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Where to Stay in Corfu in 2024 | 5 Best Areas

Where to Stay in Corfu in 2024 | 5 Best Areas

Today Corfu brings hundreds of tourists every year, and they come for various reasons. Some arrive for some wild partying and clubbing; others for the sandy beaches and the waterparks, as well as the history and the architecture.

If you want to find out where to stay in Corfu, look no further — below, we’ll give you a couple of answers, depending on what you want to do during your holiday. Let us be your guide!

The 5 Best Places to Stay in Corfu

Where to Stay in Corfu map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

Corfu is one of the biggest Greek islands and presents numerous towns and villages to the potential visitor. That being said, because of its size, the island is versatile and many-sided and can offer different things to different kinds of people.

Our favorite places to stay in Corfu include:

  1. Corfu Town: The capital of the island and its business, cultural, and historical center — a perfect place for those who want to learn the history of Corfu.
  2. Kavos: Mostly popular for younger people, it offers the most interesting and vibrant nightlife options on the island, as well as a couple of aqua parks.
  3. Kassiopi: Usually considered a “cool place,” Kassiopi’s strongest side is versatility because of its beaches, striking nature, and important historical landmarks.
  4. Agios Gordios: A small village on the western side of the island and very close to Corfu Town, Agios Gordios is the most suitable place in our guide for budget travelers.
  5. Acharavi: Another small village, this time on the northern side of the island, it presents a balanced offering and a calm, relaxing, and family-friendly atmosphere.

The Best Areas & Hotels in Corfu

Corfu is a major tourist place on the Ionian Sea and brings thousands of visitors every year. Almost the whole economy of the palace is connected to accommodating tourists.

Almost every city and village on the island offers uncountable accommodation options to choose from. Obviously, Corfu Town offers the most elite accommodation, but because of its size and influx of tourists, it is not that expensive, and you can find a lot of budget options.

The same holds for Kavos and Kassioopi. However, even if you’re looking for something luxurious, you can find it everywhere on Corfu: even in budget places like Agios Gordios.

Speaking of Agios Gordios, it is definitely the place that you should choose if you must spend your trip to Corfu on a budget. There are innumerable hotels, studios, apartments, and villas in the wider area around the city, which are unbelievably cheap.

But it’s preferable to have a car, since unlike the other places in our guide, the village itself is not that interesting and attractive. The same holds for Acharavi too.

1. Most Historic Area: Corfu Town

Photo of the main square in Corfu Town, one of the best areas to stay when in Corfu

Calin Stan/Shutterstock

There’s no better place to start your adventure on the beautiful island of Corfu than in its equally beautiful capital — simply called Corfu Town.

Roughly one third of the population of the whole island lives here, and it serves as the main political and administrative center not only of Corfu but of the other smaller neighboring islands on the Ionian Sea.

If you’re interested in culture and history and prefer to spend your holiday in a fully functional city, which is also a tourist center located on the shores of the sea, Corfu Town should be your choice.

The old town is the place where you would definitely spend most of your time. It’s an old interrelated system of streets with small shops, restaurants, and cafes. It will remind some of you a little bit of Venice since they both share the same Mediterranean vibe.

Almost all of the important landmarks and attractions are located in the old town. Here are the most important ones:

  • The Liston: the famous walking area, full of shops and restaurants and great for strolling.
  • Casa Parlante: a 19th-century mansion and a museum, a witness to the life of the aristocracy on this island.
  • Church of Saint Spiridon: an orthodox church from the end of the 16th century.
  • Corfu Museum of Asian Art: a palace from British rule and the only museum of its kind in Greece.
  • Old Fortress Corfu: a Venetian fortress that resisted Ottoman invasions for years.
  • Spianada Square: the most famous town square in Corfu, close to most of the landmarks listed above.

Since Corfu Town is the biggest city on the island, it’s also the richest in terms of accommodations and restaurants. There’s a wide range of two-, three-, four-, and five-star restaurants, some of them very cheap, and others very luxurious. The same holds for the hotels, too.

Corfu Town Budget Hotels

  • Europe Hotel is a two-star hotel located less than a mile from the center of Corfu Town. Every room has a balcony, TV, private bathroom, and free Wi-Fi. The place is particularly suitable for couples and has a 24-hour front desk.
  • Hotel Atlantis is another two-star hotel, but this time located significantly closer to the center of the Town — only 160 meters. It has free parking and free Wi-Fi, an on-site restaurant and a bar, a terrace, and a very tasty breakfast in the morning.

