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The 7 Best Travel Adapter Converters (Our Favorites in 2024)

The 7 Best Travel Adapter Converters (Our Favorites in 2024)

Traveling is a lifechanging experience, but without one of the best travel adapter converters, you may find your phone or computer running out of power soon after you arrive. Here are our choices for the best converters.

What’s the Best Travel Adapter Converter?

Travel adapter converters are fundamentally simple devices. Ones that have protections against problems and fit in as many sockets as possible are better, while those with fewer connections or poorer build quality are worse.

Our top picks are the best options for most people, but you should always check to be sure they’re appropriate for the countries you plan to travel to.

Our Picks for the Best Travel Adapter Converters:
  1. Best OverallSublimeWare International Power Adapter
  2. Best BackupTESSAN Universal Power Adapter
  3. Best European Adapter – TESSAN Europe-to-US Converter
  4. Best Voltage ConverterGEARGO Power Converter
  5. Best SlottedCeptics World Travel Adapter
  6. Best USB Adapterhyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter
  7. Best Alternative ConverterBESTEK 250W Power Converter

These are our favorites, but before we explain why, we need to know why it’s so important to get a high-quality converter.

Why You Need a Travel Adapter Converter

Devices plugged into the best travel adapter converter in an airport


Travel adapter converters are a must if you plan to travel to any country with different power sockets than your home country. Without the right plugs, you won’t be able to charge up smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Worse, you might not be able to power essential medical supplies. Converters help you avoid this problem by providing a single device with multiple plug shapes on it. In most cases, a simple push on a slider is all you need for instant compatibility with your devices.

The best travel adapter converters are compatible with sockets in well over a hundred countries. As a bonus, most travel adapter converters are extremely reliable once you purchase them.

Changing all of the sockets in a country would be an enormous undertaking, so it almost never happens.

If a converter is rated for France, chances are it will always work there. Most converters are largely standardized because there’s only so much you can innovate in this category.

That means the things that separate converters are the number of plug options and the overall build quality, so that’s what we focused on when deciding on our top choices.

Best Travel Adapter Converters: Top 7 Picks

Here are the best travel adapter converters currently on the market. All of these are excellent choices for most travelers, but as we mentioned before, make sure you check to see that they’re rated for the country you want to visit.

1. SublimeWare International Power Adapter (Best Overall)

Best Overall
SublimeWare International Power Adapter

  • Excellent build quality
  • Works in most parts of the world
  • Available in several colors
  • No Type B output
  • The USB slots are a little close together
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SublimeWare’s international power adapter is a fantastic choice for most travelers. This unit features type A, C, G, and I plugs (more on this later), as well as four USB sockets for plugging in different devices.

Two things make this converter more notable than the competitors. The first is that two of its output sockets are 2.4A models instead of the standard 2.1A, which means they’re compatible with most fast-charge systems.

That’s an important distinction if time is tight and you want to charge things as much as possible.

This converter also provides an outstanding balance of price and reliability. The only real drawback here is that it doesn’t have Type B output, which means it won’t be compatible with some non-electronic devices.

2. TESSAN Universal Power Adapter (Best Backup)

Best Backup Power Adapter
TESSAN Universal Power Adapter
  • Comes with a universal outlet for non-USB devices
  • Highly affordable
  • Reputable brand
  • Doesn’t support fast charging
  • No surge protection
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TESSAN is one of the most reputable names in the travel adapter industry, and this adapter shows why. Although ostensibly universal, it’s really just compatible with Type A, C, G, and I sockets, just like our top choice.

However, three things set it apart from our top choice and make it worth considering seriously. The first is that it’s slightly cheaper, which is nice for people buying on a budget.

The second is that the four USB ports are slightly further apart from each other, which makes it easier to fit everything in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have fast charging capabilities. The one other thing, and perhaps the most valuable, is the universal outlet on the front side.

This single socket is compatible with Type A, B, C, G, I, and L plugs, which means you can connect almost any device to it. This was a strong contender for best overall, losing out only because of the lack of fast-charge compatibility.

3. TESSAN Europe-to-US Converter (Best European Adapter)

Best European Adapter
TESSAN Europe-to-US Converter

  • Excellent for North American travelers going to Europe
  • Multiple Type B outlets
  • Charges up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • No flexibility
  • Only two built-in USB ports
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TESSAN is good enough to be on this list twice, and deservedly so. This particular adapter is more specific than most of the others on this list because it’s only a Type C converter that switches to USB and Type B outputs.

Honestly, that’s not as good as a proper universal converter. However, if you’re only traveling to areas with Type C sockets, this converter’s multiple Type B outlets makes it much better for plugging in different devices.

Each Type B is effectively a USB socket if you have the normal converter, too, so it has more flexibility than you might see at first. The Europe-to-US converter is a great product on its own, but the real reason we’re including it is that it shows what dedicated travel adapters can be like.

It doesn’t have moving parts like a universal adapter, so there are fewer places where it can break, and that’s an important consideration depending on where you’re going.

4. GEARGO Power Converter (Best Voltage Converter)

Best Voltage Converter
GEARGO Power Converter

  • Compatible with most sockets around the world
  • Excellent spacing for its plugs
  • Comes with a fan for cooling
  • Much larger than other adapters
  • Somewhat expensive
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GEARGO’s Power Converter is much bigger than most of the other options on this list, but in some ways, it’s also the best choice. The default plug here is a Type C that works in most of Europe, but it also comes with Type A, G, I, and L adapters for extensive international compatibility.

