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The 7 Best Travel Organizers in 2024 | Top Picks

The 7 Best Travel Organizers in 2024 | Top Picks

For optimal packing and efficiency, here are some of the best travel organizers money can buy in 2024. Never dig through your entire suitcase to look for that one shirt again!

The Best Travel Organizers: Quick Look

If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably already know how annoying it is to pack and unpack your stuff.

You’re never able to fit everything into your carry-on the way you want it to, and when you get to your destination you inevitably find out that your shampoo bottle leaked or something important got buried at the bottom of your bag.

One of the best travel organizers can help you solve that problem. Here are our picks for the best packing helpers.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Travel Organizers:

  1. Best Overall: eBags Packing Cubes
  2. Best for Backpackers: Osprey Packing Cube
  3. Best for Documents: Zoppen Passport Wallet
  4. Best for Laundry: Miamica Travel Laundry Bag
  5. Best for Electronics: BUBM Electronics Organizer
  6. Best for Toiletries: Eagle Creek Packing Organizer
  7. Best for Underwear: Freegrace Underwear Bag

While some travel organizers stand out, the answer to which one is the best is not so simple because they come in many sizes with different purposes.

Why You Need a Travel Organizer

Woman packing white sneakers into an orange suitcase using one of the best travel organizers


You can finally be the put-together traveler of your dreams instead of the person scrambling to zip up an overstuffed suitcase at the airport if you invest in the right travel organizer.

Developing an organized packing method on your own is always an option, but travel organizers take a lot of the guesswork out of packing and make it easier to just throw everything into your suitcase and go.

The most common types of travel organizers are packing cubes or similar products. These funky tools are soft-sided containers usually made of plastic that you can use to separate your clothes.

Packing cubes help you compress your stuff to take up less space in your luggage and prevent wrinkling.

You can also use packing cubes to separate out your possessions, for example shirts in one cube and socks in another, so it’s easier to find everything. Travel organizers is actually a broad, catch-all name for a variety of products that help you get organized.

There are specialized travel organizers for everything you might want to take with you on vacation, from toiletries to electronics. Some travel organizers can even help you stay safe and keep all your possessions with you.

RFID-blocking wallets and organizers with secure pouches can save you from getting pickpocketed or robbed while in an unfamiliar place. Now that you see how useful travel organizers are, taking your next trip without one is unthinkable!

Best Travel Organizers: Our Top 7 Picks

We used a series of important criteria to evaluate the products on this list, including durability, convenience, and even aesthetics. In a sea of products that claim to help you travel better, these best travel organizers stood out.

1. EBags Packing Cubes

Best Overall
EBags Packing Cubes
  • Lightweight, foldable packing cubes
  • Set of six cubes of varying sizes
  • Durable material protected by lifetime warranty
  • Smaller cubes not as useful
  • Bulkier than cubes from competitors
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05/18/2024 01:06 am GMT

If you’re looking for a workhorse travel organizer set that you can use to organize all of your possessions, then this six-piece packing cubes set from eBags is the best choice.

They get our nod as best overall organizer thanks to their durability, versatility, and lightness. The set comes with nylon cubes in four different sizes: one each of Large, Medium, and Small, then three Slim cubes.

All of the cubes are made of durable, lightweight Cordura nylon fabric, self-healing zippers, and mesh tops so you can see what’s in every cube. 

To make the packing experience even easier, each cube comes with a lightweight mini frame that holds the cube open as you pack and unpack.

Whether you’re packing for a business trip and don’t want your clothes to get wrinkled, or trying to take as many outfits as possible on vacation, these packing cubes are a lifesaver for your next trip.

2. Osprey Packing Cubes

Osprey Packs UL Packing Cube, Shadow Grey, Medium
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible
  • Durable nylon and silicone coating holds up to any weather
  • Convenient handle for grabbing
  • On the smaller side
  • Problems with zipper
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Experienced hikers and backpackers know that the Osprey brand is one they can trust. However, fewer people know that Osprey also makes amazing packing cubes besides their famous packs.

These packing cubes are designed to go with Osprey backpacks, making them the perfect choice for people traveling light. The Osprey packing cubes are made of lightweight yet durable nylon which only weighs 0.04 pounds when empty.

An asymmetrical zipper keeps your possessions secure, although some reviews complain that it is difficult to grasp. A silicone coating and easy-to-grab handle make it easy to slide this cube out of your pack, perfect for when you want to grab something quickly.

Osprey’s packing cubes are smaller than those of competitors, making this not the best choice if you want to pack multiple outfits for a trip.

However, if you just want an easy solution for consolidating your socks and gloves while hiking without compromising on precious space, this is the organizer for you.