Corfu Town Mid-Range Hotels

  • Arcadion Hotel is a very beautiful three-star hotel overlooking Spianada Square. It offers — among other things — two restaurants and a bar on the premises, rooms furnished with handmade furniture and rich fabrics, and a TV. The place is especially suitable for couples.
  • Arion Hotel is another great three-star hotel located close to the city center and the beaches. Each room is furnished in a tasteful way, has a TV, and a mini fridge. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and free parking and has a bar on the premises.

Corfu Town Luxury Hotels

  • Corfu Holiday Palace is a very luxurious five-star hotel that’s close to both the Ionian Sea and the center of the city. It offers no less than two swimming pools, a private designated beach area, a spa and wellness center, a bar and a restaurant on the premises, and a superb breakfast.
  • Siora Vittoria Boutique Hotel is a luxurious four-star hotel located in a beautiful and historical 19th-century villa. Its strongest sides are the relaxing garden and the decorated interior and furnishing, consisting of marble bathrooms, wooden floors, and furniture.

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2. Best Area for Nightlife: Kavos

Aerial view of the expansive tan sand beach in Kavos, a top pick for where to stay in Corfu

Krzysztof Bozalek/Shutterstock

Going from Corfu Town to Kavos, we make a big jump, both geographically and culturally. Kavos is a small village in the utmost southern part of Corfu, almost 30 miles from the capital.

If Corfu Town was all about history, culture, palaces, and museums, Kavos is the island’s central nightlife hub. Kavos is full of clubs, cafes, and fabulous beaches, offering different kinds of fun activities.

That’s why it’s mostly popular with the younger audience, especially from the ages of 18 to 30. The nightclubs are simply amazing.

Here’s a list of the five most popular bars and clubs that you have to visit if you want to experience the true nightlife vibes of one of the most popular island towns in Greece:

Everybody knows that there’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach after an eventful night of partying and drinking. The beaches in Kavos are perfect for that, but they’re also quite fun and well-organized, offering a lot of interesting water-related activities.

Arkoudilas Beach is probably the most famous beach in the city, and it’s a great place to chill out or have fun. There are two water parks, the Aqua Park Kavos and the Water Fun Park.

Both of them are quite nice, but the second one is the biggest of its kind in all of Greece. If you want something completely different, then you can enjoy some adrenaline watersports like jet skiing or paddleboarding or even join a tour on a speed boat.

The options are pretty much unlimited. In terms of accommodation and restaurant options, Kavos truly delivers.

There are a bunch of hotels and apartments that are really cheap; they take into account that young people usually want to spend their money on the beach or in clubs. The restaurant offer is quite rich too, with a lot of Travelers’ Choice restaurants.

Kavos Budget Hotels

  • Mediterranean Blue is a very cheap three-star hotel with an outdoor pool and its own private beach. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and parking, an on-site bar, an airport shuttle, facilities for disabled guests, and private balconies with a view.
  • Sandy Beach Studios is an extremely cheap accommodation that has both an outdoor pool and a restaurant on its premises. The sunbeds and the umbrellas are free, and so are the Wi-Fi and the parking. There’s a shuttle to take you from and to the airport as well.

Kavos Mid-Range Hotels

  • Amelia’s Garden is a very nice three-star hotel with an outdoor swimming pool. It offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, an airport shuttle service, and a bar on the premises. Some of its rooms are equipped with a kitchen and a fridge. The place is particularly suitable for couples.
  • Trabukos Beach Complex is a very nice three-star hotel that looks and offers much more than a general mid-range hotel. It’s located on the beachfront and has an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, a terrace, and a bar. The breakfast served every morning is simply superb.

Kavos Luxury Hotels

  • Cavomarina Beach is a great four-star hotel with a beautiful outdoor pool located around 400 meters from the famous Kavos beach. Especially suitable for couples, it has air-conditioned and nicely furnished rooms. It also offers a great breakfast.
  • Capo Di Corfu is probably the largest, most expensive, and most luxurious resort in the area. Its five stars are completely deserved since it offers no less than three pools, it’s located on the beachfront, and it has an on-site restaurant and a bar.

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3. Best Area for Everything: Kassiopi

To illustrate one of the best parts of Corfu, two small boats float on the water in Kassiopi Bay

Marcin Krzyzak/Shutterstock

Around 20 miles to the north of Corfu Town lies the small village of Kassiopi. It’s usually considered one of the coolest places on Corfu, with a nice balance between culture and nature.

While it’s not as full of landmarks as Corfu Town, it offers some of the nicest beaches on the island. If you want to relax on the beach and visit interesting castles and churches, Kassiopi is the right place for you.

