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The Best Time to Visit Wyoming in 2023 | When to Go

The Best Time to Visit Wyoming in 2023 | When to Go

As the least populated state in the US, Wyoming is under the radar for many. But that doesn’t mean this state isn’t packed with fantastic places to visit.

Whether you want to experience summer fun surrounded by beautiful wildlife or bundle up and enjoy some of the nation’s best skiing, there’s something to keep you happy in Wyoming. But you need to know when to go.

The weather in Wyoming varies dramatically throughout the seasons, as does the population and number of tourists. Understanding the seasonal changes helps you ensure your trip is a success.

If you’re wondering when the best time to visit Wyoming is, you’re in the right spot. This post covers everything you need to know about when to take a trip to this stunning state.

Why You Should Visit Wyoming

Geyser spouting off in Yellowstone for a piece on the best time to visit Wyoming

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Many people visit Wyoming during one of the two main seasons. The summer crowd enjoys warm weather, stunning scenery, and comfortable outdoor adventures. And the winter visitors hit the slopes or find other ways to enjoy the beautiful snow-covered scenery.

Summer in Wyoming

If you’d like to visit some of the National Parks, such as Yellowstone with its unique geothermal activity or the Grand Tetons’ awe-inspiring mountains, join the many summer tourists.

While it can be crowded, there are some secrets to help you find some solace. You can visit any other five National Parks Services areas, including Devils Tower National Monument or Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Or you can wake up early and go to the top attractions, such as Yellowstone’s Old Faithful geyser before the biggest crowds rush in. Perhaps going to some of the smaller towns dotted throughout the state could provide the unique experience you’re looking for.

Many people choose to make a road trip out of the visit. You can go in an RV or through a network of attractive hotels. You can hike, kayak, fish, or take up a long list of summer fun in Wyoming.

Winter Visits to Wyoming

On the other hand, if you want to visit Wyoming in the winter to enjoy a beautiful snowy environment with some of the world’s best skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, you’ll want to head to Wyoming in the winter.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the most well-known Wyoming winter destination. But it’s not the only one. Snow King Mountain Resort is just down the street in the town of Jackson, which is different from Jackson Hole, which refers to the entire valley area.

Grand Targhee Resort is on the other side of the Grand Tetons, near the Idaho border. You can also avoid the big resorts altogether. Bring your snowshoes, snowmobile, or other winter activity and choose from a variety of locations across the state.

Overall Best Time to Visit Wyoming

Neat view of an abandoned cabin in the middle of a prairie during the best time to visit Wyoming

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For the National Park road trip or camping crowd, the best time to visit Wyoming is during the warm months. If you’d like to see wintertime fun, January and February provide the best conditions.

Overall Best Time to Visit Wyoming to Avoid Crowds in the Summer

The warmest months are typically June through August, but they also draw in the biggest crowds. While you can take steps to avoid following the pack, there’s no doubt these warm months are the busiest.

To avoid the tourist madness, consider going in the shoulder season, which means the fall or spring. They are shoulder seasons because they aren’t the heart of the tourist seasons, such as winter or summer in Wyoming.

Instead, they fall on the sides of when most people visit. For Wyoming, the shoulder seasons generally run from late March to May and September to early November. These times still have moderate weather, but the number of tourists will be significantly lower.

You can score cheaper rates on things like hotels and rental cars. But you might experience more extreme weather events, especially if visiting high-altitude locations like the Grand Tetons.

Overall Best Time to Visit Wyoming for Winter Activities

If you’d rather strap on your skis or sit in front of a roaring fire overlooking a snowy view, then the peak of the winter is the best time to go. January and February usually have the best snowpack.

Of course, if you’d rather avoid the main winter crowds, those two months can be a poor choice. So can the end of December, during the holiday rush. Unfortunately, March and April can be packed with spring break vacationers too.

Because of that, it’s best to plan your winter activities during late January or February. It gives you the best chance at getting top-tier snow conditions and avoids the worst of the winter rushes during the holiday and spring break times.

Cheapest Time to Visit Wyoming

Father and son hiking in Grand Teton National Park during the fall, the least busy time to visit Wyoming

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The cheapest time to visit Wyoming is during the shoulder seasons in the Spring and Fall since this is when the weather is the most unpredictable and the least amount of people will be visiting.

These include September through early November and late March through May. These months are excellent because they offer the best deals on flights and hotels. By planning and booking your accommodation and transportation needs well in advance, you can get the best deals in the shoulder season.

Don’t forget to reserve any guided tour activities, RV rentals, campsites, or anything else you need. It’s always best to book in advance to ensure you’ll be able to accomplish what you’re there to do.

The downfall to visiting during these times is that you need to be ready for anything. March can be relatively warm and sunny, or it might bring in a late blizzard. The same is true for late fall months, like October and November, which can be relatively warm or potentially snowy.

It is also more challenging to find the best skiing or make plans to go backpacking or camping. If you want to do specific outdoor activities, you should consider visiting peak season instead.

Least Busy Time to Visit Wyoming

Jackson hole downtown area looking up into the mountains pictured from the POV of a child during the least busy time to visit Wyoming

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The least busy time to visit Wyoming is the shoulder season during the fall and spring months because the weather is uncertain, and planning outdoor adventures is challenging. Months like October and April are likely to be the least busy due to the unpredictable temperatures and conditions.

However, the least busy time might be a wise choice to visit Wyoming without spending too much money. Since there are fewer people, the hotels, flights, rental cars, and tour agencies will have more availability and lower rates.

It’s important to be ready for anything during these months. Not only can the temperature swings be extreme, but also the rapid changes can catch you by surprise.

