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24 Fun Facts About Argentina (Updated for 2024)

24 Fun Facts About Argentina (Updated for 2024)

Argentina is a fascinating country nestled in the southern part of South America. Rich in culture, this destination promises a vibrant blend of rich history, passionate culture, romantic getaways, and captivating landscapes.

24 Interesting Facts About Argentina

There are an unlimited number of delightful treasures in this amazing country that will excite and inspire you to travel there and experience them for yourself.

Take a look at the enticing blend of interesting and intriguing facts about Argentina that are like no other in the entire world.

1. Home of Yerba maté, Argentina’s National Drink

A Yerba maté drink prepared with straw, where a couple holds a cup each, the drink originated in Argentina, among the facts about the country.

Pawel Michalowski/Shutterstock

Yerba maté, a caffeine-rich hot beverage originated in Argentina. This popular staple is made from Yerba mate plants’ dried leaves.

The iconic Yerba maté plant is a symbol of community, trust, and friendship. Families and friends gather together and pass a gourd filled with Yerba maté, sip from straws, and share stories and conversation.

2. Argentina is The Famous Dance, Tango’s Birthplace

Tango, a very sensuous dance started in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in the 1880’s. Tango is said to “be a vertical expression of a horizontal desire,” as couples dance closely together and gaze into each other’s eyes.

When you visit Argentina, you will see this dance enjoyed on the streets and milonga or social tango events. If you time your visit just right, attend the annual International Tango Festival and World Cup which generates visitors from around the world.

3. Argentina is a Vast Land of Extremes Highs and Lows

Argentina is the home to the highest and lowest points in South America. The highest is Aconcagua Mountain located in the Andes and the lowest is Laguna del Carbon, a salt lake in Santa Cruz Province, actually the lowest point in the western and southern hemispheres.

4. Argentina Is An Amazing Wine County

Cheers! Argentina is the fifth-largest wine producer in the world with their most recognized for their signature wine, Malbec, a red wine appreciated for its deep burgundy color and full body flavor.

Nestled at the foot of the Andes, vineyards grow wonderful grapes, thanks to the high altitude and low humidity.

5. Argentina Has Deep Gaucho Traditions

A man mounted on a horse while wearing a hat, where dust on the ground spreads as the horse gallops, an image to portray the deep tradition on Gaucho in Argentina, among the facts about the country.

Sobrevolando Patagonia/Shutterstock

Gauchos were horsemen who worked Argentina grasslands or La Pampa in the early 1800s. It is said that these freedom fighters were mestizos meaning they had both European and Indian ancestry.

They sacrificed their lives for the country making them national symbols of bravery, honor, and freedom. This cultural tradition is celebrated every year on December 6 and is known as Gaucho Day.

6. Argentina Showcases Diverse, Beautiful Landscapes

You’ll take in breathtaking landscapes in Argentina including tropical rainforests in the northeast to icy glaciers in Patagonia. Each one is a treat for the senses offering an array of mesmerizing sights, sounds, and fragrances.

7. Argentina Delights With A Delicious Culinary Scene

Argentina is known throughout the world for their extraordinary food. They are passionate about cooking, eating, and sharing its fabulous ethnic foods that have now become popular in other countries including the United States.

Their diverse cuisine ranges in size and spice and the menu is as large as the country featuring Asado BBQ, tamales, locro, milanesa, empanadas, humitas, sweet dulce de leche, and a wonderful mix of Latin American and European dishes.

8. Argentina Showcases Natural Wonders Like No Other

Argentina is the home of amazing natural wonders including the magnificent Iguaza Falls, a series of cascading waterfalls that are taller and wider than Niagra Falls. They are located on the Brazil border and are one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is another natural wonder that is the world’s third-largest freshwater source with an awe-inspiring view.

Other natural wonders are the city of Ushuaia, known as the Dream Port City, Mendoza’s City featuring exotic historic sites, and Mount Monte Fitz Roy, known as the Smoking Mountain where the clouds look like smoke.

