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The Best & Worst Times to Visit Tokyo (Updated for 2023)

The Best & Worst Times to Visit Tokyo (Updated for 2023)

Key Points:

  • Optimal Seasons: Spring (March-May) and summer (June-August) offer ideal weather for exploring Massachusetts.
  • Budget Travel: November is the most budget-friendly month with lower accommodation costs and stable weather conditions.
  • Least Crowded Period: Fall (September-November) is the least busy time to visit, with many exciting events and festivals still available as summer tourists disperse and students return to school.

Millions of domestic and international visitors flock to Tokyo to experience the mesh of high-tech modernity with traditional Japanese culture.

Whether you’re more interested in seeing Studio Ghibli or the Imperial Palace, exploring Tokyo is a great way to spend a vacation. There are many things to see and do in the city, but when is the best time to visit Tokyo?

The answer depends greatly on how you want to spend your vacation. If museums are the first thing on your list, consider a winter trip to save money and avoid crowds. Spring draws visitors to Tokyo to watch the cherry blossoms.

However you choose to spend it, Tokyo is a beautiful city to visit any time. If you’re looking for advice on how to spend your trip, check out these tips to help make your decision.

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The Best Time to Visit Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing at twilight with lots of electronic ads during the best time to visit Tokyo


The best time to visit Tokyo is from late March to early April. During this time, visitors experience the stunningly beautiful blooming of cherry blossoms.

Travelers from across the country and globe come to Japanese parks to see the pink and white flowering trees. Spring offers the best weather in the country, with comfortable temperatures and less rain than other months.

The mild climate, and the cherry blossoms, mean the number of visitors during this time will be high. Even if you’re not interested in cherry blossoms, spring provides a great time to experience Tokyo’s many parks.

Despite the city’s modern reputation and depiction in media, Tokyo houses lots of green spaces to explore within the city. 

Travelers who want to enjoy blooms without the crowds can still visit in spring. Consider visiting later in spring to see other flowers like wisteria, azaleas, and hydrangeas. 

Cheapest Time to Visit Tokyo

Chidorigafuchi park during the Spring, the cheapest time to visit Tokyo

Phattana Stock/Shutterstock

Winter is the cheapest time to visit Tokyo, but seeing this city can be expensive all year. Watch for flights during the middle of the week for the best chance at low prices.

Traditional hotels in Tokyo rarely fluctuate in price, but there are ways to save money on vacation to the city. Avoid the peak season for the best chance at low prices. Spring, especially when cherry blossoms bloom, and fall are usually busy and more expensive.

The type of accommodations you choose can save you money. Tokyo has many cheap options in capsule hotels, business hotels, and hostels.

Keep your vacation costs low and utilize Japan’s expansive public transportation system to move throughout the city. Shopping at grocery stores saves more money than eating out, but there are lots of cheap options in Tokyo.

Check out lunch specials at restaurants, street food, and Japanese fast food. When you eat out in Japan, remember tipping isn’t customary, which will save you a few dollars compared to eating in the United States. 

Japan isn’t the least expensive city to visit, but it isn’t the most costly. In cities with large populations like Tokyo, you should be able to find options in every price range. 

Least Busy Time to Visit Tokyo

Temple gate on a dusk day during the least busy time to visit Tokyo

Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Winter is the least busy time to visit Tokyo. The weather gets chilly but rarely below freezing. Winter could be a good travel option if you’re interested in museums and indoor activities.

Avoid New Year’s Day and other holidays, as travel picks up around this time. However, if you’re hoping to avoid crowds in Tokyo, you’re out of luck.

Millions of people live in the area, and by most metrics, Tokyo is the largest city in the world. The only city rivaling its population is a rapidly expanding megacity in China consisting of several smaller cities on the Pearl Delta.

Like most places, summer is the busiest time for tourism in Japan. Prices increase, and so do wait times for popular destinations. If you’re looking to avoid crowds, consider traveling outside the city.

Small towns offer a different perspective of life in Japan with fewer crowds. Spring and fall may bring fewer visitors to Tokyo. But there are still lots of people coming to the city at these times.

Most people stop in Tokyo for the flowering blooms and fall foliage during these times, so it might be a good time to visit some of the city’s museums since many people will be spending their time outdoors. 

Worst Time to Visit Tokyo

A narrow alley with lots of local bars during the worst time to visit Tokyo

Antonia Polushkina/Shutterstock

For some visitors, the worst time to visit Tokyo may be summer. Like the best time to visit Tokyo, the worst time to visit the city is subjective to a traveler’s taste.

