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Where to Stay in Acapulco in 2024 | Best Areas and Hotels

Where to Stay in Acapulco in 2024 | Best Areas and Hotels

Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and professional cliff divers, Acapulco is a famous resort city in Mexico with miles of beachfront properties and a variety of distinct neighborhoods.

Below, you’ll find all that you should know to decide where to stay in Acapulco. We’ll highlight the best parts of town, why we love each one, what to do and where to do in each, and the best hotels. Let us be your guide!

The Best Places to Stay in Acapulco

Where to Stay in Acapulco map in vector format featuring the best areas of town

Here are five of the most recommended places to stay in Acapulco. Keep in mind that you can visit any of these areas, no matter where you stay, if you truly want to see everything the city offers.

The best areas include:

  1. Acapulco Tradicional: Best for first-time visitors and families
  2. Zona Dorada: Best for nightlife and beach-goers
  3. Diamante: Best for luxury travelers and five-star resorts
  4. Puerto del Marques: Best for hiking and fewer tourists
  5. Boulevard Barra Vieja: Best for budget travelers and seafood

Where to Stay in Acapulco in 2024

The main road through Acapulco stretches over 17 miles in length, giving you an idea of how much land the city covers. Knowing more about the different areas within the city can help you get more out of your trip.

Let’s start exploring some of the best areas to stay in Acapulco, including the top places to eat and sleep and things to do in each neighborhood.

1. Acapulco Tradicional

Famous cliffs of Quebrada in the old town, one of the best places to stay when in Acapulco

Esteban Roman/Shutterstock

Acapulco Tradicional, as the name suggests, is the traditional part of the city. It’s where most tourists head, especially when visiting for the first time.

No other part of the city captures the essence of Acapulco like this area, thanks to its rich history and culture. Behind the luxury resorts and hotels are the historic parts of the city.

From the city’s main square to the large markets, there are plenty of spots to shop and browse alongside the locals and throngs of tourists. This area is also home to one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, La Quebrada Cliffs.

Here, you’ll get to witness experienced divers jump from heights of 98 to 135 feet to the water below, which includes depths of just 16 to 19 feet.

Another popular landmark is the historic Fuerte de San Diego. This 17th-century fort is now a museum and gives a glimpse into the region’s past. The traditional district covers a lot of land and includes several smaller neighborhoods, including Las Playas.

It’s a large peninsula extending south of the city and covered in resorts and apartments. No matter where you stay in the area, you’re never more than a few blocks from the beach.

Whether you stay in the Las Playas area or further north, the traditional district tends to offer warm hospitality and a wide range of comfortable accommodations.

You can find everything from small boutique hotels to large hotels and resorts. However, some people may prefer the high-rise resorts of Diamante, or the laid-back atmosphere found in some of the other neighborhoods of Acapulco.

Acapulco Tradicional Budget Hotels

  • Hotel Colimense: Located close to the center of the city, this affordable little hotel is a great choice for those with limited funds. It’s also a short stroll from several beaches and an assortment of restaurants and cafes.
  • Hotel Acapulco: This budget hotel has brightly decorated interiors and limited amenities but offers convenient access to the beach. Tlacopanocha Beach is just 600 feet away.

Acapulco Tradicional Mid-Range Hotels

  • Alba suites Acapulco: Situated on the eastern end of Las Playas, this mid-range hotel offers plenty to do, including swimming at a selection of five different pools. This is convenient, as the nearest beach is about a five-minute drive.
  • Hotel Flamingos: This hotel has a vibrant, tropical theme that helps it stand out from other accommodations in the area. It’s a short distance from several beaches and has an on-site restaurant with Mexican cuisine.

Acapulco Tradicional Luxury Hotels

  • Suites LUCKA: Featuring dozens of units, this set of suites includes everything that you need to create a temporary home away from home. You’ll enjoy access to a private kitchen, pool, garden view, and living area, along with two bedrooms.
  • Ritz Acapulco: If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, consider staying at this resort near the middle of Las Playas. Relax as the staff caters to your needs, including arranging in-room drinks and food.

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2. Zona Dorado

Many resorts line the empty beach in Zona Dorado, one of Acapulco's best areas to stay


Zona Dorado, or the Golden Zone, covers most of the coastline on the inside of Acapulco Bay. Along with the traditional zone and diamond zone, the Dorado district is one of the three main hubs in the city.

It has the largest assortment of hotels, clubs, bars, and restaurants in the region. The area is also known for its nightlife.

It’s the top spot for those wanting to party into the night, as most of the attractions and hotspots are found along the main avenue, La Costera. Everything you need can be found along this avenue.

Opposite the main thoroughfare, you’ll find the white, sandy beaches that the city is known for. This area includes several miles of beaches, often with drinks and street food nearby.

