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Where to Stay in Milos in 2023 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Milos in 2023 | Best Areas & Hotels

A volcanic island in the southern Cyclades, Milos boasts an impressive landscape of small villages and towns, beautiful, diverse nature, and out-of-this-world beaches. If you want to find out where to stay in Milos, read on!

The 3 Best Parts of Milos, Greece

Dramatic coastal landscapes with otherworldly rock formations surround the central caldera on the volcanic island of Milos.

The Venus de Milo, the island’s most famous artifact, is in the Louvre, France, but the island’s current attractions include dozens of beaches and peaceful, picturesque villages.

Our favorites include:

  1. Adamas is the second largest settlement in Milos and its main port. It’s great if you want to be close to the famous Sarakiniko beach and its rock formations or if you want to take frequent boat trips to other nearby islands and attractions.
  2. Plaka is the capital of Milos and its largest settlement. It’s ideal for people who want a more vibrant town yet enjoy the island’s serenity.
  3. Pollonia is the second largest port in Milos, perfect for families and individuals who want to escape the busy and overcrowded tourist destinations and just go scuba diving or swimming and sunbathing on the Pollonia and Polichrony beaches.

Where to Stay in Milos: Best Areas & Hotels

Milos is a more tranquil island in the Aegean Sea and mainly consists of small hotels, guest rooms, apartments, and some luxury hotels. Most of the settlements on the island are small fishing villages.

The biggest settlements are in Plaka, the capital of Milos, and Adamas, Milos’ biggest port and its most connected place on the island.

Milos offers generous spots to relax and unwind, beautiful beaches and landscapes, many snorkeling activities, and delicious Greek food and ouzo from the famous taverns.

Accommodation is usually affordable, moving from budget to mid-range hotels in Adamas, Plaka, and Pollonia.

Most expensive hotels are four stars, so if you want a super-luxury experience, you should visit another location on the Cycladic islands, such as Santorini, the home of many luxury hotels.

1. Adamas

Blue and yellow table and chairs on a rock on the shoreline of Adamas in Milos


Adamas (also called Adamantas) is among the largest settlements in Milos and its main port. But like most of Milos, it’s still a tiny community with around 1300 inhabitants living there throughout the whole year.

It lies on the island’s northeast side, located five kilometers from Plaka, the capital of Milos. The village has a fascinating history. It was founded in 1835 by Cretan refugees fleeing a failed rebellion effort against the Ottomans.

The Cretans built their community on top of a thousand-year-old ancient settlement whose remnants can still be seen on the beaches of Adamas.

Since the 19th century, Adamas has grown into an important commercial and cultural center, primarily because of its strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean and its large harbor.

Nowadays, Adamas is a charming, picturesque village that bears the print of traditional Cycladic architecture with its whitewashed houses poised against the striking blue color of the Aegean Sea.

Tourists will enjoy strolling through the stone-paved alleys, coming across many small shops, cafes, tavernas, and bars. The village also has a postal and a doctor’s office, and for such a small village, there are plenty of accommodation options, both budget-friendly and more luxurious.

Both Lagada and Papikinou beaches are within walking distance from Adamas. Papikinou Beach has also been awarded a blue flag for safety and cleanliness, so it’s a perfect option for families.

The village also offers a lot of boat trips and cruises.

They can take you to secluded beaches and caves around the island, including the Sarakiniko rock formations with their otherworldly lunar landscape and Kleftiko caves, which used to be a pirate lair.

Things to Do

  • Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (Agia Triada) is a thousand-year-old church that houses the Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos. Visitors can experience the church as a place of worship and a gallery that features the island’s finest artistic traditions. The unique architecture of the old church, the courtyard mosaic, and the religious exhibits will appeal to almost any visitor with their Mediterranean beauty.
  • Milos Mining Museum is an excellent option for people wanting to learn more about the Cyclades and Milos’ local geology. Because of its volcanic origin, Milos and the Cyclades have a specific rock and soil composition and a remarkable landscape. The museum also contains info about the island’s mining history from the extraction of obsidian 7,000 years ago.
  • Sarakiniko rock formations and Sarakiniko Beach is the most famous place in Milos. Visitors can sunbathe on the smooth, lunar-like white rock formations and swim in turquoise waters. The Kleftiko caves are an extensive network of caves with naturally formed arches that look amazing during sunsets (the best time to visit if you want to take pics). It’s also a great snorkeling spot for diving enthusiasts.

