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Where to Stay in Acadia National Park in 2023

Where to Stay in Acadia National Park in 2023

Instead of asking where to stay in Acadia National Park, you should probably ask, “in which city near Acadia should I place my permanent residence” — if you visit even once, you’ll have a hard time leaving.

Where to Stay in Acadia National Park

Somewhere around the middle of the coast of Maine, where the waves of the Atlantic Ocean hug the shore, lies Acadia National Park, one of the most beautiful, old, and diverse national parks in the whole of America.

With a history that spans more than 10,000 years, the park was officially opened at the beginning of the 20th century by Woodrow Wilson.

Its first name was Lafayette National Park (after the famous French general), but after a few years, it was renamed, and that name stuck — Acadia National Park.

Acadia sounds awfully much like Arcadia — that heavenly place in Ancient Greece, where everything was perfect and fresh and where men, beast, and plant lived in harmony.

Acadia National Park looks and feels truly heavenly indeed: it’s one of the most biodiverse places in the world, with very clean and clear air and water and a stunning mountain and ocean landscape on every side.

Namely, the park covers most of Mount Desert Island and is surrounded by water from all sides. Acadia offers innumerable opportunities for hiking and enjoying nature. Cadillac Mountain is the highest peak on the east coast and probably the main attraction in the park.

You can either walk to the top and breathe the sweet smell of the pine forest or drive and then take in the stunning vistas, but we’ll get back to the attractions in a bit.

There are a number of small towns in close proximity, but your best choices are either Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor, which are closest to the park, or Trenton and Ellsworth, which are further away.

Finally, Acadia is both surrounded and filled with water.

Jordan Pond is a simply stunning body of water, but we also recommend the many beaches where you can relax and simply enjoy life: Sand Beach, Little Hunters Beach, and Echo Lake Beach — all of them are simply unforgettable.

The 4 Best Parts of Acadia National Park

Vector map of Acadia National Park pictured with several of the best places to stay and attractions to visit

There’s one important thing you have to know before you choose where to stay near Acadia National Park: staying close to it — on Mount Desert Island — is quite expensive. The further you go away from the park, and as soon as you leave the island, the prices are significantly lower.

We’ve listed the cities, starting with the one closest to the park, and as we delve deeper into our journey, we’ll get to the outskirts and the mainland.

Our favorite areas to stay include:

  • Bar Harbor: Definitely the best choice for staying near Acadia, Bar Harbor is a city full of history and tasty restraints but with really expensive accommodation options.
  • Southwest Harbor: Located on the western side of Mount Desert Island, it offers a lot of sea-related activities and a similar accommodation situation as Bar Harbor.
  • Trenton: The first city on your way out of Mount Desert Island but also very close to the park, it is a perfect choice if you prefer something cheaper.
  • Ellsworth: The biggest city in our guide and also the furthest from Acadia, it offers a bunch of accommodation options, a lot of museums, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Best Areas and Hotels by the Park

Acadia National Park has been a magnet for wealthy tourists since the 19th century. That means that there are a lot of hotels both inside and near the park.

The accommodations are very close to the park — the cities practically adjacent to it, like Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor, are really expensive. You won’t find anything here with less than three stars.

As you leave Mount Desert Island, the accommodation options multiply, and the prices drop exponentially. Trenton and Ellsworth are both less than half an hour away from the park, and they are significantly more budget-oriented than the cities on the island.

If you prefer not to spend a lot of money but still be near the park, we recommend that you choose either of these two cities.

1. Bar Harbor

Little shops lining the downtown area in Bar Harbor, a top pick when considering where to stay in Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor, USA – June 8, 2017: Empty main street in downtown village in summer with people and stores/Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

Bar Harbor is definitely your best choice if you want to stay close to Acadia National Park. A small city of around 5,000 people, it basically borders the park, and it can even be considered that it’s inside Acadia.

Regardless of the geographical technicality, we are talking about a lively city during the summer and the autumn months, when most of the tourists frequent the place.

It is no surprise then that the most interesting thing you could do while staying in the city is to visit the park itself. Both Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are located on Mount Desert Island, the second largest island on the Atlantic Coast.

Obviously, most of its attractions are nature-related, but not all. There are some cultural landmarks and museums, too, that are definitely worth your time.

Aside from visiting the park, we also recommend taking a walk along the Shore Path and the Ocean Trail, which are probably the two best hiking trails in the city.

