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Top 9 Guys Trips Ideas for an Amazing Brocation in 2024

Top 9 Guys Trips Ideas for an Amazing Brocation in 2024

If you’re taking a brocation soon, you’ll find some inspiration in our list of the top 9 guys trip ideas. From golf to gambling and fishing trips to bourbon trail tours, there’s something for every kind of guy on the list!

Top 9 Guys Trips Ideas for an Amazing Brocation

Planning a trip with the boys soon? You don’t want to waste the opportunity to get away on a boring destination. It’s not a brocation if you’re not having fun! 

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, scenic outdoor adventures, relaxing days at the beach, or an extended golf getaway, we’ve got the 9 best guys trips ideas for you listed below. 

1. Take a Buddies Trip to “Golf Island” in Hilton Head Island

Lagoon view through Spanish moss on a golf course on Hilton Head Island with sprinklers running for a list of the top 9 guys trip ideas

Chris Klonowski/Shutterstock

Hilton Head Island, SC is known as “Golf Island” and it’s the perfect place for a guys trip if you’re all golfing enthusiasts who appreciate a good oceanfront course in the scenic lowcountry. 

Hilton Head Island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with palm and magnolia trees, sandy beaches, oak trees swathed in Spanish moss, and a striking mix of perfectly-manicured courses with natural coastal beauty all around.

You’ll be able to play on over 40 courses throughout HHI and nearby Bluffton, but the island itself boasts 24 championship golf courses. It’s safe to say that this is a golfer’s paradise. 

Harbour Town Golf Links, Oysters Reef Golf Club, Atlantic Dunes, George Fazio Course, Robert Trent Jones Course, and Heron Point by Pete Dye are some of the best courses on this 70-square mile island. 

When you’ve finished a round of golf, head to grab a bite at one of HHI’s excellent restaurants for fresh seafood, gourmet dishes, international fare, or bar-style grub.

Many of the best golf courses feature their own restaurants and bars so you can eat, drink, and get back to golfing! 

2. Hike and Camp on the Rugged Appalachian Trail

Is your crew big on outdoor activities? Hiking and camping on the Appalachian Trail along the Tennessee-North Carolina border makes a great guys trip idea. 

While your boys may not be up for hiking the Appalachian Trail in full, a 3-day hike through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will lead you to some of the trail’s best parts without committing to the full 2,168-mile trail. 

One of the best routes for a 3-day hike starts in Gatlinburg and leads you through elevation changes in Cherokee, NC and back into Cosby, TN with overnight stays in campgrounds and shelters that are popular with hikers. 

You’ll start at Newfound Gap and hike 3 miles out to Icewater Spring Shelter to camp, then pick up on the trail to continue on to Tricorner Knob Shelter in Cherokee, NC for night 2. On day 3, you’ll huff it to Cosby Campground back in Tennessee. 

The scenic Newfound Gap, stony outcrop of Charles Bunion, 2nd-highest peak in the Smokies (Mount Guyot), and views of Old Black, another stunning peak, are some of the highlights of a guys trip along this section of the Appalachian Trail. 

3. Experience an Epic Weekend in Las Vegas

Group of 3 guy friends in Las Vegas in front of the iconic sign for a list of the best guys trip ideas

Ground Picture/Shutterstock

It’s not just for bachelor parties – Las Vegas is a prime spot for guys trips whether you’re celebrating or just getting the guys together for some epic nights on the town. 

Try your luck at any of Vegas’ famous casinos, playing slot machines, table games, or betting on sports. Drinks in hand, some wins under your belt, and surrounded by your friends, it’s impossible not to have a great time in Vegas. 

Going to shows in Vegas will keep everyone entertained when you’re not gambling. From comedy clubs and cabarets to Cirque du Soleil and gentleman’s clubs, there’s always something to see while you’re here! 

Take a day trip while you’re in Vegas to see the Grand Canyon (about 2.5 hours away) or the much-closer Red Rock Canyon (just 18 minutes away). 

You can head to the indoor or outdoor range at Battlefield Las Vegas to fire machine guns, rifles, shotguns, or pistols. They’ll even pick you up from the Vegas Strip in a Humvee! 

During the day, your hotel’s pool, an impressive range of restaurants serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and fun group outings like TopGolf, indoor skydiving, and the awesome Fremont Street downtown are great options to get out and explore the city. 

4. Party With Your Krewe in New Orleans

Known as the Big Easy, the Southern charm, delicious Creole and Cajun food, and spooky, funky vibes of New Orleans enchant every visitor. It’s a great city to party and one of the best guys trips ideas for a “krewe” bent on having a good time! 

Head down for Mardi Gras in February or March to see the city decked out in purple, yellow, and green regalia with costumes everywhere and nonstop parades, concerts, shows, and balls to attend. 

If you’re coming any other time, you’ll find New Orleans just as festive and eventful. From ghost tours and bar crawls to catching a game at Caesars Superdome and visiting famous restaurants, you’ll never be bored in NOLA. 

