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Where to Stay in Guadalajara in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

Where to Stay in Guadalajara in 2024 | Best Areas & Hotels

What's the best place to stay in Guadalajara?

The Centro Histórico, known as the historic center, is the go-to place for history enthusiasts, featuring iconic landmarks, museums, and a lively atmosphere. Colonia Americana is a hotspot for foodies and nightlife seekers, boasting modern restaurants and a vibrant student community.

Zapopan, although technically a separate city, offers a quieter experience with beautiful architecture and family-friendly attractions. Tlaquepaque presents an authentic Mexican ambiance with its cobblestone streets, folk art, and lively music.

Lastly, Providencia caters to upscale travelers with luxury hotels, trendy dining options, and a quieter environment. Each neighborhood has its unique charm, catering to different preferences and interests.

Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city, is a popular site for people visiting the country. It has stunning architecture and a lively culture with less crowding and pollution than the capital, Mexico City.

It may be smaller than Mexico City, but it is still a big city, which is why figuring out where to stay in Guadalajara is so important.

You don’t want to spend all of your time in traffic or get stuck in a neighborhood that doesn’t feel tourist-friendly. That’s why we put together this guide that will help you plan your next vacation!

The Best Places to Stay in Guadalajara

Where to Stay in Guadalajara map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

Here are a few of the best areas to stay and explore in Guadalajara. Try to check out each of these places for a complete picture of the city:

  1. Centro Histórico: Best place for sightseeing, short-term visits, and first-time visitors
  2. Colonia Americana: Best for dining and nightlife — in short, everything hip travelers would want
  3. Zapopan: Best area for visiting with family, especially young children
  4. Tlaquepaque: Best area for a taste of authentic Mexican life
  5. Providencia: Best area for luxury travel and for couples

Where to Stay in Guadalajara

Like any big city, Guadalajara has many different neighborhoods. Some are packed with sights, some are residential, and others are full of businesses.

The experience you have in the city will definitely depend on where you stay. When you pick your accommodation, keep in mind that Guadalajara is a fairly big city, and getting from one area to another can take a while.

Make sure that you are staying close to the things that you want to see — otherwise, your stay might be more frustrating than you hoped.

1. Centro Histórico

Image for a guide titled Where to Stay in Guadalajara pictured with Centro Historico in full view of the camera

Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. January 1, 2010. Scene of urban life in historic center of city, colonial street, peddler, homeless old man in wheelchair, people walking, walls of cathedral in background/Foto Para Ti/Shutterstock

Guadalajara’s Centro Histórico, sometimes called Zona Centro, is where all of the city’s famous sights are located. If you love history and want to come to the city to look at the famous colonial and baroque-era architecture, this is definitely the area for you.

Most of Guadalajara’s most famous buildings, such as the Guadalajara Cathedral, the Palacio del Gobierno, and the Instituto Cultural de Hospicio Cabañas, are located in this neighborhood.

You can opt for a guided tour or just walk around on your own and gaze at the amazing buildings. The Centro Histórico is still a living, breathing neighborhood.

It has many museums that locals and visitors alike flock to, such as the Museo de las Artes Populares de Jalisco. Popular Plaza de Armas comes alive in the evenings with food vendors and live music.

Plus, the center is packed with delicious restaurants and fun bars. However, the Centro Histórico has many of the same problems as other city centers around the world, including big crowds, loud streets, and choking traffic.

If you want a bit of calm, especially if you are staying with kids or if you’ve seen the main sights of Guadalajara before, you may want to stay elsewhere.

Centro Histórico Budget Hotels

  • Posada Mi Rey offers a traditional Mexican inn experience, complete with Wi-Fi, comfortable rooms, and services such as an airport transfer option.
  • Casa Santuario Hotel Boutique is a small, comfy hotel in a great location with Wi-Fi, room TVs, a shared kitchen so you can save additional money by cooking, and great service.

Centro Histórico Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Portobelo features comfortable air-conditioned rooms, some with a tub, a restaurant, and free parking for those road-tripping through Mexico.
  • Palpatio Hotel is set in a traditional-style building and has amenities such as stylish, colorful rooms, including family options, air conditioning, and a tour desk.

