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15 Best Things to Do in Myrtle Beach (Updated for 2024)

15 Best Things to Do in Myrtle Beach (Updated for 2024)

Planning a trip to the beach can be fun, but it is also a hassle. Finding a place with something for everyone to enjoy is no small task. One place that never disappoints is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We’ll show you the city’s best things to do for all tastes and budgets.

15 Best Things to Do In Myrtle Beach in 2024

Many people go to the beach to play in the water and have a fun vacation full of sand, sun, and surf. They also head to the coast for the best seafood they can find.

There are always people that just want to shop, hang out, and see the sites of a major tourist destination. Whatever reason you have for going to Myrtle Beach, here are the top attractions you should check out while you’re there.

1. Hurricane Fleet

Fishing reel on Hurricane Fleet, one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach


If you want a deep-sea fishing experience but don’t want to spend the whole trip riding and not fishing, then Hurricane Fleet is for you. As leaders in fishing charters for over 70 years, they know the area’s fishing holes like the back of their hands.

They will use their expertise to make sure you have a great experience. They have charters for half-day trips for $47 per person and full-day excursions for $125 per person.

You can rent out the boat for your group for $550 or save some money by combining with other groups. They also offer dolphin tours!

Hurricane Flee has everything you need to have a great day of fishing. The rod, reel, and fishing license are all part of the package. All you need is some sunscreen and a smile.

2. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing and Dolphin Cruises

Dolphin watching, one of the best activities in Myrtle Beach, pictured on a nice day

Alex Stemmers/Shutterstock

There’s a lot to choose from when fishing in Myrtle Beach. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing and Dolphin Cruises are another way to experience life at sea. Home to the new 100-foot fishing boat, the “Continental Shelf,” Voyager has fishing packages for people of all interests.

Go fishing for a whole day for $125, a quick half-day trip for $50, or stay out for 24 hours for $300 per adult. Dolphin cruises are $33, or go fishing at night for sharks for just $45!

Again, Voyager will provide you with everything you will need. If there is anything you would like to bring, ask them by calling (843) 626-4900.

3. Little River Fishing Fleet

Shark caught on Little River Fishing Fleet, one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach

Fiona Ayerst/Shutterstock

Little River Fishing Fleet wraps up our list of fishing locations. Classic head boat fishing trips start at $47 per person, taking you eight miles from shore.

Open boats are less crowded and start at $69, or you can take a private charter for $550. All of their packages include the fishing gear and licenses you need. You will fish for everything from bottom-feeders to sharks.

They will even provide you with snacks and drinks. You even have the option to bring your cooler to private charters. Call them today at (843) 361-3323.

4. Express Watersports

People going parasailing at dusk, one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach

Vasily Smirnov/Shutterstock

Going to the beach is all about the water! If you want some playtime in the surf but fishing is not your thing, Express Watersports is a great option. They have:

  • Pontoon Boat Rentals
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving

And that doesn’t even include all of the guided tours they offer. So whether you want to see some dolphins, watch the sunset, or get a front-row seat at the fireworks on the 4th of July, they have packages starting at just $28 per person. Call today at (843) 357-7777!

5. Barefoot Landing

Barefoot landing, one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach

George Burns/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a place to relax with plenty of choices in dining, shopping, and activities, look no further than Barefoot Landing

See breathtaking views of the Intracoastal Waterway while you dine on the best food in Myrtle Beach. So many delicious items like seafood, burgers, and tacos line the streets. And Sweet treats like ice cream, fudge, and candy are everywhere. 

There is also plenty of shopping and live music almost every night. But check out the calendar of events and plan to visit Barefoot Landing on your next trip.

6. Legends in Concert

Have you ever wished that you could have seen your favorite singer live on stage? At Legends, you can get that experience right here in the heart of Myrtle Beach. 

The performers appear to be pulled out of history and placed on the stage, singing with their natural voices, which is no cheap lip-syncing show.

You’ll see legendary singers like Adele, Carrie Underwood, Cher, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Bruno Mars, Buddy Holly, and the king of rock-and-roll, Elvis.  Tickets start at $54, and they go quick. If you’re headed to Myrtle Beach soon, then book a show right now!