Gamble at Harrah’s, play disc golf at City Park, grab a round of beers at NOLA Brewing, party at Masquerade, and grab a beignet and chicory coffee at Cafe du Monde the next morning to recover from a wild night out. 

Take the guys out to Nola Motorsports for a fun day of go-karting on 40 acres of hair-pin turns and straightaways where you can open it up at 45 mph. Play games and drink at Barcadia, then catch some live music on the lively French Quarter.

You can even book a fishing trip while you’re here to enjoy the scenery and reel in some fresh catches. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab a classic shrimp po’boy, crawfish étouffée, and a cup of steamy gumbo with andouille sausage. 

5. Take a Caribbean All-Inclusive Cruise

Man's arm holding a bourbon drink on a cruise ship with another empty chair next to him on the deck for a list showing the best places for guys to go for a brocation


When it comes to guys trips ideas that make logistics and planning super-simple, it’s hard to beat an all-inclusive cruise where you can eat, drink, party, and take in gorgeous scenery all without the hassle of planning a jam-packed itinerary. 

Cruises that include all your meals, snacks, drinks, and entertainment make it easy to sit back and enjoy your time with the guys. Bonus: You’ll never need to call an Uber or worry about a designated driver! 

Pick a destination or route that takes you through the sunny, warm Caribbean to put a fun, tropical twist on the trip. Picture yourself with a cold beer on the sundeck or lounging on a tropical beach at one of the ports of call. 

There are hundreds of cruise lines to choose from, but you’ll find an amazing array of options for entertainment and food on each one. From concerts and theaters to nightclubs and water parks, there’s plenty to get into. 

The cruise ships themselves can be absolutely massive, offering shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, pools, hot tubs, slides, tennis and basketball courts, theaters, zip lines, and more. 

Relax and unwind during the day, live it up at night, and get a chance to explore some cool Caribbean towns and beaches when you reach each port of call. It’ll be an unforgettable trip for the guys and you’ll come back with the tan lines to prove it. 

6. Hit the Slopes in Colorado

Skiing and snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado gives you a chance to experience adventure in the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

From the adrenaline rush of snow sports to warming up in a hot tub at the end of the day, this is a prime spot for a brocation.

At Breckenridge Ski Resort, there are 5 peaks for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The Imperial Chair lift is the highest in North America and delivers you right to the peak of your choice. 

But if skiing isn’t your thing, there’s plenty to do on and off the slopes. Ride snowmobiles down the Swan River Valley, take a heated snowcat tour of the Ten Mile Range, or go dog sledding with a powerful husky team. 

If you can brave the temperatures, winter fly fishing gives you a chance to reel in the night’s trout dinner on a hand-tied fly as you cast surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery. 

Take fat bikes down prepared paths in the snow to make your way to a brewery or distillery. Guided backcountry hikes and skiing tours get you off the beaten path to see more of the Breckenridge wilderness. 

You’ll find tons of great restaurants, bars, and nightlife in Breckenridge when you’re ready to head inside for warmth, drinks, and camaraderie. From taverns to upscale bars, there’s something here for every guy! 

7. Spring Salmon Fishing in Idaho

Fly fisherman casting with friends in a river by the mountains for a list ranking the top places for a guys trip

Joshua Neufeld/Shutterstock

If you’ll be taking your guys trip in the spring, going salmon fishing in Idaho is an awesome option. Fishing for powerful salmon during the peak springtime season means you’re almost guaranteed to reel in some trophy fish! 

Idaho’s Clearwater River is the prime location to pull massive Chinook salmon (“Springers”) out of the water that have been maturing and growing at sea for up to 5 years. They put up quite a fight, weighing 10-40 pounds! 

You can don your waders to make your way through shallower spots of the river, rent a boat, or charter a boat for guided fishing in all the best spots for the ultimate springtime salmon catch. 

Fly into Spokane, Washington and rent a car to make your way to Lewiston or Orofino, Idaho. They’re two of the best towns to get you right on the Chinook salmon with plenty of good hotels and restaurants nearby. 

But your favorite meal will be dining on your fresh-caught salmon after cleaning and filleting it! May through June is the best time of year to catch salmon in the Clearwater River, but you’ll have opportunities all the way through October. 

You can stay in a rustic lodge, a hotel with a casino, a family-owned inn, or a budget-friendly chain hotel in the area. Since you’ll be spending a lot of your time out on the water, it’s easy to keep this guys trip affordable. 

8. Head to the Grand Canyon for Adventure

The famous Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park might be the best destination for your guys trip if your group is full of hikers and outdoor adventurers. 

From marveling at the scenic views this rocky canyon affords you to wandering down well-worn and challenging trails, there’s no doubt that a trip to the Grand Canyon is something you’ll all remember for a lifetime. 

And it’s not just hikes and great views that make it a great spot for a guys trip. Smooth river rafting trips can be relaxing and offer different views from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry. 

Guided white water rafting down the mighty Colorado River can be a multi-day adventure taking you down powerful rapids from riffles to surging Class 10s. 