People may want to avoid traveling during the hotter summer months. Summer brings heat to the city along with rain. The weather stays consistently warm during the rainy weather, creating humid summer temperatures.

Despite the weather, summer is a popular visiting time for the city. Expect crowds and hot temperatures during this time. Winter sees a slight respite of tourists in the country. The temperatures are cool and drop below freezing at night.

If you’re hoping to avoid the humid weather and the worst crowds, a winter trip might be the best time to visit Tokyo.

Despite some hot weather and crowds, which will always be present in a city as large as Tokyo, the city is a great place to visit any time of the year. Pick the timing that works best for your budget and preferences for the best Tokyo vacation. 

Things to Consider

Japanese bullet train pictured from the front at the station for a piece on the best time to visit Tokyo


Many factors play a part in deciding the best time to visit Tokyo for you. Do you want to explore the great outdoors or spend time touring museums?

There are so many options here, so we’re providing some great lists of things to consider before journeying to the land of the rising sun.

Tokyo Transportation

If you’ve already decided on Tokyo for your next vacation, have you thought about how you’ll be traveling through the city? Driving can be challenging for visitors in this country, especially if they can’t understand the signs. Taking public transportation is an excellent option in this city. 

Tokyo Subway System

Nearly three hundred subway stations across the city allow for access to almost anywhere you need to go in Tokyo. Subways here provide fast, efficient service across the city.  

JR East

Japan Rail East covers Tokyo, and Japanese Rail Passes are available for sightseers. Consider picking one of these passes up for your trip. There are options for city passes or ones that allow you to travel around the country. 


Shinkansen, or bullet trains, are the best option for travel from city to city. Book tickets in advance to experience this speedy mode of transportation around the country. 


Buses in Tokyo are primarily used for transportation outside the city and to head to less-frequented locations. You may want to consider transportation by bus if you want to avoid crowded train stations. 

Tokyo Parks and Gardens

Many visitors and residents flock to Tokyo parks to witness the beauty of the cherry blossoms, but you don’t need to visit in spring to enjoy these parks.

Travel from the fast-paced modern city to four nearby national parks or explore one of the many options of parks within the city to witness the contrast between nature and metropolis in this city. These are a few of our favorites to consider on your trip to the city. 

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

This expansive national park outside Tokyo covers a vast area where visitors find hot springs, mountains, and lakes along the coastline.

Several volcanic islands are included in this national park, but the park’s highlight must be Mount Fuji. See the volcano up close and stop off at some waterfalls along the way. 

Meiji Shrine and Outer Garden

One of the best places to see brightly colored ginkgo trees in fall, the Meiji Shrine and Outer Garden showcase different garden styles. The outer garden follows a more western style, while the interior has a more traditional Japanese aesthetic. 

The interior of this shrine to one of Japan’s emperors covers a vast area and houses many sporting facilities as well as a picture gallery. 

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

This garden was once home to members of Japan’s elite social class during the Edo period. Today, the garden has been converted into a gorgeous green area anyone can visit.

The garden has three distinct regions showcasing different garden types, including French, English, and traditional Japanese.

Tokyo Museums and Galleries

Whether you’re interested in fashion or science, there are plenty of museums and galleries in Tokyo. These are just a few highlights you may want to consider for your trip. 

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

Tour this museum to experience Japanese architecture throughout the centuries. Walk through the area to tour famous houses that once belonged to prominent historical figures.

In this open-air museum, you’ll see everything from an Edo-era farmhouse to a modern-style home featuring window glass in the Japanese style. 

Japanese Sword Museum

The Japanese Sword Museum is dedicated to preserving the art of sword making. Nearly two hundred traditional Japanese swords are held here. If you’re interested in katanas, you’ll want to take the time to visit this small museum.


Though simply referred to as Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation gives a glimpse of scientific progress in the country. Exhibits change yearly, but you can always watch seismological readings here and learn more about earthquakes and why they occur. 

Tokyo National Museum

One of Tokyo’s most famous and oldest art museums, Tokyo National Museum houses excellent works of art and archaeological treasure. Most of the objects and art you will see here are from Japan or other nearby countries.

So, What Is the Best Time to Visit Tokyo?

👍 Best Time to VisitMarch-April
💲 Cheapest Time to VisitNovember-February
🗓️ Least Busy Time to VisitNovember-February
👎 Worst Time to VisitMay-August

The best time to visit Tokyo is the last weeks of March to the first weeks of April. The weather combined with the blooming of the cherry blossoms makes it an unforgettable experience!  

Of course, with plenty of parks and museums to explore, delicious food, one of the world’s most efficient public transportation systems, and a little bit of something for everyone, this city provides a great place to visit any time!