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What a Trip to Paris Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

What a Trip to Paris Costs in 2024 | Average Prices

What's the average trip to Paris cost?

A week-long trip to Paris in 2024 for two people can cost up to $7,500, encompassing expenses like $430 per night for accommodation, $1,050 per person for flights, and daily expenses for food, drinks, and activities.

While luxury experiences like staying at the Hotel Ritz or fine dining can significantly increase the budget, Paris can also be enjoyed on a tighter budget with the right cost-saving strategies.

Paris effortlessly captivates with its stunning historical architecture, rich arts and culture scene and superb culinary creations. Endless charm and elegance await in every direction, making it a top choice for travelers.

If you dream of spending your vacation days in Paris, there’s one major thing you must get out of the way first: Figuring out how much it might cost.

We’ll answer this question and also share tips and tricks on how to stick to your budget by finding affordable places to stay, eat and more. Read on to learn all you need to know!

Average Trip to Paris Cost in 2024

Average Paris Trip Cost Table

An average one-week trip to Paris, France, for two people in 2024 will cost up to $7,500.

  • Average Accommodation Cost: $430 per night
  • Average Flight Cost: $1,050 per person
  • Food, Drink, & Activities: $150 per person, per day
  • Transportation: $280
  • Total Cost: $7,500

Paris travel costs vary depending on how long you’d like to stay, the total number of people going and what you’d like to get out of your trip.

If you’d like to see all the top sights, eat at Michelin star restaurants and stay in the most luxurious accommodations, there’s no limit to what you might spend. Even one night in the best suite at the Hotel Ritz Paris can eat up over $12,000 of your budget.

Fine dining, high-end shopping trips and tickets to all the top attractions can quickly add to the total. You can visit Paris on a strict budget, though, and still get a taste of all the enchanting capital city has to offer.

You just have to know where to cut your costs — and we’re here to help. To get started, let’s take a look at typical prices for each aspect of your trip.

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Paris Trip Cost: Average by Item

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Exploring the average costs for each item can help you build a Paris travel budget that works for your needs. Your selections will affect the price. So, if you need to keep costs down, think about what you want to see, do and experience the most.

Accommodation Costs

The average cost of accommodations in Paris is $430 a night. Luxury amenities skew the average upward, however. It’s actually incredibly easy to find hotel rooms and other places to stay for $100 or less per night.

Overall, prices vary depending on the accommodation type, quality and location. Serviced apartments and hotels cost the most, while camping and staying at hostels could save you a lot of money each day.

Not surprisingly, luxury amenities come with a higher price tag, although it might be worth it if you want to feel pampered.

The location also matters a lot. For the most affordable prices, find a place to stay in Montmartre, the 18th arrondissement. The most luxurious hotels are in the 1st arrondissement, so pad your budget if you’d like to stay there.

On average, serviced apartments are $495 per night. This accommodation feels like a private home but comes with hotel amenities like housekeeping. A 5- to 30-night minimum may apply.

Regular hotels cost $350 a night on average, but the typical range is $80 to $550 per night. High-end luxury hotels charge well past $10,000 a night for their most prestigious suites.

Hostels and camping are only around $70 a night, making them a truly budget-friendly option. The Paris Campsite in the 16th arrondissement is a must-try experience because it allows you to enjoy city views while spending time in nature.

Flight Costs

Flights to Paris cost $1,050 on average for a round-trip ticket. The total price depends on where you’re traveling from. Flights coming out of New York and Washington D.C. are usually cheaper than elsewhere in the US.

Prices fluctuate throughout the year, reaching up to $2,200 per ticket in the peak travel season. The most expensive times to visit are in the summer and during the major winter holidays.

It’s also when you’ll find the most crowds. If you’d like a quieter travel experience, visit during the off-season, which is typically from September to March.

December is the exception, of course. It’s possible to find tickets as low as $345 during that time, especially when traveling in February. When visiting during the busier times of the year, save money on your tickets by arriving and departing mid-week instead of on the weekends.

According to Skyscanner, last-minute deals on tickets are often available, but they usually have layovers. Book your tickets well in advance for the best prices on direct flights.

No matter when you arrive, you’ll likely land at the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport (Paris CDG). Only a small number of international flights go to the Paris Orly airport, including those from Newark, Montreal, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

It’s largely used for domestic flights instead. Not many people use the Paris Beauvais airport anymore, likely due to the continued expansion of the Paris CDG.

Food, Drink, & Activity Costs

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Most Paris travelers spend $150 on average per day for food, drinks and activities. You can get by on less, but spending the full amount lets you truly enjoy rich culinary creations and the vibrant arts and culture scene.

Expect to pay around $75 a day for food and drinks. Start your day with big flavors at an affordable price by visiting a nearby boulangerie, or bakery, for breakfast.

For only $5 each, you can kick off the day with a café au lait and a flaky, buttery croissant. Make lunch your biggest meal of the day to get the Michelin star dining experience at a discount.

Antoine, L’Agapé and other high-end restaurants serve three or more courses for a fixed price that’s about half the cost of dinner service. Depending on your restaurant of choice, it’ll be about $75 per person.

Since you’ll still be full from lunch, a light dinner from street food vendors is often a good choice. These vendors sell baguette sandwiches, crepes, falafel, kebabs, grilled cheese and more for less than $10 an item. Alternatively, buy fresh bread, cheese, meat and pate for a picnic in the park.

The other half of your budget could get you tickets to around three attractions per day.