Shopaholics will also love staying in this area, as the Golden Zone caters heavily to tourists ready to spend money. You’ll find several shopping areas, including the large Plaza Dorado. Other smaller markets, malls, and boutiques are also found throughout the neighborhood.

If shopping and partying aren’t your thing, you can find plenty of other things to do in Zona Dorado, including playing golf on a world-class course or traveling to nearby districts.

The Golden Zone sits between the traditional district and the remaining recommendations, providing a central spot for exploring more of Acapulco.

Zona Dorado Budget Hotels

  • Suites Angelopolis: The bus station, nearest supermarket, and beach are also a short walk from your room at this budget hotel. The rooms are surprisingly spacious and include a kitchen with a fridge and kitchenware.
  • Villas La Lupita: Found right in the middle of the district, this low-cost hotel offers a convenient spot to call home during your stay. It’s just two blocks from Malibu Beach and has its own outdoor pool.

Zona Dorado Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Hacienda Maria Eugenia: If you want the experience of staying in a Mexican apartment but without spending as much, this hotel has you covered. It has a homey feel along with a large central courtyard with a pool and water slide.
  • SKY INN Acapulco: With spacious rooms and a long list of amenities, this hotel aims to make every guest feel at home. It’s also a short walk from Pizza Hut and several cafes and bars.

Zona Dorado Luxury Hotels

  • Emporio Acapulco: While this isn’t a five-star resort, it’s a step up from the mid-range hotels in this area. The rooms are beautifully decorated and have amazing views of the ocean.
  • Gamma Acapulco Copacabana: Located at the southern end of the district, this hotel is about as luxurious as you can get in Zona Dorado. With the deluxe rooms, you get a pool view or ocean view, along with a private kitchenette and access to a long list of activities, including karaoke.

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3. Diamante

Diamante, one of the best parts of Acapulco in which to stay, pictured with still water in front of the resorts below a blue sky

Santiago Castillo Chomel/Shutterstock

Located at the south end of Acapulco’s coast, the Diamante (Diamond) zone is one of the more upscale areas of Acapulco. It’s where you’re going to find the most luxurious resorts and clubs, making it the top choice for affluent travelers.

You can also divide your time among a variety of activities, including trips to the golf course, spas, and high-end shops in the area. There’s also no shortage of fancy restaurants and lounges.

Of course, the beaches are among the top reasons to stay in this area. Diamante is known for its carefully manicured beaches.

Other highlights of this neighborhood include the Arena GNP Seguros and the nearby archaeological zone, giving you two completely different ways to enjoy your trip. Take in a live show at the arena or connect with nature at the archaeological site.

However, it’s not as pedestrian-friendly as some of the other parts of Acapulco. If you’re planning on venturing beyond your resort, you may need to rent a car or be prepared to take a taxi to most destinations.

Diamante Budget Hotels

  • One Acapulco Diamante: This budget hotel costs more than some of the high-end options in other parts of the city but still offers a bargain in the Diamante district. It’s a comfortable place to stay and a short stroll from La Isla Shopping Village.
  • Hotel Casa de Lirio Diamante: Another low-cost hotel in the center of an upscale neighborhood, this place gives you a great value and a comfortable place to sleep. The amenities may be lacking, but it’s a quick trip to the main shopping areas and beaches.

Diamante Mid-Range Hotels

  • Holiday Inn Acapulco La Isla: With a variety of room types to choose from, you can easily find something to fit your group size and budget at this mid-range hotel. It also has its own outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurant.
  • Residencial Gran Palma: The rooms at this hotel are a little snug, but you’ll likely spend most of your time exploring the city and enjoying the beaches. However, you do get some useful amenities, including a fridge and microwave.

Diamante Luxury Hotels

  • Palacio Mundo Imperial Riviera Diamante Acapulco: Found right in the heart of the district, this luxury resort provides celebrity treatment and the finest accommodations in the area. You’ll enjoy access to just about any amenity you could think of, including a full fitness center and a 10,000-square-foot garden.
  • Increíble Departamento en Acapulco Diamante: Wake up to the sounds of the ocean with a stay in this high-end resort featuring multiple units with triple rooms. Most units can accommodate up to eight guests, making this a top choice for large groups wanting to stay in an upscale part of the city.

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4. Puerto del Marques

Photo of the still water over Puerto del Marques, one of the best places to stay on a trip to Acapulco

Acapulco, Mexico – November 25, 2008: Looking over blue bay water into Puerto Marques and like-named cape under blue sky. Green hills with spare buildings/Claudine Van Massenhove/Shutterstock

Puerto del Marques is just north of Diamante and tends to draw fewer crowds, making it a good choice for those wanting a more relaxing trip. It’s also a short distance from Veladero Acapulco National Park.

If you grow tired of the sandy beaches and waterfront restaurants, you can trek through the park. It includes a 4.4-mile trail and covers about 7,800 acres of land just east of the city. You’ll be treated to impressive views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding region.

