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The Best & Worst Times to Visit the Caribbean in 2023

The Best & Worst Times to Visit the Caribbean in 2023

If you’re thinking about heading to any of the incredible islands in the Caribbean, it’s worth understanding a few things before booking your trip. Knowing a bit about the climate and tourism cycles can go a long way to making the most of your vacation.

Maybe you want to ensure you visit during the absolute best weather. Or perhaps you want to get a great deal at rock-bottom prices or just feel like you have the place to yourself. There are times when all of these are possible in the Caribbean, you only need to know when.

In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about the best time to visit the Caribbean. Keep reading to find out all of the crucial things you need to know, plus some insider tips that will make your visit a blast.

The Best Time to Visit the Caribbean

Turners Beach in Antigua pictured for a guide to the best time to visit the Caribbean with deep blue skies and turquoise water pictured with waves lapping the sand


The overall best time to visit the Caribbean is from December through mid-April. During this period, you can expect to have the driest weather, lower humidity, and comfortable temperatures ranging from around 75° to 85°F (approximately 25° to 30°C).

For those seeking the ultimate winter getaway to the many beach paradises in the Caribbean, this is the best time to visit. The water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

And nearly every tourist attraction will be at the height of its prime. The downfall of this season is that it is also the busiest time. Many people flock to the Caribbean for their winter getaway, trading in the harsh realities of winter at home for the serene beaches and warm weather.

But when they stop shoveling snow off their driveway, the crowds can add up. Reservations are vital. It also means that this can lead to higher prices for accommodations, airfare, and tourist activities.

And since resorts and adventures can have limited space, plan and snag your reservations for all activities before you take off. You can relax when you’re there and not fret about missing out.

For scuba divers, this same period is an excellent time to visit with visibility at its peak. Turtle watchers that visit toward the tail end of peak season might catch a glimpse of leatherbacks coming onshore to nest their eggs, while the Carnival festival experience comes at the heart of tourist season in February.

If you want to experience the best of the Caribbean weather with the greatest chances of perfecting your tan, then December through mid-April is the time to go. Just be prepared to pay top dollar, deal with some crowds, and make reservations well in advance.

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Cheapest Time to Visit the Caribbean

Street in PHILIPSBURG, ST. MAARTEN pictured during the least busy time to visit the Caribbean

Ruth Peterkin/Shutterstock

The cheapest time to visit the Caribbean is in the months of May, June, and November. By avoiding the peak-winter rush, you can expect to find better prices across the board.

These months are known as shoulder season, meaning they are on the shoulders of the peak season and the worst times to visit. Your weather has a good chance of still being quite comfortable, but there is a bit higher risk for rainy weather, especially in June.

With this risk comes many rewards. Not only will flights be cheaper, especially if you use a variety of flight search engines and have flexible dates, but also you are more likely to find top deals on all sorts of options for accommodations.

Sometimes you can even score free nights or upgrade packages. May and June are also excellent times for scuba diving in the Caribbean. Plus they are slightly better for turtle watching as well.

If you want to go hiking, these periods can work out unless a storm rolls through and turns the dirt trails into muddy disasters. So if you want to have the full Caribbean experience without the drain on your bank account, plan your visit during May, June, or November.

While there is some risk of rainy weather, the overall temperatures are still quite comfortable and the prices will be excellent.

Least Busy Time to Visit the Caribbean

Street full of beach vendors with colorful huts situated on a beach under blue sky and palm trees during the least busy time to visit the Caribbean

Richard Susanto/Shutterstock

The least busy time to visit the Caribbean is during the rainy season, which lasts from about May to November. Since so many people visit the lovely islands to get away from poor weather, few choose to risk it and visit during times when it might rain.

But that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. The rainy season has its ups and downs, with many periods of sunshine and clear skies.

The majority of storms in the Caribbean come in brief spurts. A cloud might form out of nowhere, dump down some rain, and vanish rapidly. They don’t always ruin the entire day or trip.

But it comes with the risk that you might get rained out during the brief yet heavy downpours, and be stuck with views from inside your hotel room or resort. You might also find that some resorts and activities are closed for the off-season.

Neither one of these is ideal, but they’re also not a certainty. The benefits of visiting during the rainy season are that you’ll likely have fewer tourists alongside you and get lower prices.

