central Victoria Falls. It’s a residential area, thus quieter than the Victoria Falls center. Shop at the market, take in the atmosphere, and eat local cuisine like the people who live there.

It’s ideal for people who want unexpected sights, experiences, and connections that can give you a lifetime of memories.

This region offers authentic experiences for those who want to feel less like a tourist. While it doesn’t have much in the way of full-on budget options, you can still potentially spend more time making memories while spending a little less money acquiring accommodation.

Last but not least is the Zambezi River, which is somewhat pricier than the other areas, but the restaurants and hotels are lush. People expect to pay a little more for proximity to the fantastic river.

A waterfront hotel or restaurant overlooking the Zambezi will have a fantastic view and atmosphere that command a premium.

Throughout Victoria Falls, the business owners, staff, and locals are known for being warm and accommodating. They will make your stay here extra special. Engaging with the friendly and open people in the area is key to having the best time in this lovely area.

1. Victoria Falls North

A view of a large waterfalls in Victoria Falls North with a rainbow, one of the best places to stay in Victoria Falls, where water is seen flowing nonstop in large volume.


Victoria Falls is, of course, known for its magnificent waterfall, but that’s far from all there is to do here. Vic Falls, as you’ll come to know it, is a vibrant town with a stadium, churches, schools, and a gym.

You can do yoga and then flake out with a film. It’s got everything you would expect in a town, plus little things like crocodile cage diving and the opportunity to walk with lions.

Victoria Falls demonstrates you don’t have to live out in the boonies or give up city comforts to be one with nature. However, if you do want to be in the boonies, Chinotimba might suit you better.

This residential area is not as bustling as the northern part of town. And if you’re willing to splash out a bit more, you’ll find the space you crave along the magnificent Zambezi River.

So, staying in Victoria Falls itself would suit anyone who is all about the waterfall, but it would also suit you if you like choice and a vibrant lifestyle. No one staying here could complain of being bored.

Victoria Falls Budget Hotels

  • Shearwater’s Explorers Village has smallish rooms, but they’re great for couples and very atmospheric. It’s in the heart of Victoria Falls, with The Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artist Village just a few steps away.
  • Nkosi Guest Lodge doesn’t have TVs in the rooms, so it’s for people who plan to find entertainment in other ways, such as getting out there and exploring. It’s about 2,5 miles from The Big Tree and the Crocodile Park at Victoria Falls. You can set yourself up for the day with a full English or Irish breakfast every morning.

Victoria Falls Mid-Range Hotels

  • Jacaranda Lodge is in a gorgeous location. It’s pristine inside and out, with a sun terrace, a lovely pool, and access to a sauna. You can leave your troubles and car behind with free private parking.
  • Lokuthula Lodge will earn a big thumbs up if you want a stay in a beautiful safari lodge to complete your adventure. It’s got pretty much everything you need plus some things for your added convenience, including garden views and a playground for your kids.

Victoria Falls Luxury Hotels

  • The Victoria Falls Deluxe Suites offers attractive rooms just a few minutes’ drive from the waterfall. Foodies will love its continental and full English breakfasts with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.
  • Victoria Falls Safari Suites has rustic décor, so you can enjoy a luxury hotel without having to break the spell of your amazing, natural surroundings. This hotel is within walking distance of the Zambezi Nature Sanctuary, and it pulls out all the stops for services and amenities.

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2. Chinotimba

Native People dancing while some are chanting, clapping their hands, and playing drums at a park in Chinotimba, one of the best places to stay in Victoria Falls.

VICTORIA FALLS, ZIMBABWE – NOVEMBER 7, 2014: local people performing traditional ethnic folkloristic dance. In Africa it is one of the most common way to get tipps from tourists/View Apart/Shutterstock

About 60,000 people call Chinotimba home. You’ll soon start to feel at home, too, as you learn more about the indigenous people. The atmosphere and ambiance of the place — the local markets, churches, and homes will tell you a great deal about the area’s culture and history.

Chinotimba is about 1.2 kilometers from the center of Victoria Falls. Despite being nearby, it has a pretty different vibe because it’s a residential area. This makes it an exciting place to stay.