Quite near to the city — but in Acadia — is another favorite lane for hikers, namely the beautiful Cadillac Mountain North Ridge Trail. Also, the Land Bridge to Bar Island (the Island opposite Bar Harbor) offers a chance for another interesting adventure.

As we said, nature is not the only interesting thing in Bar Harbor.

There are a bunch of museums you can visit to learn more about the history and the culture of this part of America (George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History);  some interesting historic buildings (St. Saviour’s Church) and — surprisingly enough — not a small number of art galleries.

Bar Harbor offers the best accommodation options near Acadia National Park, but they come at a price, and a high one at that.

There are basically no budget options in this city, and no hotel, motel, or holiday home has less than three stars. Some people may even consider Bar Harbor an elite town, only offering its services to visitors looking for luxury.

Want to learn more? Read on or browse our guides on “where to stay in Bar Harbor” and the “best time to visit Bar Harbor, Maine.”

Things to Do

  • The natural beauty in and near Bar Harbor is practically unrivaled. First, there are the parks, Agamont Park and the Village Green; then, there are the hiking trails close to the city, like the Shore Path and the Ocean Trail. If you want to visit Bar Island, you can do that by walking the Land Bridge to Bar; finally, there’s the Cadillac Mountain North Ridge Trail, which is basically inside Acadia.
  • We mentioned that there are a bunch of museums in Bar Harbor: George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History is all about the coastal wildlife of Maine; Abbe Museum narrates the story of the native people that lived in this area, the Wabanaki; lastly, the Bar Harbor Historical Society – La Rochelle Mansion and Museum is both a beautiful old building and a fabulous museum.
  • Bar Harbor is full of beautiful old buildings that still serve their function, like the building of the Bar Harbor Historical Society. While strolling the city, you should definitely visit some more of those precious gems: the Jesup Memorial Library is a very old and very beautiful library; the Egg Rock Light is a lighthouse that offers an amazing view; the St. Saviour’s Church dates back to 1876; and the Criterion Theater, which is both a historical monument and a fully functioning entertainment venue.
  • We said that Bar Harbor is an upscale place, and the numerous galleries are witness to that. Here’s a list of the most important galleries, presented in no particular order: Eclipse Gallery, D’Alessio Gallery, Little Village Gifts, and Ernie’s Sculptures.

Where to Eat

  • Geddy’s is a 2022 Travelers’ Choice selection that specializes in American cuisine, seafood, and vegetarian meals. You can’t go wrong with either the steak, the fish sandwich, or the clam chowder. The place is particularly suitable for large gatherings, groups, or parties.
  • Paddy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is another 2022 Travelers’ Choice selection, functioning both as a classical American restaurant and an Irish pub. But because it is located in this part of America, the clam chowder, the fish sandwich, the lobster, and the mussels are what you can’t go without.
  • The Thirsty Whale Tavern is yet another 2022 Travelers’ Choice selection (there are a lot of great restaurants in Bar Harbor) that’s all about seafood and traditional American meals. The budget, the lobster roll, and the chowder are the best it can offer, but it also has a rich selection of beers.

Bar Harbor Budget Hotels

  • The Elmhurst Inn is the cheapest accommodation in Bar Harbor and can be called a budget option only in a relative sense. It has three stars and is particularly suitable for couples: it offers a nice garden on the premises and a terrace, and it also serves fresh American breakfast to its guests every morning.
  • Canterbury Cottage Bed & Breakfast is the second cheapest accommodation in Bar Harbor and, again, a budget option only in relation to its circumstances. A three-star bed and breakfast, it offers free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and parking, private bathrooms in every room, breakfast every morning, and a tennis court on the premises.  

Bar Harbor Mid-Range Hotels

  • Bar Harbor Grand Hotel is a great three-star hotel located in the central area of Bar Harbor. It boasts — among other things — an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center on the premises, free parking and Wi-Fi for every guest, coffee and tea makers in every room, and facilities for disabled people.
  • Acadia Hotel – Downtown is another centrally located three-star hotel, which is a great option for those who want to spend their time in Bar Harbor around restaurants and shops. An old building dating back to 1884 with a library inside, it offers a bar, a fitness center, and tasty breakfast every morning.