Where to Eat

  • O! Hamos! Tavern is a popular spot for traditional Greek cuisine on Adamas’ port. The locals’ tip is to go early in the evening, or you won’t find a table.
  • Cheap, fulfilling, and with quality ingredients, Gyros of Milos should be your choice for gyros if you’re in Adamas and super hungry.
  • Yankos has a super-friendly service and offers fluffy bread, juicy meat, and takeaways.

Adamas Budget Hotels

  • Portiani Hotel is a two-star hotel overlooking Adamas’ harbor and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s located in the middle of the village and only a five-minute walk from Papikinou Beach. All rooms have free Wi-Fi with private bathrooms. The first-floor rooms have private balconies with views of the village or the sea. The second-floor rooms have a large, shared veranda with bay views. The hotel has a bar and breakfast area and a cafe/bar.
  • Agnanti Hotel is a two-star hotel on Katifora Hill in Milos, a five-minute walk from Adamas and a 20-minute walk from the nearest beach. Because of its hilltop position, guests can enjoy panoramic views of Adamas Bay. All rooms have air conditioning, a TV, a fridge, free Wi-Fi, and balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea and the countryside.

Adamas Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Rigas is a two-star hotel in Adamas, only a minute away from the Blue Flag Papikinou Beach. The rooms have balconies with views of the sea, the village, or the garden. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a private bathroom, a TV, and a mini-fridge.
  • Milos Inn is a picturesque blue-white hotel with three stars, located 600m away from Papikinou beach and 400m from the Holy Trinity Church. It features a shared lounge, rooms with free Wi-Fi, a wardrobe, a TV, and a private bathroom. The hotel also has a concierge service.

Adamas Luxury Hotels

  • Olea Bay Hotel is a four-star hotel on the Papikinou beachfront, overlooking the Aegean Sea. The rooms are decorated in a minimalist style. They all have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a private bathroom, satellite TV, a safe, a fridge, and a sea view. Some units also have a seating area. In addition, the hotel has an outdoor pool, room service, a bar, and free parking.
  • Arco Solium Suites is a four-star hotel in Adamas with beautifully-furnished, cave-like rooms. The rooms have air conditioning, satellite TV, a wardrobe, a private bathroom, and a balcony. Continental and buffet breakfast is available daily and is included in the price. The hotel offers room service and has a terrace, a garden, a shared lounge, and a hot tub guests can use.

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2. Plaka

Neat white and blue hillside town of Plaka, one of the best areas in Milos in which to stay

Josef Skacel/Shutterstock

Plaka is the capital town of Milos. Located north of the Gulf of Milos, it’s a beautiful, picturesque town full of traditional Cycladic architecture. The narrow cobbled alleys are surrounded by bright, white houses, striking sea-blue windows, and balconies with bougainvillea flowers.

The first settlements in Plaka date back to the middle ages, but the place came to life in the 19th century. Nowadays, Plaka is brimming with bars, restaurants and taverns, shops, and whitewashed churches, as well as several museums.

Because of its position, it also offers tourists some of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece, overlooking the Gulf of Milos.

When it comes to culture, there’s a little bit for everyone on Plaka, from museums, ancient statues, and war memorabilia to sand artifacts. Accommodation in Plaka is mostly mid-range, with many rooms and apartments for rent, whereas hotels are rare.