9. Home of Soccer Legends Messi and Maradona

The ever-famous football player Lionel Messi celebrating while in game, the football legend originated from Argentina aling with Maradona, one of the facts about the country.

BARCELONA – FEB 23: Lionel Messi celebrates a goal at the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and SD Eibar at the Camp Nou Stadium on February 23, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain./Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock

Argentines are passionate about almost everything, especially soccer/football, the most popular sport in the country.

They have won the World Cup twice and have produced two of the greatest footballers of all time, Messi and Maradona, and the rivalry between Boca Juniors and River Plate is known and recognized throughout the world.

10. Argentina Home to Latin American Literary Legends

Argentina is the home of famous authors like Jorge Luis Borges, known as the father of the Latin American novel, and Julio Cortazar whose works are celebrated throughout the entire world.

Titles by Borges are, “Universal History of Infamy” (1935), “Ficciones” (1944), “The Aleph” (1949), and “The Book of Sand” (1975). Titles by Cortazar are, “The Winners” 1960, “Hopscotch” (1963), and “62: A Model Kit” 1968.

11. Nature Reserves, Vales Peninsula, The Kingdom of Sea Animals

One of the most interesting sites in Argentina is Vales Peninsula, known as the “Kingdom of Sea Animals, one of the country’s most important nature reserves. Thousands of birds, animals, and sea life live here, and it is truly a sight to see.

12. Impressive Capital City, Buenos Aires Delights

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and the most visited city in South America. In fact, Buenos Aires has more bookstores per person than any other city in the entire world and has one of the largest Japanese gardens found outside of Japan. There is also a Japanese restaurant located nearby.

13. Argentina’s National Sport is El Pato, A Mix of Polo and Basketball

Men playing a sport called El Pato where they are mounted on horses and they are trying to shoot a ball in a vertical hoop, this game is the national game of Argentina, among the facts about the country.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – SEP 19: Fiesta de la Tradicion. Players in the national game of Argentina Pato. This game of gauchos created in the 19 century. September 19, 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina/sunsinger/Shutterstock

The national sport of Argentina is a competitive game called el pato, a mix of polo and basketball. This sport is specific to the country and embraces its unique culture and history.

To score, players on horsebacks try to get a rubber ball in a floating netted hoop. Pato translates as duck, which is what was originally used instead of the crabber ball.

14. Argentina is the Eighth-largest country in The Entire World

Argentina is massive offering a vast landscape that expands more than 1,068,296 square miles. After Brazil, It is the second-largest country in South America and is approximately one-third of the size of the United States of America.

15. Buenos Aires Is Home To Largest Mosque In Latin America

Argentina’s Buenos Aires is home to The King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre, the largest mosque in Latin America, and can accommodate more than 1,500 male worshipers on the ground floor and 500 women worshipers on the second floor.

The massive and impressive complex that opened in 2000, houses a library, event center, auditorium, offices, and classrooms.

16. Argentina is Famous for High-Quality Delicious Beef

Argentina has a long history of raising healthy cattle that originated when the Spanish settled in the area. Today this country is a major international exporter of beef. Their steaks are known as the best in the world thanks to Pampa’s lush grasslands where happy cattle freely roam and graze.

17. First Animated Movie Made History In Argentina

An old movie projector emitting light unto a wall, a concept image to portray the first ever animated movie that was showed in Argentina, among the facts about the country.


Argentina was the home of the first black-and-white animated film in the world. Titled, “El Apostol”, translated, as “The Apostle”, it was released in 1917 in Buenos Aires.

It was a political satire story about a man who created a robot to help him win an election. Unfortunately, all known copies were destroyed in a fire.

18. World’s Largest Penguin Population

Argentina is home to many wildlife species including the largest Magellanic penguin population. You can see these adorable and entertaining birds waddling the sandy beaches up-close and walk alongside these friendly creatures. You can also learn what is being done to protect them from extinction.

