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Why Visit Iceland?

Iceland, a North Atlantic island nation, is celebrated for its dramatic landscapes, geothermal wonders, and Viking heritage. The capital city, Reykjavik, is a vibrant cultural hub, home to a majority of Iceland’s population.

Iceland’s natural beauty is epitomized by its volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, and rugged coastlines. The country’s geothermal activity results in hot springs, such as the Blue Lagoon, and provides energy to the nation. With a subarctic climate, a rich tradition of storytelling, and a unique cuisine that includes dishes like fermented shark and Icelandic lamb, Iceland invites travelers to explore its otherworldly landscapes, vibrant culture, and resilient spirit.

Accommodations in Iceland

Iceland offers a variety of accommodations to cater to different traveler preferences and interests. From countryside guesthouses and hot spring resorts to city boutique hotels and unique ice hotels, here are some of the best places to stay in Iceland, thoughtfully selected based on their location, amenities, and guest reviews:

Countryside Guesthouses

  • Fridheimar Guesthouse (Golden Circle): Immerse yourself in the heart of Iceland’s Golden Circle. This countryside guesthouse offers comfortable accommodations, proximity to Fridheimar tomato farm, and the chance to dine inside a greenhouse. Guests can anticipate a cozy and nature-focused stay in one of Iceland’s most famous regions.
  • Höfði Guesthouse (Höfn): Located in the picturesque town of Höfn, this countryside guesthouse provides simple but comfortable rooms, a connection to the local fishing culture, and stunning views of the Vatnajökull glacier. Guests can experience a relaxed and coastal stay on Iceland’s southeast coast.

Hot Spring Resorts

  • The Blue Lagoon Retreat (Grindavik): Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating waters of the Blue Lagoon. This hot spring resort offers luxurious accommodations, direct access to the Blue Lagoon, and opportunities for spa treatments. Guests can enjoy a tranquil and wellness-oriented stay in one of Iceland’s most famous geothermal attractions.
  • Fosshotel Husavik (Husavik): Located in the whale-watching town of Husavik, this hot spring resort provides comfortable rooms, a connection to geothermal baths, and proximity to whale-watching tours. Guests can unwind in a geothermal and marine-focused environment in northern Iceland.

City Boutique Hotels

  • 101 Hotel (Reykjavik): Immerse yourself in the vibrant capital of Iceland. This city boutique hotel offers stylish accommodations, a central location in Reykjavik’s old town, and access to the city’s cultural and culinary scene. Guests can anticipate a chic and urban stay in Iceland’s capital.
  • Hotel Borg (Reykjavik): Located in the heart of Reykjavik, this city boutique hotel provides elegant rooms, a historic ambiance, and proximity to landmarks like Harpa Concert Hall. Guests can experience a classic and cultural stay in Iceland’s bustling capital.

Unique Ice Hotels

  • The Ice Hotel (East Iceland): Immerse yourself in the world of ice and snow. This ice hotel offers basic but adventurous accommodations, ice sculptures, and a chance to experience a winter wonderland. Guests can enjoy a unique and frosty stay in the Icelandic wilderness.
  • Hotel Laki (South Iceland): Situated in South Iceland, this ice hotel provides simple but cozy rooms, ice-themed decorations, and proximity to natural wonders like Vatnajökull glacier and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Guests can immerse themselves in a winter and glacier-focused environment.

Whether you’re interested in countryside guesthouses, hot spring resorts, city boutique hotels, or unique ice hotels, Iceland offers a wide range of exceptional accommodations to meet your needs and ensure an unforgettable experience in this land of fire and ice.

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