Bar Harbor Luxury Hotels

  • The Reminisce vacation home 5br/3bt,downtown BH is an upscale four-star holiday home located in the center of Bar Harbor. It offers free parking, free Wi-Fi, barbecue facilities on the premises, and a garden. It also has three bathrooms and five bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a flat-screen TV in the sitting area.
  • Sand Bar Cottage Inn is another quite expensive and luxurious four-star accommodation located in the middle of Bar Harbor. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and a flat-screen TV — some of them even have terraces. There’s also a garden on the premises, and American breakfast is served every morning.

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2. Southwest Harbor

Idyllic scene with a picket fence and a tree overlooking the water for a piece on the best place to stay when visiting Acadia National Park


On the opposite side of Mount Desert Island lies the small village-city called Southwest Harbor. It is even smaller than Bar Harbor (population of around 1,700 people) but just as charming, interesting, and beautiful as anything close to Acadia National Park.

It’s another obvious choice for travelers who prefer to stay next to the park but would like a more relaxed and forlorn atmosphere than in the much more popular Bar Harbor.

The sea is your biggest friend here, and most of the interesting activities are connected to either canyoning or boating, enjoying the view, the flora, and the fauna, or eating some tasty lobster, shrimp, or clam.

We recommend you test the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in some way: you can either rent a private boat or discover the beauties of Acadia National Park on a boat tour.

If you prefer something more specific, like learning where and how lobsters are harvested, you can choose the ultra-popular Acadia Lobster Cruise. For the more adventurous among you, you can try exploring nature on a kayak or enjoy the Acadian mountainous vistas while sailing.

If you’re more of a down-to-earth person (in a literal way), we recommend you go on some of the numerous hikes that are available in this area:

  • Beech Cliff Loop
  • Flying Mountain Hiking Trail
  • Wonderland Trail
  • Perpendicular Trail

If you want to relax and enjoy some city-tamed nature, there’s also the Charlotte Rhoades Garden and Butterfly Park, as well as the Wendell Gilley Museum, which tells of the unique magic of bird carving.

Considering the accommodations, the situation is practically the same with Bar Harbor. There’s literally nothing with less than three stars. As we said, staying close to Acadia comes at a high price.

Things to Do

  • Southwest Harbor perhaps isn’t big, but it definitely has a huge heart and personality. Town dwellers should check the Southwest Harbor Public Library because there’s a strange connection between this part of America and books, as we already saw in Bar Harbor. There obviously must be a reason why the Nobel prize winner Marguerite Yourcenar decided to spend her life, not in her native Belgium or France but here.
  • Hikers are going to have a blast at Southwest Harbor. The city is partially inside and outside of Acadia, and that means that there’s a continuity between the nature of the park as it blends into the city’s surroundings. There’s a wide variety of options for hikers, like the Beech Cliff Loop, the Flying Mountain Hiking Trail, the Wonderland Trail, and the Perpendicular Trail.
  • Southwest Harbor offers a bunch of specialty shops and gift shops, where you can buy gifts, memorabilia, or souvenirs, and a lot of nice places to eat and enjoy the view. Acadia Quietside Shop offers everything and anything, and Liquor Locker has a wide range of different types of liquor. If you want to grab a bite in some of the more special places in the city, we recommend Sawyer’s Specialties (for cheese and gourmet food), Manset Little Farm (for cookies), and Quiet Side Cafe & Ice Cream Shop (both the best ice cream and lobster).

Where to Eat

  • Red Sky is an American restaurant that offers a variety of meat options but also seafood and vegetarian options. A 2022 Travelers’ Choice Selection, it is mostly famous for its pasta (the tagliatelle) with smoked salmon and other seafood. We recommend this place for romantic dinners or anniversaries.
  • Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound is another 2022 Travelers’ Choice selection, famous — as the name suggests — for its seafood. Located just to the south of Southwest Harbor, it serves a bunch of interesting seafood combinations (like deep-fried clams), but the burgers are also nice too.
  • Quietside Cafe and Ice Cream Shop is a place that we recommend you visit after you’ve had your fair share of seafood and burgers and want to have a proper dessert and a cup of tasty coffee. A 2022 Travelers’ Choice selection, it is mostly famous for the delicious ice cream and crunchy apple pie.

Southwest HarborBudget Hotels

  • Waterfront Southwest Harbor Cottage on Dock! is a nice two-bedroom holiday home located in Southwest Harbor. Similarly, like the budget accommodations in Bar Harbor, this holiday home is a budget option only in a relative sense. It also offers a living room with DVD, free Wi-Fi and free parking on-site.  
  • Loft Cabin with Outdoor Patio-Near Acadia Natl Park is another three-star holiday home, but this time located right in Southwest Harbor. It’s quite small (74 square meters), has one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room equipped with a flat-screen TV, and a kitchen.