You’ll pay up to $20 per ticket to enjoy scenic views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, explore the Palais Garnier opera house, see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum, creep through the catacombs and tour the Palace of Versailles.

For a discount on admission to all the most popular attractions, consider getting the Paris Pass.

If you’re only interested in visiting museums and monuments, get the Paris Museum Pass instead for one free entry to every site on their list. For exquisite views at an ultra-low price, ride the Ferris wheel at Jardin des Tuileries for just over $10 per person.

Taking a boat tour down the Seine treats you to views of many major landmarks, like Musee d’Orsay, Notre-Dame and the Conciergerie, in one $20 trip.

You don’t have to pay a dime to explore the Latin Quarter, window shop in Avenue des Champs-Elysees or stroll through the grand square at Place de la Concorde. Visiting Champ de Mars and the Trocadero Gardens is also free.

Transportation Costs

Traveling around Paris costs about $50 a day for two people. You won’t need a car to get around, either. Instead, you’ll either ride the train or take a bus to your destinations most often.

Your public transit adventures may start at the airport when you grab a ride to your accommodations on the RoissyBus shuttle for about $20 each. To get around town, you have the option of riding the Paris Metro or RER trains or hopping on a RATP bus.

Point-to-point ticket prices vary depending on your arrival and departure locations. Most tickets start at around $2 each, but you can buy a 10-pack at a 20% discount.

Both options are available through the RATP app or from each station’s ticket desk and automatic vending machines. For the best value, sign up for the Paris Visite pass upon arriving in the city.

The pass starts at $12 for one day and goes up to $70 for five full days. On those days, you get unlimited rides on all the major public transportation routes, including the RoissyBus, Paris Metro, RER, RATP buses and the Montmartre funicular.

The pass comes with discounts to attractions like Versailles as well. If you can comfortably walk between destinations, definitely do so. Exquisite views await around every corner, making it well worth the extra steps.

Bicycling along the Veloscenic cycle route is also a must-try experience. Other transportation options include taxis, Uber and private car service, but they’re quite expensive at $40 or more per ride.

Things to Consider

Gorgeous sunny day with the Louvre and its glass and metal pyramid out front with green grass all around pictured for a guide titled What Does a Trip to Paris Cost

PARIS, FRANCE – Sep 24, 2019: A scenic view of the Louvre Museum at the heart of Paris, France in daylight/Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

Here are several more things to think about when planning your Paris vacation:

  • Learn some French phrases to be a good tourist. Nearly everyone speaks English in Paris, but it’s not nice to assume. Start every interaction off on the right foot with a friendly “Bonjour” (Hello) and “Parlez-vous anglais?” (Do you speak English?).
  • Pickpocketing is a problem in popular tourist areas, like the Gare du Nord train station, Eiffel Tower and the flea markets. Safety pin or Velcro your wallet pocket closed to deter thieves. And always watch for people, even kids, standing too close to you.
  • Scammers try to forcefully sell bracelets or tell sad stories to get money from you. Firmly say “No” and walk away. If that doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to make a scene and loudly tell them to let you be.
  • Choose a clear day to visit the Eiffel Tower and take a boat ride on the Seine. Try to plan your trip for right before sunset to see the sky light up in brilliant hues and experience the “City of Lights” beauty after dark.
  • The Paris Museum Pass lets you skip the long lines, as does booking your visit to the attraction in advance.
  • One day is not enough to see all of the Louvre. Pick the wings and exhibits you want to see to get the most out of your visit.
  • Use Google Maps to create your daily itinerary. Drop pins on the places you’d like to go and create a chart of when they’re open. Then, select a few nearby locations to avoid wearing yourself out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cozy old quarter of Montmartre in Paris

Catarina Belova/Shutterstock

Is Paris affordable to visit?

An affordable trip to Paris is possible, but on average, it’ll cost around $7,500. To save money, visit during the off-season, stay at $100 per night hotels and enjoy as many free activities as possible. Eating delicious street food instead of visiting fine dining restaurants can also help decrease costs.

How much does Paris cost for 3 days?

A three-day trip to Paris for two people is around $4,500 on average. A solo traveler can expect to pay closer to $2,500, while a family of four may spend over $8,000. The total cost depends on where you stay, how much you spend on activities and what you decide to eat.

What is the cheapest month to be in Paris?

February is usually the cheapest month to visit Paris, France. The off-season runs from September through March, excluding December. The most expensive times to visit are summer and during the winter holidays.

How long should you plan a trip to Paris?

The minimum amount of time you need to experience the best of Paris is five days. A 7- to 14-day trip lets you see more of the city and spend ample time at major attractions, like the Louvre Museum.

How much money should I save for Paris?

Budget about $150 per day per person for food and activities while visiting Paris. You’ll need a lot more to shop at high-end boutiques, have dinner at Michelin star restaurants or go to shows like the Moulin Rouge cabaret.

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So, What Is the Average Cost for a Paris Trip?

On average, two people can expect to spend $7,500 to enjoy a week’s vacation in Paris, France. If that feels too steep, remember that choosing more affordable alternatives can significantly cut your expenses.

Hotel rooms under $100 are common, as is low-cost street food. Public transportation allows you to get to your destinations with ease without breaking the bank. Even your plane tickets can come cheaper if you travel during the off-season.

Whether you go big or keep your expenses under control, visiting Paris will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. So, get out there and start planning your dream vacation. Then, book your tickets today!

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