Centro Histórico Luxury Hotels

  • Hotel Real Maestranza has massive rooms with seating areas, private bathrooms, and large beds with plush linens, along with shared amenities such as 24-hour concierge service.
  • Hotel de Mendoza will be hard to leave thanks to the peaceful outdoor pool, hot tub, fitness center, and welcoming atmosphere.

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2. Colonia Americana

Templo Expiatorio pictured on a nice blue-sky day for a guide titled Where to Stay in Guadalajara

Diego Grandi/Shutterstock

Colonia Americana is one of the most stylish parts of Guadalajara. This neighborhood has plenty of historic attractions of its own, such as restored mansions and the Templo Expiatorio, and is close to the Centro Histórico.

However, the main attractions of Colonia Americana are far more modern than those of Centro Histórico. This is one of the trendiest parts of Guadalajara, especially thanks to the presence of a large student population.

The district has the city’s best restaurants, from cult food stalls to high-end dining. The main street, Avenida Chapultepec, is the focal point of Guadalajara’s nightlife.

Colonia Americana is lively and trendy, but it might be too lively for some travelers. If you prefer a quieter place to rest your head at night, you may want to look in other neighborhoods.

Colonia Americana Budget Hotels

Colonia Americana Mid-Range Hotels

  • VL Hotel Boutique by Rotamundos offers guests stylish modern rooms, the option to book a patio unit or a family unit, and access to a terrace.
  • Casa Kali by Barrio Mexico is one of the most stylish hotels in Guadalajara and offers comfortable amenities such as coffee makers and TVs in each room and a pool.

Colonia Americana Luxury Hotels

  • Casa Bosque Eduviges is an oasis within the city. The hotel is set in a stately old building surrounded by a lush garden, and inside, guests can enjoy elegant rooms and continental breakfast.
  • GALA Hotel Boutique is set in an old Guadalajara mansion and has amenities such as a pool, garden, and flat-screen TVs in every room.

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3. Zapopan

Photo of a statue and cathedral in Zapopan pictured on a semi-cloudy day for a guide to where to stay in Guadalajara

Mexico, APR 24 2023 – Sunny exterior view of the Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan/Kit Leong/Shutterstock

Although part of the Guadalajara metro area, Zapopan is technically a city to itself. It is like a smaller version of Guadalajara, with the same beautiful architecture, culture, and food that makes the city so attractive, but without the crowds and traffic that make Guadalajara overwhelming to many visitors.

Zapopan has its own historic core centered around the imposing baroque Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan. It has museums such as Museo de Arte de Zapopan, which may be the best contemporary art museum in Guadalajara.

The Plaza de las Américas is a great place for people-watching. One of the main draws of Zapopan is the way this neighborhood is great for kids. The quieter atmosphere is less overwhelming for families.

Plus, there are many family-friendly activities, such as the Villa Fantasia Zoo. Zapopan is a bit far from other attractions in Guadalajara, so it’s not the best place to stay if you are hoping to spend a lot of time in the historic center.

Zapopan Budget Hotels

  • Hotel & Suites Quinta Magna features spacious, comfy rooms and suites, air conditioning, and plenty of free parking.
  • HG Hotel allows guests to enjoy comfy, clean rooms, small touches like free toiletries, and even a spa with massages.

Zapopan Mid-Range Hotels

  • Candlewood Suites – Guadalajara Galerias has amenities such as a pool, gym, business center, and comfy, modern rooms, making it a great choice for business travelers.
  • Hotel CLARUM 101 is a stylish boutique hotel with comfy amenities such as a quiet garden, elegant rooms, and considerate touches such as work desks in rooms.

Zapopan Luxury Hotels

  • Park Life Guadalajara is a stylish, high-end hotel featuring amenities such as a terrace and great views. This aparthotel offers suites and apartments, making it perfect for longer stays.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara may be kitschy, but it is a great hotel with lush rooms, a pool, and of course, nightly entertainment.