The peak season comes with peak crowds, and the off-season comes with personal space and affordability, at the cost of the chance of rain. Those looking to avoid people and high prices should at least entertain the idea of visiting the Caribbean during the rainy season.

Not all months during the rainy season are the same. June is known for the most rainfall, but other months have more frightening risks. Make sure to read the next section carefully if you decide to visit during the May to November period.

Worst Time to Visit the Caribbean

Rainy season in the BVI, arguably the worst time to go to the Caribbean

Chris Troch/Shutterstock

The worst time to visit the Caribbean is from September until October, the peak of hurricane season. While the other rainy season months come with a chance of rain and stormy weather, September and October can be especially risky for extreme weather storms.

This can result in destructive storms with high winds, heavy rain, and storm surges. Not all people heed this advice. People live in the Caribbean year-round.

If you want to score the absolute best deals and don’t mind the possibility of extreme weather rolling through, then you can always risk it. Don’t be surprised if your flights don’t work out as expected.

It’s always a good idea to stay on top of the weather reports for the places you visit, and this is especially true if you’re visiting an area with the potential for severe weather. If a nasty storm does come your way, be prepared to adjust your plans and possibly evacuate if necessary.

Does this mean you can’t stay during September and October? Not at all. While some resorts and tourist activities might be closed, much of the Caribbean islands will still have people on them and still be ready to host your vacation getaway.

It’s all about the risk level you are comfortable taking. If you want a sure thing for nice weather and don’t mind paying the high price, then shoot for December through mid-April.

But if you would rather take some risks in hopes of getting lucky with clear skies and few people, then perhaps September and October are for you. You can always buy refundable tickets if you’re on the fence.

The Caribbean by Month: Climate & Activities

Pretty, slender Asian woman pictured snorkeling during the best time to go to the Caribbean


Still unsure about the best time to visit the Caribbean? Take a look at our summary of the weather and climate by month below:


In January, winter temperatures in the Caribbean range from 23 to 29°C (73-84°F). This is an ideal time for beach vacations, water sports like snorkeling and diving, and exploring historic sites on islands like Puerto Rico and Jamaica.


Similar to January, February maintains warm temperatures between 23 to 29°C (73-84°F). Visitors can enjoy the Carnival celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago, explore the lush rainforests of Dominica, and relax on the beaches of Barbados.


As spring begins, temperatures range from 23 to 29°C (73-84°F). March is perfect for sailing in the British Virgin Islands, attending the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Montserrat, and enjoying the lively atmosphere in places like the Bahamas.


Spring temperatures in the Caribbean range from 24 to 30°C (75-86°F). It’s an ideal time for exploring the Mayan ruins in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, attending the St. Thomas Carnival in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and indulging in Caribbean cuisine.


May sees temperatures ranging from 25 to 31°C (77-88°F). It’s a great month for hiking in the rainforests of Grenada, experiencing the local culture in Cuba, and enjoying quieter beaches before the summer crowds arrive.


In June, summer arrives in the Caribbean with temperatures between 26 to 32°C (79-90°F). June offers opportunities for diving in the Cayman Islands, exploring the historic architecture of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, and attending music festivals in various Caribbean destinations.


July maintains warm temperatures from 26 to 32°C (79-90°F). It’s a popular month for water activities like windsurfing in Aruba, celebrating Carnival in Antigua and Barbuda, and enjoying the vibrant nightlife in places like the Dominican Republic.


Temperatures in August range from 26 to 32°C (79-90°F). It’s an excellent time for exploring the underwater world in Bonaire, attending the Crop Over Festival in Barbados, and experiencing the diverse cultures across the region.


As fall begins, temperatures range from 26 to 32°C (79-90°F). September offers a pleasant transition, with opportunities for hiking in the rainforests of St. Lucia, attending the Grenada Spice Mas, and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere.


October sees temperatures ranging from 25 to 31°C (77-88°F). It’s a great month for eco-tourism in Dominica, exploring the beaches of Turks and Caicos, and participating in local festivals that showcase Caribbean traditions.


Fall temperatures range from 24 to 30°C (75-86°F). November is perfect for exploring the colonial history of Old Havana in Cuba, enjoying water activities in the Bahamas, and attending the Independence Day celebrations in Barbados.