Southwest Harbor Mid-Range Hotels

  • Kenway Ranch is a great three-star holiday home located a few miles to the north of Southwest Harbor. It offers three bedrooms, one bathroom equipped with a shower, a kitchen with a fridge and oven, a barbecue on the premises, free Wi-Fi, and free parking for the residents.
  • Manset Grotto is a beautiful holiday home with a perfect view. All of the rooms have a view of the sea and are equipped with a cable TV, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. There’s also free Wi-Fi throughout the premises and free parking.

Southwest Harbor Luxury Hotels

  • Creek Cottage is a huge (around 90 square meters) three-star holiday home located to the north of Tremond. It offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a comfortable and large living room with a TV. There’s also free Wi-Fi throughout the premises and free parking.
  • Acadia National Park Home with Deck and Ocean View is another very large (140 square meters) three-star holiday home. Located in the heart of Southwest Harbor, it offers a nice garden in front of the premises, free Wi-Fi and free parking, no less than three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a living room with a TV.

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3. Trenton

Cute and quaint little cottages lining a gravel walking path in front of some grass in Trenton, Maine, a great place to stay when going to Acadia National Park

Trenton, Maine – September 27th, 2019: Cottages at Open Hearth Inn Hotel surrounded by lush foliage at sunset/Jenlo8/Shutterstock

Trenton is the first city that you’ll meet after you leave Mount Desert and the nearest place to Acadia National Park on the continent. Just 7 miles from the park, you can reach it in less than 15 minutes by car — it’s basically like you are staying in the park.

This small city populated by around 1,500 people has one more important convenience. It is located less than a mile from the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport.

Plainly speaking, Trenton has a lot of the perks of being close to Acadia Park, but it’s not as expensive and elite as the places on Mount Desert, like Bar Harbor and North West Harbor.

It has a wider range of accommodation and a couple of budget options. It’s probably the most convenient choice for practical visitors who want to stay close to the Park but prefer not to spend all their savings on Mount Desert.

The main attraction near Trenton is, obviously, Acadia Park, and most of your time should be spent there. One special thing that the city has to offer is that they offer you to see the city from the air. Check the Scenic Flights of Acadia if you want to have this unforgettable experience.

Trenton has its own interesting, sui generis stuff. To the north of the city (on the opposite side of the park) there are interesting nature-related places that are worth your time.

The Kisma Preserve is where you can see wolves, bears, bobcats, and other interesting wild animals. For those who like rural tourism, there’s the interesting J&P’s Farm.

Similarly, like other places near Acadia, Trenton is a town that thrives on tourism. It’s no surprise, then, that the city is full of different interesting shops that are more into providing memories than selling products.

The most interesting shop is the Two Old Goats Antiques, but we also recommend that you visit Acadia World Traders if you want to buy some hand-made artistic items.

Things to Do

  • It’s one thing to explore Acadia National Park on foot, another while on a boat, and a completely different thing to see it by air. The small city of Trenton offers a one-of-a-kind experience by offering you the Scenic Flights of Acadia. You’ll be able to fly over the beautiful nature of Acadia National Park and get a unique perspective of the place.
  • If you’re interested in nature and you’ve already visited Acadia a few times, stay a little longer and turn your perspective up north. Just a few miles from Trenton, you’ll find two interesting things that’ll keep your curiosity satisfied: first, if you’re into wild animals, we recommend that you visit The Kisma Preserve to see majestic wolves, bears, and bobcats; however, if you’re more of calmer rapport and prefer the tamed aspect of nature, go to J&P’s Farm.
  • Nobody wants to leave the wider area of Acadia National Park without bringing some souvenir or memorabilia home. Trenton has a couple of shops you just have to visit: Two Old Goats Antiques offer antiques, collectibles, vintage stuff, art, and a lot of other things; Acadia World Traders offers ethically sourced and sustainable arts and crafts, directly provided by the artisans of Bali.
  • Lastly, not many dislike an old plain game of golf surrounded by beautiful nature. The Atlantic Ocean and the mountains of Maine provide a sublime scenic background to Bar Harbor Golf Course.