Things to Do

  • Plaka Castle (Venetian Castle of Milos) is in the Old Town. It’s a remnant of a former Venetian defensive fortress from the 13th century. The Plaka castle is a fantastic spot for history buffs and photographers. The castle is most crowded at sunset due to its perfect location and the town’s views.
  • The War Museum is perfect for those interested in military history. It’s located in a World War 2 bunker, containing information about Milos and its surroundings during World War 1 and World War 2.
  • Marmara Sand Museum is a charming little museum in Plaka, representing a sand gallery. It showcases the hidden beauty of sand in all its diversity and color. Tourists can admire the colorful grains of sand under a microscope, explore different sands from around the world, and enjoy unique creations made from sand.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Milos has unique collections from the late Neolithic period, the Bronze Age, up until the Byzantine period. Particularly striking are the collections of ancient Cycladic art from the Phylakopi archeological site.
  • Sarakiniko beach and rock formations can also be visited from Plaka. If you go by car, it’s a ten-minute drive or about five kilometers. The idyllic Plathiena beach is a 30-minute walk from the city or just under three kilometers.
  • Catacombs of Milos date from the first to the fifth century AD. They’re an important early Christian monument discovered in 1844 and are a worldwide attraction. If you’re staying in Plaka or near Plaka, visit this network of underground tombs decorated with Christian symbols.

Where to Eat

  • Phátses is a charming restaurant in a small square in the old center of Plaka. The colorful chairs and tables add to the lively atmosphere of the place.
  • Palaios Coffee & Pastry is a bakery and pastry shop in Plaka which serves some of the best Greek pastries in all of Milos.
  • Bakalikon Galanis is a spot that locals adore offering a variety of small dishes (tapas-style) that you can enjoy with a glass of ouzo or white wine.

Plaka Mid-Range Hotels

  • Sea Sun Sand Studios is a three-star hotel and studios a ten-minute walk from Plaka. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, a kitchen with a fridge, and private bathrooms. Some rooms have a balcony or terrace with city views.
  • Archondoula Studios is a three-star hotel and studios built on a cliff offering great panoramic sea views. The minimally decorated apartments have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, en suite bathrooms, and a private or shared terrace. Some rooms also have a kitchen or kitchenette.
  • Piazza Castello is a charming three-star hotel in Plaka, located only one kilometer from Klima beach. The hotel is styled in the traditional blue-white Cycladic aesthetic and has rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, and a TV. Some rooms also have a balcony. The hotel also has a bar where guests can relax and have a drink after the beach.
  • Chaido Studios is a three-star hotel with a beautiful garden and a sun terrace with panoramic views over the Aegean Sea. It offers traditionally decorated studios with free Wi-Fi, a furnished balcony, a TV, and a coffee maker. In addition, there’s free parking on the site.

Plaka Luxury Hotels

  • Plaka Suites is a luxury four-star hotel located 800m from the Catacombs of Milos. All rooms have air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi, while some rooms also have a terrace or balcony and a kitchenette with a fridge. All rooms have a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries. Guests will enjoy the minimalist, beautifully furnished rooms and feel like they’re in one of Sarakiniko’s white arches.

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3. Pollonia

Small white restaurants and shops line the cobblestone street in Pollonia, one of our favorite places to stay in Milos, pictured under a light blue sky

Milos, Greece, May 19, 2017: Coastal promenade with tavern and restaurant buildings in Pollonia village on Milos Island. Greece/Vivooo/Shutterstock

Pollonia (Apollonia) is a scenic fishing village on Milos’ northeastern side. It’s the second-largest harbor after Adamas. The town got its name from a temple of Apollo that used to be there.

Pollonia, a peaceful tourist destination, offers all the basic amenities you’d expect to have on a typical Greek island, such as clean beaches, traditional seaside tavernas, white and blue houses with bougainvillea flowers, colorful fishing boats on the quay, whitewashed churches, romantic sunsets over of the Aegean sea, and more.

Pollonia is a peaceful village perfect for families who want to escape the hustle and bustle of bigger cities.

It’s ideal if you want to dive in Milos, visit Kimolos, a nearby island, or stay on a secluded beach. Despite being quiet, Pollonia offers a variety of accommodation options, quality traditional Greek food, and golden sand beaches.

Pollonia offers a variety of accommodation choices, from budget-friendly hotel rooms and spacious apartments that are great for families to upscale hotel suites for people with larger pockets.