Biking down the Canyon’s trails lets you see the scenery from a new perspective in the North or South Rim. Guided hikes and learning tours can push you to new limits in this beautiful national park. 

If you’re up for it, take a mule trip down the Canyon – a 3 hour trip or overnight where you can spend the night at Phantom Ranch. Or take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, AZ right into the park with no traffic during the busy summer season! 

9. Make Your Way Down the Bourbon Trail

Bourbon barrels stacked up inside a distillery where people can take tours as one of the best guys trip ideas in Louisville, KY


Kentucky is famous for its bourbon – complex and smoky with a hint of sweetness and a powerful kick. If you’re all keen on imbibing, a Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour in and around Louisville is one of the best guys trips ideas. 

There are 18 official distilleries on the Bourbon Trail, but you’ll find even more along the way that aren’t members of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. Most offer 1-2 hour tours that end with tastings. 

Pick up a Bourbon Trail Passport and Field Guide at your first stop on the trail and fill it up with distillery stamps and notes as you make your way down the trail. All 18 official and 23 craft distilleries are included in the passport book. 

From Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark to Wild Turkey and Angel’s Envy, you’ll recognize a lot of big names in bourbon on the trail and discover plenty of new brands with unique distillation processes and distinctive flavors. 

It can be a little repetitive to see similar distillation processes over and over at distillery tours, so you might consider skipping full tours of some distilleries and going straight to the tasting portion. 

There’s also plenty to get into off the Bourbon Trail. Baseball fans will appreciate the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville. The 6-story Muhammed Ali Center is nearby and offers a great way to spend a few hours learning about the legend. 

Take cocktail classes, try some of Louisville’s premier restaurants and taverns, and make time to watch the horse races at Churchill Downs if you’re there in the spring or fall. 

Things to Consider

Group of 4 men hiking with packs and jackets on in the sunrise for a list of the best guys trip ideas

Dmitry Molchanov/Shutterstock

What else should you know about planning one of the brocations from this list of the best guys trip ideas? Here are some tips and things to keep in mind. 

  • Get on the same page. If your group of friends has different opinions on what’s fun and how to best unwind and let loose on vacation, it’s essential to get everyone on the same page for your guys trip. You might find a compromise – a fishing trip where you stay at a hotel with a casino, for example – the best way to make everyone happy. 
  • Lay out the budget. Everyone has a different budget and comfort level with spending on a guys trip, so it’s important to know what everyone’s expense expectations are and work hard to make sure the trip is affordable for everyone. Some guys trips are a lot more expensive than others! Make sure to consider your transportation costs and extras like green fees and nights out. 
  • Weigh the cost of all-inclusive options. If you’re thinking about taking a cruise or heading to an all-inclusive resort somewhere outside of the US, the cost can appear staggering at first – but remember, it’s all-inclusive! Roughly calculate the savings you’ll have with meals, snacks, drinks, and entertainment all rolled into the base price and you might find it’s the cheaper option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

4 guy friends posing and smiling on the beach with seaweed on the white sand around them for a list of the best guys trip ideas

Luna Vandoorne/Shutterstock

Now that you’ve got some inspiration for great guys trips ideas, take a look at the FAQs below to learn more before you start planning. 

What is a good guy trip?

Good guys trip ideas include anything your group is interested in - golf, fishing, sports, hiking and outdoor adventures, distilleries, beaches, etc. Keep everyone’s interests in mind to pick the best guys trip ideas for your crew.

Budget, location and transportation, activities and attractions nearby, and restaurants, nightlife, and shops in close proximity should all be considered, too.

What do guys do on a boys trip?

On a boys trip, guys usually do the things they really enjoy but may not have time for in the flow of everyday life.

Going to games, heading out into the wilderness, taking a cruise, touring distilleries, golfing on championship courses, and taking fishing trips are all guys trip ideas.

What are guy trips?

Guys trips are short vacations that a group of male friends or relatives take together. Relaxing, enjoying fun or adrenaline-pumping activities, partying, and exploring urban or rural areas can all be part of a guys trip.

What is the name for a guys trip?

Guys trips can be called brocations, mancations, or boys trips. If it’s taking place right before a wedding, it might be called a bachelor trip or stag weekend.

They all mean the same thing: A trip for guys to take together where they can cut loose or relax and have fun.

So, What Are the Best Guys Trips Ideas?

The best guys trips ideas are the ones that everyone in your group can agree on – and that can be harder to narrow down than you think! 

Consider everyone’s interests and comfort levels as you’re brainstorming ideas for your upcoming brocation. Is your crew outdoorsy? Always down to party? Looking for a chance to relax and unwind? Ready to gamble and enjoy some entertainment? 

The budget of your group is another important consideration. You don’t want to plan a trip that’s going to box out some of your buddies in terms of budget. 

If your main goal is to take a break from responsibility and enjoy some bonding time with your bros, any of the 9 guys trips ideas on our list will be the perfect way to do it.

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