19. Argentina is Known as The Land Of Silver

Argentina’s name comes from Argentum, Latin for silver, and now has grown to become one of the largest producers of silver worldwide. Buenos Aires is the home to Juan Carols Pallarois one the most prestigious silver shops in the country.

20. Pink Flamingos Swim in Laguna del Carbon

One of the most pristine lakes in the world is Laguna del Carbon, a glacial saltwater lake in the Patagonia region of the country. Its crystal clear, sparkling water is as beautiful and tranquil as the cheerful pink flamingos that reside there.

21. Pope Francis From Buenos Aires, Argentina

The current Pope Francis gesturing his hand forward, the pope originated from Buenos Aires, Argentina, among the facts about the country.

Vatican City – JUNE 01, 2016: Pope Francis arrives for his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican./AM113/Shutterstock

The current pope of the Catholic Church was born in Buenos Aires in 1936. Before becoming the first Latin American pope, he earned a living as a nightclub bouncer and cleaning staff.

22. Fantastic Whale Watching Opportunity

If whale watching appeals to you and your family, Puerto Madryn is a backdrop like no other with its charming town, guided boat tours, and seeing these gentle, yet magnificent giants up close and picture-perfect, personal.

23. Wetlands of the Iberá Marshes Offer Colorful Birdwatching

An amazing and colorful array of feathered friends call Argentina their home, enriching the ecosystem, and an excellent site for bird watchers to see some of the most colorful and spectacular birds on the planet.

See the Andean Condor, the vibrant Scarlet-headed Black Bird, and Rufous Hornero, the country’s national bird.

24. Beloved Woman Pictured on Argentina Currency For First Time

Evita, wife of Argentine President Juan Perón was the first woman to appear on their currency. She was beloved for her leadership and women’s suffrage movement.

FAQs About Argentina

Gorgeous snow-capped mountains in Argentina pictured for a guide to the country's interesting facts

Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock

What Is The Official Language of Argentina?

Spanish is the official language of Argentina, but many Argentines are bilingual and also speak English, Portuguese, and Italian. Other languages spoken include indigenous languages like Quechua and Guarani.

Is Argentina expensive for tourists?

There is something for everyone and every budget in Argentina. The sky is the limit and every dollar spent is an investment in you. Travel costs will vary based on your personal preferences and the time you spend in the country.

Some popular destinations like Patagonia and other hot spots might be pricier, but overall, Argentina offers a range of options to accommodate various budgets.

What Is Argentina’s culinary scene like?

Argentina features an impressive and delicious blend of European, Spanish, and Italian influences. From its world-famous beef to regional delicacies, to Mexican delights like empanada treats and tamale dishes, this amazing country is a food lover’s paradise.

Argentina offers quality wines, especially their Malbec to sip and enjoy. Additionally, the nonalcoholic, Yerba Mate originated in this country known for its fantastic flavor and unique traditions.

Is Argentina’s tap water safe to drink?

Water production varies from area to area and its safety will depend on your location within the country. In major cities and tourist spots, Argentina’s tap water is generally safe to drink. Some describe the flavor as having hints of chlorine.

However, since you are coming from another country you are encouraged to drink bottled water, especially in remote areas to protect your health and well-being.

What’s the best time of the year to visit Argentina?

Argentina has something for everyone throughout the entire year. The vastness of the country means the climate and weather will vary. While northern areas like Iguazu are best in winter, southern Patagonia shines in summer.

The very popular tourist city, Buenos Aires, features a comfortable temperature and is perfect to enjoy year-round.

Your Argentine Adventure Awaits: Book Your Trip Today

With a cocktail of cultural delights, tantalizing tastes, and scenic splendors, Argentina is waiting for you to explore and enjoy.

So, with so much to see and do, what are you waiting for – book your trip today and experience for yourself all that Argentina has to offer. Happy travels!