You might find that some of the best activities might not be available during shoulder seasons. The ski resorts might have limited runs open. And camping or hiking might be extremely difficult or impossible due to muddy or snow-packed trails.

Rafting might not be open yet if the snow hasn’t melted enough and the river water levels are too low. An excellent alternative is to visit closer to the peak season.

September can be a great choice to enjoy relatively warm weather, especially if visiting low-altitude areas. March can get you to the tail end of the winter season, but you might risk seeing slushy conditions and spring breakers.

Worst Time to Visit Wyoming

Snow-covered road pictured from the perspective of a driver for a piece on the worst time to visit Wyoming


Some might say that July and August are the worst due to the large crowds at the top tourist destinations. Likewise, winter can be difficult to plan during the holiday rush in December and early January or the spring break season in April and March.

If weather or snow conditions are your top priority, the worst time to visit Wyoming is during the early spring or late fall. The weather is the most unpredictable, and the available activities are more limited.

Not only could your favorite ski resort have limited runs open, but it might also be full of exposed rocks and other dangerous obstacles. If snowshoeing or snowmobiling is your thing, be ready to discover some mud on the trails.

For summer activities such as camping or taking road trips, the shoulder seasons can be a nightmare. You’ll need to prepare for snowy conditions at high altitudes and warm conditions at lower elevations.

Checking the weather report should be a daily activity. If you decide to visit during months like November or late April, things can start to get messy in a hurry.

Blue skies in the morning can transform into a blizzard that afternoon, followed up by sunshine and muddy trails the next day. Simply put, the worst time to visit Wyoming depends on what you’re looking for.

Things to Consider

Sunrise at Devils Tower pictured from the point of view of someone walking on a dirt road during the summer, the best overall time to go to Wyoming

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To ensure your visit to Wyoming is the best it can be, keep these tips in mind. Let’s break them down by season so you can get a clear idea of what each one has to offer.

Peak Summer Season: June to August

  • The absolute busiest months in Wyoming are July and August, especially over the July 4th holiday.
  • These times bring in the biggest crowds, but they’re focused on the Yellowstone National Park area.
  • If you venture outside these areas, it’s possible to find relatively isolated spots.
  • June through August is the best time to go if you want to camp outside in the most comfortable conditions, including backpacking treks or other more serious outdoor adventures.

Fall Shoulder Season: September to November

  • September can be a great time to visit and enjoy relatively moderate temperatures, but sometimes cooler weather can rush in without warning.
  • As you get into October and November, it’s crucial to be ready for snow and cooler conditions, especially in high-altitude areas.
  • If you want to get the best deals on summer activities, this shoulder season can do the trick. Hotels, tours, and other activities will be cheaper.
  • Some amenities, including restaurants, hotels, and activities, start to shut down as you get away from peak summer crowds.

Winter Peak Season: December to February

  • Many people visit winter-focused areas in Wyoming during December and the holiday period, but the snow might be lacking as it’s still early in the season.
  • The winter months, January and February, are the best for skiing and other winter adventures, practically guaranteeing the best snow conditions.
  • It’s hard to say when the lifts will be the busiest. Some of Wyoming’s ski resorts attract people who can create their schedules and spend extended time visiting the area.
  • It can be brutally cold in Wyoming winters. Driving can be hazardous with icy roads and strong winds. Being prepared for these conditions is essential.

Spring Shoulder Season: March to May

  • As March comes in, the snow conditions vary dramatically, with some seasons seeing excellent skiing and others being too warm.
  • March and April will bring in spring break crowds, which could mean higher prices for many hotels and activities.
  • May is when many animals become more active, possibly making it a great time for wildlife viewing. But it’s also possible that you’ll get late winter storms, especially at high elevations.
  • Some summer activities might not be open yet, even into May. If you want to go rafting, backpacking, or other more summer-focused activities, it’s better to go when the weather is warmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Old wooden wagons in a ghost town pictured during the best time to visit Wyoming


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best time to visit Wyoming.

What is the best time of year to visit Jackson Hole Wyoming?

The best time of the year to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is during the peak of winter, from January through February and into early March. The snow conditions are usually the best during these times, making skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and other winter sports at their peak.

Where is the prettiest place in Wyoming?

The prettiest place in Wyoming depends on your desires. Some love the unique geothermal aspects of Yellowstone National Park, while others go for the Grand Tetons’ incredible mountain peaks. You can also find tons of other amazing geological formations, rivers, and fun activities throughout the large state.

What are the warm months in Wyoming?

The warm months in Wyoming are from June through August. This period is when you’ll find weather suitable for most outdoor sports, including camping, hiking, backpacking, and many water activities. May and September can have nice weather too, but not quite as warm as peak summer.

Where in Wyoming is the best weather?

If you’re wondering where Wyoming has the best weather, you might want to stick to low-elevation areas. The high-altitude mountains are usually the coldest and have the most unpredictable weather. Although, the flat areas can also be exceptionally windy and frigid during certain times.

How far is it from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone?

To get from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone, it takes about one and a half hours of driving to cover the 70-mile trek. This stretch of road is full of beautiful mountain scenery as it enters Yellowstone National Park’s southern entrance.

So, When Is the Best Time to Visit Wyoming?

So, what’s the best time to visit Wyoming? If you want to get in on the summer fun but avoid the worst crowds and score cheaper deals, consider visiting in September.

For winter sports and the best skiing conditions, visit in the peak of winter during January or February. However, regardless of the time you choose to visit, you’re sure to have the trip of a lifetime. Happy travels!