3. Zoppen Passport Wallet

Best for Documents
Zoppen Passport Wallet
  • RFID-blocking technology protects you from theft
  • Plenty of compartments for all documents, including vaccine cards
  • Stylish design and color
  • Bulkier than a normal wallet
  • Not great for storing change
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05/16/2024 12:14 am GMT

One of the worst things that can happen to you while traveling is having your documents or money stolen, or losing your valuables. This stylish passport wallet from Zoppen is the perfect solution to helping you stay organized and safe.

The Zoppen passport wallet has compartments for everything you need as you travel, including multiple passport holders (perfect if you’re traveling with family), credit card slots, ID slots, a SIM card pouch, key holder, pen holder, change pocket, and even an external pouch for your phone!

Considering how much it fits, the passport wallet is surprisingly sleek, although it is bulkier than your average wallet. For all of its durability, the passport wallet doesn’t sacrifice on style.

It has a sleek, vintage chic design and comes in 35 bright colors, all made out of quality leather. The material also blocks RFID readers, which can protect you from identity theft. Talk about beauty and function, all in one!

4. Miamica Travel Laundry Bag

Best for Laundry
Miamica Travel Laundry Bag
  • Stylish exterior
  • Expandable size that folds up tightly when not in use
  • Durable, moisture-resistant material
  • Too small for bulky clothing or longer trips
  • Intended mainly for dirty laundry that accumulates during the trip
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08/15/2022 12:23 am GMT

When you’re packing for a trip, don’t forget to factor in space for what you will be bringing back—souvenirs and dirty laundry. The Miamica Travel Laundry Bag is the perfect solution for bringing dirty clothes back from a trip.

One of the greatest benefits of this laundry bag is its compact size. When it’s not in use, the Miamica folds into an attached pouch that takes up barely any space in your luggage.

For such a small item, it fits a surprising amount of dirty laundry—about a week’s worth for one person (depends on the bulk of the clothing, of course). Besides its compact nature, the Miamica Travel Laundry Bag impresses with its durability.

The lightweight fabric is resistant to tears and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about damp dirty laundry soaking through and dirtying your other clothes. Overall, it’s a much more elegant solution than a plastic bag for dirty clothes and is more sanitary.

5. BUBM Electronics Organizer

Best for Electronics
BUBM Double Layer Electronics Organizer
  • Enough room for all of your cables and even an iPad Mini
  • Padded cover and nylon fabric protect your electronics
  • Easy to carry
  • Bigger than similar organizers
  • On the expensive side
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08/15/2022 12:24 am GMT

One of the hassles of modern traveling is organizing all of your electronics. How are you supposed to keep your phone chargers, tablet chargers, headphones, USB drives, and assorted converters from getting lost in the bottom of your bag?

Enter the BUBM Electronics Organizer. This deceptively compact travel organizer has plenty of compartments for all of your electronics (except for large laptops), including a double-layered interior nylon compartment, straps for different cables, and a pocket for a tablet.

While it may be too big for some travelers, it’s useful if you have lots of cables or electronics. The BUBM electronics organizer is made out of tough, waterproof nylon that will keep your electronics safe no matter what conditions you are traveling through.

The added layer of a semi-padded cover offers even more protection against wear and tear while on the road. Plus, the sleek design makes it easy to slip this travel organizer into any backpack or carry-on.

6. Eagle Creek Packing Organizer

Best for Toiletries
Eagle Creek Packing Organizer
  • Enough space for toiletries for two people
  • Removable clear pouch for TSA check-in
  • Durable material is water- and stain-resistant
  • Expensive
  • Too bulky for backpacking
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05/18/2024 12:20 am GMT

You can throw all of your toiletries into a Ziploc bag or an ordinary sack, but that just means sleepily digging for your toothpaste on a layover.

For maximum organization, invest in this Eagle Creek Packing Organizer, which has separate pouches and compartments that are large enough to store toiletries for two. The extra features in the Eagle Creek organizer set it apart from competitors.

The organizer comes with a hook so you can hang it up once you reach your destination, freeing up counter space and giving you better access to your toiletries. Some versions even come with a mirror.

The interior has plenty of pouches and storage compartments to help you organize all of your toiletries, including a removable clear pouch for getting liquids through TSA security.

The organizer’s durability is another point in its favor. The sturdy nylon fabric is resistant to stains and moisture, a must-have feature if you’re looking for something that will spend a lot of time in damp bathrooms.

7. Freegrace Underwear Bag

Best for Underwear
Travel Organizer Underwear Bag
  • Plenty of space for underwear, socks, and several large bras
  • Two layers and several pockets for optimal organization
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Very bulky for a travel organizer
  • Inconvenient carry strap placement
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08/15/2022 12:19 am GMT

You may not think you need a separate underwear organizer, but the Freegrace Underwear Bag will make your life easier, nonetheless. This hefty organizer has enough compartments to store the essentials such as underwear, socks, and even a pouch for makeup and toiletries.