7. GTS Theatre

Myrtle Beach has more tribute shows you will love. You have to see the legendary singers that the famous GTS Theatre has lined up for you. Elvis, Elton John, and Red Skelton are just some of the names honored here.

GTS is a cabaret theatre that frequently appears in lists of things you have to do when you’re in Myrtle Beach. Every show features live vocals, the cast interacts with the audience, and you’ll have a chance to see their award-winning tribute show to Motown!

Adult tickets are just $39.95, with kids coming in at only $10.95. You must check out our VIP Platinum package for only $46.95, featuring comfortable reserved seating. You can get tickets here.

8. Escape Rooms

Young people at an escape room, one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach

Viacheslav Nikolaenko/Sutterstock

If you’re looking for something fun to do after dark in Myrtle Beach, your family will love the escape rooms around town. There are a couple for you to pick from, and they start at only $36 per person.

Backstage Escape Rooms

You’ll be transported to another reality and feel like you’re in a movie. Sound and lighting effects that are good enough to be in a Hollywood movie will set the stage for you. Your family and friends will try to beat the clock together. 

Whether you choose the Indiana Jones kind of adventure in The Legend of Atlantis or the slightly more terrifying The Haunting of Hyde House, you’ll have to depend on your senses to escape.

Backstage Mirror Maze

The fun of a hall of mirrors mixed with the timed intensity of an escape room will find you in this labyrinth of puzzles. It is a fully-immersive experience of mirrors of all shapes and sizes, false turns, and dead ends. But it also presents you with puzzles and challenges that you must solve to escape in 60 minutes.

9. Brookgreen Gardens

Image of Brookgreen Gardens, one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach


If you want to get away from the sand and surf for a while and see what other natural beauty coastal South Carolina has to offer, be sure to visit Brookgreen Gardens. There is a little bit of everything here, including the botanical gardens, American Sculpture, and Lowcountry Zoo.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens have flowers from all over the southeast, and there is always something in bloom. No matter what time of year you visit, you’ll find the breathtaking beauty that the south can offer.

American Sculpture

A collection of American sculptures sits right here in Myrtle Beach. Over 2,000 works of art are arranged in a beautiful garden setting to enjoy. You will find a wonderful mixture of outdoor sculptures and an indoor gallery of smaller pieces and paintings.

Lowcountry Zoo

You have to pay a visit to the animals at Lowcountry Zoo. You will see animals native to this part of the country, including alligators, hawks, owls, ducks, deer, and gray foxes.

You can even get a guided tour with one of our animal interpreters. You can go with them at feeding time to get a closer look at the animals in their habitat.

10. Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood

One of the best things about going to a coastal town is enjoying fresh seafood. Myrtle Beach has no shortage of that, and Benjamin’s is one of the top restaurants in town. They have a menu full of the food that flourishes in the area.

From the fresh crabs and oysters found right around the corner to some of the best fruits and vegetables grown on local farms in South Carolina. But Benjamin’s is just as much about the atmosphere as the food.

A 30-foot model of the Queen Elizabeth built by local shipbuilder Jimmy Frost will greet you as you walk in the door. To find out about their group rates and upcoming events, call them at (843) 449-0821 or visit their website.

11. Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna in Myrtle Beach, one of the best things to do in Town


If you haven’t had your fill of seafood, you should visit Wicked Tuna. What can be more relaxing on a beach vacation than a waterfront dining experience?

The grill is fired up, the sushi is fresh, and the hospitality is never outdone. Wicked Tuna has its own fleet of fishing boats. There is a good chance that the fish you eat tonight was swimming in the coastal waters this morning.

And if seafood is not what you’re craving, we also offer top-grade steaks. Call them at (843) 712-2430 or visit their website to make reservations.

12. Big Mike’s Soul Food

Soul food (not Big Mike's, but similar), for a piece on the best things to do in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Warren Price Photography/Shutterstock

When you’ve had enough seafood, Myrtle Beach is not done giving you great places to eat. Big Mike’s Soul Food is an excellent place with a full menu that will make you wish you could try it all. 

