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The 15 Best Day Trips From Rome to Take in 2024

The 15 Best Day Trips From Rome to Take in 2024

One of the most exciting aspects of Rome is its proximity to all different types of landscapes and experiences. You’ll find the Tuscany wine region and Almafi Coast close by and plenty of small, rustic towns to see.

Best of all, many of these destinations are a few short hours, if that, from Rome itself. Working two or three day trips into your Rome adventure is a great idea, especially if you want to see everything.

The 15 Best Day Trips From Rome in 2024

Trust me — while these are many of my own favorite day trips from Rome, I wish I’d have had more than a couple hours in Pompeii and on the Amalfi Coast. So learn from me and be sure to block off more than one day to see the bigger sights on our list.

1. Anzio

Aerial view of the quaint sea town of Anzio, one of the best day trips from Rome

Stefano Tammaro/Shutterstock

  • Travel time: One hour by car

Anzio is an hour away from Rome, either by car or train, and it’s one of the country’s most important ancient military capitals. Anyone with a serious interest in the old world or long-ago battles will want to pay homage to Anzio.

In recent times, Anzio played an essential part in World War II, as it was the site of a massive skirmish between the Allied and Axis forces.

There are pictures of the battle at Beachhead Museum and some preserved foxholes. Additionally, Anzio is famous for its fish and stellar coastal cuisine, thanks to its proximity to the water.

2. Florence

Piazza del Duomo pictured from a narrow alleyway at dusk in Florence, one of the best day trips from Rome


  • Travel time: Three hours by car

Part UNESCO Heritage Site, Florence is widely regarded as the “culture capital of Italy.” So many Italian Renaissance artists cut their teeth in Florence, and you can see their masterpieces around the city’s dozens of museums and exhibits.

Fashionistas will also want to check out the Gucci Museum. Michelangelo’s most famous sculpture, David, is in Florence, and the city center is charming and mesmerizing.

One could pass a fun day simply by getting a coffee and wandering around. Florence is roughly three hours from Rome, but it’s doable as a day trip if you leave early.

3. Tivoli

Gorgeous view of the park outside Villa Gregoriana and buildings in Tivoli, one of the top day trips from Rome


  • Travel time: 45 minutes by car

Tivoli is a hop, skip, and jump away from Rome, and you can quickly get there in a little less than one hour. Famous for its greenery, Tivoli is packed with gorgeous gardens and old-style villas, some of which date back to the Roman empire.

Although there are many landscapes and smaller villas, the top ones are Villa d’Ester, Hadrian’s Villa, and Villa Gregoriana. Tivoli tends to get busy during the holidays, so travel in the off-season to avoid the crowds.

4. Vatican City

Amazing night view of the Vatican City pictured from the courtyard looking toward the Basilica


  • Travel time: Eight minutes by car

Less than half an hour from Rome, Vatican City is actually its own country and one of the most religious places on the planet. It’s tiny, so you can see the whole thing in one day, but be aware that it tends to get super busy on religious holidays, especially Easter.

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the Pope, and you should check out the Vatican Gardens and many museums full of religious iconography and history. The Sistine Chapel, one of the most famous churches on the planet, is in Vatican City.

5. Naples

Aerial shot of Naples, one of the best day trips from Rome, pictured with yachts in the harbor and a downtown area lining the coast of the water

Pani Garmyder/Shutterstock

  • Travel time: Four hours by train

Naples is roughly an hour and a half away from Rome by fast train or three hours by slower train, and it’s one of the largest cities in Italy. It has tons of World War II history, some of it pretty ghastly. Still, if you’re a history buff, you’ll find plenty of exciting things to explore in Naples.

Naples also has an extremely long history, plenty of cathedrals, and is home to Saint Januarius’ miracle. There’s also an opera house, castles, and plenty of museums. It’s a large, cosmopolitan city.