Let’s start with the beaches since there are a bunch of them that are worth visiting:

  • The small and clean Bataria Beach (2022 Travelers’ Choice selection).
  • Avlaki Beach is perfect for snorkeling but has a lot of pebbles (2022 Travelers’ Choice selection).
  • Kerasia Beach is full of fish and offers cheap sunbeds and umbrellas.
  • Kanoni Beach is surrounded by a rocky cove and a lot of shade.
  • The quiet and relaxing Kalamionas Beach.

The landmarks offer an interesting experience, both in terms of nature and culture. The Monastery of Pantokrator, for example, is located on Mount Pantokrator, the highest mountain on the island.

The Church of the Panayia Kassopitra, located right in the city, is one of the most important churches on the whole island. Finally, Kassiopi Castle is the real threat: a Byzantine castle that oversees the village, it played a key role in defending the island from invaders.

If you’re interested in history, the castle is a must-see, as it presents some of the key architectural remains on Corfu.

The accommodation options in the village are not as rich in comparison with Corfu Town and Kavos. You won’t find anything with less than three stars, and there are only a couple of hotels in the area — most of the accommodations are either apartments or studios.

Also, you may have to settle for something in the wider area and not directly in the village. The restaurant options, on the other hand, are as good as the other areas.

Kassiopi Budget Hotels

  • Fatiras Studios is a beautiful three-star studio complex around 150 meters from Kassiopi Beach. Every studio is furnished in a simple way and has air conditioning and Wi-Fi. There’s also a refrigerator, a TV, and a private bathroom in every unit.
  • Sunflower Apartments & Studios is another three-star apartment and studio complex with an outdoor swimming pool. It’s located just five minutes from Kassiopi Beach, and the studios have a view of the beautiful surrounding mountains. There’s also a pool bar and a courtyard.

Kassiopi Mid-Range Hotels

  • Fulvia Apartments is a four-star complex of apartments with a beautiful courtyard, a pretty garden, and an outdoor pool, located in the small village of Kassiopi. There’s free parking, free Wi-Fi, facilities for disabled guests, and an airport shuttle.
  • Frosini Gardens is a three-star hotel with no less than two outdoor swimming pools. There’s great continental breakfast every morning, free Wi-Fi, a bar on the premises, an airport shuttle, family rooms, and tea and coffee makers in every room.

Kassiopi Luxury Hotels

  • Philippos Hotel is a superb three-star hotel located just 150 meters from the utmost center of Kassiopi, where you’ll find all the restaurants and shops. It has three outdoor swimming pools, a bar on the premises, free Wi-Fi and parking, and airport shuttles.
  • Corfu Erimitis is another four-star accommodation located around a mile and a half from Kassiopi. It offers an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, free parking, a garden, and barbeque facilities. It’s also close to an area where guests can go snorkeling or scuba diving.

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4. Most Budget-Friendly Area: Agios Gordios

Aerial drone shot of the Achilleion Palace in Corfu in Agios Gordios, a top pick when thinking about where to stay in Corfu


Located on the western side of the island, around an hour and a half drive by car from Corfu Town, lies the small village of Agios Gordios.

It is mainly known for two things: first, it’s usually considered the cheapest and the most budget-friendly place on Corfu; second, it was often visited by Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, before he passed away.

That said, Agios Gordios doesn’t offer much to its potential tourists aside from the very cheap and numerous accommodations in the wider area.

The number of hotels, apartments, villas, and studios is simply uncountable, and since there are no major landmarks near the village, the prices are quite low. Having a car while staying in Agios Gordios is the perfect option.

However, that doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t offer anything interesting. Agios Gordios Beach is quite nice and was selected as the 2022 Travelers’ Choice, for example.

The city is beautiful and scenic — especially when the sun comes down — and it offers some interesting places for strolling and hiking. Moreover, the several bars it has are more than decent.

But having a car on some other kind of motor vehicle changes everything (that’s why you’ll find a lot of activities connected to the village that include driving or renting a scooter).

For example, only two miles to the north lies the interesting Folklore Museum of Central Corfu; almost eight miles to the north is the stunning 19th-century mansion better known as The Achilleion Palace. Corfu Town is quite close too, with no more than 30 minutes spent in a car.

We’ve already said that the accommodation options are both countless and cheap.

The restaurant options, on the other hand, are also decent, with a lot of Travelers’ Choice selections. But there’s not much variety since almost all of them are taverns or traditional Greek restaurants.

Agios Gordios Budget Hotels

  • Sunny views & Dreamy Sunsets by BS is a very cheap but nice two-star hotel. It offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, and has a garden around the premises. Its rooms are air-conditioned and have private bathrooms. There’s also an airport shuttle available.
  • Angelica Hotel is another very cheap two-star hotel located around 400 meters from the beach. It has a nice outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, terraces with a view, a bar and a restaurant on the premises, and rooms equipped with TVs, kitchenettes, and private bathrooms.