This family-owned restaurant is not kidding around with soul food. Collard green dip, chicken sausage gumbo, shrimp with grits, bbq ribs, or good old-fashioned meat and three!

Mike Chestnut has been cooking all over Myrtle Beach since he was 12 years old. He knows the area, and he knows the food. To find out just how good he is, you’ll have to visit him. Call him at (843) 712-2048 or visit his website.

13. Myrtle Beach Pelicans

If you need to take a break from the sand, you can take in the great American pastime. The Myrtle Beach Pelicans are the resident minor league baseball team. They’ve been around since 1999, and their games are always a fun time for locals and tourists.

They have a lot of specials to get you to visit them. You will find fireworks on Friday nights, $25 meal deals, and ticket price specials. Visit their website to see their calendar and find out if they have a home game when you’re visiting Myrtle Beach.

14. Championship Golf Courses

Best things to do in Myrtle Beach featuring a golf course


Myrtle Beach is home to nearly 100 golf courses. Many of them were designed by golf legends like Robert Trent Jones and Arnold Palmer.

Publications such as Golfweek and Golf Digest have named many of these among the best public courses in America. Playing these courses is almost more about the scenery than the game.

You’ll find yourself admiring the moss-draped oak trees and the award-winning landscaping. Among the top of these courses, you will find:

15. The Beach

Long and sandy beach for a piece on things to do in Myrtle Beach

Kevin Ruck/Shutterstock

You can’t forget that the reason you came to Myrtle Beach was to go to the beach. They have some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country. There are over 60 miles of beaches here, and many of the access points have things that make them unique.

Cabana District

Head to the northern end of Myrtle Beach to find the Cabana District. You’ll know it when you see all the cabanas along the shore. At low tide, you can enjoy a drink at Ocean Annie’s Beach Bar.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

You’ll quickly find that the Boardwalk is a popular attraction. If you don’t mind a lot of folks on the beach, you will be rewarded with choices of bars, attractions, and shops if you need a break from the sun.

Myrtle Beach State Park

There is a $5 admission price to get into the state park, but it is worth it. Wide-open beaches and a pier ideal for fishing wait for you here. There are hiking trails, a nature center, and camping accommodations, as well.

Cherry Grove Point

This is a great stretch of beach near Waties Island. At low tide, you can walk or swim to the island and explore. And the water is perfect for sports like kayaking and paddleboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long sandy beach, one of the absolute best things to do in Myrtle Beach

Vadim 777/Shutterstock

Here are some of the most common questions about things to do in Myrtle Beach:

What is Myrtle Beach known for?

Myrtle Beach is the largest coastal tourist destination in the south. It is known for its wide beaches, delicious seafood, and award-winning golf courses. There is also a legend that some of Blackbeard’s gold is in the ocean off the coast.

Can you walk at Myrtle Beach at night?

While it is dark along the beaches at night, it can be fun to take a flashlight stroll. You can search for crabs or other life that comes out when the sun goes down. Wear some shoes or sandals, though.

Can you drink alcohol on the beach in Myrtle Beach?

You can’t drink alcohol or have any glass bottle on the beach at any of the beach accesses in Myrtle Beach. However, there are restaurants and bars around every corner. If you want to relax and have a drink, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

Can you smoke on the beach in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, you can smoke on the beach. You will be responsible for your trash, so don’t go tossing your butts into the ocean or leaving them in the sand. And you won’t be allowed to smoke in any bars or restaurants.

Can you cook on the beach at Myrtle Beach?

No, you can’t cook because it is illegal to build a fire or use a grill on the beach. So you won’t be able to have a bonfire or discharge fireworks either. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from and major fireworks displays scheduled throughout the year.

So, What Are the Best Things to Do in Myrtle Beach?

Whether you’re looking for fun on the beach, surfing or fishing, or food and shopping, Myrtle Beach is loaded with fun things for the whole family to enjoy. 

World-class golfing, top-notch entertainment districts and some of the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen are waiting for you here. So make a plan to visit this storied beach town soon. You’ll be glad you did!