6. Montecassino Abbey

Cloister and balcony of the Montecassino Abbey, one of the best day trips from Rome, pictured on a semi-sunny day overlooking the ocean

Lucky Team Studio/Shutterstock

  • Travel time: Two hours by car

A day trip from Rome to Montecassino Abbey will take you about an hour and a half, and it’s one of the most important sites in the country for both World War II battlefields and the history of Sant Benedict and the Subiaco monks.

Although Montecassino Abbey has been destroyed several times, it is still a widely revered and spiritual site. It is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable stops on your vacation.

7. Pompeii

Ruins of Pompeii, as seen from the road with steps where people avoided the dirty sewer water


  • Travel time: Four hours by train

Famed Pompeii is a ruined city just shy of three hours away from Rome. This ancient city was destroyed by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption that wiped out most of the town’s population in 79 AD.

It’s also one of the most famous destinations in the world. Although you can get to Pompeii by train or car, taking a guided tour can give you a more in-depth understanding and appreciation of the place. You’ll find plenty of such tours in Rome itself.

8. Cinque Terre

Harbor with colorful buildings and boats floating on the water at Cinque Terre, one of the best day trips from Rome


  • Travel time: Five hours by car

A little over four hours from Rome, Cinque Terre is a long day trip but still doable if you leave early in the morning and are okay with a full, long day of traveling and sightseeing. It’s part of the Italian Riviera, revered for its incredible views and charming villages.

If you’re looking for a slice of “real Italy,” Cinque Terre is undoubtedly it. If you arrive early enough, you can village hop, go hiking, or sample some of Cinque Terre’s famous cuisine.

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9. Castelli Romani

View of Ariccia, a walled town that houses Castelli Romani, pictured on a clear day for a roundup of day trips from Rome


  • Travel time: 45 minutes by car

An easy, under an hour day trip from Rome, Castelli Romani refers to several towns that were the heart of ancient Roman life. Located in the Alban Hills, these old towns have plenty of museums and lovely landscapes and are even where previous Popes had their summer homes.

Frascati is a famous wine that comes from this part of the world, and you can sample it at one of Castelli Romani’s famous vineyards. If you love wine and history and want a unique Italian experience, check out Castelli Romani.

10. Amalfi Coast

Morning view of blue skies and a few clouds over the cliffside town of the Amalfi Coast, pictured with roads running along the cliffs


  • Travel time: Four hours by car

The famed Amalfi Coast is easily one of the most incredible parts of Italy and certainly will be a highlight of your vacation. Over three hours away from Rome, it’s a very long day trip, but you can combine it with other attractions to make it worth it.

The journey is one of the best parts of seeing the Amalfi Coast, so ensure you get a driver or rent a car to do it properly.

There are several smaller towns and villages right along the way. Leave early enough, and you can stop at pretty places like Positano on your way to or from the Amalfi Coast.

11. Assisi and Orvieto

Panoramic view of the palatial basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, one of the best day trips from Rome


  • Travel time: Four hours by train

The twin towns of Assisi and Orvieto should not be overlooked. They’re a few hours away from Rome, and you can get there by train, bus, or car. You can also take a guided tour. Don’t miss the famous Cathedral of Orvieto or dozens of wineries nearby.

St. Francis was born in Assisi, so there’s a lovely Basilica, plus plenty of information about this famed, animal-loving saint. For more ancient history, see the People’s Palace and Temple of Minerva.

12. Ostia Antica

Preserved ruins of Ostia Antica, one of the best day trips from Rome

Giovannia Rinaldi/Shutterstock

  • Travel time: 30 minutes by public transport

If you don’t have a car and don’t feel like hiring a driver but want to see a new part of Italy, Ostia Antica is a great pick. You can easily get there by public transportation right from the center of Rome.

Anyone who loves architecture, especially ancient buildings, will like Ostia Antica because of the bevy of antique apartments.

Take a tour of the downtown area to explore these apartments in-depth, or visit the Houses of Psyche and Cupid to see notable marble works and structures. Although you can go alone, a guided tour will give you a deeper understanding of the importance of this small, preserved town.