Where to Eat

  • Smokey’s BBQ & Lobster is definitely the best place in Trenton to grab a bite. An American restaurant that serves seafood and barbecue, it was selected as the 2022 Travelers’ Choice. We recommend the lobster, the clams, the pulled pork sandwich, or the ribs.
  • The Beacon Bar and Grill is another American seafood and BBQ restaurant. Located to the north of Trenton, it’s a great place to order some finger food like onion rings, vinegar fries, or chicken wings, but also main dishes like burgers, steak, and lobster.
  • Sugar Bakery is a great place to satisfy your cravings for something sweet and sugary after you’ve had your share of burgers, ribs, lobsters, and clams. A 2022 Travelers Choice, it’s officially the best bakery in Trenton, famous for its cupcakes, blueberry pie, and various pastries.

Trenton Budget Hotels

  • Isleview Motel & Cottages is a decent two-star motel located on Bar Harbor road, very close to the center of Trenton. It offers a nice garden with barbecue facilities, free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, and air-conditioned rooms. All the rooms are equipped with flat-screen cable TVs.
  • Acadia Sunrise Motel is a three-star motel with an outdoor pool located north of the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport. There’s free Wi-Fi and free air conditioning on the premises, all the rooms have flat-screen cable TVs, and some of them even have small kitchenettes. Finally, there are barbecue facilities on the premises and a children’s playground.

Trenton Mid-Range Hotels

  • Narrows Too Camping Resort Cabin 6 is a nice small house located in a resort in Trenton that has an outdoor swimming pool. The house has a patio, a dining and sitting room, free Wi-Fi, and free parking. The place is particularly suitable for couples.
  • Narrows Too Camping Resort Cottage 11 is another decent accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool on the premises. There’s a patio and a terrace on the premises, and every room is equipped with a private bathroom, a small kitchen, a sitting area, and a sofa. There are also facilities for disabled guests.

Trenton Luxury Hotels

  • Acadia Ocean Front Garden Cottages is a huge 280-square-meter house with three bedrooms. Located on the waterfront to the south of Trenton, it offers a house with a sea view and a private beach. It also has a beautiful botanical garden with all kinds of flowers and a guest house with one bedroom.
  • Silver’s Log Cabin is another quite big holiday home (90 square meters) located to the west of Trenton. Just 12 miles from Acadia National Park, it offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room (with a TV), and a fully equipped kitchen. The house has a refrigerator, an oven, and a washing machine, so it is suitable for longer stays.

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4. Ellsworth

Sleepy little street in Ellsworth, a top pick for where to stay in Acadia National Park, featuring a few cars driving down the main street and a few people mulling about

ELLSWORTH, ME –9 AUG 2020- View of downtown Ellsworth, a city in Hancock County, Maine, United States/EQRoy/Shutterstock

As we get further from Acadia National Park, the cities get bigger. Ellsworth is located around 15 miles to the north of the Park and is populated by no more than 8,500 people — that makes it the largest city in close proximity to Acadia.

Because of its size, it has the most accommodation options and the most areas in the area. We recommend Ellsworth for family-friendly tourists, who, aside from the proximity to the park, are looking for a bigger and more urbane city.

Like all the cities on the list, Ellsworth is old and full of museums and old buildings. The first reason to stay here is obviously Acadia, and you can reach the park in less than an hour by car. But, the city itself is quite interesting and offers plenty for history buffs.

First, there are three museums you just have to visit as soon as you can:

We said that there’s some intricate connection between this part of America and books, and Ellsworth is not an exception.

The Ellsworth Public Library was built in early 1817 and was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Although it’s not a museum, it personifies the city in the best way.

Ellsworth has a wide range of restaurants and accommodation options. From two-star hotels and motels to huge expensive holiday homes — it has it all. As you go further away from the park, the prices drop lower, and the options multiply.