Things to Do

  • Papafragas Caves are reachable by boat. From the top of the volcanic cave rock, the whole thing resembles an enormous natural swimming pool. You can reach the beaches by walking the carved steps.
  • Milos Diving Center is perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.
  • The Archaeological Site of Phylakope is where one of the most important cities, the prehistoric Aegean, used to stand. More than a 3000-year-old settlement, tourists and locals can now visit the remnants by a 30-minute walk from Pollonia or a 3-minute drive.

Where to Eat

  • Yialos Restaurant Milos offers a variety of regional and international dishes, including fresh seafood and sumptuous desserts.
  • Rifaki is a charming Greek restaurant located on Pollonia’s seafront. Dining the freshest seafood on the beach while watching the beautiful Milos sunset, we can’t think of anything better!

Pollonia Budget Hotels

  • Polyegos View is a two-star small hotel just a few meters away from Pollonia’s main sandy beach and 1.5 kilometers from the village center. All rooms have air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, an en suite bathroom, a fridge, and balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea.
  • Efi Studios is a three-star lodging only a minute away from Pollonia Beach. Guests can enjoy the lush garden and the barbecue facilities. Each room has free Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, an en suite bathroom, and a balcony or patio with views of the garden or the neighborhood.

Pollonia Mid-Range Hotels

  • Captain Stavros is a three-star hotel that’s a three-minute stroll from the main beach and one minute from the main square, filled with shops, bakeries, and tavernas. Each room has free Wi-Fi,  a TV, air conditioning, a private bathroom, a mini fridge, and a coffee maker. There’s free parking, as well as daily housekeeping.
  • Hotel Glaronissia Rooms & Suites is a three-star hotel providing rooms and apartments. The hotel has a rooftop terrace and private parking. The rooms have a balcony with a sea or garden view. Each room has an ensuite bathroom, refrigerator, TV, and free Wi-Fi. Cleaning service is provided daily.

Pollonia Luxury Hotels

  • Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel is a four-star hotel on a cliff, offering panoramic sea views. Each room has a balcony or terrace, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, a mini fridge, a safe for laptops, and a private bathroom. Some apartments have a spa or a private pool. A hearty breakfast is available to guests each morning on the seaside terrace.
  • Captain Zeppos is a four-star hotel located in the heart of Pollonia and within spitting distance from Pollonia Beach. It has an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms with balconies, and a sitting area with a flat-screen TV. All rooms have a private bathroom, and bathrobes are provided in each unit. Guests receive a welcome basket filled with locally made goods. Bicycles and beach equipment are available upon request.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Milos?

Boats on the water in a traditional bay of the Greek island of Milos

BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock

Milos is a beautiful island if you want to visit the Cyclades but don’t want to empty your pocket like you would in Santorini. It’s also perfect for people who want to escape noisy tourist areas and seek a more peaceful landscape.

🚤 Best for Easy TransportationAdamas
🎉 Best Area for NightlifePlaka
👪 Best for FamiliesPollonia

Accommodation in Milos is mainly mid-range regarding price, and there are far more studios and apartments than hotels. The three main places on the island are Adamas, Plaka, and Pollonia, although there are countless other small villages that visitors can stay in.

To recap:

  • Adamas is the biggest port on the island. A cute Cyclades-style-adorned village is also the closest to the Sarakiniko rock formations and beach, so it’s perfect for people who want to enjoy this lunar landscape more than once. Moreover, because it’s the main port, Adamas is also suitable for people who wish to travel by boat to nearby attractions and islands.
  • Plaka is the capital of Milos and the largest settlement. It houses several museums that will draw in the culture buffs who want to get a speck of island history on their summer vacation. The nearby early Christian catacombs are another fascinating attraction.
  • Pollonia is the second biggest port and is ideal for diving enthusiasts because it’s the home of Milos’ diving center. It’s also perfect for families because it’s so peaceful, and the Pollonia beach is a long, sandy patch of gold-blue that every family member will love.

All in all, Milos is a true hidden gem of the Aegean and worth a visit. So what are you waiting for — book your trip today to experience all the island has to offer. Happy travels!