13. Ninfa Gardens

Ninfa Gardens pictured through a stone and wooden gate with a castle-like structure in the background

Garden of Ninfa, Italy – 30 May 2020 – A private natural monument with medieval ruins in stone, flowers park and an awesome torrent with little fall. Province of Latina, Lazio region, central Italy/ValerioMei/Shutterstock

  • Travel time: One hour by car

Ninfa Gardens are a little over one hour by taxi or car or two hours by public transportation from Rome. Widely revered as some of the most incredible gardens on the continent, Ninfa Gardens have over one thousand different plants, plenty of paths to explore, and proximity to cute Italian towns like Sermoneta.

If you’re looking for a way to rest, soak in nature, and get a new appreciation for the bounty of floral life in Italy, put Ninfa Gardens on your list. These gardens get relatively busy during the holidays, so plan in advance if you want them to yourself.

14. Capri

Many colorful boats floating in the harbor of Capri for a piece on the best day trips from Rome

Boris Stroujko/Shutterstock

  • Travel time: One hour by plane

Capri is an island accessible from Naples, so if you want to see both, plan to spend a little time in the port city before or after your venture to Capri. It’s idyllic anywhere in Capri, but one of the island’s main draws is the Blue Grotto, a brilliant cave that you can get to from Marina Grande.

You can also do some hiking and climbing in Capri. Mount Solaro is right there, and you can summit it or use the chairlift to soak in the brilliant views from the top. Visitors can head to Capri on their own or take a guided tour.

15. Val d’Orcia

Val d'Orcia hills with a unique road and roundabout in the center for a featured day trip from Rome

Aerial view of the beautiful hills of the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany with the cypress circle shape grove near Montalcino, Italy, hills cultivated with wheat, Ionic column by Helidon Xhixha, Reflexes/Martin Pelanek/Shutterstock

  • Travel time: Three hours by car

Part of the wine region in Tuscany, Val d’Orcia, is just over two hours away from Rome. Technically you could take public transportation, but you’d have to double the time to get there, so having a car is most convenient and can also give you access to off-the-beaten-path wineries.

Val d’Orcia is famous for its vineyards and olive groves and has some truly incredible scenery, especially near sunset. There are also several smaller towns like Pienza and Montalcino nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entrance to a shop in Sicily with a stone alleyway outside for a piece on the best day trips from Rome

Marcin Krzyzak/Shutterstock

If you’re traveling to Italy for the first time, it’s normal to have many questions about successfully navigating in and around Rome. These frequently asked questions will help you plan a seamless trip:

What common scams should I look out for?

Rome has its fair share of scams and problems, like any other large city. Pickpocketing can be an issue, especially in very densely packed tourist destinations. Taxis might try to overcharge you if you’re a tourist, and many “historical figures,” like gladiators, will charge for pictures.

Can I use my credit cards in Italy?

You can use your credit cards in much of Rome and tourist places in the countryside, but be prepared to pay in cash if you’re going off the beaten path. Tipping is in cash too. You can withdraw money anywhere in the city, although it’s a good idea to look for authorized banks to do it.

Do you need a visa to travel to Italy?

Whether or not you need a visa to go to Italy depends on where you’re coming from. US citizens get a visa on arrival. People in other parts of the world can apply for a Schengen visa, allowing them to access Italy for three months.

Will my chargers work in Italy?

Your chargers will only work in Italy with an adapter. It’s a good idea to buy one before you go, but you can always pick one up at the airport if you’re in a pinch.

How’s public transportation in Italy?

Trains are common, relatively cheap, and easy to use in Italy, and there is public transportation in places like Rome. Generally, you’ll need a bit of Italian to use it properly.

So, What’s the Best Day Trip From Rome?

Taking a day trip from Rome will give you a fuller understanding of the historical and cultural importance of the country. Try to get one or two in on your next trip and get a new appreciation for Italy and its people. So what are you waiting for — book your trip today!