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Is Nashville Safe to Visit in 2023? | Safety Guide

Is Nashville Safe to Visit in 2023? | Safety Guide

Nashville: it’s the birthplace of country music, where a resounding 14.4 million tourists visit yearly. With so many surprises, great places to see, good food, and a charming southern culture, what’s not to love about Nashville?

Nashville, Tennessee, is a fairly safe place for tourists. However, as with any metropolitan area, the city grapples with biting issues threatening the general safety of locals and visitors.

If your business or holiday getaway in Nashville is set to happen soon, you may be curious about the safety status of Nashville. Is Nashville safe? Here’s an in-depth look into common safety risks and other important details you should know.

Is Nashville Safe to Visit in 2023?

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Nashville is an ever-growing city whose popularity has continued to balloon. More people live here, and an even greater number of people visit Nashville. For the most part, Nashville is safe for visitors.

Nashville has a significantly higher violent crime rate than the U.S. average national crime rate.

Violent and property crimes seem to precede other petty crimes in Nashville. Therefore, it’s important to keep your guard and stay alert as you explore the best of what Nashville offers.

Crime in Nashville

The crime rate in Nashville can skyrocket in the summer and during peak holiday seasons. Therefore, the time you travel to Nashville can affect how safe or unsafe you’ll be in the city. No doubt, the safety status in Nashville isn’t as bad today as it was in the 90s.

Most of the areas tourists like to hang around enjoy a higher level of security. From police patrols to private guards, tourists are generally safe in Nashville, provided you frequent safe neighborhoods and avoid dangerous places.

Warnings & Dangers in Nashville

The Nashville Police Department advises tourists to avoid leaving valuable items inside their cars or in hotel rooms when traveling to places where the security levels aren’t very high.

Always double-check to see if your car is locked because car theft is the leading type of property crime in Nashville. Below is a closer look at Nashville’s common offenses and risk levels.

Overall Risk: Low

If you stay vigilant, you should remain out of trouble. The city is full of opportunities for unscrupulous people to attack or steal from unaware tourists and locals.

If you are in a public place like a restaurant or the bus/train station, watch out for strangers standing too close or trying to force conversations.

Transport and Taxis Risk: Medium

Public transportation, including taxis, trains, and buses, are excellent opportunities for thieves and pickpockets to steal from unsuspecting people.

Pickpocket Risk: Medium

Passports, jewelry, money, and other valuable items are why pickpockets steal your purse or bag. Crowded streets and public transportation are key playing grounds for pickpockets.

Mugging Risk: Medium

There have been reported cases of muggings in Nashville streets, some flagged neighborhoods, dark alleys, and other isolated areas in Nashville. Robbers, in this case, usually have guns and go after money, passports, and other valuables.

Women Travelers Risk: Medium

Women should probably avoid venturing out alone, especially at night. Avoid putting on flashy clothing and jewelry as it attracts the attention of robbers, pickpockets, and scammers.

Avoiding Bad Neighborhoods

Nashville is a modern city with some of the most advanced architectural displays, lush hotels, and resorts located in posh neighborhoods that tourists love to frequent.

You may know a lot about the hotels in a completely new city, but do you know which neighborhoods are safe and which ones you should avoid? Read on for more insight.

Dangerous Neighborhoods

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Data provided by the local Nashville police reveal that violent crimes in Nashville involve rape, assault, murder, and robbery. You are likely to suffer violent crime if you travel to dangerous Nashville Neighborhoods like the ones below.

Hadley Park

Hadley Park is a neighborhood where the real Hadley Park is located. Hadley Park is home to about 1,000 people and is also where Tennessee State University is located.

Hadley park sets the perfect stage for petty crimes. Owing to its proximity to the park, people visiting the park for some outdoor fun easily become targets for pickpocketing, muggings, and so on.

Haynes Area

This is a small neighborhood with a population of slightly over 7,000 people. It’s located in the Northern part of Nashville and is built along the Cumberland River. Haynes area does have basic amenities like churches, schools, and restaurants.