For those who want to get off the beaten track, Chinotimba offers what might be considered a more authentic living experience than the more tourist-focused north of Victoria Falls.

You can walk around Chinotimba and really get accustomed to the way of life.

You can stroll to the supermarket, check out the school, and check yourself out in the mirrors at the fitness gym. You’ll also be near the bus terminus for Victoria Falls, transport links to the other areas, and a wider variety of eateries up north.

Chinotimba Budget Hotels

  • Victoria Falls Budget Holiday House will help you save some money while you’re in Victoria Falls. For a modest fee, you will have the run of this small apartment. While it’s a budget option, it still has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, so it’s suitable for people with kids. You might love the bath, too, if showers don’t do it for you.

Chinotimba Mid-Range Hotels

  • KhayaLethu Vic Falls is an apartment in a good location. Ideal for you if you want to do some of your own cooking; the kitchen is fully equipped. An outdoor fireplace makes this location a touch more unusual and comfortable.
  • Cresta Sprayview Victoria Falls is a lovely three-star hotel set on attractive grounds. It offers amenities to suit most guests, and you can choose a family room, eat in the restaurant, or relax with a drink at the atmospheric bar.

Chinotimba Luxury Hotels

  • Miombo Mews is the most luxurious hotel in Chinotambi. While it’s listed as a four-star hotel, the location is very highly rated. The rooms are modern, bright, and energizing. Burn off some of that energy in the outdoor swimming pool. Or simply recharge on the sun terrace.

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3. Zambezi River

Two large native tourist ships crossing a wide river during sunset in Zambezi River, one of the places to visit and stay in Victoria Falls.


Zambezi means “Great River” in Tonga, the local dialect. It’s one of the longest in Africa, up there with the Nile, Congo, and Niger.

Because it’s so long (a staggering 1678 miles), it actually crosses six countries: Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique! National Parks seem to spring up along its banks. If you visit the river, expect plant life and wildlife.

It’s an ideal place to stay if you’re into watersports. Whitewater rafting is very popular here. It also attracts keen fishers and those who want a leisurely cruise.

If the river sounds like it might be a bit too hot and a bit too wet for your tastes, there’s plenty of accommodation and activities further in town. Having said that, you don’t have to get into the river to appreciate it.

The Zambezi will satisfy anyone whose heart’s desire is a glorious sunset.

Whatever you’re doing here, the views and scenery will be like something out of a movie. You’ll be the star. It’s nothing short of spectacular in terms of scale and vibrancy.

Zambezi River Budget Hotels

  • Crescent Lodge is actually on the edge of Livingstone, but it’s tricky to find something cheaper close to the Zambezi River. At the time of writing, Crescent Lodge is the most affordable hotel in the area. While this is rated a two-star hotel, it nonetheless offers an outdoor pool, garden, and restaurant.

Zambezi River Mid-Range Hotels

  • The Victoria Falls Waterfront offers comfortable rooms for a good price. And it’s right on the northern banks of the Zambezi River. This three-star hotel offers a sauna and fitness center as well as a restaurant and bar.
  • Maramba River Lodge – If you can’t be exactly on the Zambezi Waterfront, being on the Maramba River is not a bad option. It’s a short walk from Livingstone Reptile Park (don’t worry, the reptiles are secure) and a couple of miles from the Railway Museum.

Zambezi River Luxury Hotels

  • The Mukwa River Lodge offers good food and five-star accommodation with a terrace, spa center, and car rental service. It even provides slippers.
  • The River Club is a wonderful five-star hotel on the banks of the Zambezi. All the units have ensuite bathrooms. Some have a private pool, too.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Victoria Falls?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but if you visited Victoria Falls without checking out the waterfall, you’d get some pretty funny looks when you got home.

Our top picks for the best places to stay on a visit include:

🍽️ Best for RestaurantsVictoria Falls North
🏹 Best for Cultural ExperienceChinotimba
🦁 Best for Wild LifeZambezi River

So, with so much to see and do and plenty of amazing areas in which to stay, what are you waiting for — book your trip today and experience for yourself all that Victoria Falls has to offer. Happy travels!