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Why Visit Albania?

Albania, located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, is a nation of rich history, diverse landscapes, and a blend of cultural influences. The capital, Tirana, serves as the country’s vibrant center, featuring a mix of communist-era architecture and modern development.

Albania’s natural beauty is characterized by its stunning Adriatic and Ionian coastlines, pristine beaches, and rugged mountain ranges, including the Accursed Mountains in the north. The nation boasts a diverse cultural heritage shaped by Illyrian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and communist eras, reflected in its music, traditions, and cuisine.

Where Should You Stay in Albania?

Albania, a country in the Balkans, offers a fascinating blend of Mediterranean charm, rich history, and unspoiled natural beauty. From vibrant cities to serene coastlines and rugged mountains, Albania caters to a variety of travel preferences. Let’s explore the best places to stay in Albania, each offering its own unique attractions and experiences.


  • Best For: Urban explorers, history enthusiasts, nightlife.
  • Attractions: Skanderbeg Square, Bunk’Art, Dajti Mountain.


  • Best For: Beach lovers, ancient ruins, coastal charm.
  • Attractions: Butrint National Park, Ksamil Beach, Lëkurësi Castle.


  • Best For: Cultural heritage, architecture, museums.
  • Attractions: Berat Castle, Onufri Museum, Ottoman houses.


  • Best For: Ottoman architecture, historical exploration, cultural festivals.
  • Attractions: Gjirokaster Castle, Ethnographic Museum, Zekate House.


  • Best For: Lakeside tranquility, cycling, photography.
  • Attractions: Rozafa Castle, Lake Shkodra, Marubi National Museum of Photography.


  • Best For: Medieval history, traditional crafts, mountain scenery.
  • Attractions: Kruja Castle, Skanderbeg Museum, Old Bazaar.


  • Best For: Seaside relaxation, historical landmarks, culinary experiences.
  • Attractions: Independence Square, Zvërnec Monastery, Sazan Island.


  • Best For: Beach resorts, ancient amphitheaters, family-friendly activities.
  • Attractions: Durrës Amphitheater, Venetian Tower, Archaeological Museum.


  • Best For: Hiking enthusiasts, natural landscapes, traditional village life.
  • Attractions: Theth National Park, Blue Eye of Theth, Grunas Waterfall.


  • Best For: Pristine beaches, relaxed atmosphere, outdoor activities.
  • Attractions: Porto Palermo Castle, Jale Beach, Himara Castle.

Finding Your Perfect Spot in Albania

Choosing where to stay in Albania depends on what you want from your trip. Tirana offers a lively urban experience with rich history and vibrant culture. Saranda and Himara provide beautiful beaches and coastal activities, while Berat and Gjirokaster are perfect for those interested in cultural heritage and architecture.

Shkodra and Vlorë offer a mix of scenic beauty and historical landmarks, ideal for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings. For adventure seekers, Theth in the Albanian Alps offers stunning hiking trails and unspoiled nature.

Each destination in Albania presents its own unique charm, from the metropolitan allure of Tirana to the tranquil beauty of Theth, ensuring a stay as enriching and memorable as the country’s long and storied history.

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