Attractions like the Hartman Park Regional Center border the neighborhood with other equally attractive places a short drive away. This area harbors many questionable characters, many of whom will easily steal from someone who seems out of place.

Talbot’s Corner

Talbot’s Corner has a population of over 12,000 people. Despite being located in a modern area close to major highways, this neighborhood falls short regarding basic amenities like schools and adequate employment opportunities.

Nissan Stadium, home to the Tennessee Titans NFL team, is one of the main tourist attractions in the area. Watch out whenever you’re in Talbot’s Corner because, as one of the poorer neighborhoods in Nashville, your general safety may be compromised.


A stone’s throw away from the Trevecca Nazarene University, right of I-440, is Woodycrest, a small town with about 1,400 residents. Due to the affordable living here, people earning low incomes and the unemployed meet up in Woodycrest.

Therefore, it is advisable to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings in Woodycrest.


The triangle that forms when Lafayette street and 2nd Avenue intersect is where the Southside neighborhood is tucked away. Southside has a population of 3,412 people and is on the way to many attractions in Nashville. If you make a stopover at Southside, beware of your surroundings.

Safe Neighborhoods in Nashville

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Popular places in the city that tourists visit are considered safe. Most of the fun in these tourist spots continues until late evening without any crime reports being made. While you are always advised to remain observant, here are some safe neighborhoods in and out of Nashville where the crime rates are very low.


If you like the countryside setting, you should feel cozy and right at home in Nolensville. This neighborhood boasts rolling hills, lush greenery, and plenty of farmland. It’s located on the outskirts of Nashville and is one of the safest places in Tennessee.

Spring Hill

Spring hill is 30 miles from Nashville but is a worthy mention in this list of safe places for visitors. This neighborhood enjoys a far lower crime rate. Here, there’s little chance you’d be a victim of violent crime.


South of Nashville, about 10 miles away, is a quiet neighborhood with a perfect balance of rural and modern.

It’s where tourists come when they want to experience the countryside feel but aren’t willing to surrender the conveniences of town living. Brentwood is not only beautiful and captivating, but it also enjoys significantly low crime rates.


When you want to avoid the chaos that comes with city living, how about venturing 20 miles south of Nashville to Franklin? Franklin is a large metropolitan area where the crime rate is incredibly low.

While the crime rates in the above-listed neighborhoods are low, there are still reports here and there about crimes happening. Remain watchful of the people around you, hang out in well-lit areas, and avoid walking alone in the dark.

Safety Tips for Travelling to Nashville

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You should adopt some practices to reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim in Nashville.

Lock Your Car

If you have rented a car, park safely and ensure all the doors are locked before you leave. Car thefts and break-ins are quite common, and it all mostly happens when the one responsible for the car forgot to lock it properly.

Study Your Surroundings

East Nashville is a generally safe area for visitors. However, as you venture further south, you will likely enter dangerous neighborhoods with high crime rates. Should you feel unsafe or observe something strange, call for help or head back to your hotel.

Figure Out Transportation in Advance

If you’re getting ready for a fun night out, alone or with friends, consider booking a taxi well in advance. That way, you can avoid being stranded late at night in a foreign place where you could easily be attacked. Also, renting a car or opting for a taxi is far safer than choosing public transportation.

Walk in Groups

Whether exploring Nashville during the day or going out drinking at night, you enjoy more safety when you’re part of a group than alone. In a group, you all can watch out for each other.

Things to Consider

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There’s never a dull moment in Nashville. It’s full of fun things to do, exciting places to visit, and different restaurants and eateries to try out. Here are a few things you should know before landing in Nashville.

Opt for Creative City Tours

Compared to the boring guided city tour, how about choosing the more exciting offers like the party bike or the old-school trolley? These are a simple yet innovative and fun way to check out the lively art scene in the city.

The Museums Are Unbelievable

Nashville has the best Music Museums in the U.S. Top examples include the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Musicians Hall of Fame & MuseumThe Patsy Cline Museum, and the Johnny Cash Museum.