What sets this apart from the other options is that it’s a power converter and a plug adapter, which means it can convert higher voltages like 220V down to 110V for many western appliances.

It also has three Type B sockets spaced widely on the top, three 2.4A USB sockets, and a single 3.0A high-speed USB socket for compatible devices. The heat is dealt with through a quiet fan, which helps keep this unit running throughout the night.

Many people need power converters on top of power adapters, so this all-in-one unit, despite its size, is a fantastic value. The only reason it’s not the best overall choice is that not everyone wants or needs the Type B sockets.

5. Ceptics World Travel Adapter (Best Slotted)

Best Slotted Travel Adapter
Ceptics World Travel Adapter 

  • Fits in almost any socket if you buy the extra attachments
  • Excellent spacing in its slots
  • It has a built-in Micro USB cable
  • Somewhat larger than most other converters
  • It alerts you to high voltage but doesn’t convert
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Ceptics’ slotted travel adapter is a little different from most of the ones on the market. Instead of having a push-out plug, this unit has physical connectors that you can take out and slot into place.

This is more durable than the sliders, making this a better choice for extensive travel despite its larger size. Ceptics sells this product in several variations, but the best option comes with Type A, B, C, E/F, G, and I plugs for near-universal compatibility around the world.

They also sell additional attachments if you need them, including rarer Types like D, H, J, K, L, M, and N. If you buy those, this travel adapter is more-or-less actually universal.

This adapter comes with a built-in Micro USB cord for connecting to most tablets and smartphones. It also has two Type B outputs and two USB outputs, plus a voltage detector to let you know if you should add a converter for that. Overall, there’s a lot to love about this adapter.

6. hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter (Best USB Adapter)

Best Travel USB Adapter
hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter

  • It comes with a spare fuse
  • The sockets have decent spacing
  • There’s a bonus Type-C port on the side
  • Placement of some parts can obscure the socket
  • The plugs can be flimsy
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This adapter may not be from a well-known company, but it’s a decent alternative to our favorite choice. It features plugs for North America, the EU, the UK, and Australia, with decent compatibility in other countries as well.

However, its main value is in its outputs. This converter has four USB ports with decent spacing on them, offering up to 2.4A and a maximum of 5.6A across them.

It also features a universal plug on the front and a Type-C plug on the side for extra compatibility with your existing cables. Helpfully, the manufacturer also ships this with a carrying case.

This can stop dust and other debris from clogging up your adapter and it’s something more companies should imitate. Overall, this isn’t a particularly unique converter, but it’s generally reliable and priced competitively.

7. BESTEK 250W Power Converter (Best Alternative Converter)

Best Alternative Converter
BESTEK 250W Power Converter

  • Compatible in most parts of the world
  • Excellent spacing on the sockets
  • Has multiple levels of protection for devices
  • Not suitable for devices like hairdryers
  • Fewer plug types than some other converters
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BESTEK’s adapter is another full converter model, which means it can transform 220V input (which is common in Europe) to 110V North American-style power.

It can also charge up to seven devices at once through three Type B plugs and four USB ports. Although fundamentally similar to our top choice as a voltage converter, this adapter has fewer compatibility plug options.

Its basic Type C plug and additional Types A, D, G, and I converters mean it’s still widely compatible and good enough for most trips, but it doesn’t have enough add-ons to make it truly universal.

That said, this is an affordable choice if you need a voltage converter along with your adapter, and the manufacturer ships it with a travel bag to help you keep everything in one spot. It’s a little bulkier than some people may prefer, but that’s almost inevitable when you’re dealing with converters.

Travel Adapter Converter Buying Guide

Some of the best travel power adapters sitting in a lightbox


Here are some things to keep in mind before you go shopping for a travel adapter converter:

Consideration 1: Socket Types

There are 13 socket types in common use around the world. The most important ones are Type A/B (North America, Central America, and a bit of South America), Type C (Europe, plus much of Africa and northern Asia), Type G (UK), and Type I (Australia).

Most international travel adapters cover these types of sockets. However, the fact that a socket is common in the world doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your needs.

This is why it’s important to research the sockets in any country you plan to travel to. Some countries use multiple sockets, so you might need several plugs.

There are also voltage considerations, which can require power converters on top of adapters. This is mostly because of historical decisions, but adapters that can convert voltage have finally started to enter the market.

Consideration 2: Output Type

Most travel adapter converters have two types of outputs: USB and Type B. USB outputs alone are fine if you only need to charge smartphones and similar devices, but larger items like hairdryers may require Type B sockets instead.

Accordingly, you should not evaluate travel adapters solely by the types of plugs they’re compatible with. Instead, make sure their output is also compatible with the devices you want to use. Only then can you be sure it’s the right choice.

Our Overall Favorite Travel Adapter Converter

SublimeWare’s travel adapter is the best choice for many travelers because it’s reliable, affordable, and has enough plugs for multiple USB-linked devices.

However, adapters are designed to meet different needs, so make sure you consider your needs and travel plans before you choose an adapter.