The most important feature is the bra organizer. Folding up bras can damage them, and this organizer will protect your expensive undergarments from damage.

The Freegrace Underwear Bag has two layers with several mesh pockets on each layer, including separate compartments for different clothing items. The bag is made out of a durable material built to resist wear and tear.

The organizer has a handle on the back for convenient carrying and transportation. The Freegrace Underwear Bag is a bit too bulky for carry-on luggage.

However, it’s the ideal solution for keeping all of your underwear in one place and protecting more fragile lingerie in a larger suitcase. Plus, it comes in three classic stylish colors.

Finding the Best Travel Organizer for You

Yellow suitcase with some of the best travel organizers holding contents, blue in color


Realizing that you need a travel organizer to optimize your vacations is just the first step. Then, you need to figure out which one is the best for you.

There are so many products out there claiming to solve all of your travel woes, but which ones are legitimate? Here are a few factors to consider as you go shopping.


Scroll through Amazon or travel websites, and it may seem as if there are almost as many travel organizers as there are normal items going into your suitcase!

You can find specialized organizers for everything from bras to charging cables, as well as more general organizers for arranging things in your suitcase. The first step in determining which travel organizer is the best for you is figuring out what you need it for.

If you just want an organizer that will help you fit more items into your suitcase and separate your shirts from your socks, then regular packing cubes or generalized travel organizers are the way to go (these organizers can also settle the folding vs. rolling debate by saving more space than either method).

If you’re worried about specific items getting lost in your suitcase, such as your electronics, then look into a specialty organizer. While specialty organizers won’t help you save space on your jeans, they can help you find specific items more easily when unpacking.

Think about which items you have the most trouble organizing when you pack, and that will help you figure out which travel organizer is right for you.


Depending on your travel style and trip length, you will need a different size travel organizer. Smaller, more compact travel organizers take up less space in your luggage, but they also have less space for all of your stuff.

If you’re going on a month-long trip, you’ll need a different organizer than if you’re backpacking through the backwoods. 

If you don’t know what size organizer you need, the best solution is a multi-pack that has several different packing cubes or organizers, as long as you don’t mind spending money on items you may not use.


Even if you’re not roughing it out on the trail, travel comes with its fair share of wear and tear. Your bags will get thrown around by baggage handlers, rummaged through by TSA, and rained on.

You want travel organizers whose material is strong enough to protect your stuff.

If you’re looking for an organizer for stuff that will be around moisture a lot, such as a toiletries bag or a bag for dirty laundry, try to look out for a material that is moisture resistant. You don’t want travel organizers that will form mildew!

Extra Features

While simple is often best, sometimes you want a few extra features in your travel organizers. Read product descriptions and reviews to see if there are any bells and whistles that you want.

For example, travel wallets with RFID-blocking technology offer extra protection from identity theft as pickpockets use RFID readers to steal your credit card information. Organizers with extra pockets and pouches can help you keep many possessions in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top view of a woman using one of the best travel organizers to pack her stuff for a vacation

Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock

Here are some of the other questions people looking for the best travel organizers ask:

How Do You Stay Organized While Traveling?

Buying the right gadgets and gizmos isn’t the only key to staying organized while traveling. An ounce of preparation, such as making a detailed travel list and unpacking as soon as you get to your destination, can prevent frustration at the airport or right before check-out.

Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

If you have many items of clothing, packing cubes are certainly worth it. They help save space and make it easier to pack and unpack. Instead of unpacking your whole suitcase, you just have to unpack the cube that contains the item that you need.

How Do I Maximize My Luggage Space?

Besides investing in travel organizers, there are a few other ways that you can maximize your luggage space. Invest in airtight bags that help compress puffy clothing such as bulky sweaters. You should also reevaluate what you are packing—maybe you can use one item of clothing for multiple outfits.

How Do You Pack Clothes in a Backpack?

Most backpackers swear by the rolling method for packing clothing in a backpack because it compresses most items of clothing, such as jeans and shirts, and makes it easier to pack more things instead of stacking (there are always some exceptions, such as swimsuits and dresses). You can also get special packing cubes just for backpacks.

Our Top Pick for the Best Travel Organizer

The best travel organizers depend on your purpose, the length of your trip, and how many items you have to store.

Best Overall
EBags Packing Cubes
  • Lightweight, foldable packing cubes
  • Set of six cubes of varying sizes
  • Durable material protected by lifetime warranty
  • Smaller cubes not as useful
  • Bulkier than cubes from competitors
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05/18/2024 01:06 am GMT

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend the packing cubes from eBags, or looking at some of the specialty organizers we recommended. Happy travels!