Rent a Bike

While Nashville is easy to get around by car, renting a bike is a much healthier and faster means to traverse short distances in the city. Most of the roads are paved and cycling-friendly.

Bring Your Dog Almost Everywhere

The fun in Nashville isn’t only for humans; dogs can also enjoy fun times crisscrossing the streets, parks, and some restaurants. The celebrated Loews Vanderbilt Hotel welcomes dogs and offers goodie bags for your pet.

The same hotel has dog sitters, pet groomers, and fresh meals that can be delivered as part of room service for your furry friend.

Other fun places in Nashville for pets include the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkTwo Rivers Dog Park, Riverfront Park Dog Park, and Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and Greenway.

Vegan Food Galore in Nashville

If you’re a vegan, there has never been a better time to visit Nashville. The vegan food scene has grown in leaps and bounds, with a vegan spot present in every direction you look. Non-Vegan dining spots also offer plant-based options on their menus to accommodate vegans.

The Wild CowWoodlands Indian Vegetarian CuisineThe Southern V, the Sunflower Café, Vege-licious, and Grins Vegetarian Restaurant are a few vegan-friendly places with tasty food options you’ll love.

Local Brews Are a Must-Try

Care for a beer? Nashville is home to world-famous distilleries, most of which also serve food. Paired with sizzling hot BBQ ribs, your meal is never complete without several sips of a smooth glass of whisky or a beer. From dry and smoky to sweet brews, you can’t help but want more.

The Grand Ole Opry Is as Much Fun as It Is Educational

The Grand Ole Opry is the best place to be if you enjoy live shows and want to learn more about the country music scene. Opt for a behind-the-scenes tour for a comprehensive lesson on all matters of country music history.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Nashville, Tennessee, USA – July 2 2022: Exterior sign of Ladybird Taco in 12 South neighborhood of Nashville/Cory Woodruff/Shutterstock

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Nashville, Tennessee safety.

What should I avoid in Nashville?

A few things you should avoid when visiting Nashville include:

  • Walking on Broadway at night: Especially when there’s a festival, Broadway is full of drunks and over-excited locals who can be troublesome for the laid-back person.
  • Highway 24 during rush hour: The traffic on highway 24 bloats during rush hour. If you want to get to your destination on time, leave early.
  • Coffee shops in the mid-morning: The coffee scene in Nashville is just as massive as the music scene. Everyone here drinks coffee. Sadly, you’ll have to stand and wait in long lines if you need coffee, especially at 11:00 a.m.

Also, avoid walking with headphones on or alone in the dark. These habits expose you to risk and leave you vulnerable to attacks. It makes you an easy target, especially if you are close to some of the highlighted dangerous neighborhoods.

Is Nashville, Tennessee, a safe city?

Nashville is a safe city. The crime rate may be above average, but with a few safety measures and a high vigilance on your end, you should be okay.

Is Nashville a good place to live?

Nashville is one of the best places to live in Tennessee. The communities are close-knit and accommodating to visitors. Nashville is the place to be when you want to experience the full countryside experience.

Does Nashville have a high crime rate?

Nashville’s violent crime rate is one of the highest in the U.S. There were 7,376 cases of violent crimes reported in Nashville in 2019. According to reports, cases of aggravated assault increased by 29% in 2020.

Can you see celebrities in Nashville?

You will not miss a celebrity or two on the Nashville streets. From musicians, actors, and sports players, don’t be surprised if the person sitting next to you at the restaurant looks like a familiar face you’ve seen on TV.

So, Is Nashville Safe to Visit?

Nashville is one of the few cities in America where you are guaranteed massive enjoyment. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there’s little doubt that Nashville is the ideal place for your getaway.

Don’t be too alarmed by the reports and statistics online. Remember, your safety in Nashville is as much your responsibility as it is that of the police.

If you heed the safety tips above and avoid dangerous places, your time in Nashville will be the most memorable. Happy travels!