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4. Tlaquepaque

Photo of one of the best areas to stay in Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, pictured on a nice day with flags flying overhead and a blue sky in the background

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO – NOVEMBER 23, 2017: street of Tlaquepaque/Luis Alvarado Alvarado/Shutterstock

Tlaquepaque may have been absorbed by the Guadalajara metro area, but the village has maintained its original character. If you want a taste of authentic Mexican life, staying here is a great option.

Tlaquepaque has a completely different vibe from the rest of Guadalajara. Instead of imposing stone colonial or baroque facades, enjoy quiet cobblestone streets with pastel buildings.

The church of San Pedro Apostol is a more accessible version of the churches you will see in the rest of Guadalajara.

The Museo Pantaleón Panduro, dedicated to folk art, completes the impression that Tlaquepaque is a place that cares about its culture. Tlaquepaque is a very fun place to stay in.

It is one of the best parts of Guadalajara for shopping, whether you like upmarket shops or artisanal handicrafts.

Folk art and folk music are at every step, whether you want to take in live mariachi or watch performances by voladores, men who perform on high poles.

Keep in mind that Tlaquepaque is fairly far away from the city center, meaning that if you want to see sights in other parts of Guadalajara, you have a lot of commuting ahead of you. Parts of the town are not the safest, so it might not be the best choice for a family stay.

Tlaquepaque Budget Hotels

  • Casa del Retoño offers an authentic Mexican stay with colorful Mexican décor, comfortable rooms, and a lush garden when you need to get away from it all.
  • San Pietro Boutique Hotel offers guests comfortable air-conditioned rooms, a garden, and a pool.

Tlaquepaque Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Dex Tlaquepaque has stylish, modern rooms, a terrace perfect for enjoying your meals or drinks, and even a pool.
  • Casa Alfareros feels like a Mexican homestay thanks to the friendly service and authentic décor but has hotel-like amenities such as flat-screen TVs, toiletries, and AC.

Tlaquepaque Luxury Hotels

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5. Providencia

Providencia pictured from the air for a guide titled Where to Stay in Guadalajara

Ricardo Pacheco/Shutterstock

Well-heeled Providencia is one of the most upscale areas of Guadalajara. It is also one of the trendiest areas in Guadalajara — thanks to the proliferation of upscale bars and restaurants along its main streets.

The restaurants are also prime date spots, earning the neighborhood its reputation as a good destination for couples. There is plenty to do in Providencia.

A hot spot among locals and tourists alike is Punto Sao Paolo, a complex that contains shops, restaurants, a cinema, and even a casino. The massive park Bosque Los Colomos is also close to the neighborhood.

Despite all the attractions, Providencia is a fairly quiet neighborhood, great if you don’t want to deal with the traffic of the city center.

Although Providencia is well-connected to the Centro Histórico, it is still fairly far away from the action and may not be the best for first-time visitors. Plus, the upscale area is not the most budget-friendly.

Providencia Budget Hotels

  • Costanza Loft is perfect for longer stays, with spacious family rooms, terraces, and 24/7 front-desk service and security.
  • Yellow by DOT Boutique is a simple yet elegant hotel option with air conditioning, spacious showers, and colorful décor.

Providencia Mid-Range Hotels

  • AC Hotel by Marriott Guadalajara Mexico features amenities such as elegant modernist décor, air-conditioned rooms, and an on-site restaurant for when you don’t feel like leaving your hotel.
  • FCH Hotel Providencia offers guests tour desk service, access to an outdoor pool, and free breakfast, all in a colorful, welcoming atmosphere.

Providencia Luxury Hotels

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So, Where Should You Stay in Guadalajara?

Guadalajara may not be on everyone’s radar when they come to Mexico, but the city should definitely be on your itinerary. It captures all of the best of Mexico in one city — the spectacular history, the vibrant folk culture, and the best that modern Mexico has to offer.

Let’s recap the best parts of town:

📷 Best Area for Sightseeing     Centro Histórico
🍸 Best Area for NightlifeColonia Americana
👪 Best Area for FamiliesZapopan
💃 Best Area for CultureTlaquepaque
💲 Best Area for Upscale TravelProvidencia

Finally, Providencia is a great choice for the well-heeled traveler looking to splash out on luxury hotels. Wherever you stay, as long as you do your research, your trip to Guadalajara should be a hit!