Things to Do

  • Antique hunting is one of the most important things in this part of America, as we already saw in the cities that precede Ellsworth. This town is not an exception — quite on the contrary, there are a bunch of great antique shops with really cool names, and you should definitely visit them all if you want to buy something old and interesting. We recommend 1A Relics, The Old Creamery Antique Mall, and The Dream Catcher, amongst others.
  • When talking about history, Ellsworth is full of museums and old buildings of all kinds and sizes. For an open and natural museum, visit the Stanwood Homestead Museum and Bird Sanctuary; The Telephone Museum has a quite unique and interesting concept offering a lot of interaction; the Woodlawn Museum expresses an atmosphere from another time and culture. Finally, The Ellsworth Public Library is probably one of the oldest buildings in the city and is definitely worth your time — as are all the other libraries in the area.
  • Speaking of old buildings, but this time with more direct function in the contemporary world, we recommend that you visit The Grand, a 1938 Art Deco building that works as a non-profit performing arts center. Located in downtown Ellsworth, it offers a multimedia program consisting of theater, film, dance, and music and offers a chance to many young and new performers.
  • And now, for the end, something completely different. We recommend that you definitely take a look at Timber Tina’s Great Maine Lumberjack Show. You’ve probably watched those kinds of shows on television, but now it’s time to witness the art of lightning-fast, surgically precise woodchopping, accurate ax throwing, fast and agile tree climbing, and exciting (and dangerous) log rowing firsthand. The show attracts hundreds of tourists, and it was selected as the 2022 Travelers’ Choice.

Where to Eat

  • Riverside Cafe is a vegetarian-friendly American cafe that was selected as the 2022 Travelers’ Choice. It is a relaxed place, great for every meal of the day, that mainly concentrates on serving tasty food, like eggs benedict, crab rolls, haddock sandwiches, etc.
  • Union River Lobster Pot is an American seafood restaurant located on the brink of the west side of Ellsworth. A 2022 Travelers’ Choice selection with a lot of gluten-free options, we recommend that you order the lobster, the lobster rolls, the crab cake, and the cranberry dressing sallad.
  • Airline Brewing Company is a classical British pub in the middle of Maine, quite an unexpected establishment in this part of America. It’s yet another 2022 Travelers’ Choice selection (this part of the country is full of them) that serves a hell of a pint and a lot of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Ellsworth Budget Hotels

  • Colonial Inn Ellsworth is a two-star hotel located half a mile from Ellsworth’s downtown, with an indoor pool. It also has a Thai sauna and on-site dining. The hotel offers free parking and free Wi-Fi to all of its guests and provides facilities for disabled people too.
  • Atlantic Coast Inn is another very cheap two-star hotel, but this time located in the heart of Ellsworth. The rooms have a private bathroom, cable TV, and a sitting area with a sofa. There’s a restaurant on the premises, free Wi-Fi, free parking, and facilities for disabled guests.

Ellsworth Mid-Range Hotels

  • Ramada by Wyndham Ellsworth – Bar Harbor is a great three-star hotel that offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, and is completely pet-friendly. Its most important assets are its outdoor pool and its fitness center. There’s a TV in every room, a desk, and a very comfortable private bathroom.
  • Cute Ellsworth Home with Deck, 16 Mi to Acadia! Is a three-star holiday home that covers around 110 square meters. It offers free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, free parking, a nice garden in front of the house, and facilities for disabled guests.

Ellsworth Luxury Hotels

  • Leonard Lake House is a marvelous pet-friendly holiday home with a great view of Leonard Lake, making it a top location near Ellsworth. It has free Wi-Fi throughout the premises, free parking in front of the home, two bedrooms and one bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Ellsworth Holiday is a full holiday home located on the brink of Leonard Lake, offering a fantastic view. It offers two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, and a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator and an oven. There’s also free parking, free Wi-Fi, and a beautiful garden near the house.

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So, Where Should You Stay in Acadia National Park?

It was hard writing about Acadia National Park and the cities near it because we had so much to tell! The area is full of history and culture and surrounded by beautiful nature, we always felt that we left something out.

Now that we’ve reached the end, let’s make a quick summary of the most important points of our guide. Bar Harbor is the best and most attractive tourist destination near Acadia National Park.

This coastal city is full of history and surrounded by beautiful nature, but it presents one problem for the potential visitor: its accommodation is very expensive. Southwest Harbor offers basically the same things as its more famous counterpart.

A small but lively city during the tourist season, it offers a lot of water-related activities. Again, the accommodation options are scarce and quite pricey. Trenton is the closest city to Acadia National Park, which is located on the mainland.

Another small city connected in every way to the park, it offers a lively atmosphere, a lot of tours and activities, and a lot of budget accommodation options. Ellsworth is the final city in our guide and the furthest away from Acadia National Park.

That’s not a huge problem, since the distance amounts to around 15 minutes by car. It’s also the biggest city in close proximity to Acadia, with a bunch of museums and cheap accommodations, and the most family-friendly vibe.

So, with so much to see and do, what are you waiting for — book your trip to Acadia National Park today and see all of its natural beauty for yourself!