As with most of the other parts of Acapulco, Puerto del Marques has its share of luxury resorts, villas, and hotels. Many options include a wide range of amenities, including pools, spas, and fitness centers.

Puerto del Marques is a little closer to Acapulco’s main coastline and directly west of a popular lagoon. The Laguna de Tres Palos allows you to spend more time outside and around the local wildlife instead of crowding together with other visitors on a beach.

If you prefer to spend your days shopping and tanning on the beach, there are more popular options. However, if you want to spend more time in nature, Puerto del Marques is a top spot.

Puerto del Marques Budget Hotels

  • Hotel RRU Diamante: This large four-star hotel has surprisingly low prices, along with remarkable room service. It’s also a wonderful location for foodies, as three top restaurants are just a short walk away.
  • Hotel Acapulco Malibu: Grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner from the on-site restaurant at this budget hotel. You can also relax in the pool or check out the available tourist activities, including boat rides and jet skiing.

Puerto del Marques Mid-Range Hotels

  • Princess Mundo Imperial Riviera Diamante Acapulco: Thanks to the private balconies at this hotel, you’ll always have a great view of the ocean. You may never want to leave, especially when you add three full-service bars, five pools, a spa, a salon, and several on-site restaurants.
  • Las Brisas Acapulco: You may think that you’re staying at a five-star resort due to the luxurious furnishings and large pool area that opens out to the bay. You can also choose from a variety of room types to fit your budget.

Puerto del Marques Luxury Hotels

  • Park Royal Beach Acapulco: Enjoy the convenience of staying at this top-rated all-inclusive resort. It offers everything you need, including pools, beach access, and restaurants, so you don’t need to leave the resort area if you choose.
  • Camino Real Acapulco Diamante: With rooms that look out over the bay and the mountain as a backdrop, this high-end resort offers some of the best views in the region. It also has two on-site restaurants, snacks, a gift shop, and other convenient features for those who want to stay put.

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5. Boulevard Barra Vieja

Covering a stretch of land just southeast of the Diamante zone, you’ll find Boulevard Barra Vieja. It’s opposite the airport and is technically just outside the boundaries of Acapulco. But it’s also a great spot for those looking to visit the city on a budget.

Boulevard Barra Vieja gives you more of a laid-back atmosphere compared to the previous picks. Yet, it still offers many of the same features that you’d find in the traditional or diamond districts, including stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters.

This neighborhood has two main beaches, neither of which gets as crowded as the beaches in the other parts of the city. You’ll enjoy smaller crowds and more space, whether you want to relax on the sand or splash in the water.

Keep in mind that Boulevard Barra Vieja is much further from the action. If you want to go clubbing or spend your time browsing the stores near Acapulco Bay, you’ll likely want to stay in one of the other areas.

Boulevard Barra Vieja Budget Hotels

  • Riviera Bonfil: Located right between the two main beaches in this district, this low-cost hotel is a top pick for those wanting to play in the sand or water. You won’t find many amenities, but you will find several restaurants within walking distance.
  • Fifth Diamond Hotel: As with the previous suggestion, this budget hotel has limited amenities and relatively small rooms but makes up for it with its location near the beaches and views of the garden.

Boulevard Barra Vieja Mid-Range Hotels

  • Mishol Bodas Hotel: Whether you want to sip cocktails by the beach or lounge by the pool, this four-star hotel has a variety of ways to keep yourself occupied. Other highlights include an on-site restaurant, garden, terrace, and rooms with private balconies.
  • Muúnek Hotel Boutique Art & Spa: This hotel features five-star service and unique décor with a tropical theme. You’ll feel like you’re staying in the rainforest instead of near the beach.

Boulevard Barra Vieja Luxury Hotels

  • Casa Playa Rosa: This next option isn’t quite a high-end resort but has a luxurious pool area and fantastic views of the ocean. The beach is also just a few hundred feet from your room, making it easy to spend all day on the sand or in the water.
  • Hotel Tres Vidas Acapulco: This is one of the highest-priced hotels in the Acapulco area, which makes sense considering the sizes of the rooms and the included features. Guests can also enjoy fresh gourmet dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Acapulco?

Acapulco is more than just a spring break destination, thanks to its diverse landscape and natural beauty, along with a wide range of shops, restaurants, and attractions.

🗺️ Best for First-Time VisitorsAcapulco Tradicional
🎉 Best for NightlifeZona Dorada
🥂 Best for Luxury TravelersDiamante
🏖️ Best for Smaller CrowdsPuerto del Marques
💳 Best for Budget TravelersBoulevard Barra Vieja

From the popular resort areas of the traditional, diamond, and coastal districts to the laid-back atmosphere of Puerto del Marques and Boulevard Barra Vieja, there’s something for everyone. Happy travels!