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Is Nashville Safe to Visit in 2024? | Safety Concerns

Is Nashville Safe to Visit in 2024? | Safety Concerns

Is Nashville safe to visit?

Nashville, despite its vibrant appeal, has a crime rate above the national average, with issues like theft and assault more prevalent in certain neighborhoods away from tourist areas. Visitors should remain vigilant, though risks to tourists are generally low. Staying informed about local events, including protests and weather conditions like tornado warnings, is key to a safe and enjoyable visit.

The city of Nashville is a popular destination for a city break on a weekend, country music lovers, and bachelorette parties—basically anyone that likes to have a good time.

Nashville is primarily known as the capital of country music, thanks to iconic venues such as the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Even if you don’t normally listen to country music, when in Nashville, you must catch a live show on Broadway—the amateur musician you see today could be tomorrow’s big star. Before visiting, check out this guide to visiting the city safely, so that the most dangerous thing you encounter is the spice on the iconic hot chicken.

Is Nashville Safe to Visit?

Photo of a street in Nashville with lots of bars with neon signs pictured for a guide titled Is Nashville Safe to Visit

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – AUGUST 20, 2018: Honky-tonks on Lower Broadway. The district is famous for the numerous country music entertainment establishments/Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Yes. Nashville is safe to visit, but visitors should be aware of the city’s higher-than-average crime rate. Don’t let your desire to have a good time get in the way of taking common-sense precautions.

The main reason why some potential visitors are a bit wary of visiting Nashville is that it has a high crime rate. The overall crime rate in Nashville is 606.6 incidents per 100,000 people. This is much higher than the national average, which is about 350 incidents per 100,000 people.

It is also higher than the national average of cities with similar population sizes. More concerningly, the violent crime rate in Nashville is higher than the national average. Although the violent crime rate has been declining in recent years, it is still relatively high.

Common crimes in Nashville include:

  • Theft
  • Scams
  • Robbery
  • Grand theft auto
  • Assault

However, one thing to keep in mind about Nashville is that the crime rate within the city itself is highly stratified. Most incidents, especially most violent incidents, occur far away from popular tourist areas, in certain areas that have a reputation for crime.

The reason why certain neighborhoods have such high crime rates is that the societal factors that lead to high crime rates are more prominent in certain parts of the city.

Local news outlets blame rising inequality in the city and a lack of investment in impoverished neighborhoods through infrastructure, education, and job opportunities.

While there have been some high-profile incidents of tourists being robbed, the vast majority of crimes don’t affect tourists, and the vast majority of visitors to Nashville aren’t victims of crime while in town. Otherwise, the city wouldn’t receive so many return visitors.

Nashville is also the capital of the state of Tennessee, so you can expect protests to happen regularly in front of state buildings as people express their dissatisfaction.

Most protests are peaceful. However, there have been some high-profile dangerous incidents, such as the march of neo-Nazis in February 2024 that was met with a large group of counter-protesters. Keep an eye on the news while in town.

Nashville doesn’t get that many natural disasters, but its location in the Tennessee Valley means it’s vulnerable to extreme storms. Sometimes it is even affected by tornadoes such as the ones in December 2023 that killed several people.

Always monitor the weather report when traveling anywhere. If there is a tornado warning, consult local government sites for advice on what to do. Seek shelter immediately.

Crime in Nashville

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Nashville, Tennessee USA – May 9, 2022: Downtown cityscape skyline along popular Broadway with vintage and modern building architecture/Fotoluminate LLC/Shutterstock

Crime is the main reason people are concerned about visiting Nashville, and it is true that the city has a high crime rate. Crime statistics can help us figure out which crimes are the most likely when visiting.

The FBI is a good place to start because it collects statistics for most metropolitan areas in the United States. In 2019, Nashville had 35,153 total criminal incidents.

About 21% of those were violent crimes. Following nationwide crime trends, the most common violent crime is assault, making up 13.8% of total crimes committed. Most assaults happen between people who already know each other and have some kind of dispute.

Assault is also common in cities with a strong nightlife scene such as Nashville because drunken disputes escalate easily. The most common overall crime, like in most US cities, is larceny-theft, making up 61.6% of total crimes committed in the city.

This is a very broad category of crime, covering everything from pickpocketing to shoplifting, which explains why it makes up such a big portion of overall crimes.

Incidents tend to be non-violent crimes of opportunity with lower stakes, explaining why they are more common. More troubling is the fact that Nashville’s crime rate is increasing.