In December, winter returns to the Caribbean with temperatures ranging from 23 to 29°C (73-84°F). December brings opportunities for holiday celebrations, relaxing on the beaches of St. Barts, and exploring the vibrant markets of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gorgeous aerial shot of an Aruba beach during sunset during the best time to visit the Caribbean

Steve Photography/Shutterstock

What time of year should you avoid the Caribbean?

If you want to get the best weather, avoid the Caribbean rainy season that lasts from May through November. Some months are subject to the brief yet heavy downpours while others might experience extreme hurricanes.

The absolute worst months are September and October, where the chances of hurricanes are at the highest.

But some months, like May, June, and November, might be a good time to visit to score the best deals and still catch some amazing Caribbean sun.

What is the rainy season in the Caribbean?

The rainy season in the Caribbean is from May to November, while the driest months are from December to mid-April. Most tourists stick to the dry season, but that is also when you’ll find the highest prices and most packed resorts.

The rainstorms that come through a lot of the Caribbean can be brief, meaning they don’t ruin your entire stay.

The downpours can be fierce, but then let up within a matter of hours. Perhaps a morning on the beach leads to a nap during the afternoon storm, which lets up just in time for your dinner reservation.

What is the cheapest month to go to the Caribbean?

September and October are the cheapest months to go to the Caribbean, but they are more affordable because that’s also the highest chance of hurricanes for the region.

The low prices come with a risk that you might experience difficulty traveling to or experiencing your beach vacation. Not only are the chances for severe storms the highest, but it’s also the time that some tourist functions and restaurants close down entirely.

If you want to visit during this period, verify that the places you want to visit will be open before booking flights or other aspects of the trip.

What is high season in the Caribbean?

The high season in the Caribbean lasts from December to mid-April, which is when the weather is the most ideal. One can expect average temperatures of 75° to 85°F (approximately 25° to 30°C) and some of the driest weather of the year.

This is also when you’ll find that most people visit the islands. Book reservations in advance whenever possible for visiting during this period, especially if you want to stay at some of the hottest resorts or are picky about your flights and activities.

But if you do it right, this can be the best time to visit the Caribbean. Perfect, dry weather. Nice sandy beaches. And a bit of life going on around you. Sounds like a great time, right?

What month should you avoid in the Caribbean?

Due to the risk of hurricanes, September and October are the months when it is wise to avoid the Caribbean.

But those who like to live on the edge and get the rock-bottom prices can choose to visit then, or perhaps another month in the rainy season like May, June, or November when the chance of hurricanes is less significant.

People do live in the Caribbean year-round. It isn’t an entirely deserted place with nothing but hurricanes.

But if you choose to visit during this period, keep an eye on the weather and try to be flexible in the face of plans changing. It’s not a bad idea to purchase additional trip insurance or refundable tickets for this part of the year.

Which Caribbean island has the best weather?

As one of the flattest islands in the Caribbean, Anguilla is known as the Caribbean island with the best weather. The islands with larger mountains cause rain clouds to form more easily, while Anguilla lets the air and clouds sail right over without concern. It’s the place to go if you want the best of the best in Caribbean weather.

Having said that, the vast majority of the Caribbean has similar weather. It is a relatively small region with similar topography and shared weather patterns. It’s also known for year-round comfortable temperatures, although the summer months can be on the warmer side especially when humidity is taken into account.

What is the rainiest month in the Caribbean?

The rainy season lasts from about May through November, but June is generally the rainiest month in the Caribbean. The rainstorms are often brief but full of heavy downpours. At times, they can be long-lasting.

Don’t forget that even though June is the rainiest month, September and October are when the hurricane risk is the highest. Hurricanes come with violent winds and can be much more destructive than the June downpours.

Some people prefer visiting in May, June, and November when the chance of rain is higher, but the crowds are smaller, the prices are lower, and the chances for truly severe weather like hurricanes aren’t the highest.

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Best Time to Visit the Caribbean: Final Thoughts

If you want the best weather and don’t mind the peak prices or crowds, then the best time to visit the Caribbean is from December to mid-April.

For those seeking lower prices and smaller crowds, visiting during the rainy season from May to November is a better bet. But you want to avoid September and October entirely due to the risks of hurricanes. Happy travels!