Agios Gordios Mid-Range Hotels

  • FilipposResort is a three-star accommodation that comes at a really decent price and is located very close to the beach — only around 80 meters. Particularly suitable for couples, it offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, a garden, and rooms with mountain views.
  • Aloha Hotel is a great three-star hotel overlooking the beautiful Ionian Sea. It features an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, free parking, facilities for disabled people, a bar on the premises, room service, nice breakfast, and satellite TV in every room.

Agios Gordios Luxury Hotels

  • La Grotta Verde is definitely the most luxurious place in Agios Gordios. It is an only-adult, five-star accommodation with no less than three swimming pools, a spa and wellness center on the premises, and an on-site bar. Every unit has all the amenities and offers terraces with views of the Ionian Sea.
  • Villa Renata & Villa Filippos by Konnect is another high-end accommodation, this time qualified as having four stars. It offers an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, and units equipped with satellite TV, as well as a fully equipped kitchen.

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5. Best Area for Families: Acharavi

Aerial view of the small town of Acharavi with its idyllic beach near the waves crashing on the shoreline on a semi-clear day

Ernestos Vitouladitis/Shutterstock

You’ll find Acharavi on the northern side of the island, a few miles from Kassiopi, which lies to the east. This small settlement is so far north that you can get a clear view of Albania from its shores.

But don’t let its size and relative forlornness kill your motivation: if you ask us, Acharavi is one of the most family-friendly places on Corfu. In the past, during the times of the Roman Empire (and well before that), Acharavi was called Heba after the Greek goddess of youth and the prime of life.

When you see the beach, the sea, and the surrounding countryside, you’ll understand the reason for its name in a matter of seconds. Acharavi Beach is simply beautiful, and it’s a great place to spend most of your time.

The sea offers many activities: you can scuba dive and snorkel, enjoy different types of water sports, or even rent a boat or a speedboat.

The city is also interesting for its shops. We haven’t talked too much about shopping in this guide, and Acharavi partially fills out that picture. There are a lot of specialty shops where you can buy clothes, souvenirs, and various kinds of memorabilia.

Finally, the area around the village offers an interesting historical excursion. Less than a mile from Acharavi, you’ll find the Roman Baths, a recent archeological excavation.

Right next to them is the Corfu Acharavi Folklore Museum, which is quite big and rich in artifacts. Acharavi may not be the most popular place in Corfu, but it still offers a large number of accommodations and restaurants.

Aside from the numerous apartments and studios, there are a bunch of hotels too, ranging from cheap two-star budget options to elite five-star resorts.

The restaurants and eateries, on the other hand, are of the classical and traditional type. If you like gyro, souvlaki, and seafood, you definitely won’t stay hungry for long.

Acharavi Budget Hotels

  • Amorossa Beachfront Village by Konnect is a very nice two-star hotel with a balcony, a patio, an outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge, a garden, and a TV in every room. The place is particularly suitable for couples, but it also offers family rooms.
  • ILENA HOTEL is a two-star hotel located just 400 meters from Acharavi Beach. It offers an outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge, a lush garden, free parking and free Wi-Fi, a bar on the premises, and a very decent breakfast every morning.

Acharavi Mid-Range Hotels

  • Filorian Hotel Apartments is a great three-star hotel located right on the beach. The Durell house, which is definitely worth visiting, is just fifteen minutes away. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a bar on the premises, and rooms with kitchens or kitchenettes and TVs.
  • Eriva Hotel is another great three-star hotel with an outdoor pool. It’s particularly suitable for couples and also has a garden, a terrace, and an on-site bar and restaurant. It offers great breakfast and rooms equipped with TVs and kitchenettes. There’s also free parking and an airport shuttle service.

Acharavi Luxury Hotels

  • Grecotel-LUXME Costa Botanica is definitely one of the best hotels on the whole island. A five-star object, it has two swimming pools, a spa and wellness center, an on-site restaurant and bar, a pool, and courteous room service. The hotel is also family-friendly.
  • Acharavi Beach Hotel is a four-star hotel located very close to the beach. It offers rooms with a view of the sea, no less than four swimming pools, a fitness center, a bar and a restaurant on the premises, and a superb breakfast every morning.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Corfu?

After we made a full circle along the shores of Corfu and visited its most interesting and unique towns and villages, let’s do a quick recap so you can make your decision on where to stay.

🏰 Most Historic AreaCorfu Town
🍺 Best Area for NightlifeKavos
✅ Best Area to See EverythingKassiopi
💰 Most Budget-FriendlyAgios Gordios
👪 Best for FamiliesAcharavi

So, with so much to see and do, what are you waiting for — book your trip to Corfu today. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy travels!