While the city experienced just over 80 homicides in 2019, the number was over 100 incidents by 2023, bucking nationwide trends of decreasing murder. Auto theft was up by a whopping 74%. It’s clear that the city has a long way to go towards improving its overall safety.


The crime statistics within Nashville’s city center and touristy areas is very different from the one you encounter in the city overall. Here, the most common crime is pickpocketing and other forms of petty theft.

Like in any place in the world, thieves like to take advantage of careless tourists, especially those whose guard may be let down after drinking or hitting up the local bars.

You can have fun in Nashville, but make sure that you don’t throw caution completely to the wind. Don’t leave your purse unattended while you go dancing in the club or place your wallet in your back pocket, where someone can easily take it.

You should also beware of common scams. Always check your receipts after settling your tab at a bar or restaurant so you don’t get overcharged. Another common scam involves music or show tickets.

Scammers sell fake tickets online or in person, then once you show up to the show, you can’t get in because the tickets don’t scan. Always buy from official websites or ticket windows only.

Vehicle-Related Crimes

The fastest growing categories of crime in Nashville are those related to cars. Vehicle thefts have nearly doubled over the past year. If you’re only in town for a few days, leave your car at home and opt to take taxis.

Due to the city’s poor public transportation, long-term visitors may need to bring cars. If you drive to Nashville, take care of it. Make sure that it’s parked in a secure location such as a private garage. Always lock your doors and roll up your windows.

Thefts from vehicles are also common. Never leave anything valuable in your car, even for a few minutes. Never leave any possessions in your car that are visible from the windows outside, not even small items such as phone chargers.

Avoiding Bad Areas

Protesters in a bad part of Nashville pictured for a guide to whether or not the city is safe to visit

Nashville, Tennessee / United States – June 4 2020: Black Lives Matter Rally in Nashville/Rick3/Shutterstock

Nashville’s crime rate by neighborhood differs drastically depending on where you are in the city. Most dangerous neighborhoods in the city are very far away from the tourist attractions, so it’s unlikely you will wander into them accidentally.

Just in case, here are a few neighborhoods you should avoid:

  • Glencliff
  • Talbot’s Corner
  • Heron Walk
  • Dickerson Pike
  • The area around Metro General Hospital

Things to Consider

Photo of people walking at night along the main street in Nashville for a guide to the safety of the city

October 5, 2015 – Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. People enjoy the shops, bars, and restaurants of busy downtown Nashville, Tennessee, as traffic zooms by on the street/Angel McNall Photography/Shutterstock

Here are a few additional tips for visiting Nashville:

  • Keep an eye on your drinks when going out. Drink spiking has happened in the past, targeting both men and women. Victims have often been robbed or assaulted.
  • When in doubt, do what the locals do. If you see plenty of people walking around, that means that a neighborhood is probably safe. If you don’t see many people going for a stroll, it’s probably not the best idea to do so either.
  • Take a taxi at night. The safest way to get back to your hotel after a night on Broadway is to take a taxi or ride-share. Just be aware that after the bars close, there tends to be a rush on the taxis, so you may have to wait a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Downtown Nashville pictured in a long exposure image with car lights driving by

ESB Professional/Shutterstock

Here are some common questions people have asked about visiting Nashville:

Is it safe to walk around downtown Nashville?

Downtown Nashville is one of the safest parts of town so it is safe to walk around. Even at night, there are usually plenty of other people around, so you don’t have to worry about sticking out.

Is Nashville safe to visit right now?

Nashville is safe to visit right now despite a rising crime rate. However, you should make sure you take common sense precautions such as not leaving valuables unattended.

Is Nashville’s Broadway safe at night?

Nashville’s Broadway is lively until the wee hours, with plenty of other people around and a heavy police presence. You should be careful of rowdy drunks, but besides that it isn’t dangerous.

Is Nashville safe for solo female travelers?

It’s possible to visit Nashville as a solo female traveler, but you should take additional precautions. Be careful when checking out the nightlife. Avoid bars that are too rowdy and keep an eye on your drink.

What is the safest part of Nashville?

The touristy areas such as downtown Nashville and upscale neighborhoods such as Belle Meade are the safest parts of town.

So, Is Nashville Safe to Visit?

Nashville is a safe city to visit despite its high crime rate. As long as you keep your valuables close and stick to safe neighborhoods, you should have a good experience. Happy travels!